15 Best Plumbing Schools in Louisiana in 2023 | How to Apply

Are you in search of the best plumbing schools in Louisiana? Search no more; we’ve got you covered.

This article fully reviews the best plumbing schools in Louisiana, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

It is safe to say that modern life would be impossible without plumbers. When building a new home or commercial property, these trained specialists can install water, sewer, and gas lines. When things go wrong, a plumber can provide quick, accurate repairs.

As a necessary trade, plumbing provides a steady source of income for professionals throughout Louisiana. The trade also includes job security and the daily opportunity to perform various tasks. 

Not everyone in Louisiana enters the plumbing profession and completes an apprenticeship program. Instead, some people gain comparable experience by working for a licensed plumber. Plumbers have a stable career in Louisiana.

Are you interested in becoming a Louisiana plumber? This guide will give you an overview of Louisiana’s professional and plumbing schools.

If you want to learn more and become certified, read the article below.

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Is Plumbing a Good Career Path in Louisiana?

Being a plumber in Louisiana can be a rewarding career if you take it seriously and commit to constantly improving your skills and expanding your network. You should not only strive to improve your skills but also seek out projects that will challenge and fulfill you.

People sometimes choose the field where they want to work and specialize in it. Some, for example, limit themselves to residential projects only, whereas others also work on commercial projects in addition to residences.

Plumbing is a rapidly expanding industry that offers numerous benefits and advantages. For one thing, there will always be a demand for qualified plumbers in residential and commercial settings. Second, as one moves up the ladder, the profession provides several benefits and good pay.

Are there Plumbing Schools in Louisiana?

There are a few plumbing schools in Louisiana. These schools are:

  • Sowela Technical Community College
  • Central Louisiana Technical Community College – Alexandria
  • River Parishes Community College
  • Delgado Community College
  • South Louisiana Community College
  • Northshore Technical Community College
  • Nunez Community College
  • Capital Area Technical College
  • Bossier Parish Community College
  • Louisiana Delta Community College

How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, there are several types of licensing classifications, including:

  • Apprentice plumbers
  • Plumbers with advanced training
  • Plumbers on the job
  • Plumbers specializing in medical gas

You must complete an approved apprenticeship or have equivalent work experience to obtain your journeyman’s license. Also, you must pass your journeyman plumber exam. You must submit an application signed by three licensed plumbers to take the exam.

In Louisiana, master plumbers can run their businesses. You must first obtain your journeyman’s license before obtaining your master’s license. In addition, you must have worked as a journeyman plumber for at least five years under a master plumber.

Residential plumbing repair specialists in Louisiana are known as “tradesmen.” They are only permitted to work under the supervision of a master plumber. You cannot perform tasks reserved for journeymen with a tradesman’s license.

Medical gas plumbers install and service specialized gas systems in hospitals and clinics. To perform this work in Louisiana, you must first obtain certification through a state-approved training course. You will also have to go through an application process.

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How to Renew Your Plumbing License in Louisiana

To maintain your journeyman plumbers’ license, you must complete four hours of continuing education through an approved provider each year and renew your license with the State Plumbing Board by December 31 to avoid delinquent fees. 

The continuing education requirement for master’s licenses is six hours, and you must renew by December 31 to avoid late fees.

How Much Do Plumbers Make in Louisiana?

The average gross salary for a plumber in Louisiana, United States, is $58,200, or $28 per hour, which is 8% less (-$5,077) than the national average for plumbers. They also get an average bonus of $1,956. 

Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from Louisiana employers and anonymous employees. An entry-level plumber (with 1-3 years of experience) makes $42,334. A senior-level plumber (8+ years of experience) earns $71,405.

How Long is Plumbing School in Louisiana?

To qualify for the Journey Plumber license exam, you must have five years of documented work experience or have completed a four-to-five-year training program. No specific waiting period or years of experience is required to take the Master Plumber license exam. You need to have your journeyman license first.

The time you spend on training will increase if you decide to do additional exam preparation. After passing the exam, you become a certified plumber.

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10 Best Plumbing Schools in Louisiana

After thorough research, rankings, reviews, and value offers, we have curated a list of the best plumbing schools in Louisiana, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

#1. Sowela Technical Community College

The Plumbing Construction program is a 50-credit-hour program for apprentice plumbers and steamfitters that prepares them with the necessary classroom theory and on-the-job training to achieve the level of a journeyman plumber. 

The program’s primary goal is to meet the changing needs of the labor group while also providing the highest level of education possible for regional plumbing workers. 

This program aims to provide specialized skilled-trades courses to provide students with the skills required to become plumbing journeymen based on industry standards. The curriculum’s emphasis is on developing a common set of trade skills.

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#2. South Louisiana Community College

The five-month plumbing course will provide 500 hours of training. Monday through Thursday, 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Students who complete this course will receive NCCER Core, NCCER Plumbing Level 1, and NCCER Plumbing Level 2 certifications. They will also prepare for the exit/entrance exam, which they must pass before beginning their apprenticeship with the Acadiana Plumbers Association.

The course costs $7,000 in total, which includes tools and books. After graduation, students will keep the materials to prepare for their apprenticeship.

SLCC developed this program in response to the growing need for qualified candidates in the plumbing industry.

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#3. Northshore Technical Community College

The plumbing program at Northshore will teach you the concepts and skills you need to perform plumbing repairs in homes, apartments, and commercial buildings, as well as install new plumbing systems in under-construction buildings. 

The instructor will guide you through applying technical knowledge and skills in piping selection and layout procedures, plumbing systems and materials, plumbing codes and print reading, and plumbing and pipe installation and maintenance. 

Not only will you gain hands-on experience in the plumbing trade, but you will also gain valuable reasoning and problem-solving skills.

This program’s enrollment is limited and determined by the date of application.

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#4. Nunez Community College

Nunez’s plumbing program aims to keep the community and economy competitive by providing the most advanced, adaptable, and applicable education and training for plumbers in Louisiana. Nunez has collaborated with educational institutions, businesses, chambers of commerce, and other organizations to develop projects that address local plumbing needs.

Nunez’s mission is to provide individuals and plumbers with the most advanced, customized, and relevant education and training for economic growth. Furthermore, the college offers low-cost non-credit courses that meet the community’s professional, recreational, and cultural needs. Nunez is a college with open enrollment.

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#5. Capital Area Technical College

Capital Area Technical College offers two one-year programs that cover all aspects of plumbing and technology. Students will learn how to install, repair, and maintain plumbing equipment.

During the plumbing year (2023), students will learn about the various types of piping and fittings and the tools needed for proper installation. The program will discuss domestic water heating methods such as electricity, gas, oil, and solar energy. 

Students who complete the course will be able to receive credit for Plumbing Fundamentals in the Energy Services Technology program at Kennebec Valley Community College.

The plumbing program follows a nationally recognized curriculum and lists qualified students on a national registry. Graduates have basic entry-level skills that will allow them to enter the workforce or further their education in plumbing at a technical college.

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#6. Bossier Parish Community College

At Bossier Parish Community College

You can learn plumbing in 6 or 13 months and take the first step toward a rewarding career in plumbing. The plumbing training course is hands-on, so you will learn the skills that employers want.

As an assistant plumber or pipefitter, you can solve plumbing problems for homeowners and businesses. Bossier graduates prepare to lay out plumbing systems and install water lines, fixtures, furnaces, and other items.

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and a valid driver’s license, which many of the employer partners who hire our graduates require.

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#7. Louisiana Delta Community College

The Plumbing Degree and Certificate intend to prepare students for careers in the plumbing and related pipe industries.

Students who complete the program requirements will have the knowledge and skills needed for a career in residential, commercial, and industrial service and repair or construction plumbing. These skills learned during this program include blueprint reading, layout, estimating, installation of piping systems and fixtures, and repair of supply and wastewater systems.

This program’s coursework meets the requirements for entry into the plumbing trade.

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#8. Central Louisiana Technical Community College – Alexandria

A Plumbing degree from CLTCC provides graduates with the knowledge and experience needed to become plumbers in various fields. Plumbers are in high demand and play a critical role in public health and welfare. The career path is ideal because the world will always require plumbers, ensuring you will always have job security.

Students will learn fixture installation, pipe threading, tools and equipment, water supply, drainage systems, fabrication and testing, maintenance and repair, and hydronic heating in our programs. These abilities are required for students to be successful in their future careers.

Students will also learn to read blueprints, plumbers’ math, the State of Minnesota Plumbing Code, and trade knowledge. CLTCC prepares graduates to work as apprentices in the field. There are numerous career paths available to our graduates, so your student can choose the best approach for them.

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#9. River Parishes Community College

The experienced, qualified instructors at River Parishes Community College give you the individual attention you need to practice the techniques and gain the skills you’ll need on the job. Plumbers install and repair piping systems in homes, businesses, and factories.

This program has been approved for the 720 related instruction hours required for the Connecticut P-2 license at the CT campuses. Students must complete a course with a grade of 75 or higher for the instruction hours to count toward their “related hours.” Candidates must also complete 8,000 hours of fieldwork before applying to take the licensing exam.

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#10. Delgado Community College

The Plumbing Certificate Program intends to help students prepare for a career in the plumbing trade. Each Plumbing Certificate Program course combines hands-on lab work with lectures on plumbing design, ICC Plumbing & Gas Codes, soft skills, and safety. 

The Plumbing Certificate Program intends to increase a student’s plumbing knowledge quickly and lay the groundwork for future success in the plumbing trade.

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How Much Do Plumbing Schools Cost in Louisiana?

Financial aid will be available to qualifying students at technical schools and community colleges. Students can complete some coursework online through an education program. 

You will almost certainly need to do physical work in a classroom to graduate. The program may cost up to $3,000, depending on the school.

The Louisiana State Plumbing Board issues exams and licenses. The journeyman plumber’s exam costs $125, and the master plumber’s exam costs $100.

Plumbing Schools in Louisiana FAQs

In Louisiana, can I work as a plumber without a license?

Plumbing work in Louisiana requires a journeyman or master’s license. Except when repairing existing plumbing, a journeyman must work under the supervision of a master plumber. Apprentices can do plumbing work, but only with a journeyman on site at all times to direct the work.

How long does it take to become a plumber in Louisiana?

To qualify for the Journey Plumber license exam, you must have five years of documented work experience or have completed a four-to-five-year training program.

What steps should I take to become a journeyman plumber in Louisiana?

Meet the state’s minimum experience requirements. Make an application for an exam qualification. Within 90 days of passing it, submit a completed Initial Journeyman license form and applicable fees.


Plumbing schools in Louisiana will prepare you for a career as a plumber in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. To be a successful plumber, you’ll need trade-specific skills, training, licenses, and certifications.

Those who enjoy working with their hands will find this one of the most rewarding professions. A high-quality associate degree focusing on practical and theoretical knowledge will enable you to excel as a professional plumber.


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