Tokyo Denki University 2021 – A Guide on Tuition| Acceptance Rate| and All You Need to Know to Get In

Education can be an avenue to travel round the world. If you have a desire to study in Japan, then you clicked on the right post. Here is a well-articulated article on one of Japan’s prestigious university: Tokyo Denki University. In this guide, you will discover the tuition fees for Tokyo Denki University, its acceptance rate, courses and scholarships.

Studying Tokyo Denki means you would study in Asia. This piece will provide all the information you need to guide you decide. It’s going to be worth the while. Welcome aboard!!!

Tokyo Denki University 2020 - A Detailed Guide on All You Need to Know to Get In
Tokyo Denki University 2020 – A Detailed Guide on All You Need to Know to Get In

Overview of Tokyo Denki University

Location: 5 Senju Asahi-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-8551, Japan

School Type: Private

Year of Establishment: 1907

Research Output: Very High

Academic Faculty Staff: 560

Number of Students: 9955

Faculty Strength: 360

Campuses: Adachi, Tokyo. Hatoyama, Saitama. Inzai, Chiba.

Formerly Known as: Denki Gakko (1907–1939), Tokyo Denki Technical High School (1939–1944) and Denki Technical College (1944–1949)

School Website: (in Japanese) (in English)

Written as 東京電機大学, in Japanese, Tokyo Denki is a private university in Adachi, Tokyo, Japan. Renowned for its high engineering practices, the university has been at the centre of national development in Japan.

The university is made up of many other schools such as; TDU’s Graduate School, School of Science and Engineering, School of Information Environment, School of Science and Technology for Future Life and others. Tokyo Denki has 3 campus one in Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba.

Studying in Tokyo Denki not only gives a chance to study your course of choice but gives you an avenue to add to your vocabulary by learning the Japanese language. Also, it allows you to study in one of the world’s leading financial and technological city: Tokyo.

But before starting your application process, we recommend you take your time to consider the Tokyo Denki tuition fees, Tokyo Denki University courses and the Tokyo Denki University scholarships.

History of Tokyo Denki

Founded as Denki Gakkō in 1907, the university began as an evening vocational school. The University was founded by Seiichi Hirota and Shinkichi Ogimoto, two junior engineers with the mission “fostering engineers who can play significant roles in society and industry.”

They established Tokyo Denki to prepare Japanese for industrial expansion. Alis, it was a platform to train people eager to become engineers who can take advantage and harness the use of superior technologies and sophisticated machines imported from the westernized word.

The University began with fourteen students. In 1908, the first 14 students graduated from Denki School. Denki school experienced a rapid increase in the number of students in 1926. Denki School enrollment topped 11,000 students.

In 1949, they chartered the school as a university with Yasujiro Niwa as her first president. They renamed Denki School “Tokyo Denki University”. The establishment of the School of Engineering at Kanda Campus followed this. In the same year, “In the technology breathes its creator” becomes the University’s motto and guiding light.

For the next century, the number of students exploded, and they embraced TDU’s spirit and wonderful traditions. From the time of its inception till today, Tokyo Denki has over 10 other schools which make up the university.

Having stood the test of time for 113 years with excellence and mastery in engineering practices, Tokyo Denki caused a paradigm shift in the Japanese engineering world. The university has contributed to national development. Little wonder it’s believed that “There is no education that is as innovative, creative, and motivated as Denki School.

Why should I Study in Tokyo Denki University?

  • Tokyo Denki is a place you can learn everything about science and technology.
  • The university has achieved significant results in science and technology since its inception.
  • Tokyo Denki is has a high research output which makes it a plus if your course is research intensive.
  • They foster the growth of scientists and engineers who can contribute to the society through the art of science and technology.
  • In agreement with its founding mission statement, Tokyo Denki emphasis experiments and practical training.

Admission into Tokyo Denki

Logo of Tokyo Denki University
Logo of Tokyo Denki University

Admission into Tokyo Denki is solely based on entrance examinations. Once you pass the university’s entrance examination and meet the other entry requirements, boom! You’re in. The admission process is not rigorous. Tokyo Denki admission process is one of the simplest and most straightforward in the world.

When is the Application Deadline for Tokyo Denki?

The university’s application deadline is not specified. But we know that the enrollment time is usually in April each year. We recommend you send in your application requirements before them. Visit the school website for more details.

What’s the Acceptance rate for Tokyo Denki?

Talking about the Tokyo Denki acceptance rate, there is no specified acceptance rate. They have not estimated the Tokyo Denki acceptance rate as at the time of this writing. We envisage the Tokyo Denki do not have acceptance rate.

The university is open to accept any student as long as you meet the entry requirements and can pay your tuition.

We recommend you take advantage of the Tokyo Denki acceptance rate and study in a renewed university caravel of educating you well.

What’s the Cost of Studying at Tokyo?

The Tokyo Denki tuition fees is low compared to other universities in Asia such as Tsinghua University, University of Tokyo, and Peking University. The Tokyo Denki tuition fees differs based on course, program and your year of study. Below explains Tokyo Denki tuition fees

The School of Science and Technology for Future Life

Tuition fee per year

  • 1st year 880,000 yen
  • 2nd year 904,000 yen
  • 3rd year 928,000 yen
  • 4th year 952,000 yen

Department of Architecture

  • 1st year 1,590,800 yen
  • 2nd year 1,360,500 yen
  • 3rd year 1,414,500 yen
  • 4th year 1,438,500 yen

School of Engineering

Tuition fee per year

  • 1st year 880,000 yen
  • 2nd year 904,000 yen
  • 3rd year 928,000 yen
  • 4th year 952,000 yen

School of Information Environment

Tuition fee per year

  • 1st-4th year 549,000 yen

This excludes the Admission fee of 250,000 yen. Converting to dollar, we estimate the Tokyo Denki tuition fees to be approximately $176.7. That’s a fair price!!!

Does Tokyo Denki offer Scholarships?

Yes, the university made provision to aid students financially via the Tokyo Denki University scholarships. Students can access the Tokyo Denki University scholarships if they meet the requirements.

The university also gave International student access to reduced Tuition System (30% of tuition fees) and specific scholarship schemes.

Accessing the Tokyo Denki scholarships gives you an opportunity to finance your education and research programs. Most times it’s enough to cover your living expenses.

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Tokyo Denki Programs

Following its expansion in 1949, Tokyo Denki offers the following programs :

  • Associate degree programs
  • Bachelor’s degree programs
  • Master’s degree programs
  • Doctoral degree programs

Note: Certificates gained in this stead are internationally reckoned and acknowledged

Toyko Denki Rankings 2020/2021

Tokyo Denki, though a prestigious university in Asia, it lags in world university competition. We have articulated some of its rankings in 2020;

  • Ranks No 19 in Tokyo ranking of universities
  • Ranks No. 151-200th in the Japan ranking of universities
  • Ranks No. 1640 in World University rankings
  • Ranks No. 401+ in Asia University Rankings 2020
  • Ranks No. 131 in Times Higher Education rankings

What subjects they teach at Tokyo Denki University

Tokyo Denki University courses are many, but mostly engineering and science inclined. Below we have complied a list of Tokyo Denki University courses;

  • Engineering & technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Physical sciences
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Social sciences
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Life sciences
  • Biological Sciences

It’s expedient you know that most of the Tokyo Denki University courses are for a four-year duration. These courses are majorly engineering, science and technologically inclined.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tokyo Denki University

Students of Tokyo Denki University

Do Denki accept International Students

Yes, there is a place for international students in Tokyo Denki. 2% percent of the school’s population are International Students. Approximately 200 people in every 11,000 students. So yes, you will not be out of place when you get there.

What’s the GPA requirement for Tokyo Denki University

Tokyo Denki requires you to have an average GPA of 3 to gain admission into the university. This relatively low and attainable.

Do I need an English language proficiency requirements to study in Tokyo Denki?

Yes, although SAT, ACT, and GRE are not specified. You need IELTS as part of the requirements to gain admission into Tokyo Denki. The average score is 5.5.

What’s the Cost of living in Tokyo, Japan.

The estimated cost for living in Japan is $985-2,012 USD/Month. This largely depends on your lifestyle, location and level of extravagance.


With the low and almost nonexistent Tokyo Denki acceptance rate, you have a surety to gain admission once you apply. Looking out for any of the Tokyo Denki University scholarships is a sure way to take off your bills. We recommend you visit the school website for more information on that.

We reiterate on the fact that most Tokyo Denki courses are engineering, science and technologically inclined.

We hope you found this article helpful and enlightening. Do well to reach out to us once you secure a spot in TOKYO DENKI!!!

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