15 Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

Are you seeking to increase your monthly income but do not want to commit to a permanent part time job? If yes, then what you need are side jobs to make some extra money. 

With the appropriate skills and ideas, you can even turn your side job into a full time freelance job.

This will help you to make some extra money to take care of yourself while working on your own schedule.

Most side jobs you can do for extra money will require some professional skills, while others do not. 

Before settling for any side gig, you may want to be sure that you already have the required skill.

Because the fact that it is a side hustle does not mean that the job should be done shabbily.

Side jobs to consider may range from babysitting to online freelance jobs.

15 Side Jobs To Make Extra Money

When you need some extra cash, there are a good number of side hustle you can engage in to increase your monthly pay.

Most side gigs do not require any form of educational qualification, so you don’t have to worry about not being qualified.

Here are 15 Side jobs you can easily get and do for some extra money.

Side jobs to make extra money

1. Manage Social Media Accounts For Small Businesses:

One of the easiest side hustle that can fetch you some really good extra cash is becoming a social media manager for small businesses.

Usually, owners of small businesses do not have the time or expertise to manage their social media platforms like Instagram, and Twitter.

If this is something you are good at, take up the challenge of contacting small businesses to offer your service to them at an affordable contract fee every month.

It is something you can do with ease irrespective of how far you may be from the business owner.

Also, managing social media accounts is a side gig that you can incorporate into your everyday job.

2. Take a Babysitting Or Nanny Job:

Another side hustle that you can do to make some extra money is becoming a Babysitter or part time nanny.

As much as you may think that anybody can look after children, avoid taking a babysitting job without knowing the basics of child care.

To get a babysitting or part time nanny job, you can Start by posting the service you offer on your social media accounts.

Also, you can make use of sites like Care.com or SitterCity, whenever you get a job from these sites, you will be rated so ensure that you provide quality service. 

3. Take A Part Time House Cleaning Job:

There are a couple of private homes where the owners barely have time to clean their houses thoroughly on a regular basis.

If you don’t mind cleaning houses for money, and also if you have the strength for thorough house cleaning, then you should consider it as a side hustle.

Just like with getting a babysitting job, you can also start with advertising your house cleaning skills on social media.

You can also make use of house cleaning sites to search for available house cleaning jobs.

4. Customer Service Jobs:

Customer service jobs are not just one of the fastest growing side gigs, but are also jobs that you can do with little or no experience. 

This type of job can be done online or offline depending on your agreement with your employer. 

To be successful in this type of job, you have to be someone who possesses good communication and customer service skills.

5. Writing For Blogs:

Writing blog contents for blogs is a great way to increase your monthly income, most brands and blog owners usually prefer to hire freelance SEO writers.

With good SEO writing knowledge you can even turn writing from a side hustle to a full time stay at home job from which you can earn a sustainable amount and do it at your own schedule.

Writing contents for blogs requires that you have relevant skills.

So to make money from this, you need to have good SEO writing skills.

And if you do not have SEO writing skills, then you can start with taking an online course.

6. Sell A Service On Freelance Platforms:

Do you have skills like copywriting, graphics design, video editing or proofreading? 

If yes, then you should consider using it to make some extra cash.

There are a good number of online platforms where you can sign up to get notified whenever there is anyone who needs your services.

Freelance gigs do not require that you go to a physical office or meet up with your employer.

So, you can provide any service you sign up for at any place or any time.

7. Create online Courses:

You can make money by pouring out your knowledge about any skill into a sustainable means of income.

It takes a lot of effort to successfully create one online course.

However, if you are able to pull through with it, you can continue to make money from it for a good number of years.

The amount of money you make from selling an online course will depend on the level of effort you put into creating the course.

For your course to do well, it can be totally worth the money and time of whoever pays for it.

You can sell your online course on platforms like udemy and teachable.

8. Write An Ebook:

Another good side hustle you can consider doing is writing ebooks. 

Ebooks cost little or nothing to produce but can be a source of a passive income for you. You can sell your eBook on Amazon.

Just like with online courses, your eBook must be totally worth the money and time of people who buy it. 

The fact that it is a passive income does not mean you should just scribble anything and sell.

9. Become A Personal Shopper:

If you are someone who does not mind taking the stress of shopping for others, then you can turn it into a side hustle.

Most wealthy and busy people do not have time to do their personal shopping.

So, you can reach out to such people and offer to assist them for a fee.

10. Cash Wash:

Cash Washing service can be a very lucrative side hustle around neighborhoods where rich people live. 

You can advertise your car wash services on social media and by posting fliers around your neighborhood and neighborhood of your target market.

11. Provide Personal Music Training:

If you are skilled at playing any music instruments, you can offer to give personal training at a cost.

Like most of the other side hustles on this list, you can advertise your services on social media, and also tell friends to recommend you.

12. Go Into Affiliate marketing:

If you cannot create or offer a service product that you can sell, then don’t worry.

You can still make extra money by becoming an affiliate marketer, selling other people’s services or products.

To make good money from affiliate marketing, you must be willing to put in enough effort to market the product or service.

13. Become A Resume Writer:

As easy as creating a resume may sound, a good number of people have not been able to wrap their minds around the technicality involved. 

If you are skilled at creating professional resumes, then you should consider turning it into a side hustle. 

14. Teach People How To Drive:

If you are good at driving, and can teach others to become as skilled as you are, you do not need to be a licensed driving instructor to teach others. 

You can turn teaching driving lessons Into a passive stream of income for yourself.

15. Become A Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistants are currently on high demands. 

This kind of job may require that you help the business keep to schedules, and sort out mails without coming to an office.

If you are an organized person who has enough time to spare for a side hustle, then you should consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Conclusion: Side Jobs To Make Extra Money

If you are really seeking a way to increase your income, then you should consider at least one of the fifteen side hustles listed above. 

Take advantage of online platforms that help you find these jobs with ease and start making money as soon as possible.

You may have friends and family who need to learn about side jobs that can help them make extra money. Be kind enough to share this information with them.


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