Private Universities in Nigeria without JAMB

If you are interested in knowing the private universities in Nigeria that do not require jamb, then you need to read this article ASAP.

So many students in Nigeria find it difficult passing jamb after graduating from secondary school.

This does not mean that these students are dull, rather they just happen to be unlucky.

Usually, failure to pass jamb translates to sitting at home for years before getting admission into a university.

But there is a solution to that problem.

We @Academic Related have done thorough research to find out Universities in Nigeria that do not require JAMB.

After a thorough investigation, we found a list of private universities in Nigeria that do not require jamb to offer admission.

This list compilation is a gemstone, and you will be surprised at the caliber of schools you will find in this list.

I promise, this content will open your eye to different universities in Nigeria that do not require JAMB.

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Why You Need to Enrol to Private Universities in Nigeria without JAMB

JAMB, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination is obviously a hard nut to crack. Can a student receive higher education in Nigeria without JAMB, one would ask. Yes, actually. It is with happiness that we present to you a list of private universities in Nigeria, where you can get university education without JAMB

Reasons Why People Prefer Universities Without JAMB

Several reasons make people go in search of the universities that don’t require JAMB as a criterion for admission. They include:

Failed JAMB. This is one of the commonest reasons because the examination is not easy and some people can’t pass it even four times.

Failed Admission Screening. Scaling through it isn’t just the answer to someone’s ambition for tertiary education as there awaits prescribed admission screening exercise for the candidate.

Many students do not want stress and problems which they see taking JAMB a to bring hence do not want to write JAMB.

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Do Private Universities Require JAMB?

Some private universities in Nigeria require JAMB while some do not. The private universities in Nigeria that do not require JAMB include;

If you do not want to take this test or did not score the required number of points, a private university may be your better option.

Can you get Admission without JAMB?

Getting admission without JAMB is a possibility. Many applicants have asked and asked if it is possible to be admitted to a university without writing JAMB. Well, it’s possible.
Many private universities in Nigeria offers admission to students without JAMB. This post can help you identify those private universities that offer such admission.

Private Universities in Nigeria that do not Require JAMB

The Private Universities in Nigeria that do not require JAMB include;

  • Babcock University
  • Madonna University
  • Igbinedion University Okada
  • Bowen University
  • Pan-Atlantic University
  • Benson Idahosa University
  • Redeemer`s University Mowe
  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin
  • Caritas University
  • Bingham University
  • Al-Qalam University
  • Crawford University

#1 Babcock University

Motto: Knowledge, Truth, Service Type

Babcock University is a private established Christian co-educational Nigerian university owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria. This institution is located at Ilishan-Remo equidistant between Ibadan and Lagos. It was founded in 1959. Enrollment was about 6000 as at 2009.
Former name: Adventist College of West Africa, Adventist Seminary of West Africa

The institution has the following faculties:
School of Medicine
Social Sciences
School of Nursing Sciences
School of Public & Allied Health
School of Basic & Applied Sciences
School of Law & Security Studies
School of Postgraduate Studies

This private university is one of the biggest in Nigeria. The price for the tuition in this higher institution usually starts from N500,000 per year. There’s also additional fees for books, library or accommodation.

#2 Madonna University

Madonna University is a private catholic university in Nigeria, Founded on 10 May 1999 in Okija , Anambra State. It was established by Edeh, who had founded Our Saviour Institute of Science and Technology in Enugu the previous year.

In 2004, under the approval of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Madonna University’s main campus was moved to Elele in Rivers State.

The university offers various courses including
Law, Management, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy and Engineering.

The courses are accredited by the National Universities Commission, and the admission requirements are a minimum of 5 credits at no more than two sittings of the O-level school’s Certificate Examination.

#3 Igbinedion University Okada

Motto: Knowledge & Excellence

The Igbinedion University, Okada ( IUO) is the first private university in Nigeria, established in 1999.

The University is located at Okada, headquarters of Ovia North-East Local Government Area, Edo State. The university was founded by Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion CFR, a billionaire, philanthropist and a prominent Benin Chief.

Both the graduate and undergraduate programmes of the University are accredited by the National Universities Commission and the relevant professional bodies.

The university has seven Colleges namely: College of Law, College of Health Sciences, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Business and Management Studies, College of Pharmacy, College of Engineering and College of Arts and Social Sciences. It also has an enrolment of over 5000 students across the seven colleges.

#4 Bowen University

This is a private established institution that was founded in July 17, 2001. Bowen University is a private Baptist Christian Nigerian university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

Bowen University is located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, and is housed in the old 1,300-acre (6 km²) campus of the Baptist College, a teacher-training institution on a hill just outside the city. It is the first Baptist University in Africa.

It opened in 2002 with 500 students. As at 2017, there were over 5,000 students

The University has all its academic programs accredited by NUC.
There are such faculties as:
Health science
Faculty of agriculture
Faculty of education
Management an social science
Faculty of Humanities

#5 Pan-Atlantic University

Pan-Atlantic University in Lekki Lagos is a private and nonprofit educational institution and presents great opportunities for its students to study.

Pan-Atlantic University is a private, non-profit educational institution in Lagos, Nigeria.

It has two campuses, Ibeju-Lekki and Ajah Campus and has  School of Management and Social Sciences and School of Media and Communication

One is left with the option of selecting one out of four different courses of study:

Accounting – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);

Business Administration and Economics – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);

Mass Communication – N1,950,000 (first year), N1,860,000 (second year), N1,700,000 (third year), N1,700,000 (fourth year);

Accounting – N2,050,000 (first year), N1,960,000 (second year), N1,750,000 (third year).

#6 Benson Idahosa University

Benson Idahosa University (BIU ) is a private, Christian university in Benin City , Nigeria. It was established in February, 2002.

BIU (previously named Christian Faith University) was renamed in honor of Archbishop Benson Idahosa , a Charismatic Pentecostal minister from Benin City, Nigeria, and reflects his evangelical beliefs. He was the first to preside over the university.

BIU is accredited by National Universities Commission – Nigeria’s higher education accreditation body. It is the only university in Africa with international membership with the United States National Academy of Inventors.

The facilities that can be found by the student include:
Arts and education
Social management

#7 Redeemer`s University Mowe

Redeemer`s University Mowe is one of the newest accredited universities in Nigeria. It is known for the provision of a lot of disciplines to study.

It is a private university with the motto, Running with a Vision. It is located Ede, Osu, off Gbongan-Oshogbo Road, Osun State, Nigeria. Established in 2005, the university is owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God .

The university is divided into four colleges:
College of Humanities;
College of Natural Sciences;
College of Management Sciences;
College of Law.

They have a wide range of programs:
Performing Arts
Physics with Electronics
Political Science
Environmental & Analytical Chemistry
Genomics of Infectious Disease
History & International Relations

The pattern of the payment of school fees is such that students will need to pay the school fees according to the semester of study.

The lowest total fee for the semester starts from N87,000 and goes up to N655,000. After a student’s admission into this institution, the student is required to pay the first year admission fee which is N144,000 and N166,500 for male and female respectively.

#8 Ajayi Crowther University

Motto: Scentia Probitas ,Knowledge with Probity

The Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo was established by the Supra Diocesan Board (West) of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has its origins in the defunct CMS training institution, Abeokuta and the defunct St. Andrews College, Oyo.

The University started as CMS Training Institution in Abeokuta in 1853 from where it was relocated to Lagos (1868 to 1896). In March 1896, it was transplanted to Oyo retrospectively in 1920.

At inception, St. Andrews College, Oyo produced holders of Grade II Teachers Certificate while the Divinity Course for training church ministers was added to the curriculum between 1910 and 1942 and the proprietorship of the College was transferred from CMS, London to the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

Year of Establishment: 2005
Blue, White and Gold.

Their faculties as:
Natural science
Social science

#9 Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University is an Islamic university with its location in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. It was founded in 2005 by AbdulRaeem Oladimeji Islamic Foundation AROIF based in Nigeria and World Assembly of Muslim Youths WAMY based in Jeddah. The goal of this institution of learning is to be a centre of intellectual and moral excellence.

The University came into existence via the granting of Operating License to run as a Conventional Private University by the Federal Government of Nigeria License No. 010 on 7 January 2005.

It commenced academic activities during the 2005/2006 academic session with 70 students spread across the three (3) take-off Colleges: Humanities, Management Sciences and Natural Sciences and currently headed by a Nigerian professor of community medicine, professor Ibrahim. its located in Ilorin.

Al-Hikmah University School fees { Tuition fees } schedule ranges from N103,500 – N686,000

#10 Caritas University

Caritas University is a private Catholic university in Amorji-Nike, Enugu State , Nigeria. Enjoying both state and ecclesiastical approval, it strives to revive in its community the age-long tradition of Catholic education and the exacting demand of contemporary society for sound education rooted in salubrious life-promoting morality.

Caritas University was approved by the federal government of Nigeria on December 16, 2004. It was officially opened on January 21, 2005 by the federal Minister for Education, Prof. Fabian Osuji. The formal opening was on January 31, 2005. The pioneer students of 250 matriculated on May 28, 2005.

It is the second Catholic university in Nigeria founded by Rev. Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Paul Mattew Edeh C.S.Sp, OFR. Although he founded the school, the proprietor of the university is the Congregation of Sisters of Jesus the Saviour, a religious congregation of nuns founded by him.

The list of faculties:
Environmental science
Management and social sciences
Natural sciences

#11 Bingham University

Motto: Mission for Service

Bingham University is a new Nigerian university.

ECWA started planning for the University in 2003. A charter was granted by the Nigerian University Commission in 2005. Lectures commenced in 2006. The university has its permanent campus on the outskirts of Abuja (the Nigerian capital) in New Karu, Nasarawa State and has occupied it since 3 March 2008.

The University Teaching Hospital is located in Jos, Plateau (state). Accommodation for students is on campus.

The courses offered by this institution include
Business Administration
Mass Communication
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
Political Science
Computer Science
Mathematics and Statistics

Their programs are offered by four faculties:
College of Health Sciences
Faculty of Humanities, Social & Management Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science and Technology

#12 Al-Qalam University

Al-Qalam University, Katsina (AUK), formerly known as Katsina University, Katsina (KUK) is located in Dutsinma Road, Katsina State, Nigeria. Established in 2005, it is the first private Islamic institution in Nigeria.

The University currently runs six schools/colleges: The College of Social and Management Sciences, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Education, College of Humanities, College of Post Graduate Studies, and School of Basic and Remedial Studies.

It awards 22 undergraduate degrees (among which five courses offer both full-time and part-time programs), 11 master’s programs, and nine PhD programmes, all accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). There as a variety of programs of study in the university which is based on each college.
The University was voted as the Most Outstanding Private University of the year 2017

#13 Crawford University

Motto: Knowledge with Godliness

Crawford University is a private Christian university in Igbesa, Ogun State in Nigeria, owned by the Apostolic Faith Mission. It was established in 2005 by Paul Akazue, the then leader and third Overseer for the Apostolic Faith work across Africa. Rev. Paul Akazue was the Proprietor and the first installed Chancellor of the Crawford University, before his death in May 2010.

Students can study the following discipline there:
Actuarial Science
Animal Production and Fisheries
Banking and Finance
Business Administration

Conclusion: Private universities in Nigeria that do not require jamb

The fact that these private universities do not require jamb does not mean that their academic standard is poor.

Therefore, you don’t have to feel reluctant applying for admission in any of these schools.

What matters is that when you get admitted, you gain knowledge and become a professional in your field of study.

If you have more questions regarding Universities in Nigeria that do not require jamb, kindly leave a comment.

Also, be kind enough to share this information with friends and family.


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