9 Best Physician Assistant Schools in Tennessee 2024 | How to Apply

A physician assistant school provides an avenue to learn basic and advanced medical procedures, ethics, and operational values.

You’ll also get professional mentorship, during which you can clarify doubts, do research, gain more experience, and improve your skill set.

The schools have modern-day equipment that simulates real-life medical situations to facilitate learning. Through comprehensive curricula, the PA programs prepare students for licensure.
In this regard, we’ve compiled a list of Tennessee’s best physician assistant schools.

The schools have modern-day equipment that simulates real-life medical situations to facilitate learning. Through comprehensive curricula, the PA programs prepare students for licensure. 

In this regard, we’ve compiled a list of Tennessee’s best physician assistant schools. Also, you’ll be going through sub-topics related to PA schools in Tennessee and some frequently asked questions.

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Are there Physician Assistant Schools in Tennessee?

There are physician assistant schools in Tennessee where students can get quality clinical training. The state government accredits the schools, and their teachers are experienced. Considering the quality of the education received at the schools, we can say that Tennessee has exceptional physician assistant schools.

How Do I get into A Physician Assistant School in Tennessee?

Physician assistant schools in Tennessee provide students with outstanding medical training. And because the PA program’s challenging, they ensure that only qualified applicants are accepted.

To get into a PA school in Tennessee, you should attend a good college for your undergraduate degree. Here, you’re expected to get a GPA that’s either competitive or enough to get you into your preferred PA school. Usually, the minimum GPA is 3.0, and your course should be either a science course or a health-related one.

After that, you should take and pass the GRE. Your GRE score can be your lifesaver – you never know! 

Also, try to gain hours’ worth of clinical experience. Some PA schools require applicants to have clinical experience before applying. Next, get your letters of recommendation ready, as well as your statement. You can also prepare for interviews and hope for the best.

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How Long are Physician Assistant Schools in Tennessee?

The average time to complete a physician assistant program in Tennessee is 24 months. Usually, the state’s PA schools will take you through classroom work in the first 12 months and clinical rotations in the concluding months. 

Best Physician Assistant Schools in Tennessee

We’ve compiled the list of the best PA schools in Tennessee through criteria like quality, reputation, and reviews. They include:

#1. Bethel University

Bethel University is located in Paris, TN, where students gain a lot of experience, preparing them to become professional healthcare providers. In line with Christian principles, the school seeks to produce caring and competent graduates who’ll be members of interprofessional teams.

The school’s curriculum is innovative, comprehensive, and student-oriented, through which students’ learning experiences are maximized. The program lasts for 27 months, after which students can earn certificates.

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#2. Christian Brothers University

Concerning regional, state, and national healthcare provision, the PA program at Christian Brothers University prepares students to be readily available to serve. The program focuses primarily on preventive medicine, the use of tech in medicine, healthcare provision to underserved populations, and evidence-based patient care.

Through the Memphis-based program, students are exposed to vital information about illnesses and patient diagnoses, interpersonal relationships, and general treatment procedures. Also, through partnerships with reputable clinical facilities, students can get the best clinical experiences possible.

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#3. Lipscomb University

Located in Nashville, TN, Lipscomb University takes students through an entirely different medical training. The school seeks to train students from basic medical procedures to advanced learning through academic excellence, exposure, and student empowerment.

With principles based on foundational Christian faith, students enjoy a comprehensive curriculum and an accommodating student community. In addition, students learned from the school’s qualified and experienced staff.

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#4. Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University is one of the best PA schools in Tennessee. The school in Harrogate, Tennessee, uses an experienced academic faculty and cutting-edge technology to provide students with hands-on, detailed medical training.

Students get to practice various medical procedures, including intravenous catheter insertion and punctures. And to increase their experience levels, students can participate in many volunteer experiences. These experiences are clinical services offered to primarily underserved areas.

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#5. South College – Knoxville

South College offers students an exceptional PA Master’s degree program that builds on the knowledge gained from their bachelor’s degree programs. The program’s duration is 27 months, and seeks to train students who qualify for advanced PA positions across all medical specialties.

Situated in Knoxville, TN, the program promotes collaborative learning and interpersonal relationship skills, thus, producing PAs who know the best ways to care for their patients. Aspects treated at the school include family and primary health and pediatrics.

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#6. South College – Nashville

Here, students are tutored by experienced and knowledgeable teachers who can help them become outstanding healthcare providers. Through an adjunct faculty of PA mentors, students gain more exposure, learn about possible mistakes, clarify their doubts, and get answers to their questions.

Like the one in the Knoxville Campus, this Nashville-based program takes 27 months to complete. During this time, students go through intensive classroom drills and laboratory sessions.

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#7. Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University, located in Nashville, TN, has been doing God’s work in training professional PAs for over four decades. They offer an optional pre-PA program to equip you with the basics in preparation for the main work.

During the program proper, you’ll go through rigorous classwork, taught about different aspects of the PA career, like ethics and regulations. In the clinical part of the program, you’ll undergo clinical rotations, which will give you the experience needed to face real-life medical scenarios.

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#8. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)

UTHSC is located in Memphis, TN. The school’s PA program seeks to build students’ professionalism through rigorous classroom and laboratory work. It also allows students to learn comprehensively about family and primary healthcare while emphasizing the need for quality and accessible healthcare. This way, students are competent and experienced and become integral members of exceptional medical teams.

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#9. Milligan University

Milligan University provides students with the high-quality physician assistant training needed to become licensed PAs. The school has experienced faculty members, some of whom are practicing, licensed PAs, and Ph.D. holders.

The program is accredited, and all applicants are expected to have earned their bachelor’s degree—the school’s located in Milligan, where students are transformed into expert-level physician assistants.

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What are the Easiest PA Schools to Get into in Tennessee?

Here, we’ll list Tennessee’s most accessible PA schools. You can get the best classroom and clinical experiences from these schools. They include:

  • South College – Nashville
  • South College – Knoxville
  • Lincoln Memorial University

What are the Cheapest PA Schools in Tennessee?

You can’t talk about PA school without carefully considering your budget. And luckily, not all PA programs in Tennessee cost the same. That is, some are cheaper than others. Well, here are the most affordable PA schools in Tennessee:

  • The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)
  • Lincoln Memorial University

Can Physician Assistants Practice Independently in Tennessee?

No! PAs in Tennessee aren’t permitted by law – or PA law – to practice without being monitored by licensed physicians. However, PAs can share ownership rights with their supervising physicians if it’s a private establishment. Getting caught in independent practice as a PA isn’t desirable and can cost you your hard-earned license.

How Much Does A PA Make in Tennessee?

The average salary of a Tennessee-based physician assistant is $103,000. While this is just an average, several factors can affect how much you make as a physician assistant in Tennessee. They include years of experience, versatility, and the employer.

Physician Assistant Schools in Tennessee that Don’t Require GRE

The GRE – a standardized examination required by many PA schools – can be a clog in getting accepted. And many students have justifiable reasons for either being unable to take the exam or not doing well. No matter what yours are, here are some PA schools in Tennessee that don’t require GRE:

  • Christian Brothers University
  • The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)

Are there PA Master’s Programs in Tennessee?

PA programs in Tennessee are Master’s degree programs. These program types give room for advanced learning and wider exposure compared to what students get during their bachelor’s degree periods.

Are there Online PA Courses in Tennessee for International Students?

Unfortunately, there are no online PA courses in Tennessee for international students. You can only find on-campus PA courses that accommodate international students. This way, diversity and collaborative learning are promoted, and quality training is accessible to all students.

How to Become A Physician Assistant in Tennessee

The following are steps to becoming a certified PA in Tennessee:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in a science course or a health-related one
  • Meet the requirements of your preferred PA school and get accepted
  • Take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) and pass it
  • Become certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA). The agency organizes the PANCE.
  • Apply for licensure.

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Physician Assistant Certification Council of Tennessee

The Board of Physician Assistants in the Tennessee Department of Health oversees all PA-related activities and policies in the state. The agency assists the Board of Medical Examiners by ensuring that only qualified PAs are licensed, thereby ensuring the well-being of the good citizens of Tennessee.


Is There A PA School in Tennessee?

Yes, there are PA schools in Tennessee that the Tennessee State Government accredits. These schools have spacious learning environments that allow students to learn alone and collectively.

Can A PA Become A Doctor?

Well, nothing’s impossible unless you don’t try!

A physician assistant can become a medical doctor by attending an accredited medical school’s MD (Doctor of Medicine) program. Also, he has to complete the required residency training where he’ll be assessed.

What Bachelor Degree Program Do I Need as Physician Assistant?

It’s recommended that you earn a bachelor’s degree in any science program or one that’s health-related. Well, a few universities now offer pre-PA courses. You can enroll in those programs too.


For the best reasons, physician assistant schools in Tennessee are there to guide you on safe, caring, and professional clinical techniques.

And they do this while emphasizing the need to provide healthcare services to underserved areas. Although PA school’s challenging, it’s worth it. Don’t forget that the best qualities of a PA already lie in you. Good luck!


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