Quality Assurance Manager Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

To know the duties and responsibilities to expect, skills to have, and how much a quality assurance manager makes, you should read this job description guide to the end.

Quality assurance managers ensure that all products meet a required standard before reaching consumers.

They supervise production procedures and products and identify mistakes.

Quality assurance managers ensure that all procedures are carried out using best practices.

An ideal candidate for the job must be details oriented and reliable.

He or she should also possess good communication and leadership skills.

These attributes are essential because they enable managers to perform their duties better.

Understanding what to expect from a job is a good step towards excelling.

Enough of the pre-job description talk; let’s see what quality assurance managers do.

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What does a Quality Assurance Manager do?

What a quality assurance manager does may vary from company to company.

But generally, they are responsible for ensuring that products meet a certain acceptable quality.

They organize quality assurance programs and develop quality control policies.

The quality assurance manager ensures that all production processes comply with quality control policies and national or international laws.

They also supervise and monitor the performance of technical and laboratory staff.

To continue a business life cycle, the approval of a quality assurance manager is required.

Therefore, ideal candidates for the job must be professional and have experience in quality control.

The aim of a quality assurance manager should be to ensure Maximum quality in company operations and processes to foster business growth.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a quality assurance manager?

Although the duties and responsibilities of a quality assurance manager vary from organization to organization, here are some of the typical duties usually featured in a job description.

1. Supervise Operations

Quality assurance managers must stay updated with all local, national, and international policies, rules, and regulations governing product manufacturing, packaging, storage, and shipping.

This is not an easy task, but it is very relevant.

You will also have to prepare and keep and update quality control records.

In these records, the process documented must be in accordance with recognized standards like ISO 9000 – Quality Management, which the international organization for standardization published.

Any deviation from the generally accepted standard during production can ruin everything.

2. Lead the Quality Control Team

A quality assurance manager is also responsible for leading a team of quality control inspectors who evaluate products from different production stages.

You will also be saddled with the responsibility of providing these inspectors with guidelines that they will use to perform their daily tasks.

Also, you will be in charge of determining which quality control tool and software quality control inspectors should use.

As a quality assurance manager, you have the authority to stop any stage of production where defaults or errors are noticed.

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3. Train junior Staff and Employees

The quality assurance manager has to train employees on best practices.

And also inform them of necessary quality requirements.

This enables employers to take responsibility for ensuring quality in any production stage they find themselves in.

Quality assurance managers organize awareness programs once in a while in an organization.

And whenever a new product is developed, they work with the product development team to develop quality standards.

4. Input Management

Quality assurance managers also liaise with suppliers and vendors to develop supply quality standards.

They ensure all materials or components for products purchased from vendors or suppliers meet their required quality standards.

Any supplies that do meet the required standard have the capability of ruining the end product, and such supplies must be identified and rejected or corrected.

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5. Perform Data Analysis

Quality assurance managers review data from all stages of production to detect quality issues.

Therefore a good quality assurance manager should possess good quantitative measurement skills.

After analyzing data and identifying production problems, they are also responsible for making recommendations of necessary adjustments on any stage of production they think needs adjustment.

The aim of performing data analysis is to reduce the number of defective products.

Other duties and responsibilities of a quality assurance manager usually featured in their job description include:

  • Establishing a company’s quality standards and procedures.
  • Evaluating customers’ recommendations and needs and ensuring they are met.
  • Ensuring that all production processes are carried out in compliance with national and international quality and safety standards.
  • Present quality control reports to executives.
  • Act as liaison between quality control governing bodies and the company.

It is important to know that the duties and responsibility section is one of the most important parts of any job description.

What Qualifications do I need to become an Assurance Manager?

A higher national diploma in any subject is the minimum academic requirement for this profession.

Although employers prefer employing those with a degree in  food science, food technology, polymer and textile technology, process engineering, production engineering, physics, and mathematics 

To take managerial positions in quality assurance, some organizations prefer to employ master’s degree holders.

Employers also prefer employing those with some years of experience in quality control or procurement management.

Basic experience may be obtained through internships, industrial training, and college final-year projects.

Obtaining membership from any government body governing quality assurance managers in your state or country is advantageous.

What Skills does a Quality Assurance Manager need?

This quality assurance manager job description will not be complete without including some of the skills employers expect quality assurance managers to have.

1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are relevant to quality assurance managers because they enable them to relate quality standard guidelines to employees and quality control inspectors.

Therefore a good quality assurance manager must be able to communicate in writing and verbally.

Listening skills should also accompany communication skills.

Because a quality assurance manager is also responsible for assessing the needs and recommendations of customers.

And this is only possible if they can listen effectively.

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2. Organisational Skills

A good quality assurance manager should also possess organizational skills.

These individuals must be organized when performing inspections of products and when preparing and keeping records.

They must also be given to details to detect defects faster and easier.

3. Interpersonal Skills

Quality assurance managers should also possess good interpersonal skills.

Because they will have to develop good relationships with customers, suppliers, and other staff.

4. Leadership Skills

These individuals also perform leadership duties.

Therefore, they must have all relevant leadership skills.

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5. Problem-Solving Skills

Nobody likes problems, but we must all prepare for them.

A good quality assurance manager must be a good troubleshooter.

They must be able to solve or avert problems before it gets out of hand.

By analytical and critical thinking, a quality assurance manager can proffer good solutions to any problems.

Where do Quality Assurance Managers Work?

Here are some of the typical employers of quality assurance managers:

  • Engineering companies
  • Automotive companies
  • Textile companies
  • Processing companies
  • Financial organizations
  • Universities
  • Logistics companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Government organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Recruitment agencies usually place vacancies online in national or local newspapers,  radio, and television stations.

How much do Quality Assurance Managers make?

On average, quality assurance managers in the United States make about &59,066 per year.

Their salary ranges from $38,000 to $76,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

These figures may be different in your location.

Some of the factors that determine a quality assurance manager’s salary include:

  • Location: the economy of a country or state may also affect the payment of quality assurance managers. As such, those in locations with a better economy are paid better.
  • Experience: more experienced quality assurance managers are also paid better than their less experienced colleagues.
  • Employer: quality assurance managers who work for bigger firms are usually paid better than those who work for smaller firms.
  • Qualification: More qualified individuals are also paid better.

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Quality Assurance Manager work Experience and Schedule

Quality assurance managers usually work in an office environment. Their job requires that they go around the company to monitor the various stages of production.

Typically, they work at regular working hours and days.

Although depending on the organization, their working hours and time may differ.

Conclusion: Quality Assurance Manager job Description Guide

This guide on the job description of a quality assurance manager was written with prospective quality assurance managers in mind.

Therefore when creating a resume, they should feel free to use it.

During an interview, never underestimate the importance of referring to the skills and qualifications included in this job description guide.

Employers can also use this job description as a template for creating a quality assurance manager job description.

They should also feel free to make necessary adjustments to suit their organization’s needs.

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