Study Abroad in Canada Student Housing

Deciding where to live has always been the most difficult aspect of the decision-making process international students interested in studying in Canada face. 

Some students tend to live near their classes and libraries on campus, while others choose to live away from campus, depending on public transportation, walking, or commuting to and from school using a car.

The good news is that high-quality programs are provided by Canadian educational institutions to help prospective students find accommodation.

In this article, you will get more light about Study Abroad in Canada student housing. You will get to know the types of housing or accommodations in Canada for international students and lots more.

A quick navigation through the table of contents below will give you an overview of all the points made in this article.

What is Study Abroad in Canada student housing Like?

Aside from tuition fees, another factor that makes studying abroad an enormous challenge for most international students is securing a conducive place to stay. For Canada, the study abroad in Canada process is a tasking one because it takes a lot of work and searches to complete.

A lot of considerations are to be made which if not carefully handled, may result to getting a place that doesn’t suit you.

Although there are many factors that should be considered, here are the main ones:

  • Cost: Your financial capacity matters a lot.
  • Housing Options: There are different types of student housing in Canada which we took time to discuss in the latter part of this article. In considering where to stay, first, decide on the type of apartment you want.
  • Lease Length: This is another factor to consider when making a study abroad in Canada housing decision. In Canada and other parts of the world, a lease is a contract that allows you to rent your housing. On-campus housing has a lease period by semester or academic year while off-campus housing will have an annual lease. It is important you know your lease length to enable you to know when to renew your payment.
  • Location: It’s important you get an apartment that its location will not be far from your school. Consider how easy it is to get to and from campus from the places you’re considering. 
  • Safety This is one of the biggest decisions you must take when considering a study abroad in Canada housing option as an international student. Security is the key!

What is the Studying in Canada like in terms of Cost?

In contrast to other developing nations, Canada has very affordable tuition fees.

This is one of the reasons why college students are opting for Canada rather than the USA. Relatively, students who want to study different courses; Medicine, nursing, and other professional course doesn’t look back when making Canada their study destination.

Also, considering the total cost of living, Canada is a better. The cost of studying in Canada and living expenses ranges from $20,000 to $30,000, in Canadian dollars, a year for a foreign student. One thing you must keep in mind is that this cost depends largely on the registered program, institution, city and the standards of living expenses.

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What is the Cost of student accommodation in Canada?

The cost of student accommodation in Canada depends on the type of accommodation and the location of the school Canada you want to attend. Interestingly, Canadian cities are much affordable than other big cities like UK and New York.

On average, students should expect to spend somewhere between $675-$875 CAD a month before rent. Housing in a student dormitory will typically cost an additional $550-$600 CAD if you plan to study in a city.

How can I rent a room in Canada?

Renting a room in Canada as an international student depends on your budget and the period of time you are to spend.

As there are different types of accommodation in Canada, there is also different modes of application. You can’t just see a house you like and just move in. No, it doesn’t work that way!

You will first have to meet the House owner or Landlord, sign some documents which tenant agreement is included and make the necessary payment.

Normally, Landlords might require you to pay the rent or a security deposit for the first and last month. Also, you might be asked to get references or a credit report.

Furthermore, To be sure the house is not occupied already, you need to talk to an agent. And in case you have not seen an apartment yet that suites you, there are zonal student’s office or website of the school you will be attending available. They will help you in getting what you want. 

What is the Cost of living in Canada?

Although living in Canada is expensive, when compared with other top countries, Canada is affordable.

For accommodation in Canada, an international student going for an on-campus accommodation should budget like CAD 3000-7500and CAD 750-2200 for off-campus per year. But, keep in mind that this figure will depend on the city or area you want to study in.

For phone contract, their packages range from CAD 50-115 per month. The average cost is around CAD 20 per month. In the area of health Insurance, all international students are required to have health insurance but coverage will vary depending on the province you’re studying in.

What is the Cost of Living in Canada for international students?

The cost of studying and working in Canada would have to be borne by international students. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) needs some evidence that you have enough money and resources at your disposal.

The cost of living estimate is given by your college, which will be followed by the immigration officer. If it is not given by your institution, you would be forced to submit proof of a student’s living expenses of $10,000 for 12 months.

For spouses, an additional $4,000 would be needed, and another $3,000 for each dependent. Accommodation, food, medical care, travel, books, and clothing are included in this number. This number does not include tuition and other fees.

Here is a table to help you understand approximate monthly costs as well as annual costs.

Student Fees$400
Health Insurance$70$840
On-campus Rent$600$7,200
Mobile phone (basic package)$30$360
Public Transit Pass$40$480
Car: Insurance$1,500
Car: Fuel$200$2,400
Total Expenses$1320$26,340

Accommodation in Canada for international students

Like I mentioned earlier, where you choose to live as a Canadian student will impact your student experience total there. However. a range of accommodation options are available for international students who wants to make Canada their study destination.

Going for any type depends on what you have in your pocket. Here are the different types of apartments you can find as a student:

#1. On-campus accommodation in Canada

Most students prefers to live on-campus during their first year. This type of accommodation is known as ‘residence’ or just ‘rez’ for short. You can normally arrange this online via the university website, where you can browse and make your choice of the different choices on offer.

You’re normally sharing a bedroom with another roommate, sharing a bathroom, a social space, and a laundry room with other students. The Internet and other services would be provided as part of the rent that you are likely to pay every semester. It’s proposed that you budget about CAD$3000-$7500 each year for on-campus housing.

#2. Off-Campus Accommodation in Canada

Usually, after the first year, students share a house or apartment with other students to share the cost. Here you can rent a room and share a kitchen, a bathroom and a social area.

Rent prices will vary from city to city, with larger areas such as Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver being the most expensive (though considerably cheaper than New York City or London on average). It’s suggested that you budget about CAD$250-700 per month for off-campus housing.

Below are the approximate living costs for 3 bedroom apartments in different Canadian cities:

  • Toronto – CAD$1,900
  • Vancouver – CAD$1,950
  • Ottawa – CAD$1,300
  • Montreal – CAD$1,050
  • Edmonton – CAD$1,500
  • Calgary – CAD$1,600

#3. Homestay

Homestay is another type of accommodation in Canada. Here you will live with a host family in Canada. In addition to the initial placement fee of CAD$200, students can expect to pay a monthly fee of CAD$400-800 per month in return for meals and rooms in the home of the family.

Also, you will participate in activities with the host, improving your English and learning about culture, all of which are valuable experiences.

Note, choosing this type of apartment can offer a friendly home away from home, as well as a chance to fully immerse yourself in the language and lifestyle of living in Canada.

#4. Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment Rentals

There are also safe ways to locate temporary furnished apartment rentals before you arrive in Canada using websites such as Airbnb, Craigslist, HouseTrip or Wimdu. This apartments are typically rented, with private leases. Make sure to read the ratings of each rental and search the input from other visitors who have stayed there before.

Renting an unfurnished apartment is still accessible, although it is difficult for foreign students to come to Canada for the first time.

Hostels in Canada for Students

All most all the colleges and universities including high schools have hostels for students who wants to make the school their study destination.

Canadian students’ hostels differs in sizes and cost. there cost is fully dependent on their locations and settings. But the truth remains that they are more affordable than some other students’ accommodations in the country.

That being said, let’s take a look at the list of some of the hostels in different cities of Canada for both national and international students.

#1. Cambie Hostel Gastown

Address: 310 Cambie St., Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada

Cambie Hostel Gastown is one of the affordable hostels in Canada for students. If you want to study in Vancouver and you need unique hostel accommodation, this hostel is a nice place to stay. The hostel has various facilities that can make life worth living. Some of these includes: free wifi, lockers, Cable TV, Common rooms, 24 hour security and so on. To stay in this hostel, you have to budget around 20.20GBP.

#2. Samesun Kelowna Hostel

Address: 310 Cambie St., Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada

Samesun Kelowna Hostel is among the cheap Hostels in Canada for students from other countries. This hostel can give you all the comfort you may desire as a student. It has a spacious space to hang out, relax, and make new friends. Also, the hostel tv room, lounge with pool and foosball tables, a garden patio and huge kitchen to help make your stay a comfortable one.

In addition to that, this hostel has air conditioning in all rooms and a large parking space. To stay in this hostel, you have to budget around 15.01GBP.

#3. Banff International Hostel

Address: 449 Banff Avenue, Banff, Canada

Banff International Hostel has simple but comfortable rooms that can suite any class of student. All the rooms in this hostel has en-suite washrooms and free wi-fi including TV lounge.

Basically, the hostel has several types of dorm rooms as well as private rooms available. Note, to get a room in this hostel, you have to budget around 15.88GBP.

#4. Whistler Lodge Hostel

Address: 2124 Nordic Drive, Whistler, Canada

Whistler Lodge Hostel is another type of hostel you can go for in Canada as an international student. The hostel has spacious rooms with various facilitates that is top-notch. The hostel can sleep up to 40 guests in a variety of dorm sizes and includes one private room that can sleep up to 3 people. Getting a room in this hostel will cost around 24.25GBP and above.

#5. The Clarence Park Hostel

Address: 7 Clarence Square, Toronto, Canada

For students interested in attend a school in Toronto Canada, the Clarence Park Hostel has what it take to give you all the comfortable you need. At the Clarence Park, enjoy a five-star experience without the five-star price.

The hostel gives guest discount, Complimentary tea and filtered water, and gives an on-site parking at a special rate ($10/day). Note, a room in this hostel cost around 20.21GBP and above.

#6. Ottawa Backpackers Inn Hostel

Address: 203 York Street, Ottawa, Canada

When talking about affordable hostel in Canadian city, Ottawa Backpackers Inn Hostel, Ottawa should come to your mind. Despite its low cost, the hostel offers free bedding with the option to hire towels, free hi-speed wifi, free tea and coffee, luggage storage, parking space and laundry services. With 11.64GBP and above, you can get a room here.

What is the cheapest city to stay in Canada?

Of Canada’s larger cities, Montreal, QC remains Canada’s most accessible big city to live. The total cost of a month’s rent in Canada’s second-largest city is already less than $1,000, and even smaller if you’re renting your housing. This contrasts favorably with other major Canadian cities. Other smaller cities in Quebec, such as Quebec City and Gatineau, are more accessible when it comes to housing.

It is also evident from their data that while Ontario is home to Canada’s most costly rental cities, it is also home to some of the cheapest. Canadians searching for more inexpensive housing should look to smaller cities in Ontario and Quebec.



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