RSUST Post UTME Form 2020-2021, Past Questions and Answers

Hello, welcome to, here we have prepared this content to help you get ready for RSUST Post UTME 2020 screening exercise. In here, we also have RSUST post UTME past questions and answers for you. Get all the latest news about RSUST post UTME form 2020-2021, cut-off mark, how to apply for post UTME and many others. Do enjoy the ride!

What is the Nature of RSUST Post UTME?

The first step towards the preparation for any exam is understanding the nature of it. By nature, it is important you understand what the exam entails. Hence, just like every other intelligent student, you should research the nature of the RSUST Aptitude Test.

This will help you rule out reading everything and concentrate on what you need to pass the exams. And, if you must know what you need, then you should see previous questions. This explains why you need the RSUST Post UTME past question. In fact, before your screening date, you should find answers to questions like

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  • When is RSUST post utme screening date?
  • How much is the RSUST Aptitude test form?
  • What is RSUST UTME Cut off mark?
  • What is RSUST Post UTME cut off mark?
  • How many questions will I answer and how much time will I be given?

Finding answers to these questions is the first step of preparation. The second is getting your copy of RSUST Past questions immediately to begin your study. Then, you will get an idea of the type of questions you should expect. You will also learn that you have an hour or less to answer fifty questions.

Eligibility Requirements for RSUST Post UTME 2020

To be eligible to apply for RSUST post UTME 2020 screening exercise, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates who made Rivers State University of Science & Technology their first choice and scored 180 marks and above in the 2020 UTME are eligible to apply. 
  • Those who did not choose RSUST as First Choice University but scored a minimum of 180 in their UTME can also apply on the condition that they visit the JAMB website for a change of Institution

When Will UST Post UTME Form Be Out?

The Rivers State University of Science & Technology Post UTME 2020 form is not yet on sale, we will let you know once it starts.

RSUST Post UTME Cut-off Mark

The general cut off mark is as low as 180 but the departmental cut-off mark is usually high.

Why you should get the RSUST Past Question paper

Rivers State University of Science & Technology is a highly competitive university. Only a little portion of the total number of students who apply to the university gains admission. The secret to the selection of the successful student is the Past Questions.

You need this RSUST POST UTME PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS for a number of good reasons.

  • 90% of RSUST post UTME past questions are from previous years. So, to score higher, you need to cover more years. A copy of Rivers State University of Science & Technology post utme Past Questions will help you achieve that.
  • You will answer quite a number of questions within a limited time. You can only beat this time if you practice with past questions and time yourself. Get a copy of the RSUST POST UTME PAST Question to start practising immediately.
  • Purchasing a copy of Rivers State University of Science & Technology POST UTME past question from us will grant you direct access to our team of professionals. They will give you accurate, reliable and vital educational counselling that will help you secure a place at RSUST this 2020.
  • This team will also connect you to your fellow aspirants. You can exchange ideas, vital information and discuss any challenge that arises from studying. So, follow the prompt below to get your copy immediately.

Purchasing our past questions also give you access to quality and vital information from our team of experts. They will proffer educational counsel, like undergraduate scholarships you could apply to once you gain admission at RSUST. So, you see, this is definitely so much value for so much less a course.


How Much is UST Post UTME Form 2020?

The cost of UST post utme form is N2000. You’re not expected to pay more than this amount to purchase the UST post utme form 2020 when it finally comes out.

How to Apply for RSUST Post UTME 2020

  • Log on to and click on 2020/2021 Post-UTME Screening form
  • Candidates should ensure that their correct details are captured during the application for the Post-UTME Screening test.

Some other Important Things to Know?

  • Rivers State University of Science & Technology will not be held liable if you provide an invalid GSM number and email address. MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE YOUR ACCURATE MOBILE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • Direct Entry Candidates will not write a screening examination. All they need do is apply for the screening.

How can I get RSUST Post UTME Past Questions?

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

You will write the same subjects that you wrote in UTME for the RSUST Post-UTME. So, we have all the subject combinations you wrote in UTME according to the course you applied for.

So, just show the course you applied for in the description of your payment.

STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method

We have two methods of buying our RSUST Post UTME past questions and answers. The methods include; Bank transfer and direct bank deposit

The account details are as follows:

Account Name: Nwadioha Gospel Chinonso

Account Number: 0238325253

Bank Name: GT BANK

Amount: N2000 N1500

STEP 3: Confirmation of Payment

If the payment means you chose is Bank transfer, type in the description of payment: “The Type of Rivers State University of Science & Technology Post UTME Past Question you’re purchasing.” e.g “RSUST Engineering Past Question.” Then place a call across to the number below or send an email to the email address with evidence of payment and you will get your past question at that point in time.

Also, if you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, then send the following information to the phone number or email below:

1. Depositors Name

2. Teller number

3. Amount paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 08166475060


Free RSUST Post UTME Past Questions and Answers


Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

1. Common sense requires that one should be decorous at formal gatherings.

(A) courteous
(B) careful
(C) impolite
(D) incurious

2. The string was taut

(A) stretched
(B) loose
(C) firm
(D) tight.

3. The diminutive figure bounces over the track with unfathomable lightness.

(A) irresistible
(B) predictable
(C) invigorating
(D) impressive.

4. The teacher announced that the class would be making a fleeting visit to the Zoo.

(A) long
(B) routine
(C) brief
(D) guided

5. We intend to make the reception a diurnal event.

(A) an annual
(B) a weekly
(C) a nightly
(D) a short.


1. The random way genes recombine during meiosis and fertilization leads to

(A) genetic variation
(B) phenotype
(C) genome
(D) genotype

2. In a cell, the genes are carried by

(A) Nuclear membrane
(B) Chromatin threads
(C) lysosomes
(D) Mitochondria

3. An ecosystem is composed of all of the following except:

(A) Plants
(B) Animals
(C) Temperature
(D) Meadows

4. In a food web, tertiary consumers belong to which trophic level

(A) First
(B) Second
(C) Third
(D) Fourth

5. The primary structure responsible for pumping blood for circulation through the mammalian circulatory systems is the

(A) Veins
(B) Right auricle
(C) Arteries
(D) Left ventricle


1. Which of the following is an acidic salt?

(A) NaHSO4
(B) Na2SO4
(C) CH3CO2Na
(D) Na2S

2. Given that the molecular mass of iron is 56 and that of oxygen is 16, how many moles of iron (III) oxide will be contained in 1kg of the compound?

(A) 12.5moles
(B) 0.625moles
(C) 25moles
(D) 6.25moles

3. 3.0g of a mixture of potassium carbonate and potassium chloride were dissolved in a 250cm3 standard flask.25cm3 of this solution required 40.00cm3 of 0.01M HCl for neutralization. What is the percentage by weight of k2CO3 in the mixture? (k = 39, O = 16, C = 12)

(A) 92
(B) 89
(C) 72
(D) 82

4. 0.499g of CuSO4.XH2O when heated to constant weight gave a residue of 0.346g. What is the value of X?

(A) 2.0
(B) 3.0
(C) 5.0
(D) 4.0

5. The principal constituents of natural gas is

(A) methane
(B) ethane
(C) propane
(D) butane

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