What is the Job Description of an Operation Manager?

Understanding your job description as an operations manager is the key to carrying out your job effectively. The position of an operations manager in an organization is a senior position, they carry out key HR activities.

As a part of your job description as an operations manager, you need to see to the smooth running of activities, and also implement best practices among your team members.

The Operations manager holds a leadership position and as such will be actively involved in policy and decision making.

During employment, as the operations manager, you will assist the HR department in deciding who is employed or not.


What are the Duties and Responsibilities of an Operations Manager?

The typical duties of an operations manager are some of the following:

  • Perform leadership roles such as inspiring other workers.
  • Actively involved in making policies and important decisions.
  • Work together with the human resources department during recruitment or employment.
  • Promote company policies that encourage optimum performance.
  • Ensure the effective use of budgets and plans.
  • Involved in making budgets and plans.
  • Make sure everyone obeys all necessary rules and regulations.
  • Build and maintain a good working relationship with other organizations.
  • Carry out quality control.
  • See to it that operations are carried using best practices.
  • Improve customer service
  • Ensure that staffs gets the best working condition

The duties and responsibilities of operations managers may vary depending area of expertise.

As a result, the role of an operations manager can be divided into five major roles. Which are people, strategy, budget, project delivery, and core operations

As an operations manager, you can break or make the level of product or service delivery in an organization.

You are responsible for managing people as well as developing new strategies for growth.

Your employers will depend on you for good result, and you mustn’t fail.

Therefore working over time cannot be avoided.

Anything you have to do in order to make the organization grow must be done including working over time.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become an Operations Manager?

A degree in business management, accounting, business administration, project management, engineering or other related fields is advantageous.

Also, some companies may specify in their job posting that applicants must have or working towards a master’s degree in business management or other related fields.

Just like in every other job requirement, experience is very important. 

Experience in project management, human resources or accounting is advantageous.

Most employers prefer employing those with up to 8-10 years of experience than those with fewer years of experience.

What Skills and Personality Suit an Operations Manager?

Qualification and experience may help you get the job, but, skills will make you a good operations manager.

Some of the skills employers look out for in an operations manager are:

1. Leadership

As a good operations manager who has people to lead, you should posses all necessary leadership attributes.

2. Excellent communication skills

A good operations manager should be able to communicate effectively verbally and also in writing.

Good communication skill is important for relating with your team members as well as stake holders.

3. Flexibility

As a good operations manager, you should be flexible enough to make adjustments depending on the work load and situations at the organization.

Whenever it is required of you to work pass the normal working  hours, you should be flexible enough to create such time.

4. Negotiation skills

A good operations manager should also see the effective and smooth running of operations in the most cost-effective way as possible.

This must be done without compromising quality.

5. Problem solving skills

Being able to handle problems that may arise during day to day activities in an organization without letting them get out of hands makes a good operations manager.

6. Interpersonal skills

A good operations manager should be capable of creating and maintain a good working relationship with team members, stake holders and other organizations as well.

How Much Do Operations Managers Make? : Salary Outlook

In most countries, engineering and manufacturing operations managers earn the highest.

On the average, operations managers earn about $73,130 according to indeed.com

Aside your salary, you may also be given other bonus at Intervals.

This salary outlook may differ depending on your qualification, experience and employer.

Oftentimes, operations managers with more experience earn more than colleagues with less experience.

Your area of expertise may also play an important role in determining your pay as an operations manager.

What are the Types of Operations Management?

The job description of an operations manager may vary depending on area of expertise.

Some of the different areas of specialization in operations management are:

1. Online operations manager

As so many businesses are beginning to see the importance of having a good online presence, the demand for an online operations manger is increasing

They work as a team with the advertising and marketing department to ensure that funds invested online are use properly.

They also ensure that good contents that is capable of prompting sales are uploaded regularly on social media.

Their job description also requires that they make sure online orders are delivered timely.

2. Store operations manager

As the name implies, as a store operations manager, you will be responsible for all retail activities.

3. Travel operations manager

Travel operations managers work in transportation agencies.

As such, they must always ensure that customer service as well as safety procedures are never compromised.

4. Business operations manager

Some of the duties of a business operations manager may include employing staffs, planing and managing budgets and also negotiating contracts 

The job description of a business operations manager may vary depending on the sector and size of organization.

They ensure that all legal documentations are made, and also ensures that legal standards are met during operations

Where Does an Operations Manager Work?

The service of an operations manager is required in so many sectors.

Whether it is a small or big company, as long as they run operations, they need the services of an operations manager.

Some of the typical employers of an operations manager are:

  • Transport companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Social media agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Construction companies
  • Logistics companies

Your employer will depend on your area of expertise.

What should I include in my operations manager resume?

Having a good knowledge of your job description as an operations manager is a good start.

Feel free to use this guide on the job description of an operations manager to create your resume.

Some of the things you should clearly state are:

  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Skills

This will help employers determine if you are good enough for the job.

Conclusion: Operations Manager Job Description Guide

They benefit or reward for being an operations manager are really good.

For qualified individuals seeking to move to a senior position in any organization, becoming an operations manager is a good start.

This operations manager job description guide is aimed at teaching you all you need to know.

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