Study Abroad in Ukraine 2021 – Scholarships in Ukraine for International Students

Do you want to study abroad in Europe? Is Ukraine your preferred study abroad destination? If yes, then keep reading.

In a bid to make your search much easier, we have put together everything you need to know about studying abroad in Ukraine from the cost of living in Ukraine to the cheapest schools in Ukraine and the requirements for studying abroad in Ukraine.

If you want to enjoy quality standard education in an ancient city with a new culture and environment? Or want to minimize your spending yet attain one of the best education? Do you want to visit a former soviet country? Do you want one of the easiest European countries to be admitted at a low cost? Then you would love to study abroad in Ukraine and this article will answer all your questions, and get you on campus.

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Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad in Ukraine

Learn in Your Choice Language

Ukraine is an eastern European country that primarily speaks Ukrainian as its official language. However, if you are more comfortable learning either in English or Russian language then Ukraine has this provision for you. With intakes in September and February, international students get a 50% discount on travel expenses via flight or train in Ukraine. Provided you have an international student ID card.

Tuition Fee Depends on the Language Mode for Your Course

Tuition fees vary slightly for Ukrainian universities by the choice of language in which a course is taught. Learning in Russian or Ukrainian is relatively cheaper than learning in the English language. Generally, it would cost about $2000 to $5000 to study in English. While learning in Ukrainian or Russian go for around $1700 to $3500 for international students.

Medical Courses have Higher Costs

Ukraine is a magnet for international students wishing to pursue a degree in the medical profession. Having 8 out of 10 of its most popular universities for international students to be medical universities. To obtain an MBBS degree in Ukraine will cost you around $4000 to $5000. Regardless, Ukraine still has one of the lowest costs when compared to many other European countries.

TOEFL/ IELTS is not a Requirement

When applying to study abroad in Ukraine, you may think to get your English certifications in check. But neither TOEFL nor IELTS is required of you by institutions in Ukraine. Provided you are proficient in the language you have selected to study in.

Ukrainian Lifestyle

Ukraine is indeed an ancient city with ancestral domes and cathedrals. Also offering a rich cultural heritage for your pleasure. One of these norms is a low tolerance for smoking. To this effect, smoking and alcohol consumption is banned in public places. So, if you find yourself at a bus stop, road crossing, offices, cultural or sports events, or any other public space; be careful not to violate this rule to avoid paying a fine or jail.

Study Abroad in Ukraine in 2021

Studying in Ukraine not only avails you an unforgettable experience at standard education at surprisingly cheap costs but also gives you a chance to experience a new and rich European culture. Now let’s explore and see some of the thrilling opportunities you stand to get if you choose to study abroad in Ukraine.

Can I Study Abroad in Ukraine for Free?

There is no absolute free university in Ukraine, as all the universities are run by the government. Consequent upon this, the tuition fees run very low and can get as much as a 40% subsidy for students, international students inclusive.

Are there Cheap Universities in Ukraine for International Students?

The vast majority of Ukrainian universities are considerably cheap. With European countries having very expensive tertiary education, Ukraine is surprising very cheap and cost-effective for an international student to study abroad. And this is no wonder why many international students wish to study abroad in Ukraine. Below is a list of some of the cheapest universities in Ukraine:

1. Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU)

Tuition Fee: Between $1,300 and $4,000 per academic year.

2. Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University

Tuition Fee: Between $1,600 and $2,500 per academic year.

3. National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU)

Tuition Fee: Between $1,800 and $2,600 per academic year.

4. Sumy State University (SumDU)

Tuition Fee: Between $1,800 and $4,300 per academic year.

5. Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU)

Tuition Fee: Between $USD 2,150 and $5,000 per academic year.

6. Lviv Polytechnic National University

Estimated Tuition Fee: $2,200 per academic year.

7. Zaporizhzhya National University (ZNU)

Estimated Tuition Fee: Between $2,200 and $4,500 per academic year.

Scholarships in Ukraine for International Students

Cost of Living in Cyprus as an International Student

The cost of living in Ukraine is very low and affordable for international students wishing to study abroad in Ukraine. By estimation, $250 to $500 would cover the cost of transportation, accommodation, food and books per month. This is if you’ve already covered your tuition expense. On a moderate budget, living in Ukraine would be as fulfilling as it can get.

Average Cost of Living in Ukraine

Living expenses in Ukraine is mainly reflective of what part of the country you choose to reside. If you are admitted into a university in Kiev, the capital city, then you’d most certainly except a slight increment in the socio-economic cost. Generally, if you opt to live in a university hostel, then you’d pay between $300 to $1000 per annum.

Dependent on the type of hostel you choose. Whereas rented apartments outside of campus could cost about $200 per month and upward depending on the condition of the apartment.

The cost for study varies per the course you choose to study. For instance, engineering, science and management courses cost around $1500 and above while medical courses are between3500 to 4000.

To live comfortably, you’ll need to have about $1500 to $2000 for a year besides tuition fees. For feeding, $1 can buy you 4Kg of potato, 4Kg of milk or 3L of milk. On transportation, all parts of the country are well linked making them accessible by train or bus. Generally, a fare over a 500Km distance is approximately $12 to $15.

Flights over 500km distance approximately $60 dollars Local transport including buses, tams and taxis have an average fare of between $0.4 to $0.15 For taxis, $1.2 per Km
A pair of jean trouser costs between $15 to $25. Shirts cost between $5 to $15 and a T shirt between $5 to$10 Coke/ Pepsi (0.33 l) goes for $0.51
Water (0.33 l) costs $0.37

What is the Cheapest City for International Students in Ukraine?

Below I’ll give you a list of some of the cheapest and most economic cities to study abroad in Ukraine. These cities present to you opportunities to both satisfy your academic, social and adventurous needs.

1. Kiev

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and is home to a wide range of museums, galleries and theatres. In addition, Kiev also has some of the best universities in Ukraine including those scoring high in the world universities rankings.

2. Donetsk

The architectural nature of Donetsk makes it a perfect choice for those seeking low-cost quality education in a relishing ambience.

3. Kharkiv

Home to the highest-ranked university in Ukraine, Kharkiv houses many Russian speaking academics, creators and thinkers. Renowned for its music styles and culture.

4. Odesssa

Odessa is a Ukrainian city with some of the oldest universities in the country, also famous for its museums, parks and beaches as it is close to the sea.

5. Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia certainly a city welcoming students who come to obtain diverse academic qualifications. It is bordered by mountains and other captivating cities in Ukraine. Not so far from the capital city, you’d journey about 4 hours to get to Kyiv.

Study Abroad Programs

Scholarships in Ukraine for International Students

All universities in Ukraine are operated by the government which affords all students very low tuition fees. Including international students. There is also a subsidy for tuition up to 40% of the cost.

Hence, there are no scholarships or free education in Ukraine and financing of your education is based on yourself. Precisely, no part or full scholarships are given to international students. Financial aids from Ukraine do not apply also. However, do not lose all hopes; read below to see how you can best position yourself for some scholarships still.

Eurasian Education Consultancies

The Eurasian Education Consultancies gives financial aid to the best students who come to study in Ukraine. The EEC gives financial aids of about $1000 or 20% of your tuition fees starting from your second year of study. Some other bases on which you could get a scholarship are your artistic athletic or other extracurricular activities or even social service. To know more about these offers, I suggest you visit the official EEC site as you could still land a full scholarship from them.

If You Don’t Get a Scholarship, then How Do You Pay Your Bills?

Well in Ukraine, you are allowed to work while you study. And the country’s laws guiding foreign student work are lenient enough to allow you to get that extra cash you need. This applies if you have obtained a work permit. Since the bills are relatively cheap you’ll get around them. But you have to ensure your finances are in order before leaving your home.

Requirements to Study Abroad in Ukraine

Like any other country, there are always requirements to grant you entry into their schools. But unlike most other countries, Ukraine makes these requirements easy for you. Let find out how!! To get admitted you should certainly check-up the school you want to study in for any more details regarding their specific admission process. But here’s a breakdown of basically what you need to qualify:

  • A filled online application form or you could download and fill the pdf
  • Photocopy of your international passport (the biodata page)
  • A legal copy of high school or secondary school completion certificate (or the subject grades)
  • Confirmation of payment – for the fee after the approbation of acceptance
  • Subsequent requirements, for postgraduate students:
  • A copy of your project work
  • A legal copy of your Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree certificate
  • Results and transcripts

Visa Requirements to Study Abroad in Ukraine

Although some countries do not need a visa to enter Ukraine, like the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Also all countries of the former Soviet Union with some exceptions as well. Follow the link to see if your country does not require a visa to enter Ukraine.

If you will be needing a visa, then the following requirements will apply:

  • A valid international passport
  • Original admission/ invitation letter
  • A confirmation letter to the Ukrainian consulate in your country from the university
  • Medical certifications (certifying absence of HIV/ AIDS but your country’s Ministry of health or foreign affairs) not later than two months before entry to Ukraine.
  • Health insurance
  • 12 passport photographs
  • Two-way air ticket
  • Recent bank statement from parent or sponsor
  • With all these requirements at hand, your visa to Ukraine will be issued to you accordingly.
  • You should also visit the official website to learn more and the Ukrainian consulate in your home country too.

Is Studying In Ukraine Worth It?

Yes, studying abroad in Ukraine is worth it, especially for international students who have low budgets for education but what to study abroad in Europe, Ukraine is one of the European countries with a low standard of living

Can International Students Work And Study In Ukraine?

Absolutely, international students can both work and school in Ukraine, so if you want to work in order to assist yourself financially while you study, then Ukraine is a good study abroad destination.

Is Ukraine safe for girl students?

Yes, Ukraine is safe for all kinds of foreigners, so if you are a female student, you have nothing to worry about, just ensure that you use your seat belt.


In this post we’ve successfully dealt with all there is to get you from your home country to a Ukrainian university campus as an international student.

Having dealt with the cost, the requirements and important information you need to know about. If you would really like to study abroad in Ukraine, I hope the several opportunities opened to you in this article facilitates your dream to study abroad in Ukraine.


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