10 Best Physician Assistant Schools in Texas | 2024

If you are looking for the best physician assistant schools in Texas, then you are at the right place.

Texas is a great study location, considering the state’s love for institutions and people. Whether it’s law, dance, or medicine, there are schools in the state where you can be trained to become a professional.

Thus, enrolling in one of the best schools in Texas will earn you the best possible experience.
A PA school provides real-time experiences and hands-on training for physician assistant students to help in real-life medical situations.

Check out this article if you require an excellent PA school in Texas. Here, you’ll get to know the 10 best PA schools in Texas and other necessary information.

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Are There Physician Assistant Schools in Texas?

There are PA schools in Texas. You can learn the art of being a PA through thorough practice and clinical sessions. Physician assistant schools in Texas train students in specialties ranging from essential drug prescriptions to expert-level surgeries.

How Do I Get into A Physician Assistant School in Texas?

The steps required to get into a physician assistant school in Texas are, but are not limited to:

  • Attending a college for an undergraduate degree in any health-related or science course
  • Earning a good GPA – above 3.0 is preferable
  • Developing soft skills like exceptional human relations, decision-making, and problem-solving
  • Taking and passing the GRE
  • Gaining clinical experience from a hospital or by shadowing a licensed physician assistant
  • Getting your reference letters and personal statement ready
  • Prepare for an interview – you never know!

How Long Are Physician Assistant Schools in Texas?

PA programs in Texas have different durations for the schools offering them. Some take up to two years, some take more than two years, and others three. On average, a Texas-based PA school takes up to two and a half years to complete.

Best Physician Assistant Schools in Texas

Without PA schools, a student’s dream of being a part of patients’ health stories and saving lives will be shattered. To be a professional PA, you must get the best of every prerequisite. You must be on point from your mindset, zeal, and determination to your school and experiences. Here are the best PA schools in Texas:

#1. Baylor College of Medicine

Located in Houston, TX, the PA program at Baylor College of Medicine is undoubtedly the best in Texas. The program allows collaborative learning where students get to learn alongside medical students. This unique learning style covers areas like lab or clinical sessions.

At the school, you’ll learn various aspects of healthcare provision ranging from anatomy and function of the human body, genetics, and behavioral study to pharmacology and medical ethics. In addition, the college offers a Spanish medical course that allows students to relate well with Spanish-speaking patients or those who speak little English.

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#2. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Here, you’ll get quality physician assistant training in a conducive environment and with the help of qualified teachers. The school has state-of-the-art equipment which assists students in practicing as if they were already licensed. This way, students become more skillful, confident, and ready to serve in the healthcare sector. The school’s located in Dallas, TX, where students enjoy a fine blend of theory and practice.

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#3. The University of Texas – HS Center at San Antonio

The University of Texas health science center in San Antonio is a great place to pursue your PA career. Through a well-designed curriculum, students are engaged in various activities that, in turn, allow them to fit into different medical roles. Also, apart from the required clinical rotations, you can choose five others depending on your interest. You can strengthen your skill set by gaining direct experience in those specialties.

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#4. University of North Texas – HS Center 

With PA being one of the most sought-after courses in Texas, the HS center at the University of North Texas seeks to produce PAs who can adapt to the ever-changing medical world. The school’s situated in Fort Worth.

You get to learn – through detailed training sessions – various medical aspects like patient diagnosis, emergency treatment, infections & diseases, and medical ethics. Also, clinical rotations will give you hands-on experiences across different specialties.

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#5. Texas Tech University – Health Sciences Center

You can’t thrive well in real-life situations if you’re not accustomed to a diverse student population. The physician assistant program at this school allows students to get high-quality training within a multicultural student community, promoting cultural unity and collaborative learning.

The school’s located in Lubbock, TX, and you can learn comprehensively about internal medicine, human behaviors, family health, and emergency treatment. Apart from that, there are practical sessions where you’ll work on real-life simulations, allowing you to taste what you’re in for.

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#6. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

This program’s located in Edinburg and is very popular, especially for its exceptional online PA program. The school promises to be a great choice for individuals seeking to kick-start their PA careers. 

Its online program is mainly for Bachelor’s degree-holding PA students seeking to earn their Master’s degree. This teaching style allows easy assimilation and convenient learning for the students. You’ll also have enough time to conduct medical research as recommended within the program.

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#7. Hardin-Simmons University

It’s one thing to enroll in the best physician assistant schools in Texas, and it’s another to stay committed to the call. Hardin-Simmons University ensures that all students are on track in their physician assistant careers through its exceptional facilities, like a cadaver lab for anatomy lessons.

Specialties in the program include family medicine, psychology, patient diagnosis, emergency management, and surgery. The school’s located in Abilene, TX. And it boasts a 98.5% job employment rate for its graduates. 

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#8. University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Although it’s a new program, you can get top-notch training at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. The program started in January 2021, and since then, it has focused on bringing the best out of its students. The school is located in Belton and uses a well-structured curriculum to strengthen students’ PA skills. Skills you can get at the school include interpersonal relationships and problem-solving.

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#9. University of Texas – Medical Branch

This school is located in Galveston, Texas. Earning a Master’s degree in PA at this school puts you at an advantage. This is because of its comprehensive curriculum and qualified teachers. The program – which lasts for about 26 months – exposes you to specialties, including pharmacology, patient diagnosis, emergency medicine, and basic healthcare.

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#10. U.S Army Medical Center of Excellence

Also known as the Interservice physician assistant program, the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence offers an exemplary PA program designed to produce healthcare providers in the U.S. military. It’s located in Fort Sam Houston and is open to many applicants. 

The program encompasses anatomy, biochemistry, medical ethics, detailed research, psychiatry, and EKG. Also, clinical rotations are held across the military sites in the U.S. – Army, Navy, and Airforce.

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What Are the Easiest PA Schools to Get into in Texas?

Due to several requirements like GRE, clinical experience, and GPA, some PA schools in Texas are not as easy to get into as their names might sound. As a result, you might want to know the easiest PA schools to get into in Texas. They include:

  • Hardin-Simmons University
  • The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

What Are the Cheapest PA Schools in Texas?

It’s not surprising how some physician assistant programs in Texas cost more than others. This is due to their sophisticated equipment and quality of teaching. However, this doesn’t belittle the cheaper ones as they offer quality training in accommodating environments. A cheap PA school might be the best option for you to learn and save some money for yourself. No matter what your reasons are, here are the cheapest PA schools in Texas:

  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • The University of Texas – HS Center at San Antonio
  • The University of Texas – Medical Branch at Galveston

Can PAs Practice Independently in Texas?


Physician assistants who practice in Texas can’t venture into independent practice. Instead, they require close supervision by certified physicians. So, as a PA, you can’t own a clinic or medical facility unless supervised or properly licensed. In supervision, you’ll share ownership rights with your supervising physicians.

How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make in Texas?

Averagely, a Texas-based physician assistant makes a total of $105,695 per annum. This salary is the 5th largest in the United States. So, if you’re a PA in Texas, you’re in for a big deal.

PA Schools in Texas That Don’t Require GRE

The GRE is one of the requirements that most PA schools look out for. Usually, they require applicants to sit for the exam and submit their scores to be considered for admission. However, for various reasons, not everyone can take the exam. If you’re in this category of students, here are some PA schools in Texas that don’t require GRE:

  • U.S Army Medical Center of Excellence
  • The University of Texas – HS Center at San Antonio

Are There PA Master’s Programs in Texas?

Most physician assistant schools in Texas offer Master’s degree programs. That’s why they usually accept applicants with bachelor’s degrees. This way, students can learn at higher quality rates and in more professional settings. They include:

  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Texas Tech University – Health Sciences Center
  • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Are There Online PA Courses in Texas for International Students?

While most PA schools in Texas follow the traditional method of in-person teaching, one combines it with an online method. Through online courses, students learn more conveniently and can multitask effectively without too many glitches. In Texas, only the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has online PA courses for all students.

How To Become A PA in Texas

Here are ways by which you can become a physician assistant in Texas:

  • Meet the requirements for any accredited PA school in Texas.
  • Upon acceptance, take all classes and lab sessions seriously. This way, you’ll be well prepared to take the PANCE exam.
  • Take and pass the PANCE exam.
  • Apply for licensure.

Physician Assistant Certification Council of Texas

The Texas Physician Assistant Board in the Texas Department of State Health Services formulates policies guiding the activities of physician assistants in the state. In short, for you to be a licensed PA in Texas, this board needs to certify you.


What Can PAs Do in Texas?

As a PA, you may only perform simple or complex medical procedures as a supervising physician recommends. On no account should you be caught providing medical services independently. You could lose your license.

How Long Does It Take to Get A PA License in Texas?

Your physician assistant license will be fully processed within two to three months. The hint is to start early, which doesn’t go without saying that you’ve got to pass your PANCE exam.

Is PA School or Med School Harder?

Since med schools only focus on one major – medicine – they’re not as hard as PA schools. PA schools focus on various specialties, including anatomy, psychiatry, pharmacology, and the like. Also, PA classes are usually longer than med classes. And med classes are optional, while PA classes are strictly not.


Physician assistant schools in Texas are affordable, top-notch, and accommodating. From comprehensive classroom training to supervised laboratory sessions, they ensure that you’re equipped with the necessary skills and experience for your career as a PA. We recommend you go through this article, compare choices, and pick the school most appeals to you. 



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