8 Best Private Universities in Lagos| Tuition, Requirements & How to Get in.

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How many Private Schools are in Lagos?

 From history to date, there are eight accredited private universities in Lagos State, Nigeria. From claims, they provide the best quality of education. Let’s take a look at all of them!

All Private Universities in Lagos and their School Fees.

 Here are the lists of private universities in Lagos State. Detailed information can be found below.

  •  Anchor University Lagos
  • Christopher University
  • South Western University
  • Redeemer’s University Mowe
  • Pan-Atlantic University Lagos
  • Caleb University Lagos
  • Babcock University Lagos
  • Augustine University Ilara

#1. Anchor University Lagos

Anchor University

Anchor University is one of the private universities in Lagos State. This institution of learning, Anchor University, was created by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.

The private establishment of this Evangelistic movement took place in August 1973. This Ministry is related to educational institutions across 60 countries around the globe.

The philosophy of Anchor University is that it realizes that the light of knowledge illuminates the mind, liberates the human being, and improves human qualities, faculties, and professional skills that have a noticeable impact in all areas of life.

The university believes in the power of education to create social and economic mobility and the morality of social value so that higher education is accessible to all.

Anchor University is located in Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria, and was established in September 2014.

Motto: Character, Competence, Courage

The Anchor University, Lagos, consists of three faculties, and every faculty has its cost for studying – annual total tuition fee:

Natural Science – N600,000;

Management and Social Science – N550,000;

Humanities – N500,000.

The university also provides accommodation. The total price for the capacity ranges from N60,000 up to N200,000.

School Website

#2. Christopher University

Christopher University is one of the newest on the list of private universities in Lagos, Nigeria. It gained accreditation in the year 2015.

The main idea of this privately owned tertiary institution is to train specialists who can survive on the global market and bear the university’s traditions.

School fees: The school fees vary from N420,000 to N470,000 annually. It’s dependent on the level of students.

School Website

#3. South Western University


South Western University in Nigeria is one of the perfect replies for the search for an excellent private institution in Nigeria. It is one of the cheap private universities in Lagos. It presents a great choice of disciplines to its applicants.

The most popular courses at this university include banking and finance, international relationships, mass communication, marketing, economics, microbiology, business administration, computer science, and accounting.

The total price for the school fees is N175,000 per year. An infrastructural development fee of N25,000 is required of students of this citadel of learning.

School Website

#4. Redeemer’s University Mowe

Redeemer’s University Mowe

Redeemer’s University Mowe is one of the newest accredited universities in Nigeria. It is known for the provision of a lot of disciplines to study.

It is a private university with the motto, Running with a Vision. It is located in Ede, Osu, off Gbongan-Oshogbo Road, Osun State, Nigeria. Established in 2005, the Redeemed Christian Church of God owns the university.

The university is divided into four colleges:

College of Humanities;

College of Natural Sciences;

College of Management Sciences;

College of Law.

The pattern of paying school fees is such that students will need to pay the school fees according to the semester of study. The lowest total fee for the semester starts from N87,000 and goes up to N655,000.

After admission into this institution, the student must pay the first-year admission fee, which is N144,000 and N166,500 for males and females, respectively.

School Website

#5. Pan-Atlantic University Lagos

Pan-Atlantic University Lagos

Pan-Atlantic University in Lekki Lagos is a private and nonprofit educational institution that presents excellent opportunities for its students to study.

Pan-Atlantic University is a private, nonprofit educational institution in Lagos, Nigeria. The school is recorded as one of the cheap private universities in Lagos.

It has two campuses, Ibeju-Lekki and Ajah Campus.

One is left with the option of selecting one out of four different courses of study:

Accounting – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);

Business Administration and Economics – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);

Mass Communication – N1,950,000 (first year), N1,860,000 (second year), N1,700,000 (third year), N1,700,000 (fourth year);

Accounting – N2,050,000 (first year), N1,960,000 (second year), N1,750,000 (third year).

School Website

#6. Caleb University, Lagos

Caleb University is one of the institutions you will have the desire to attend. The school is also listed as one of the cheap private universities in Lagos. It is a privately established university located in Imota, Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded on January 7, 2008, and its motto is “For God and Humanity.

It provides a great variety of courses for applicants. The university has three colleges: Environmental Science, Pure and Applied Science, and Social and Management Sciences. The school fees start at N189,500 per semester.

School Website

#7. Babcock University Lagos


Babcock University is a privately established Christian co-educational Nigerian university owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria.

This institution is located at Ilishan-Remo, equidistant between Ibadan and Lagos. It was founded in 1959. Enrollment was about 6000 as of 2009.

Former name: Adventist College of West Africa, Adventist Seminary of West Africa

Motto: Knowledge, Truth, Service Type

This Lagos State private university is one of the biggest in Nigeria. The price for tuition in this higher institution usually starts from N500,000 per year. There are also additional fees for books, a library, or accommodation.

School Website

#8. Augustine University Ilara

Augustine University Ilara

Augustine University, Ilara, also known as AUI, is a private Catholic-owned university located in Ilara, a town in the Epe local government area of Lagos State, Southwestern Nigeria.

Established in 2008, it is one of the newest accredited private established institutions in Nigeria. It was approved on 25 February 2015 by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Universities Commission. It offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Motto: Pro-Scientia Et Moribus (Latin), For Learning And Character (English). It has an affiliation with Lagos Catholic Archdiocese.

It is another example of one of the best private universities in Lagos, as it has many courses you can attend. Depending on the course, the price starts at N250,000 and goes up to N312,000 annually.

Conclusion: All Private Universities in Lagos and their School Fees.

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