What is the Job Description of a Production Manager

Who is a Production Manager? 

A production manager is one who coordinates, oversees, plans and manages the industrial manufacturing process of products so that they can be delivered on time, be cost-effective and be of high quality.

A production manager is usually has a team and therefore is in control of both human and material resources.

Also, a production manager hardly ever works independently and his role has a lot of complexities because the company he/she works for will usually produce different products for different companies, and sometimes the same product for different companies but with varying quality standards and budget sizes.

You may also be involved with product design and purchasing.

In some larger firms, planners, controllers and production engineers and supervisors will assist you. The role may be integrated with other functions, such as marketing, sales and finance.


What are the duties and responsibilities of a production manager?

  • Overseeing production processes
  • Planning and organizing production schedules 
  • Ensuring that the needed project requirements are available 
  • Estimating, negotiating and agreeing on budgets and timescales with clients and managers. If necessary, you may also need to re-negotiate budgets, timescales or schedules.
  • Ensuring that state regulations concerning the health of workers and workplace safety is adhered to
  • Ensuring and determining that the products are up to state-approved standards 
  • Selecting, ordering and purchasing needed materials
  • Ensuring that all production equipment is well serviced. This means that he has to check the machines routinely to avoid a breakup. And in event of a breakup, you should organize for it to be repaired.
  • Liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff
  • Supervising the work of other staff. His duty is also to motivate them and push them to meet the goals
  • Teaching and training junior staff
  • Planning and drawing up a production schedule

More duties and responsibilities of a production manager

  • Deciding on and order the necessary resources for production and also ensure that stock levels remain adequate. This is because it isn’t professional if required and necessary material for production are not available.
  • Ensuring that production will be cost-effective
  • Monitoring productivity rates and product standards and implement quality control programmes
  • Ensure that all orders are delivered to the customer’s exact taste, while delivered on time and are within the stated budget, and are of the required standard.
  • He has to work with managers to implement the company’s policies and goals
  • Collating and analyzing data, putting together production reports for both factory managers and customers
  • Reviewing worker performance and identify training needs.
  • You’ll be involved in the pre-production (planning) stage as well as the production (control and supervision) stage. A large part of the job is dealing with people and resource management.
  • It’s also your responsibility to get updated on the latest techniques in product management.

It’s important to note that the roles may vary significantly from one sector to another hence, the above-written roles are the general ones.

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Qualification and Requirements for Production Managers

A HND in any course is allowed. But, so many companies may need a specific course. Note that you can work in any sector that requires any of the courses written below.

  • Business management 
  • Electrical, electronic, mechanical, process or production engineering
  • Materials science or biochemistry
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automobile
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electronics and electrical consumer goods
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing
  • Textiles.

Honestly, you can specialize in any sector because almost every sector needs a production manager. 

Most graduates begin their career as a trainee or in a junior post such as a production supervisor, material planner or in inventory control. With appropriate experience, production managers may gain responsibility for several sites, possibly including production plants overseas.

Apart from the fact that companies are usually sector-specific when employing, if you don’t specialize in one, it may be very difficult for you to grow in ranks in your career. That is, there may be little to no career growth.

Special Skills Required to Be an Excellent Production Manager

1. Good Communication Skills

You will meet a lot of people, you will write a lot of budgets and schedules and you will also listen to what your customer is saying.

Speaking, writing, and listening are three most important communication skills and it’s important for you to have them.

As a production manager, you need to be able to communicate effectively to your teammates, employers, customers, and supervisors.

2. Confidence in Made Decisions

Production management has a lot to do with making at-the-moment decisions and even decisions that aren’t at-the-moment.

But however the timeframe it takes to make a decision, you need to have confidence in it.

This is why you need to be calm and collective – to avoid making costly mistakes.

3. Time Management

Time management is very important. Keeping to schedules is also very good for customer relationship.

4. Ability to think and Act under Pressure

project managers are usually under pressure with deadlines and schedules.

Therefore, having the ability to remain calm and to make effective and even tough decisions is important.

This is especially handy when you need to change a course of action or when a new piece of information on the final product just got to you.

5. Team Spirit

As stated earlier, a production manager seldom works independently.

They usually work as a group of people with different roles who may or may not be under your supervision.

Because of that, you need to be able to work effectively in teams to be a good production manager.

6. Leadership Skills

There are usually a group of people working under you and you need to have leadership qualities to organize them effectively

7. Basic mathematical Skills

This skill is essential especially for the purpose of budgeting.

Simple arithmetic and algebra will go a long way for you.

8. Project management skills

It is part of a good production manager job description to oversee some production projects.

As a result, the production manager should possess some level of project management skills to be able to carry out your duties and responsibilities.

What is the Salary of a Production Manager?

The average salary for a Production Manager is $69552 per year in the United States.

Although, this salary of a production manager may vary nd is dependent on a number of reasons.

Some of reasons may include; type of product, the scale of production, geographical location and level of expertise.

Working as a production manager is a very interesting job.

However, you need to expect more frequent trips away from home.

Also you should expect to work an average of 40 hours per week.


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