Security Guard Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

Individuals who intend to take up a job as a security guard should read this job description to work to the satisfaction of their employers.

Police and military men are not the only ones who secure our environment; security guards, as their title implies, also secure the environment.

They protect individuals and properties as well.

In addition, they are responsible for averting or preventing illegal actions.

They even have the authority to temporarily detain individuals who break the law on their premises until the police come.

An ideal security guard should have the necessary qualifications and skills required.

You should be trustworthy, possess good interpersonal surveillance skills, and be detail-oriented.

Also, you must be familiar with all relevant safety protocols.

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security guard job description

What does a Security Guard do?

Security guards provide security to the premise of the organizations or private properties.

They protect employees and properties and ensure the environment is always safe.

Whenever there is unrest, the security guard must detect the reason behind it and try to resolve it.

In a situation where they have to defend an employee and/or property, they do that according to the law.

They patrol the premises regularly to ensure security is not being bridged.

Security guards report to the security manager.

In some organizations like banks, security guards are responsible for ensuring order within and outside the premises.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard?

The duties and responsibilities of a security guard may vary from organization to organization.

Some of the typical duties and responsibilities of a security guard usually featured in their job description include:

1. Secure Employees and Properties

The major aim of employing a security guard is to secure employees and properties.

They perform this duty by regularly patrolling the premises and monitoring all entry routes.

They inspect all equipment and the organization’s building daily and report malfunctioning equipment and building areas that need repairs to the security manager.

2. Control Traffic

Security guards working in organizations located in areas where traffic may be heavy are also saddled with the responsibility of maintaining traffic.

They must always ensure no traffic jams around the organization’s premises. 

3. Prepare Reports

They also prepare security reports which are summited to the security manager.

These reports are compiled from patrols, observation, and surveillance information.

In the case of a disturbance, security guards also interview witnesses.

And statements from all the interviewed witnesses are included in the security report.

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4. Provide Customer Service

In some organizations, security guards also provide customer service.

They assist visitors in finding their way around the organization.

5. Respond to Emergencies

Whenever emergencies such as a robbery or a fire outbreak occur, security guards defend staff and properties by bringing them to a place of safety.

They also interview witnesses of the disturbance and take down their statements.

Also, they can temporarily detain individuals who cause any disturbance until police officers come.

Some other duties and responsibilities of a security guard include:

  • Go around to check all entry points.
  • Stop unauthorized individuals or personnel from entering the organization’s premises or a particular area in the company respectively.
  • Periodically testing all security systems and software.
  • Making use of x-ray machines and metal detectors when necessary.
  • Carry out first aid whenever there is an emergency while waiting for emergency response agencies.

Some organizations may add and/or subtract these duties and responsibilities.

Therefore, security guards should familiarise themselves with the duties and responsibilities unique to their organization.

That way, they can satisfy their employers optimally.

What Qualifications do I need to become a Security Guard?

A security guard is a professional job but does not need a bachelor’s degree.

Most employers accept candidates with a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Typically, organizations prefer applicants with a security guard license and/or security training.

Ideal applicants should have first aid and self-defense training.

Individuals who hope to take senior security roles should obtain a four years degree in criminology, criminal justice, or any similar field.

Also, employers prefer employing those with at least one year of experience as security guards.

Candidates who have previously worked with the police or armed are usually advantaged.

This is because employers believe they have all the security training required for the job.

Applicants are also expected to be familiar with using security software and systems.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is also an advantage.

Security guards are also required to write reports. Therefore an ideal candidate should know how to prepare security reports properly.

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What skills does a Security guard need?

Although security guards do not need a college degree, it is a professional job. Therefore candidates are expected to possess certain skills.

These skills are also featured in the job description of a security guard.

Because employers expect them from potential candidates.

Possessing them enables a security guard to perform all his or her duties and responsibilities easily.

Some of the skills a good security guard should have included the following;

1. Interpersonal Skills

Every security guard should be capable of developing and maintaining a good relationship with his or her colleagues, other staff of the organization, and visitors.

This skill makes it easy for a security guard to interview witnesses and detect illegal actions among visitors and staff.

2. Communication Skills

This skill is important for writing reports, dealing with paperwork, and conducting interviews.

A good security guard should know how to communicate well in writing and verbally.

He or she should be capable of communicating the job’s technical and non-technical aspects.

Poor communication skills rub off on interpersonal skills.

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3. Ability to work as part of a Team

All security guards must have good team spirit.

As one, you should always have the back of other security personnel, even in the face of harm and danger.

4. Honesty and Integrity

Security must always be honest when performing their duties.

You must adhere to all local and national security policies as a security guard.

A good security guard must never engage in criminal activities; these are the same things you were employed to prevent

Also, organizations have principles governing all their security guards.

As such, a good security guard must be familiar with these principles.

5. Professionalism

When carrying out duties, a security guard must always act professionally.

A degree is not required, but professionalism and creativity are necessary.

6. Vigilance

A good security guard must always be alert at all times.

They must also be given attention to details throughout their working hours.

How much do Security Guards make?

On average, security guards in the united states earn up to $34,190 per year, which is $16.44 per hour.

Their earnings range from $24,490 to $57,700 per year, which is $27.74 per hour and $11.77 per hour, respectively.

The salary of a security guard may be determined by the following:

  • Location: a country’s economic situation is one factor that determines how much a security guard makes. Those working in countries or states with a better economy are likelier to earn more.
  • Experience: More experienced security guards usually earn more than their less experienced colleagues
  • Employer: Security guards who work for larger organizations are likely to get better pay than those who work for small organizations
  • Qualification: Those with security guard training and licenses may also be paid better.

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Where do Security Guards work?

A security guard can work in practically every company or organization.

Some of the typical e of security guards include:

  • Food and drink companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Apartments
  • Chemical companies
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Schools
  • Research institutes
  • Logistics companies
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail stores
  • Water companies
  • Private individuals
  • Environmental agencies
  • Apartments

Recruitment agencies advertise vacancies online, in local newspapers, radio, or on television.

Security Guard work Environment and Schedule

The work environment of security guards may differ depending on where they work.

Their services may be required inside the premises or outside only.

Typically, a security guard works based on shifting or scheduling.

What should be included in my Security Guard Resume?

When creating a resume for a security guard, you should consider featuring every piece of information capable of convincing an employer that you are suitable for the job.

You should include information like:

  • Years of experience
  • Place of experience
  • License
  • Training
  • Soft skills
  • Hard skills

During your interview, it is also important to refer to the above information.

Also, feel free to use this free guide on the job description of a security guard to create a professional resume that supports your goal.

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Conclusion: Security Guard Job Description Guide

Security guards are very important in every organization.

It may not be a highly-paid job, but it is relevant and professional.

This job description was written with prospective security guards in mind.

But it can also serve as a template for organizations.

Organizations who intend to use this as a template for creating their security guard job description can adjust it to suit their goal.

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