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Are you in search of the best physician assistant schools in Wisconsin? We got you covered.  

Stop looking now. Everything you need to know about Wisconsin PA schools, from their admission standards to a list of authorized institutions, has been compiled by the World Scholarship Forum. Follow along as I guide you through!


However, one of the essential jobs in the medical sector is that of a physician assistant. 

Even though we frequently discuss doctors and nurses, a physician assistant is just as crucial in diagnosing and treating patients. 


As a result, we will examine a list of the best physician assistant schools in Wisconsin’s top-recognized schools and many other topics in this article.

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Are There PA Schools In Wisconsin?

Yes, there are few physician Assistant schools in Wisconsin. The PA Schools are:

  1. University Wisconsin-Madison
  2. University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
  3. Marquette University
  4. Concordia University
  5. Carroll University
  6. Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  7. UMW College of Letters and Science
  8. Marian University
  9. University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  10. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s

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How Do I Get Into PA Schools In Wisconsin?

Depending on the Program, different criteria may apply for admission. However, two to four years of undergraduate study are required, focusing on courses in related sciences.

A personal statement, transcripts, a certification of the number of hours of healthcare experience, and letters of recommendation are typically needed to process your application. To become a physician assistant, people may also need to take an admissions test.

Schools that train physician assistants have varying exam requirements. For instance, many colleges need the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which is necessary for various master’s degree programs. However, several other colleges require the Medical School Admissions Test (MCAT).

Additionally, the Test of English as a Foreign Language is required by some PA programs (TOEFL). Sometimes none of those mentioned above entry tests are necessary.

How Long Are PA Schools In Wisconsin?

The average PA program lasts about 26 months; the master’s Program takes about three years to complete.

Some of the behavioral/social and clinical preparatory sciences covered in the Programs include Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medical ethics, clinical laboratory science, microbiology, and many more.

Over 2,000 hours of full-time clinical rotations in family medicine, emergency medicine, internal medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, behavioral/mental health, and general surgery are included in a PA program’s clinical component, in addition to electives the student chooses.

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Can Physician Assistants Practice Independently In Wisconsin?

The revised statutes remove the one physician to four PAs ratio restriction and modify the physician/PA relationship from supervision to collaboration. Still, they do not grant PAs the right to operate independently. 

Act 23 amends chapter 448 of the Wisconsin Statutes to add a new Subchapter VIII, Physician Assistant Affiliated Credentialing Board, which sets forth the rules governing the practice of PAs. Act 23 will, with few exclusions, go into effect on April 1, 2022.

What are the Best PA (Physician Assistant) Schools In Wisconsin?

Below is a list of the best physician assistant schools in Wisconsin.

#1 University Wisconsin-Madison

One of Wisconsin’s PA schools is UW-Madison. The Program is dedicated to producing physician assistants who are knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and compassionate to meet the state of Wisconsin’s and other communities’ needs for healthcare. 

This is done by setting the bar high for instruction, research, patient care, and service while also making a significant contribution to and advancement of the PA profession.

The university trains professionals who are passionate about providing comprehensive healthcare in a sensitive, multiethnic manner, focusing on primary healthcare for underserved people and geographic areas.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been given Accreditation-Continued status under the ARC-PA Standards by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA).

The University of Wisconsin-Madison PA Program is looking for candidates with a solid academic background, commitment to clinical practice, strong interpersonal skills, and experiences demonstrating a high maturity level and professionalism.

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#2 University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

This best physician assistant schools/education program was established in 1995 as a Bachelor of Science degree by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in collaboration with the Gundersen Medical Foundation of La Crosse and the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences of Rochester, Minnesota.

The Program’s goal is to produce compassionate, highly skilled physician assistants who excel at serving the healthcare requirements of the areas that the partner institutions serve.

The Program has maintained a 100% five-year pass rate on the Physician Assistant National Certification Examination (PANCE) and excellent job placement after graduation. It has been accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) since 1997.

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#3 Marquette University

The Marquette University College of Health Sciences offers a professional program called the Physician Assistant Studies Program.

Marquette University is mentoring physician assistants in preparation for the supervised practice of primary care in evolving healthcare systems. Through a coordinated strategy of academic objectives, the institution accomplishes its mission.

In a university study of recent graduates, the Marquette PA program class of 2018 has a 100% employment rate. All state license criteria are satisfied by Marquette University.

Marquette University now has Accreditation-Continued status from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). When a program that is already certified meets the ARC-PA Standards, it is accorded the accreditation status of “accreditation-continued.

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#4 Concordia University

The PA program at Concordia University seeks to train students dedicated to providing patients with care in mind, body, and spirit. There are both didactic and clinical courses in the curriculum.

The Concordia University Wisconsin Physician Assistant Program, offered by Concordia University Wisconsin, has been given Accreditation-Continued status by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA).

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#5 Carroll University

The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program at Carroll University trains physician assistants to deliver comprehensive, high-quality healthcare to everyone. Additionally, their PA graduates are taught to adhere to ethical standards, respect the values of patients and clients, and continue to practice evidence-based medicine and use clinical judgment.

Additionally, the curriculum prepares you to practice medicine in a range of primary care settings under the supervision of doctors while giving you the skills you need to contribute to the profession and communities.

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant granted the PA program continuous accreditation in 2013. (ARC-PA). Until the Program ends, withdraws from the accreditation process, or until accreditation is revoked for noncompliance with the Standards, it is in the state of “accreditation-continued.”

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#6 Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Medical college physicians’ postgraduate fellowship programs offer structured clinical and professional education to promote the development of highly skilled nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA) in the multidisciplinary, collaborative, and evidence-based management of complex patients.

The college curriculum is designed to draw fresh APP graduates or seasoned APPs looking for a structured educational program to support and guide their development of expert clinical decision-making and their application of specialized abilities. 

Core rotations and elective options will be available to APP Fellows and NP Residents to ensure a comprehensive and customized program experience.

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#7 UMW College of Letters and Science

All of the prerequisite courses required for admission to physician assistant (PA) programs across the nation are offered by UWM. 

Theoretically, enrolling in a PA program is conceivable after finishing the required science and math courses but before receiving a bachelor’s degree. This very uncommon circumstance is becoming even rarer as more PA programs now need a bachelor’s degree. 

After completing four years of college, it takes two years to complete graduate-level coursework to become a PA.

PA program admission is very competitive. In addition to having an outstanding GPA and academic history, qualified candidates should also have a track record of success in the healthcare industry. 

Most schools demand applicants have at least 1,000 hours of direct, on-the-job patient care experience. To finish the planning process quickly, it’s crucial to collaborate closely with your adviser from your first year on.

 You can also use the suggested timeline to organize your preparatory activities over your four college years.

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#8 Marian University

1809 students applied to Marian University’s graduate programs. 

The cost of attending Marian University’s graduate programs is $19,720. Tuition for physician assistant graduates is $19,720. With this tuition, earning a Master’s degree is very reasonable (#25). Would You Share? Program for Masters in Nursing Education Students wishing to guide and instruct future nurses would benefit significantly from Marian University’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) emphasis on education.

 The Program uses a hybrid framework to provide classes, with many online courses. After completing the 38 prerequisite credits, students can obtain their MSN degree in two years. Students will eventually use a field-based, 225-hour practicum with a capstone project to demonstrate theoretical material.

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#9 University of Wisconsin-Platteville

The UW-Platteville Program is a wise investment in your future as a medical assistant. After graduating, you’ll be equipped to offer families and individuals in remote areas access to high-quality medical care. 

Through an innovative relationship, you will complete all your coursework at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville while earning a Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We provide two program tracks to aid in your goal-achieving. With our expedited five-year bachelor’s to master’s program track, you can save time and money compared to our standard program track. 

Both alternatives give you a chance to guarantee a smooth transition to graduate school, keep your education costs reasonable, and gain knowledge from devoted UW-Platteville and UW-Madison instructors.

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#10 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s

For students interested in a career as a physician assistant, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s pre-physician assistant program offers a route to graduate school (PA).

State legislation establishes the range of practice for PAs, who must work under the direction of a physician (MD or DO). Generally speaking, they gather patient histories, evaluate and treat patients, order and interpret X-rays and lab tests, make a diagnosis, prescribe drugs, give treatments, help with surgery, and counsel and educate patients.

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What Are The Easiest Wisconsin PA Schools To Get Into?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that during the next ten (10) years, employment of physician assistants (PA) will rise by 37%. (BLS). The result will be the emergence of physician assistants (PA), one of the medical specialties with the fastest predicted growth.

Most institutions have lower acceptance rates due to the practice of selecting only tens or hundreds of candidates from a pool of thousands.

This results from the increase in candidates looking for positions as PA assistants. Most institutions also drastically tighten their GPA standards to help in the selection of the best applicants. There will undoubtedly be a competitive rivalry.

Here are some of Wisconsin’s most convenient PA schools.

  1. Marquette University
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison

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How Much Does A Physician Assistant Make In Wisconsin?

You might anticipate a high salary rate and steady work after acquiring a master’s degree in physician assistant studies.

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that physician assistants earn an average annual salary of over $98,000.

 The top-paid physician assistants make about $140,000 a year, while entry-level employees make approximately $62,000, significantly higher than the $36,200 national average for all occupations.

What are the Best Physician Assistant Programs In Wisconsin?

If you want to enroll in a PA program in Wisconsin, complete a respected program, and earn the best medical assistant degree on campus, you have five alternatives.

The possibilities are, therefore, quite limited. However, those looking for more options could consider accredited online programs that can be completed while a state resident.

The following are the top PA schools and PA programs:

  1. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Physician Assistant Program.
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison Physician Assistant Program.
  3. Marquette University Physician Assistant Program.
  4. Concordia University Physician Assistant Program.
  5. Carroll University Physician Assistant Program.

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What are the PA Schools In Wisconsin That Don’t Require Gre?  

Most students who want to be physician assistants have to take the GRE. This is because the exam is so difficult.

If you want to work as a physician assistant but don’t want to take the GRE, about 5 PA schools in Massachusetts don’t need you to write or present the GRE.

If you choose not to take the GRE before applying to PA programs, these schools don’t.

  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  2. Concordia University

Are there Physician Assistant Master’s Programs In Wisconsin?

Physician assistant graduate programs in Wisconsin focus on the patient, primary, and special care in medical and surgical settings.

Physician assistants receive training that equips them for a variety of tasks, including conducting physical examinations, diagnosing and treating illnesses, ordering and interpreting tests, giving advice on preventative care, assisting in surgery, and, in the majority of states, writing prescriptions, even though they work under the direction of doctors.

The PA Schools that offer Masters’s Programs are listed below:

  1. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Physician Assistant Program.
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison Physician Assistant Program.
  3. Marquette University Physician Assistant Program.
  4. Concordia University Physician Assistant Program.
  5. Carroll University Physician Assistant Program.

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Are there Online Physician Assistant Courses In Wisconsin For International Students? 

Online courses let you check in from any location, home, hotel room or elsewhere. 

Because of this flexibility, you no longer need to commute regularly to a campus to attend class. Some online courses will be created with flexibility; they may include features like pre-recorded lectures that let you learn at your own pace. 

Other online courses will be created to mimic the format of conventional classes and keep many of the advantages of face-to-face instruction. Online programs might enable the dialogue and accountability connected to on-campus learning through webcams and specified class times.

PA Schools that offer online courses are:

  1. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  2. Pace University
  3. Touro College
  4. University of Nebraska – Medical Center
  5. University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  6. University of Wisconsin – Madison

What are the Cheapest PA Schools In Wisconsin?

The most affordable colleges and institutions in Wisconsin are listed below. Using this list, you may choose the best school for you at a price you can afford.

  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  2. Marquette University
  3. Carroll University

What are the Accredited PA Programs In Wisconsin?

The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) is in charge of setting standards for PA education and evaluating institutions to ensure they follow those standards.

The ARC-PA is dedicated to protecting both the rights of the general public and those of current and future PA students. It is the only accrediting body for physician assistant graduate programs in the United States.

There are now five approved PA programs in Wisconsin, according to the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant:

  1. University Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  2. Concordia University 
  3. Carroll University

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How To Become A Physician Assistant In Wisconsin?

Current and former students can follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to become a physician assistant in Wisconsin if they’re interested in a demanding and satisfying profession in medicine:

  1. Examine Wisconsin Physician Assistant Programs to Determine Licensing
  2. Take the NCCPA certification test
  3. Obtain a license from the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board and renew it as necessary

Physician Assistant Certification Council of Wisconsin?

Candidates for the profession must pass the certification exam created by the National Board of Medical Examiners and administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants after graduating from an accredited PA program (NCCPA). 

Before being granted a PA license in Wisconsin, applicants must pass this test. However, suppose an eligible graduate is either registered to take the PA examination or has already taken the examination and is awaiting the results. In that case, they may be granted a non-renewable provisional license in Wisconsin.

 The temporary license is equivalent to the permanent permit in all respects. Additionally, obtaining a state license necessitates passing an online, open-book test on the Wisconsin Administrative Code and Statutes. Every two years, claims need to be renewed.

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In conclusion, Wisconsin’s PA schools are reputable in addition to being recognized. 

I hope you find this post helpful if you’re seeking the top-recognized PA schools in Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the PA program at UW-Madison?


A full-time, 24-month professional program offered on the UW–Madison campus.

When can you apply for the PA program?

When you decide to apply, you must submit your application approximately a year before starting school. A few programs with January starts are the exceptions to this rule because you would apply in April and potentially begin the Program less than six months after receiving your acceptance.

What are my chances of getting into PA school?

According to the latest data, the overall PA school acceptance rate in the United States is 31.6%, compared with about a 40% acceptance rate for medical schools. There are over 290 PA programs in the United States and 4 in Canada, each with its requirements and expectations.


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