10 Best Physician Assistant Schools in Utah | 2024 Best Ranking

Physician assistant schools in Utah are outstanding training schools, typically a drawn-out, demanding procedure. Still, we can assure you that it is a very fulfilling vocation that will expand your medical expertise.

Although physician assistants are not nurses, they collaborate with doctors to carry out their duties. 

Therefore, you are mistaken if you believe that training to be a medical assistant is similar to training to be a nurse.

Nevertheless, in this blog post, you will get a comprehensive list of the best physician assistant schools in Utah, and also, you will discover all about this career that you need to know in this article.

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Are There Physical Assistant Schools In Utah?

Yes, there are a few physician assistant schools in Utah; these schools are:

  1. Rocky Mountain University
  2. University Utah, School of Medicine
  3. Utah Valley University
  4. Utah Tech University
  5. Utah State University
  6. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  7. Pace University
  8. Touro College
  9.  University of Nebraska – Medical Center
  10. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  11. University of Wisconsin – Madison

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How Do I Get Into PA Schools In Utah?

You must fulfill the standards listed below to be considered for admission to any of the P.A. schools in Utah.

The first step in becoming a medical assistant is earning a high school diploma with a solid science background, such as biology, chemistry, physics, English, etc.

A bachelor’s degree from an authorized college or university is almost a requirement for admission to all U.S. colleges. One of the requirements for enrollment in a licensed P.A. program is having this degree.

You will need to earn a master’s degree in a medically relevant field after completing your bachelor’s degree. Pathology, human anatomy, physiology, clinical medicine, and pharmacology are just a few of the courses in which it might be covered.

Before they can accept you into their PA master’s program, some schools require a GRE and GPA, while others hardly take either into account.

To become a physician assistant, you’ll also need to finish a healthcare program and get a license.

After completing a PA program, you must pass the PANCE to become certified as a physician assistant. You must then apply for licensure from your state to start practicing.

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How Long Are PA Schools In Utah?

While the duration varies, master’s in physician assistant studies ( MPAS ) programs can be finished in as little as two years and as long as four years (American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) estimates that PA programs last about 27 months). 

The programs you are interested in maybe quicker if you are a current PA interested in a bridge program.

Can Physician Assistants Practice Independently In Utah?

A law that will enable physician assistants to practice independently of doctors after a predetermined number of hours of training was approved by the Utah Legislature. 

Physicians in the Beehive State objected to SB27 as it was initially written because they thought it would empower P.A.s to practice outside the bounds of their training and education.

Any medical treatments within the extent of a physician assistant’s training and expertise are permissible. A physician assistant must consult, work closely with, and refer patients to the proper healthcare providers.

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What are the Best PA (Physician Assistant) Schools In Utah?

#1 Rocky Mountain University

Rocky Mountain University is one of Utah’s top universities providing P.A. programs. Over the years, the institution has offered comprehensive training to students interested in becoming physician assistants.

Outstanding clinicians prepared to tackle the demands of practicing medicine in a varied and complicated healthcare system are educated through the Physician Assistant (PA) Program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

Students can enroll in one of Utah’s most challenging PA programs, which typically lasts between two and three years.

The physician assistant program at Rocky Mountain University is ARC-PA accredited. The Program’s subsequent validation evaluation by the ARC-PA is scheduled for March 2029, roughly.

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#2 University Utah, School of Medicine

One of the top P.A. schools in Utah with the most outstanding P.A. programs is the University of Utah School of Medicine.

The Physician Assistant program at the University of Utah is dedicated to producing P.A.s capable of handling the difficulties of delivering high-quality care to patients in remote and medically underserved locations.

Since 2004, US News & World Report has consistently ranked the program among the top 10 PA programs in the nation.

The ARC-PA has granted U.T.’s physician assistant program accreditation. The Program’s subsequent validation evaluation by the ARC-PA is scheduled for March 2026, roughly.

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#3 Utah Valley University

The physician assistant program at Utah Valley University offers a vibrant and encouraging learning atmosphere that will help our students develop the professional skills necessary to work as a physician assistant on any healthcare team. 

The faculty and staff of the UVU PA Program embrace professionalism, compassion, and clinical proficiency as fundamental tenets of clinical practice and instruction. UVU is the best place if becoming a fantastic P.A. is your objective.

The UVU PA Program is a year-round, full-time graduate program that lasts 28 months and entails 95 credits spread over seven semesters.

The curriculum is structured specifically to provide students with the information, abilities, and self-assurance they need to succeed as P.A.s and to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to provide patients with more efficient and compassionate treatment.

At UVU’s west campus, all MPAS didactic courses are available and must be completed there. There are no provisions for program course substitutions or waivers.

Upon satisfactory fulfillment of all program requirements, UVU awards students a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree.

Students must participate in all program activities, adhere to all university and program standards, and exhibit professional conduct as outlined in the student handbook.

Written exams, objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs), practical workshops, written and oral assignments, and group presentations are just a few ways students are evaluated.

To advance satisfactorily in the Program, students must pass each curriculum component.

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#4 Utah Tech University

The University of Utah School of Medicine and Dixie State University are partners in the St. George branch of the physician assistant program. The Russell C. Taylor Health Science Center Building is home to the St. George classroom, close to the Dixie Regional Medical Center, a level II trauma center that services Southeast Nevada, Northwest Arizona, and Southern Utah.

The University of Utah Physician Assistant Division is proud of its ongoing commitment to accomplishing our purpose.

The school will be able to deliver primary care services to rural and underprivileged regions more effectively if PA education is extended to southern Utah. 

The school’s tried-and-true ways will be revived, and the spirit of the physician assistant profession will be celebrated, thanks to the abilities provided by modern technology and educators’ dedication to completing this project.

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#5 Utah State University

USU’s undergraduate research programs tied for first place in the country in 2021, and USU Online was in the country’s top 25 online bachelor’s programs.

Communication Disorders & Deaf Education, Psychology, Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, and Elementary Education are popular among our undergraduate degrees.

USU has more than 130 master’s and doctoral degree programs. Numerous graduate programs, including audiology, aerospace and biological engineering, education, and rehabilitation counseling, have received top 100 or even 50 rankings in the United States.

More than 60% of new positions in 2020 demand higher education, and technical qualifications and licenses help distinguish USU students, whether or not they have a college degree.

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#6 Pace University

Peace University’s program allows you to build on your professional experience while earning your terminal degree in a flexible way that fits your schedule.

You will be equipped to advance your career and provide patient-centered care after completing integrated interprofessional training experiences.

Your professional skill set is developed through epidemiology, health promotion, evidence-based medicine, research methodology, and leadership training.

In various settings, including universities, hospitals, nursing homes, and private care facilities, graduates find employment as specialized physician assistants.

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#7 Touro College

Touro College’s programs prepare students for careers in counseling and medicine while emphasizing the value of community service and healthy communities.

As practicing professionals and healthcare experts, the institution only employs professors who genuinely care about each student’s academic and professional success. They also incorporate new technologies and therapeutic advancements into all of their programs.

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#8 University of Nebraska – Medical Center

The University of Nebraska is a prestigious university with land grants and a medical school hospital. The school also has a sizable campus catering to urban residents’ needs.

These four unique universities are referred to collectively as the University of Nebraska. Each institution has particular capabilities. Therefore the University of Nebraska boasts a variety of expertise that is tough to duplicate.

The only public and academic health research center in Nebraska is the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). The UNMC lays the foundation for a healthier future via training, pioneering research, and top-notch patient care.

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#9 University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

By providing students with a cutting-edge, advanced medical education, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Physician Assistant (DPA) Department hopes to change how South Texas’ varied population obtains healthcare.

The DPA promotes lifelong learning and self-evaluation among its pupils.

The Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) program graduates are well-equipped with moral integrity, sound judgment, and appropriate interpersonal skills.

The graduate will be able to assess medical patients and develop a plan for handling health problems.

The professional curriculum for P.A. education includes essential clinical medicine, basic medical, behavioral, and social sciences, supervised clinical practice, health policy, and professional practice problems.

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#10 University of Wisconsin – Madison

UW-Madison is one of Wisconsin’s P.A. schools that helps to satisfy the healthcare requirements of the state of Wisconsin and other communities; the Program is committed to creating physician assistants who are knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and compassionate.

To accomplish this, we raise the bar for training, research, patient care, and service while significantly advancing the PA profession.

With a focus on primary healthcare for underprivileged populations and geographic locations, the institution educates professionals passionate about offering complete healthcare in a sensitive, multiethnic manner.

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant has granted the University of Wisconsin-Madison Accreditation-Continued status under the ARC-PA Standards (ARC-PA).

Candidates with a solid academic background, a demonstrated dedication to clinical practice, good interpersonal skills, and experiences that reflect a high level of maturity and professionalism are sought by the University of Wisconsin-Madison PA Program.

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What Are The Easiest Utah PA Schools To Get Into? 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the next ten (10) years, the employment of physician assistants (PA) is anticipated to grow by 37%. (BLS). This will lead to the emergence of physician assistants (PA), one of the medical specialties with the fastest anticipated development.

Fewer students are accepted into most colleges due to the practice of selecting just a few tens or hundreds from a pool of thousands of applications.

The increase in job candidates looking for PA assistant positions has led to this. Most colleges also severely restrict their GPA requirements to aid in selecting the best applicants. There will undoubtedly be a rivalry between the two.

The most accessible P.A. schools to enter are:

  1. Utah State University
  2. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  3. Pace University
  4. Touro College
  5.  University of Nebraska – Medical Center
  6. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  7. University of Wisconsin – Madison

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How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make In Utah?

As of July 26, 2022, the state of Utah will pay a Physician Assistant – Medical an average salary of $107,417, with a standard range of $98,877 to $118,430.

Salary ranges might vary significantly based on the city and several other crucial aspects, like schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the length of time you’ve been in your career.

What are the Best Physician Assistant Programs In Utah?

You have four options if you want to enroll in a P.A. program in Utah, complete a reputable program, and graduate with the most significant medical assistant degree available on campus.

The alternatives are thus relatively constrained, however, those seeking more choices might want to think about certified online programs that can be finished while a state resident.

The top PA schools and PA programs are as follows:

  1. Rocky Mountain University
  2. University Utah, School of Medicine
  3. Utah Valley University
  4. Utah Tech University

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What are the PA Schools In Utah That Don’t Require Gre?  

Admission to physician assistant programs can be complicated, so you can be considered for admission by most P.A. programs, which need you to pass the GRE.

The GRE has been the bane of most students hoping to become physician assistants due to how challenging the exam is.

The University of Utah School of Medicine is the only P.A. program in Utah that doesn’t demand applicants take the GRE if they want to become physician assistants but don’t want to.

Are there Physician Assistant Master’s Programs In Utah?

In Utah, graduate programs for physician assistants with master’s degrees emphasize patient, primary, and special care in medical and surgical settings. 

Although they work under the direction of doctors, physician assistants receive training that prepares them for a variety of roles, including conducting physical examinations, diagnosing and treating illnesses, ordering and interpreting tests, advising on preventative care, assisting in surgery, and, in the majority of states, writing prescriptions.

A suitable master’s degree for someone interested in the medical industry who wants to carry out many of the same duties as a doctor is that of a physician assistant. 

First-year medical students and first-year physician assistant students frequently share the same classes.

PA Schools that offer masters are:

  1. Rocky Mountain University
  2. University Utah, School of Medicine
  3. Utah Valley University
  4. Utah Tech University

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Are there Online Physician Assistant Courses In Utah For International Students? 

You can enroll in the online Program from the comfort of your home, office, or workplace. The need for a commute is practically eliminated because you can choose where you attend classes.

Depending on the curriculum, additional layers of flexibility, such as the opportunity to attend class on your schedule, may be included in an online program.

Flexibility and involvement are sometimes traded off in online programs. 

Compared to other online options, some programs will give you the most flexibility to finish your coursework whenever possible.

However, these programs frequently lead to fewer opportunities for in-class discussion. Since these programs can be the only ones that fit into their schedules, having the most flexible program possible may not be necessary for the busiest students.

PA schools that offer online courses are:

  1. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  2. Pace University
  3. Touro College
  4.  University of Nebraska – Medical Center
  5. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  6. University of Wisconsin – Madison

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What are the Cheapest PA Schools In Utah?

In the state where the PA program is located, the typical cost of attending physician assistant school is between $75,000 and $80,000. The price of tuition and fees has climbed by almost 9% in the last year.

Physician assistant education will cost you significantly more if you don’t live in the state where the university is located; on average, it will cost you roughly $95,000.

Here are Utah’s least expensive PA schools.

  1. Pace University
  2. Touro College
  3.  University of Nebraska – Medical Center
  4. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  5. Utah State University

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What are the Accredited PA Programs In Utah?

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant is in charge of establishing standards for PA education and overseeing institutions to ensure they follow those standards (ARC-PA).

The ARC-PA protects the general public’s legal rights and current and future P.A. students. The sole body in the U.S. certifies physician assistant graduate schools.

Here are some accredited PA schools

  1. Rocky Mountain University
  2. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  3. Pace University
  4. Touro College
  5.  University of Nebraska – Medical Center
  6. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  7. University of Wisconsin – Madison

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How to Become a Physician Assistant in Utah?

This step-by-step manual on how to become a physician assistant in Utah is available for those who are strategically preparing to join the esteemed ranks of the Beehive State’s PAs:

Step 1: Select a Physician Assistant Program in Utah to Obtain a License

Selecting the best Utah physician assistant program for licensing can seem intimidating, but it becomes a lot simpler when broken down into two steps. Ensuring candidates meet a few general PA program admission requirements is the first order of business. Almost all programs demand:

Step 2: Pass the National NCCPA Exam

The PANCE, or Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam, is sponsored by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA). Beginning 90 days before the conclusion of their P.A. program, students can register for the PANCE for $475.

Step 3: Fill out an application with the Utah Physician Assistant Licensing Board.

The Utah Physician Assistant Licensing Board offers the majority of forms for a complete application in an application packet, which has to contain:

  1. The application fee is $180
  2. The prescription capability fee is $100
  3. Controlled Substance Examination based on Utah laws 58-37 and R156-37
  4. Physician Assistant Law and Rules Exam based on Utah laws 58-70a and R156-70a
  5. Qualifying Questionnaire
  6. Delegation of Services Agreement
  7. An official transcript from the candidate’s PA degree program

Step 4: Keep your Utah PA license current

PAs have two options for renewing their licenses: online or on paper. Utah PA Licenses expire on May 1st of even-numbered years, and the fee is $123. 

The continuing medical education (CME) requirement, which calls for 40 hours of Category I CME to be finished per renewal cycle, must be satisfied before a PA’s license can be renewed. 

Unless they are audited, CME credits for PAs must be approved by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) or other nationally recognized programs before they may be submitted as proof. 

PAs may find it advantageous to join a professional organization like the Utah Academy of Physician Assistance for assistance, details on CME credits, networking opportunities, and professional development.

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Physician Assistant Certification Council of Utah?

NetCE is jointly recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) in support of enhancing patient care.

NetCE is permitted to grant Category 1 CME Credit to physician assistants who have obtained certification from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants as a jointly accredited provider (NCCPA).

Any provider that is ACCME-accredited and grants AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM is acceptable to the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational & Professional Licensure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you become a physician’s assistant?

A bachelor’s degree is required to enter a graduate program for aspiring PAs. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as health science or nursing, is good preparation for a PA graduate program at some graduate schools.

Is PA School Hard?

PA school can be intimidating, but it’s merely the beginning of a far more demanding career. The most challenging element of preparing for tests is studying.

Can I work while in PA school?

Use considerable caution if your ProgramProgram allows you to work. This type of medical school is expedited and nearly always more intense than prospective students expect.


A very rigorous yet rewarding professional path is becoming a physician assistant. You’ll be able to finish your training by spending a lot of time in school. It takes roughly six years without formal healthcare training, but it requires at least nine years.

Nevertheless, is all the tension worth it? Even more significant uncertainty, in my opinion, is worth it! Not only is a $111,561 average income enormous, but it also indicates that future growth will be more significant. You’ll also get to collaborate with experts in the field of your choice.


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