What is the Job Description of a Program Manager?

Program managers are necessary for overall integrity and coherence of the programme environment to support each individual project within it. As a result, any applicant that will be hired must have knowledge of the job description and the expected duties and responsibilities.

Although the job of a description of a program manager and a project manager are easily mistaken, the two positions are not the same.

However, both a program manager and project manager work together.

Similar to the job of a project manager, a program manager plans, organizes and implements programs in an organization.

They are in charge of the implementation of all programs both in house and external programs.

Unlike a project manager who handles one project at a time successfully, a program manager does not handle any project.

Rather, they coordinate the process of different projects without handling any directly.


What are the duties and responsibility of a program manager?

Before employing a program manager, it is best to clearly understand what the duties and responsibilities of a program manager are.

Here are some of the responsibilities of a program manager, although not limited to these:

  • Come up with new programs that tallies with the company policy.
  • Work with a given budget to implement programs.
  • Work as a team Human resource and project manager.
  • Carry out feasibility checks on all program plans to know how possible it’s implementation will be.
  • Coordinating and monitoring project managers to ensure projects are done well.
  • Make sure company standards are upheld always.
  • Work with advertisements team to improve program awareness
  • Carry out risk evaluation to reduce risk during implementation to minimum.
  • Report program process to executives.
  • Ensure that all projects are successfully completed before the given deadline.
  • Create and manage long term goals for the organization.
  • Estimate the cost to fully implement a program from scratch to finish.

Often times, one program may require the implementation of different projects.

It is the duty of the program manager to see how these projects overlap and coordinate them.

Most big firms always require the services of a program manager.

What skills and personality suits a program manager?

1. Leadership

The position of a project manager is a senior position.

Project managers are leaders. Now, program managers supervise project managers.

Therefore, they lead leaders. A good program manager should possess all leadership attributes.

2. Time management

A good program manager should be able to manage time optimally.

All programs as well as projects must be completed before the given deadline.

Because, delay may ruin a lot of things, as well as lower company standards.

3. Communication skill

As a program manager, you should be able to communicate verbally and in writing to the necessary persons.

Because, you will have to communicate regular either colleagues, vendors and stakeholders.

4. Problem solving

Being able to handle problems that may arise in the course of carrying out a program is an indispensable skill every program manager should possess.

As such, good program manager should be able to handle problems before they get out of hands.

5. Budgeting

It is necessary for a program manager to be able to complete a given program.

After estimating the cost of implementing a program, a good program manager should stick to the budget.

Because, being able to stay with a budget improves the credibility of a program manager.

6. Supervising

A good program manager should be able to properly supervise the staff under him or her.

Supervision should be carried out with no detail left out.

Also, good supervising comprises of ensuring that staffs are also well taken care of.

7. Multitasking

Great multitasking skills makes a good program manager.

Therefore, it is advantageous for a program manager to be capable of doing more than one thing at a time without errors.

But, whenever Multitasking is not possible, a good program manager should be able to prioritize activities.

8. Risk management

A good program manager tries as much as possible to reduce risk during program implementation.

As such, he or she carries out risk analysis.

Whenever, risk are unavoidable, plans are made to minimize the effect.

What qualifications do I need to become a program manager?

The role of a program manager is a senior and vital role in any organization.

Therefore the job description of a program manager may require certification in any of these fields:

  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Information technology
  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Construction

Most employers prefer to employ those with at least 3-5 years experience.

Most times, this experience must be in management and have worked on large scale projects.

Also, program manager should also have good knowledge of Microsoft office suite.

But, employees should know that different organizations may have different qualification requirements.

Where do program managers work?

Large firms are the major employers of program managers.

Some of these firms are:

  •  Universities
  • Private firms
  • Government organization 
  • Non governmental organizations

As such, the services of a program manager is not always required in small firms.

How much do program managers make?

The average salary of a program manager is about $79,596 per annum, according to Indeed.

Firstly, this figure may be different depending on your qualification, experience and skill.

Secondly, program managers who work in less developed locations may receive less pay than their colleagues in more developed locations.

In order to improve your pay, obtained more qualifications.

What should I include in my program manager job posting?

When creating a program manager job description for advertisement, here are some things to clearly state:

  • The required qualification
  • Necessary skills
  • Years of experience

Job seekers writing resumes may also need to add all of these to their portfolio

What are some other titles used for the program manager role?

The job description of a program manager may differ depending on the area of his or her area of specialization.

Therefore when creating a program manager job posting, it is important that you clearly state the type of program manager you require.

As such, if you need an information technology program manager or human resource program manager, state it.

Your need for a program manager should be dependent on the type of work.

Conclusion: program managers job description guide

For the smooth running of several projects in any organization, a program manager is required.

Program managers play a vital role, and will have to hold meetings regularly with either stakeholders.

And also,they meet with stakeholders to brief them about the progress of the program.

Furthermore, maintenance of company standards and satisfaction of clients is greatly dependent on program managers.

This guide on the job description of a program manger is perfect for guiding employers on what specs to look out for.

Apart from employers, it is also a perfect guide for creating a resume.

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