Rollins College Acceptance Rate 2023 and Average GPA


Rollins College has a higher acceptance rate than other US colleges. However, it is still a competitive school to get into students.

In this article, we have curated answers to many of your questions. 


Most importantly, we’ll help you decide if you stand a chance in the admissions at Rollins College.

As you read through, you’ll develop insight into what it feels like studying at Rollins College. More so, you’ll decide if it’s an excellent fit for you or just a good one.


Not to mention, you’ll find a full breakdown of the admission and GPA requirements at Rollins College.

Also, expect the Rollins College acceptance rate for both freshman and transfer students.

With this in mind, let’s get started!!


Brief History of Rollins College

Rollins College is a private college located in Winter Park, Florida. 

To begin with, Rollins College was established in November 1885.

Now, it offers numerous graduate programs and about 30 undergraduate majors. 

Presently, it is the fourth-oldest postsecondary institution in Florida.

Rollins College has been coeducational, independent, and nonsectarian since its inception.

In the first place, Rollins College was founded by New England Congregationalists.

Point out; it was done to introduce their liberal arts education model to the undeveloped St. John’s basin. 

In addition, you’ll find the names of the founders listed on a commemorative plaque.

The plaque was dedicated on 1 March 1954. Presently, it is desolated in Historic Downtown Sanford.

Rollins College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

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Why Choose Rollins College?

Among the many reasons you may have to pick Rollins College, here are some critical points.

Firstly, it has been ranked as one of the US’s top national producers of Fulbright scholars.

To emphasize, 48 Rollins College students had received the award as of 2019.

What’s more, Rollins college also has a number-one spot ranking.

U.S. News & World Report in 2021 placed Rollins College first in its “Best Regional Universities South Rankings.”

More so, it came first in the rankings for “Best Undergraduate Teaching.”

Similarly, Rollins College was the 14th among “Best Value Schools.”

Another key point to consider when choosing Rollins college is the student campus life.

Firstly, Rollins College sits on an 80-acre large campus.

More so, there are more than 159 student clubs and organizations on the Rollins College campus.

Rollins College also features ballroom dancing and wakeboard clubs.

Moreover, your academics do not fall short at Rollins.

You’ll receive a whole community of mentors at every study stage.

Certainly, it enables you to make sense of your education and your place in the world.

To sum up, you’ll also have full access to the Rollins Gateway.

Rollins Gateway is a strategy by Rollins College to prepare students for fulfilling lives and fruitful careers. 

With the help of Rollins Gateway, you can create your unique pathway to success.

You’ll direct your success in both your personal and professional lives.

Rollins College achieves this by combining a multidisciplinary curriculum with high-impact activities.

And without reservation, all happening outside of the classroom.

Overall, Rollins college promises to cater to your needs academically and as an individual.

What is Rollins College Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate at Rollins College is 61%.

With a 61 percent acceptance rate, Rollins College admissions are a little less stringent.

For instance, the average unweighted high school GPA for accepted students at Rollins College is 3.3. 

Indeed some students had GPAs lower than this, while others had even higher.

Generally, Rollins College has a reasonably competitive acceptance rate. 

Particularly when compared to other colleges in Florida.

Many other colleges typically have higher acceptance rates than Rollins college.

Since this is the case, Rollins College pops up as a good opportunity for many students.

Rollins College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Rollins College’s transfer acceptance rates don’t fall too far from regular admission rates.

At Rollins College, the transfer acceptance rate is about 47.01%.

The transfer acceptance rate at Rollins College is undoubtedly lower than for freshmen.

It’s important to realize that this indicates more competition.

Given that, transferring to Rollins College is quite competitive.

To illustrate, only 47 students are accepted for every 100 applicants.

Similarly, transfer students also have their admission requirements to get into Rollins College.

In the next sections, we’ll cover those requirements in detail.

Typically, Rollins accepts about 35 transfer students in the spring.

And roughly 80 in the fall; however, this varies from year to year.

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What are the Necessary Requirements for Rollins College?

Admission requirements into Rollins college are pretty straightforward.

Thus, we’ll lay them out below as they should be.

Consequently, we’ve split the requirements into two categories in this section.

The first is for first-time college applications or for students who just left high school.

Then, requirements for international students.

Rollins College First-Time Applicants

  • A completed application for admission
  • A personal statement

An official high school transcript. 

If you didn’t attend or finish high school, you should submit an official copy of your GED instead.

  • Secondary high school report form
  • Letter of recommendation 

One or more letters from a teacher, counselor, or other academic references

  • Official SAT/ACT scores or applied Test-Optional.

You can, however, apply even without providing your test scores.

Nevertheless, Rollins College will review your application provided you submit it before the deadline.

Furthermore, you should fill out the FAFSA before applying if you want financial aid.

Rollins College will honor your scholarship request if you’ve done so and made your application on time.

You can make your application to Rollins College through the Rollins app, the Common App, or the Coalition app. 

Rollins College International Applicants

Since Rollins College welcomes its bright community of international students, here are the requirements to get in.

  • A complete application for admission
  • Personal statement
  • Official secondary school transcript
  • Secondary school report form
  • An academic letter of recommendation

You can get this from a teacher, counselor, or other academic references

  • Official SAT/ACT scores or apply Test-Optional
  • Non-US Citizen Financial Aid Application
  • Official TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test scores (if English is not your native language).

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Transfer Requirements for Rollins College

Transfers students also have specific requirements to get into Rollins College.

Here are some of the requirements to transfer to Rollins college.

  • A completed application for admission
  • Personal statement
  • Official final high school transcript. 

However, if you didn’t attend or finish high school, submit an official copy of your GED instead.

  • Official copies of all college transcripts
  • Official TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test scores (if English is not your native language).

Generally, transfer students are not required to submit letters of recommendation for scholarship consideration.

Similarly, SAT/ACT results are not requirements for scholarship consideration at Rollins college.

Just to emphasize, as you must have noticed, test results are not necessary.

Transfer students at Rollins college can apply without submitting SAT/ACT scores. 

Rollins College Guaranteed Admission

To ease transfer admissions, Rollins college now offers guaranteed admissions.

Rollins College will guarantee admission if you have a GPA of 3.2 or higher. 

They’ll examine your previous college for a final decision.

The requirements also involve having at least one year of college experience.

Rollins College GPA Requirements

GPA requirements at Rollins college are pretty standard for a school in its category.

The average unweighted high school GPA for accepted students at Rollins College is 3.3.

However, you should be aware that this represents the average value.

Hence, some students scored both above and below this line.

Even though you have a strong chance with a GPA close to this or even higher.

High school GPAs are usually recalculated.

Your GPA is unweighted, and only the core academic disciplines are calculated.

The GPA requirement for transfer students at Rollins College is 2.0/4.0.

Regardless, for guaranteed admission into Rollins college, you’ll need a GPA of at least 3.2.

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What are Rollins College Deadlines?

Rollins College has a set-out application deadline for students.

However, if you can’t make any of the deadlines below, don’t fret.

Rollins college often reviews applications on a case-by-case basis.

You can contact the school and tender your reasons while submitting your application.

Mostly, here are the application deadlines for freshmen at Rollins college.

Freshman Application Deadlines 

Application Deadline
Early Decision Round 1November 15
Regular Decision – Priority Scholarship Deadline November 15
Early Decision Round 2January 5
Regular Decision February 1
Spring Admission November 15

Deadlines for Transfer Applications

Similarly, here are Rollins’ college application deadlines for transfer students.

Transfer applicants can apply for fall or spring admission.

Fall Priority Consideration   March 1

Fall Regular Decision* June 1

Spring Admission* November 15

*Applications will continue to be accepted on a space-available basis up until one week before the start of class.

What is Rollins College Decision Dates?

You can expect to hear back from Rollins college in about 4 to 6 weeks from your application.

Rollins’ college decision dates are usually a month from the application deadline.

This gives the admission office enough time to review your application.

On the other hand, transfer application decision dates usually take 2 to 4 weeks.

Following a complete application, once the deadline has elapsed, then you’d expect notifications.

Typically, Rollins college takes about 3 weeks to complete this process and send their decisions.

Application DeadlineDecision Date
Early Decision Round 1November 15December 15
Regular Decision – Priority Scholarship Deadline November 15April 1
Early Decision Round 2January 5February 1
Regular Decision February 1April 1
Spring Admission November 15Rolling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rollins College accept students on a rolling basis?

No, Rollins college doesn’t accept students on a rolling basis.
Rolling college has application deadlines for its programs, encouraging students to apply within the set dates.
Once the application period has ended, applications received up until the deadline are reviewed.

Do I need an ACT or SAT score to apply to Rollins college?

No, you don’t need your ACT/ SAT score to apply at Rollins college.
Rollins College is a test-optional school.
Hence, submitting your test scores is optional.

What is Rollins College’s acceptance rate?

Rollins College has a 61% acceptance rate and is considered fairly competitive.
While this may be true for freshmen, transfer students have it even lower.
The transfer acceptance rate at Rollins College is only about 47%.
To point out, these are quite competitive rates given that many other colleges in Florida have widely higher rates than these.

What is the average GPA at Rollins College?

At Rollins College, the average GPA is 3.3. 
As a result, the GPA competition at Rollins College is Moderate. 
Since this is the average, you should know that some students scored both higher and below this mark.

How much is the tuition at Rollins College?

Rollins College has a $56,110 tuition.
However, this only accounts for tuition costs at the school.
You’d expect to pay other fees: loan fees, books, personal and transportation.
Room and board fees at Rollins College costs $15,580.
All in all, you’d have to pay $75,390 for tuition and fees at Rollins college.

Rollins College is a test-optional school.

Hence, submitting your test scores is optional.


So far, you must have met many answers to your many questions.

We can only hope to have pointed you in the right direction, and you can now make a choice.

Rollins College is a great school and much like an adventure.

The acceptance rate at Rollins College (61%) also strongly indicates that you stand a good chance.

Get the requirements together, and Best of luck!! 



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