10 Best Online Zoology Degrees in 2023 | How to Apply


Do you want to know the best online zoology degrees in 2023? You are in the right place. Distance should no longer be a hindrance, as you can now study zoology from home.

Although most schools don’t offer a degree in zoology, there are some good schools where you can study zoology from home. To help you find the best online zoology degree programs, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten online degrees for animal lovers. 


Carefully read through this post to the end to avoid missing anything so that you can choose a program that best suits you. Read on for more about the best online animal science degree programs.

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Best Online Zoology Degrees in 2023

There are dog people, cat people, and even people. And while most people have at least some affection for animals, many are obsessed with them. If you are among the animal-obsessed and want a career that includes caring for and nurturing your four-legged friends, then why not go after an online degree for animal lovers?

The present college students seek courses and programs they enjoy. They understand that their education can include their interests and hobbies. For animal lovers, college programs may incorporate marine biology, animal behavior, or veterinary technology. If you’ve spent your childhood collecting bugs or researching dinosaurs, you don’t need to unexpectedly switch gears to seek after something you’re just contemptible about.

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Best Online Zoology Degree Programs 2023

www.academicrelated.com has compiled a rundown of the ten best online degrees for animal lovers, showcasing majors that allow students to pursue passions while carving out a unique career path.

The best Online Zoology degrees include:

  • B.S. in Animal Behavior Online
  • Online B.S. in Animal Science
  • B.S. of Zoology Online
  • Online B.S. in Equine Studies
  • Online B.S. or, on the other hand, M.S. in Wildlife Biology
  • M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Management Online
  • Online B.S. in Veterinary Technology
  • Online B.S. in Marine Biology
  • B.S. in Environmental Science Online

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#1. B.S. in Biology Online

An undergraduate degree in biology establishes the framework for a career in animal science or veterinarian medicine. Students with aspirations of graduating or attending vet school can major in biology and gain useful, valuable information and skills required for professional careers. The Bachelor of Science in Biology is among the best online zoology degrees and is one of those majors for animal lovers that make opportunities available for specialized fields.

Students gain a foundation in animal anatomy, ecology, and environmental science. Biology is the ideal online degree for animal lovers because it provides information concerning a wide range of areas of study. Whether the student desires wildlife or marine biology, this university major for animal lovers provides just enough background to investigate the possibilities of an increasingly focused career.

A Bachelor’s degree in Biology is the ideal online degree for animal lovers.

Examples of institutions offering an online biology degree:

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#2. B.S. in Environmental Science Online

A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science can be earned online at select colleges and is a great online degree for animal lovers. It is awarded to students after they complete online zoology courses. Many environmental studies programs offer a creative and intellectual approach to learning about the environment.

Students use data analysis and research to view how humans and animals interact with the environment. Earning a four-year degree in environmental science opens the entryways for continuing education and areas of specialization in animal health and safety, forestry, animal studies, geological engineering, etc.

A degree in Environmental Science is a top online animal behavior degree.

Schools offering online environmental science degrees include:

#3. Online B.S. in Marine Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology is an exceptional online degree option for animal lovers. Students who want to consolidate their love for the ocean and marine life preservation can specialize in this unique degree that makes basic knowledge available for pursuing careers as marine biologists.

With the increasing worry of global warming, the demand for marine biologists is on the high side. Students can anticipate an increase in job openings in the growing field. The prerequisites are a love for marine life and a passion for science.

Marine Biology is among the best online zoology degrees for animal lovers, and the schools that offer a degree in it include:

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#4. Online B.S. in Veterinary Technology

The B.S. in Veterinary Technology program, also known as a vet tech online bachelor’s degree in some cases, is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to work closely with animals in a veterinary setting. Earning a top spot as one of the cheapest online zoology degrees, the bachelor’s in veterinary technology equips students with training in animal anesthesia, animal ethics, animal behavior, and pharmacology.

Students can expect a thorough learning program that makes them attractive to veterinarian clinics and animal specialists. Specializations are available with the goal that students can sharpen their skills and areas of interest.

Examples of institutions that award online veterinary technology degrees include:

#5. M.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife Management Online

This is one of the best online zoology degrees for animal lovers. The Master of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Management is an online zoology master’s degree program ideal for professional students seeking advancement in wildlife management and conservation biology fields.

The program makes advanced study available for individuals who wish to accelerate their careers. Degree-seeking students can anticipate a scientifically thorough and contemporary program that centers on the challenges of the present conservation scientist. Students pursuing careers in ecology, environmental studies, fisheries, and wildlife management find this advanced degree relevant and supportive of career advancement opportunities.

The schools offering online fisheries and wildlife management degrees include:

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#6. Online B.S. or M.S. in Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biology is one of the best online zoology degrees for animal lovers due to its unique blend of biology and wildlife research conservation. Commonly a non-thesis program, the M.S. in Wildlife Biology degree is intended for professional students and those working with the Peace Corps. The program commonly takes thirty credits to finish with a thesis defense or thirty-six credits without a requirement.

Students can hope to delve deep into conservation-oriented courses and apply research and analysis on select topics. This online zoology degree is a good match for students with a passion for wildlife and preservation.

Online animal science degrees like Wildlife Biology make career opportunities available in unique study fields.

Universities offering an online wildlife biology degree include:

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#7. Online B.S. in Equine Studies

Undergraduate online degrees for animal lovers, particularly horse lovers, have increased over the last couple of years. Students pursue their passions and vie for success in specialized areas of interest. Students keen on horses benefit from an online degree in equine studies.

Earning a B.S. in Equine Studies provides comprehensive knowledge of equine genetics, equine behavior, and advanced nutrition for horses. We encourage students interested in starting their own equine business or pursuing a career that deals with horses to pursue this online degree.

An online degree for animal lovers is Equine Studies is one of the most popular, with instances of schools offering it to be:

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#8. B.S. of Zoology Online

One of the best comprehensive online zoology degrees for animal lovers is the Bachelor of Science in Zoology. This exceptional degree is intended for students interested in working directly with animals. Zoology programs emphasize the biology of animals and make the opportunity available for students to hone their skills in areas of high specialization.

Students may be interested in animals at the cellular level or want to study certain ecosystems. The beauty of the zoology degree is that it is highly versatile. Students may go after several career paths with a zoology degree. Career options incorporate animal nutritionists, conservation activists, biologists, and veterinary technicians.

Zoology is one of the versatile online zoology courses.

Universities offering an online zoology degree include:

#9. Online B.S. in Animal Science

The Bachelor of Science in Animal Science is normally offered in light of two career paths: pre-veterinary and animal science majors. Students pursuing veterinary school online benefit from this online degree for animal lovers, yet they can expect rigorous training and an emphasis on performance. GPA must be maintained at a B or better in select courses.

The animal science major provides a solid foundation in basic sciences for those not pursuing veterinary school. Students are equipped to enter careers as agriculture engineers, biomedical specialists, and other areas of employment.

Animal Science is one of the most notable online degrees for animal lovers.

Schools offering an online animal science degree include:

  • Becker College
  • University of Minnesota Crookston

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#10. B.S. in Animal Behavior Online

The best online zoology degree for animal lovers is the undergraduate degree in Animal Behavior. The degree program is a moderately new study offered online at universities in the US. The program emphasizes biology, neuroscience, psychology, and other disciplines related to animal behavior.

Students graduating with this unique skill set find employment at aquariums, wildlife preserves, and zoos. Students pursuing veterinary medicine often specialize in animal behavior since the program covers a broad spectrum of information and often allows students to investigate specialized areas of interest.

Students with a heart for animals and a desire to comprehend how animals relate to their social and physical environments enjoy topics taught in the animal science program.

An online zoology degree for animal lovers may incorporate a Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior.

Schools offering an online animal behavior degree include:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the eligibility requirements for Animal Science

The eligibility requirements for animal science which has some similarity with the requirement for other courses, include the following:
Grade point average
GRE scores
TOEFL scores (international applicants only)
Letters of recommendation
Additional information that reflects the potential of the applicant for academic excellence

What jobs can you get with a zoology degree?

Since zoology is such a broad field, there are numerous types of jobs that one can get with a zoology degree, and they include: 
Animal Caretaker,
Veterinary Technologist Or Technician,
Environmental Consultant,
Technical Writer,
Biology Teacher, and
Research and Laboratory Technician.

Is zoology a good degree?

About studying zoology, the good news is that you’ll have many different jobs to choose from. Zoology graduates commonly go into areas such as conservation, research, veterinary science, ecology, and pharmaceuticals (and you could, of course, go on to become a zoo keeper).

Is a zoology degree hard?

It takes hard work and a lot of commitment to study marine or wildlife biology, which is the duty of a Zoologist. With these two in place, it won’t be a hard nut to crack.

Can you earn a zoology degree online?

As a result of the nature of Zoology, most schools don’t offer full bachelor’s degrees online because there are a whole lot of things that students need to learn that cannot be done from home.

Can you earn a zoology degree online?

As a result of the nature of Zoology, most schools don’t offer full bachelor’s degrees online because there are a whole lot of things that students need to learn that cannot be done from home.

But, some online zoology programs that interested individuals can go for don’t offer a bachelor’s degree upon completion, but candidates can gain more knowledge from them.

Are zoologists in demand?

Yes, zoologists are in Demand; job opportunities for zoologists are estimated to increase by 4% from 2019 through 2029; this increase is said to be caused by an increase in popular of humans, which will, in turn, lead to the endangerment of wildlife species.

Therefore, Zoologists and wildlife biologists will need to study the different factors that endanger the lives of these animals to avoid extinction.

How much do zoologists make per year?

According to the American bureau of labor statistics, zoologists and wildlife biologists make an average of $63,270 per annum as of 2019. Their salary range from $38,880 to $101,780.

These figures are for those working in the United States of America; other factors like location, experience, qualification, and employer also determine how much a zoologist will earn.

Conclusion: Best Online Zoology Degrees

There are various online zoology programs you can choose from; feel free to read through this post again before choosing a program that suits your need.

Be kind enough to share the information you just read with others using the share buttons; academic-related wishes your success in your study of zoology.

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