10 Best Physician Assistant Schools in Ohio | 2024 Ranking

Are you looking to be a part of Ohio’s medical school programs because you want to become a physician assistant? Well, there are a plethora of facts concerning the Ohio Physician Assistant Programs that you need to fully understand before making the big decision.

The State of Ohio understands the need to have Physician Assistant (PA) programs that embrace a holistic approach to the pursuit of excellence in academics, research, clinical practice, and community service.

Also, Physician assistants in Ohio have a broad scope of practice that enables them to provide diagnoses and offer therapeutic and preventative services under the supervision of a certified physician.

This guide has curated a list of Ohio’s best physician assistant programs to help prospective P.A.s make the right choice.

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Are there Physician Assistant Schools in Ohio?

The State of Ohio takes pride in having some of the best physician assistant schools in the United States that are also highly sought after worldwide.

Ohio has to its credit around 13 P.A. training programs, all of which offer Master’s Degrees, as a requirement for Ohio PA licensure. Each program has varying admissions requirements, program duration, and curriculum. 

Some of the best P.A. schools in Ohio are as follows

  • Ashland University 
  • Baldwin Wallace University
  • Ohio University
  • Ohio Dominican University
  • Case Western Reserve University 
  • Kettering College 
  • Marietta College 

How Do I Get into PA Schools in Ohio?

One question on the lips of aspiring P.A.s revolves around how to get into physician assistant schools. The popularity of the P.A. profession makes it highly impossible to get into the P.A. school of choice.

As acceptance rates are low, these P.A. schools also have stringent admission processes, only accepting the best of the best!

Since each P.A. school in Ohio has its admission prerequisites, prospective P.A.s are advised to check out their websites and seek further information from alums to stand a chance of being selected.

Below are the general admissions requirements for Ohio PA schools

  • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited institution
  • Prerequisite courses like Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics
  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • CASPA Application
  • A Compelling Personal Statement
  • GRE or TOEFL Scores
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • At least 500 hours of healthcare experience

How Long are Physician Assistant Schools in Ohio?

Ohio physician assistant programs vary between 24-36 months for classroom and clinical training. Also, the length of the P.A. program is usually influenced by the choice of program and location.

More so, the duration of the P.A. program is designed to prepare students to work in any clinical setting and be of great assistance to physicians. Also, after completion of training, most programs award a master’s degree in physician assistant studies.

Can Physician Assistants Practice Independently in Ohio?

A physician assistant is a trained medical care provider who prescribes medication, orders tests in the diagnostic stage, suggest remedial lifestyles and administers immunizations under a physician’s supervision.

Ohio is one of the many states in the U.S. where physician assistants are not allowed to practice independently. 

According to the Revised Code on Scope of Practice in Ohio, Section 4730.19 (b) states, “No person shall practice as a physician assistant without the supervision, control, and direction of a physician. (c) No person shall practice as a physician assistant without entering into a supervision agreement with a supervising physician….” 

What are the Best PA (Physician Assistant) Schools in Ohio? 

To have a successful career as a physician assistant, the P.A. school you apply to is essential to your journey as it helps you with the foundational knowledge needed in the medical field.

Ohio houses about 13 P.A. schools, of which the best have been accredited by the ARC-PA, making it the right choice for you. 

Furthermore, PA schools will train you to conduct patient examinations, write prescriptions and request diagnostic procedures.

Also, you would be taught proper interpersonal communication skills, attention to detail, and stress control.  

Certified physicians will supervise aspiring P.A.s in the healthcare system during their training.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the best P.A. schools in Ohio in 2023

#1. Baldwin Wallace University – Berea

Tuition: $89,000

Baldwin Wallace University is one of the best P.A. schools in Ohio. Every year in May, the University commences a 24-month Master of Medical Science physician assistant program. 

Aspiring P.A.s go through a rigorous didactic and clinical curriculum with placements throughout Northeast Ohio, allowing them to sit for the P.A.N.C.E. and pursue employment possibilities ahead of other graduating P.A. classes in the area.

Admission Requirements

  • An applicant must have graduated from a regionally accredited university in the United States. 
  • All prerequisite courses must have been completed before the application 
  • The minimum cumulative and science G.P.A. is 3.0
  • Candidates must have had a minimum of grade C in all prerequisite courses
  • At least 40 hours of Shadowing experience 

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#2. Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland 

Tuition: $82,393

To provide a standard and broad-based physician assistant program in Ohio, the University collaborates with some of the most significant teaching hospitals in the country to provide students with resources to learn and practice in various clinical settings. 

Students are assigned clerkships in clinical settings within their first year, gaining early exposure to the clinical environment to help them excel in the medical field.

The 27-month program employs a multifaceted process of selecting students with diverse social, economic, ethnic, educational, and health care experience backgrounds.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university in the U.S.A. 
  • Complete official transcript for international students. 
  • GRE scores
  • Completing prerequisite course works for the CWRU PA Program, which must be completed at a regionally approved university in the United States or Canada. 
  • Hours of documented direct patient care experience 
  • Letters of recommendations 
  • Personal essay

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#3. Marietta College – Marietta 

Tuition: $83,000

Marietta College’s P.A. program is an accredited P.A. program in Ohio that prepares aspiring P.A.s to promote healthcare and prevent disease.

In January 2001, Marietta College obtained a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (A.R.C.) to begin the P.A. master’s program. 

To its achievements, the college’s P.A. program has an overall pass percentage of 99.7% on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (P.A.N.C.E.).

Admission Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited university
  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of all prerequisite coursework in chemistry, biology, human physiology, and statistics 
  • Candidates must meet the technical standard of the school
  • GRE scores
  • Completion of the CASPer test and ensure that Marietta College is chosen to receive the results
  • Completion of either paid or unpaid healthcare experience.

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#4. Ohio University – Athens

Tuition: $58,272 for residents and $59,492 for non-residents.

Ohio University’s P.A. program, listed among the best physician assistant programs in Ohio, has trained aspiring P.A.s to be compassionate and disciplined in healthcare delivery.

The 27-month P.A. program focuses on primary care in urban and rural in Ohio and Appalachia and is aimed at preparing students to work in any clinical setting.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in any discipline
  • Minimum G.P.A. of 3.0
  • Minimum of grade C in all prerequisite courses
  • 2 letters of recommendation were submitted via CASPA
  • GRE scores
  • Previous healthcare experience

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University of Findlay – Findlay

Tuition: $86,117

The University of Findlay’s P.A. school records an excellent pass rate in the P.A.N.C.E., with almost all of its graduates passing the exam on the first trial. This successful academic outcome results from profound educational experience and mentorship under its expert faculty. 

Graduates of physician assistant programs are trained to be outstanding health professionals who, if licensed, can practice medicine under the supervision of a physician and attend to patients’ needs.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution 
  • Minimum C.G.P.A. of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • A minimum of grade C in all prerequisite courses
  • Letters of recommendation submitted via C.A.S.P.A. 
  • Previous healthcare experience is not required.

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#5. Ohio Dominican University – Columbus

Tuition: $86,390

Ohio Dominican University is the first institution to offer a Master of Science degree in P.A. studies, having its first graduates served patients in 2014.

This is a 27-month P.A. program comprising classroom and clinical phases essential for grooming P.A.s. The institution is delighted by its affiliations with hospitals and clinics around Ohio.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited college or University
  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • Minimum of C grade in all prerequisite courses
  • 2 letters of recommendation were submitted via CASPA 
  • GRE scores

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#6. Kettering College – Kettering

Tuition: $95,046

Kettering College has one of the oldest physician assistant programs in Ohio that has trained qualified P.A.s to become medical professionals since 1973. The institution’s P.A. program is well-known in the State of Ohio.

Furthermore, each member of the University’s P.A. faculty maintains a clinical practice to provide the most up-to-date clinical training in classroom sessions.

Admission Requirements

  • Only applications that are filled out will be evaluated
  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally approved university
  • Prerequisite course completion, with no more than four prerequisite courses outstanding at the time of application
  • Transcripts must show a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 in all necessary courses, with no grade below a C
  • GRE Scores
  • Completion of the Altus Suite/Casper evaluation
  • Patient Care Hours Completion (250 to 1,000 hours recommended)
  • Three letters of recommendation

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#7. University of Mount Union – Alliance

Tuition: $87,500

Ranked among the best physician assistant programs in Ohio, the University of Mount Union PA program also makes it to the top in the nation, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

The 27-month P.A. program helps its students enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal communication skills, and cultural sensitivity.

The institution aims to train students with the knowledge to provide safe & quality patient care in various types of healthcare settings.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Minimum of C grade in all prerequisite courses. 
  • Minimum C.G.P.A. of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • 3 Letters of recommendation were submitted via CASPA
  • GRE score
  • 40 hours of shadowing experience

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#8. The University of Toledo – Toledo

Tuition: $63,102 for residents and $102,302 for non-residents.

As one of the best P.A. schools in Ohio, the University of Toledo takes pride in preparing compassionate physician assistants through innovative education and intensive clinical training.

Furthermore, the institution provides a team-based education model that fosters interprofessional collaboration and offers opportunities to work with students from 11 other healthcare professions.

Admission Requirements

  • The minimum requirement for applicants is a Bachelor’s degree with a total G.P.A. of 3.40 and a 3.40 in the sciences
  • Prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or above will be accepted into the program
  • The PA-CAT is highly advised for applicants by the program.
  • Although the GRE is no longer required, the program will nevertheless take into account GRE scores if they are presented
  • Each applicant must finish the Altus Suite as part of their submission

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#9. Lake Erie College – Painesville

Tuition: $94,080

Lake Erie College has one of Ohio’s best Physician Assistant Programs. Since 2016, the institution has had a 100% P.A.N.C.E. pass rate, with a 98.7% first-time pass rate.

The 27-month program is module-based and coordinated with problem-based learning. To better prepare students for clinical medicine, students are engaged in thorough clinical rotations supervised by stellar instructors.

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum C.G.P.A. of 3.0
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses
  • Submission of three letters of recommendation
  • Submission of GRE scores
  • 250 hours of Documented health care experience and a minimum of 24 hours of shadowing experience
  • Submission of all official transcripts

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What are the Easiest Ohio PA Schools to Get Into? 

The demand for physician assistants has also led to a lower acceptance rate in many P.A. schools in Ohio and a corresponding increase in the average G.P.A. of accepted students.

As a result of this decline in the acceptance rate, aspiring P.A.s find it challenging to get into some P.A. schools because they do not have specific admission requirements. 

Nonetheless, P.A. schools have a high acceptance rate and less strict admission requirements in Ohio. Some of these P.A. schools include

  • Mercy College of Ohio
  • Case Western Reserve University 
  • Lake Erie College
  • Ohio Dominican University

How Much Does a Physician Assistant Make in Ohio?

The average salary for a physician assistant in Ohio is around $49.29 per hour and about $102,510 per year. This salary is influenced by location, years of experience, and working hours.

Usually, Wages start from $62,690 and subsequently increase to $160,090. Also, Physician assistants are provided great benefits packages that include health insurance, paid leave, retirement savings accounts, and continuing education reimbursement.

What are the Best Physician Assistant Programs in Ohio?

Every State in the U.S. has its accredited physician assistant programs, and Ohio is no exception. The physician assistant programs vary between 24-36 months and involve rigorous and intense classroom learning, lap works, and clinical rotations.

Ohio PA schools closely compete with other schools in the United States and beyond. Also, Ohio’s need for physician assistants is expected to increase in the coming years, and these positions typically pay above-average salaries.

If you are interested in becoming a physician assistant in Ohio, here are the best P.A. programs it offers.

  • Baldwin Wallace University PA Program
  • Case Western Reserve University PA Program
  • Kettering College PA Program
  • Lake Erie College PA Program
  • Marietta College PA Program
  • Mercy College of Ohio PA Program
  • Mount St. Joseph University PA Program
  • Ohio Dominican University PA Program
  • Ohio University PA Program
  • University of Dayton PA Program

What are the P.A. Schools in Ohio That Don’t Require GRE? 

Does the thought of studying for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) make your heart quiver? Fear no more! P.A. schools in Ohio do not request the GRE as one of their admission requirements.

The GRE is a standard exam that some P.A. schools use to evaluate their candidates. However, PA schools that do not require the GRE tend to be highly competitive. Candidates applying to these schools should prepare their minds for the task ahead.

Let’s take a look at the P.A. schools in Ohio that do not require the GRE as an admission prerequisite.

  • University of Findlay
  • University of Dayton
  • Mercy College of Ohio

Are there Physician Assistant Master’s Programs in Ohio? 

Obtaining a master’s degree in physician assistant studies is another requirement to become a licensed and certified P.A. in Ohio.

A master’s program offers advanced studies to aspiring P.A.s, providing them with the thorough knowledge and training required of a medical professional. It takes roughly two years to complete and be conferred a master’s degree.

Also, all P.A. schools in Ohio offer a physician assistant master’s program. Below are some of the best P.A. master’s programs in Ohio

  • Baldwin Wallace University – Masters of Medical Science Physician Assistant Program
  • The University of Toledo – Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (M.S.B.S.) With a Concentration in Physician Assistant Studies
  • University of Dayton – Master of Physician Assistant Practice Program
  • Ohio Dominican University – Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies
  • Mount St. Joseph University – Masters in Physician Assistant Studies (M.P.A.S.)

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Are there Online Physician Assistant Courses in Ohio for International Students?

With recent technological development, the availability to attend physician assistant programs online is an additional option. With online programs, International students may not need to journey to the campus to participate in classes because they can go on their computer and join a live or prerecorded virtual class.

However, students who apply for the online program still need to report to clinical placement sites in person.

The PA schools that offer online courses for international students are as follows

  • Touro College
  • Pace University
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison

What are the Cheapest Physician Assistant Schools in Ohio?

Physician assistants are medical care providers who help diagnose and treat illnesses. This demanding job requires full-time dedication, if you are a student or a working professional. Aspiring P.A.s looking to avoid any financial burden during their studies should consider searching for the cheapest P.A. schools.

The cheapest P.A. schools in Ohio cost between $21,160 and $78,720 per year for in-state students. However, the average total cost depends on certain factors such as location, choice of program, public or private institutions, and whether the tuition is paid in-state or out-of-state.

The cheapest P.A. schools in Ohio to consider are:

  • Ohio Dominican University
  • Ohio University 

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What are the Accredited PA Programs in Ohio?

It is essential to check the accreditation status of the P.A. school you apply to. Attending schools that have not been assessed and accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) will result in students not being licensed to practice as physician assistants in Ohio.

The ARC-PA defines the standards of all Pa programs and ensures that each institution upholds the integrity of the P.A. profession.

The accredited P.A. programs in Ohio are as follows

  • Baldwin Wallace University, Berea
  • Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland
  • Kettering College, Kettering
  • Lake Erie College, Painesville
  • Marietta College, Marietta
  • Ohio Dominican University, Columbus
  • Ohio University, Athens
  • University of Dayton, Dayton
  • University of Toledo, Toledo
  • University of Mount Union, Alliance
  • University of Findlay, Findlay

How to Become a Physician Assistant in Ohio

The Physician Assistant Profession is one of the most sought-after professions in Ohio. With the increasing demand for P.A.s and the outlook for P.A.s more promising than ever, individuals interested in healthcare are taking the P.A. profession. 

Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming a physician assistant in Ohio. If yes, here is an overview of becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) in Ohio.

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited Institution

All PA programs require that candidates complete their Bachelor’s degree program in a science or non-science-related field. Also, students must have obtained this degree from an accredited institution to be considered by a P.A. program in Ohio.

Prospective P.A.s are expected to graduate with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and have the prerequisite courses requested by the P.A. program of their choice.

Completion of P.A. Program in Ohio

After successfully applying and being accepted by a P.A. program, aspiring P.A.s are welcomed to a comprehensive yet intense 2 years or more training in their life.

Since the program isn’t lengthy like medical schools, students have back-to-back classes and clinical rotations, ensuring they are trained and equipped to be essential in the medical line.

Also, all P.A. schools in Ohio have master’s programs that aspiring P.A.s can apply to advance their knowledge and select an area of specialty. The master’s program usually takes 2 years to complete.

Study for the P.A.N.C.E.

The Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (P.A.N.C.E.) is a standard examination all graduates from a P.A. program in Ohio must write to become licensed to practice in the State.

To study for the P.A.N.C.E., get familiar with the National Commission On Certification Of Physician Assistants (N.C.C.P.A.) latest P.A.N.C.E. content blueprint, which provides information about the content you will likely see on your pants exam. 

Once candidates successfully pass the P.A.N.C.E., they are entitled to become licensed physician assistants. However, students who fail the P.A.N.C.E. at their first trial are allowed another attempt.

Becoming Certified

After graduating from a P.A. program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA), students must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (P.A.N.C.E.) and obtain their P.A. license before they can begin practice.

Passing the P.A.N.C.E. ascertains you as a certified P.A. (PA-C). This designation indicates that you have fulfilled all certifying requirements of a physician assistant and can competently practice in clinical settings in Ohio and beyond.

Begin your career as a P.A. and maintain certification

Once you become certified and have obtained an Ohio state license, you may begin working as a P.A. You may decide to work in any specialty, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, obstetrics & gynecology.

To remain certified, physician assistants must pass the P.A.N.C.E. during the tenth year of their recertification cycle. P.A.s who fail the P.A.N.C.E. on their first attempt can repeat the exam up to three more times.

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Physician Assistant Certification Council of Ohio

The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (N.C.C.P.A.) is the only certification provider and council for physician assistants in Ohio, United States.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many P.A. schools are in Ohio?

Ohio proudly houses 13 P.A. programs. All of which offer Master’s Degrees, as it is a requirement for Ohio PA licensure. Each program has varying admissions requirements, program duration, and curricula.

How long is P.Aschool in Ohio?

Ohio physician assistant programs vary between 24 and 36 months for classroom and clinical training. 

What is the most challenging class in P.A. school?

Anatomy and Physiology are the most demanding classes in a P.A. program. 

What’s the tuition cost for P.A. schools in Ohio?

Tuition costs vary between $21,160 and $78,720. Public schools are the less costly option, particularly for Buckeye State residents.


Is being a physician assistant worth it? As you will always be, it is in demand in the healthcare industry. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that physician assistants have excellent job prospects. 


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