Purdue University Acceptance Rate 2024 and Average GPA


Purdue University acceptance rate: Purdue is a great place for college life. The school meets all your educational and personal development needs.

However, they also have a pretty competitive acceptance rate. Going to college can often bring so many thoughts and questions. And that’s normal for everyone, including you.


We’ve compiled this article to help answer many of your questions and help you decide.

As you read on, you’ll find information on the acceptance rates and ranking of Purdue University.


We’ve also added info on the tuition and admissions requirements at Purdue University.

You can look through the table of contents to glance at the content.

Also, feel free to pick whichever you’d like to know first.


About Purdue University

Purdue University is the flagship campus of the Purdue University system.

Purdue is a public university located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

John Purdue was a businessman from Lafayette. During his time, he gave land and funds to build the Purdue university as we now know it.

It was initially built as a college of science, technology, and agriculture in his honor in 1869.

The university has a total undergraduate enrollment of about 35,020 students.

It is now recognized for its engineering curriculum and lives up to its expectations.

Purdue has also ranked as one of the greatest public universities in the United States.

The university sits on a 2,468 acres campus and runs a semester-based calendar.

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Purdue University Admission Requirements

Let’s now consider the admission requirements for Purdue University.

Generally, many students admitted to Purdue University had an average GPA of 3.69.

Also, the composite SAT score at Purdue was 1315. This makes the university quite competitive in admissions.

You can take the ACT instead, and you’re required to score at least 30 on the test.

Other requirements to get into Purdue are as follows:

  • The application itself
  • Purdue-specific questions from the application
  • Self-reported high school grades
  • Self-reported ACT or SAT scores
  • Proof of English proficiency (for citizens of non-English speaking countries)
  • The application fee (or waiver)

You must also pay an application fee of $60 for domestic students.

However, international applicants to Purdue have to pay $75.

International applications for postgraduate programs must possess a strong GPA and good research.

Also, a few worldwide technical papers will help you get into Purdue.

Many students who got into Purdue university have SAT scores between 1200 to 1430.

Similarly, ACT scores ranged from 27 to 33.

If you already don’t have a strong GPA, you could consider taking some AP courses.

Also, you should aim to score high on the SAT to boost your chances.

Purdue is Moderately Competitive for its GPA and SAT results, so be best prepared.

What is Purdue University Acceptance Rate?

Purdue University has a 67% acceptance rate.

Purdue is still moderately selective with this acceptance rate.

At Purdue University, your GPA and test scores are important factors usually considered. Having good scores increase your chances of admission into Purdue.

A letter of recommendation is always a good idea when applying to college.

Additionally, some recommendation letters and a personal statement boost your applications to Purdue University.

You, however should try your best to ensure that your application stands out.

However, you will likely be admitted if you meet the basic requirements.

Purdue University has a high acceptance rate compared to many other schools.

This implies that qualified students stand more chances of getting into Purdue.

Purdue University Graduation Rates

Firstly, Purdue University has had an impressive graduation rate for years now.

The graduation rate at Purdue University is 72% after six years.

Although not among the highest in the United States, it stands out.

Over time, about 72% of admitted students to Purdue graduate from their programs on time.

The retention rate at Purdue is also relatively high.

Purdue University has a 92% retention rate.

This implies that 92% of students continue to their second year of study after freshman year.

Finding out the graduation and retention rates is of much help to you. Overall, these values are good pointers for students’ satisfaction progression rate in the school.

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How much is instate and out-of-state Tuition at Purdue University?

Purdue university tuition differs for in-state and out-of-state students.

Instate students at Purdue university have to pay $9,992, while nonresidents pay $28,794.

On the other hand, Purdue University’s tuition for international students is $31,104.

Besides tuition, other costs are attached to you as a student at Purdue.

For instance, room and board fees cost $10,030 for all students at Purdue University.

Books/ supplies, on the other hand, are generally estimated to cost around $1,050 for each student.

Transportation costs typically differ by student depending on location. While students from the US pay around $260, international students have it costlier.

This is typically due to the estimated cost of international travel. Hence, it would normally cost around $2,370.

These are general fees paid at Purdue University. However, some programs may have additional fees as well.

For instance, engineering and computer science have additional fees of $2,050.

The best Programs offered at Purdue University.

Purdue University has a vast collection of programs for you to offer.

Some of the popular majors at Purdue University include the following:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing, and Related Support Services
  • Computer and Information Sciences Technologies/Technicians
  • Health Professions and Related Programs
  • Agricultural/Animal/Plant
  • Veterinary Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics and Statistics


Scholarships available at Purdue University

Financial aid and scholarships at Purdue university make your stay even better.

Tuition and fees can be stressful to pay sometimes, even at Purdue University.

If you are an international student, you may even need more scholarships. The university scholarships will generally help offset the costs at Purdue.

Below are some scholarships available to you while entering Purdue university.

University-wide Merit Scholarships

The information you provide during your application determines your eligibility for this scholarship. Hence, to be eligible, you should indicate it when filling out the application.

The committee reviews all information provided via the admission application to Purdue.

Some of the key factors considered include:

  • Grades in core academic coursework and strength of your high school curriculum

This is usually considered in the context of courses available at your school

  • Grades in coursework that is critical to success in your intended major
  • Application essay and Purdue-specific questions
  • SAT or ACT score
  • Recommendation (if provided)
  • Evidence of commitment to the academic program to which you applied
  • Evidence of leadership, service, and other accomplishments
  • Activities, awards, personal background, and experiences
  • Some information provided by your high school

Financial-need-based university-wide scholarships

The Purdue Division of Financial Aid administers need-based aid to students.

The scholarships are from federal, state, and Purdue funding sources.

You must apply through FAFSA by the University’s priority filing date, April 15.

In conclusion, FAFSA scholarships are usually available beginning October 1.

College-based Scholarships

Many Purdue colleges have a need- and merit-based scholarships.

Consequently, they are awarded to students admitted to their programs. Therefore, you must first be a student of that faculty.

To benefit, submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to Purdue University by Dec. 15.

Additionally, some Purdue colleges use the Supplemental Scholarship Application to identify potential recipients.

These categories of recipients are typically judged based on very specific criteria.

Consequently, some colleges include Education, Health and Human Sciences, and Liberal Arts.

Other scholarships you could also get at Purdue university are:

  • University Scholarships for Indiana Residents
  • Purdue Departmental Scholarships
  • Indiana State 4-H Fee Remission

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Notable alumni of Purdue University

Purdue isn’t just known for its academic prowess but also for the students it has graduated.

Many notable people are on the list of alumni from Purdue University.

Here are a few of these notable ones:

Neil Armstrong

  • Gemini 8, Apollo 11; the first man to walk on the Moon

Eugene Cernan

  • Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17; most recent man to walk on the Moon

Henry C. Gordon

  • Air Force colonel selected for Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar program

Mohamed Atalla

  • Distinguished Engineering Alumnus
  • Inventor of MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor)
  • Pioneer in silicon semiconductors and security systems
  • Founder of Atalla Corporation

Stephen Bechtel, Jr.

  • Chairman emeritus of Bechtel Group

Don R. Berlin

  • Chief designer of several military aircraft of World War II

Markus Kuhn

  • Computer scientist

Ben Roy Mottelson

  • Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1975

Edward Mills Purcell

  • Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1952

Literature and Art

Bob Peterson

  • Animator, screenwriter
  • Director and voice actor at Pixar

Martin Walls

  • Poet


Patricia Kessler Poppe

  • President & CEO, CMS and Consumers Energy

Donald Rice

  • CEO of Agensys and board member of Wells Fargo BankEdmund Schweitzer
  • President of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Don Thompson – CEO of McDonald’s

What is the Application deadline at Purdue University?

The deadline for applications to Purdue university is as follows:

Freshman application begins on August 1, and the deadline is November 1st.

However, unlike the early action, the regular decision application deadline is January 15.

How do you get a scholarship at Purdue?

You can submit your scholarship application through the Purdue application portal.

Some Purdue colleges often use the application portal to find prize recipients. In such cases, students are usually expected to meet very stringent criteria. Therefore, you can apply on the portal if you feel you have academic prowess.

Some of the colleges offering scholarships through the portal are:

  • Education
  • Health and Human Sciences
  • Liberal Arts, and
  • The Polytechnic Institute

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Purdue University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Purdue University has a transfer acceptance rate of about 40%.

There were 3461 transfer applications in 2019 at Purdue University.

Only 1414 pupils were finally accepted into the school.

As a result, Purdue university’s transfer acceptance rate was 40.86% that year.

Does Purdue Require SAT for Transfer?

You must provide your transcripts for all previously attended universities.

Submitting SAT scores are usually required for transfer students without school time. It is only necessary if you haven’t completed at least 24 credit hours of college coursework.

If you have, then you don’t need to submit them.

Similarly, if you have been out of high school for at least five years, you don’t have to.

Otherwise, you must submit your SAT or ACT scores to make a transfer.

Can I get into Purdue with a 3.5 GPA?

To get admitted to Purdue, you must have received excellent grades in high school.
In other words, gaining admission into Purdue university is often difficult with a 3.5 GPA.
Most other applicants have very competitive GPAs and credentials too.
However, if you make a compelling application, you might.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purdue university good for computer science?

Purdue University is a great place to earn a computer science degree.
Above all, the computer science program at Purdue is consistently ranked in the top 20 in the country.

How good is Purdue university?

Purdue University is generally a good school and ranked 4th on CNBC in 2020.
CNBC ranked it of the top public U.S. institutions that paid off the most in 2020.
Purdue university is easily considered to be an excellent school to attend.
Purdue was in 53rd place overall on the recent rankings. This was up four places from the previous year.

Is Purdue University an Ivy League school?

Purdue University isn’t a member of the Ivy League schools.
It is, nevertheless, a highly regarded public university.
Purdue offers an education comparable to that of the Ivy League.

What GPA do you need to get into Purdue?

To get into Purdue university, you’ll need a GPA of at least 3.69 on a 4.0 scale.
Purdue needs you to be above average in your high school class.
Above all, Purdue is only moderately selective in its admission of students. However, you’ll still need to meet the requirements to get admitted. So it’s best to get prepared.
With a 3.69 GPA and good SAT/ACT scores, you’ll be well-placed for admission into Purdue.

It is, nevertheless, a highly regarded public university.



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