Best Trade Schools in California in 2024

Trade schools in California prepare graduates for careers in healthcare, technology, legal services, and professional professions such as plumbing and welding. 

Many of these careers offer high salaries and growth potential, making trade school a good investment for many students.

During the professional program, students take courses in their field, as well as complete practical training through internships or fieldwork. 

For example, dental hygienists improve their skills during clinical hours, while veterinarians work in laboratories and train in animal clinics.

There are even welding trade schools in the USA and trade schools for electricians in the USA for students who can’t attend a traditional 4-year university.

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About Trade Schools in California

The trade school appeals to students looking for a targeted workforce training program. 

Completion of a one-year certificate or two-year associate degree from a vocational school in California prepares graduates for the workforce. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, professionals with a professional qualifications receive a higher level of employment than those with an academic qualifications.

Many trade and technical schools in California charge lower tuition fees and offer options for self-study or accelerated learning.  Students who want more flexibility can also explore vocational schools online.

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What are the Best Trade Schools in California?

#1 Cerritos College

About 22,000 students study at Cerritos College each year.  One of California’s top trading schools, the school offers 87 degrees and certificate programs in more than 180 areas of study.

First-generation college students make up 55% of the total number of students at Cerritos College. The honors school program boasts 92% admission to the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Tuition starts at $46 for a loan that offers affordable education for students.  The Cerritos Cares school online portal provides access to student services, including academic and personal counseling, emergency financial aid, and career services.

Cerritos College offers associate and certification programs in health care, architectural technology, general car collision repair, and plastics manufacturing. 

Cerritos College also offers a training program in the construction professions.


#2 Los Angeles Trade-Tech College

The College of Commerce in Los Angeles began as a professional training program. They have been offering training programs in printing, plumbing, and construction since the 1920s.

While most of the programs offered are certificates, others may also earn a degree, making this school one of the best trade schools in Los Angeles.

Available trade programs are diverse and diverse, such as the Industrial Production Technologies program, which prepares students to work as professionals in their chosen field.

Among others – A certificate of Achievement in the field of motorcycle repair, a Certificate of Achievement in the field of gas and electric welding, a Water Supply Technology Program, a degree in car repair, and much more.


#3 City College of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)

More than 26,000 students attend San Francisco City College.  An online career matching survey can help you narrow down which program is right for you.

For students who need a bachelor’s degree before getting a job, several translation guarantee programs (TAGs) are available.

Automotive subjects are some of the most popular certification programs at this school in San Francisco. 

Students can choose from a list of six majors that include hybrid and electric vehicle technologies that can be particularly useful for mechanics in a climate that severely affects emissions. 

Undergraduate students can pursue education in biological sciences, child development, and visual media design, among other subjects.

The Basic Skills Initiative at San Francisco City College focuses on student achievement by improving general learning and learning skills, as well as reading, writing, and math skills. 

Training is conducted in the lessons of developmental learning, as well as throughout the curriculum.


#4 Contractors State License School

With more than 25 schools in California, Contractors State License School is the largest school in California for construction professionals.

The school helps its students pass the contractor license exam in California.  1 in 3 applicants for a license in California use the Contractor’s Licensing Services to prepare for the Contractor’s License Exam, and 98% of CSLS students take it for the first time.

Founder and CEO of the Contractors State License School David Mizener has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a master’s degree in education and has 40 years of student experience.


#5 Dental Assisting Institute

The Dental Assisting Institute offers an accelerated dental care program for the time and cost of most dental care programs.

Students will learn about the latest methods of providing assistance during the 12 Saturdays of study. The Dental Assisting Institute is certified by the California Office of Private Postgraduate Education.

The California Dental Board also approves the institute for certification of students on radiation safety, 8-hour infection control, California Dental Practice, coronary polishing and pits, and fissure sealants.

The school offers employment assistance.  Dentists and dental offices turn to the program when looking for qualified graduate dental assistants. 

The school also constantly contacts local dentists to inform them about upcoming graduation classes. Applicants must be over 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED.


#6 Blake Austin College

Blake Austin College offers several licensed programs to meet your current employment needs in medicine, dentistry, beauty, and health.

Through school certificate programs, students receive a quality education to start working after graduation and obtaining a license. 

The Board of Vocational Education Commission accredits Blake Austin College. The college is approved by the California Office of Private Postgraduate Education. 

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED certificate and a state certificate. The registration fee is 100 US dollars.  Tuition ranges from $ 6,750 to $ 33,575, depending on the program.

Financial aid is also available to eligible students.  Financial aid resources can be grants, scholarships, and federal loans.


#7 Welding Certification Center

Welding Certification Center is a private welding school in Los Angeles County.  The California Office of Private Post-Secondary Education approves the school.

The school offers several courses and workshops designed for novice welders up to experienced welders.

The school may offer the Department of Construction and Welding Safety of Los Angeles an on-site welding performance test as an authorized testing center.

Classes are small, usually no more than 7 students.  Classes are decomposed in the presence of students.


What are the Best Music Trade Schools in California?

#8 Herb Alpert School of Music

CalArts also has a Herb Alpert music school, so make sure it’s different from UCLA. 

CalArts offers a wide range of specialties in addition to performance, such as composition and experimental sound, experimental pop music, music technology, voice art, jazz, world music performance and instrumental art. 

They offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, unlike many other schools that offer a Bachelor of Music (BM or BMus).


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#9 Los Angeles College of Music

Like Berklee, his focus is on contemporary popular music, which includes music production, performance, songwriting, jazz, and Nine Yards.

Unlike Berklee, LACM is young and small – only about 200 students make up this unique school. LACM may also be a controversial music school for profit. 

Although this is not usually associated as positive, in this case it is normal because the quality of the school is very high. In particular, some teachers here are big names not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the country. 

People like jazz trumpeter Wayne Bergeron, formerly a member of Maynard Ferguson’s band in the 1980s, and Tim Landers, bassist of several prominent artists, including Ella Di Meola and Gil Evans.


#10 San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Offering undergraduate, graduate, and graduate programs such as an artist’s degree, the San Francisco Conservatory also has programs in Root, Jazz, and American Music (RJAM), and historical performance.

The list includes technology and applied composition (TAC), conducting, and Instrumental Studios. For more than 100 years, they have been proud of the quality of their facilities and training.


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What are the Best Trade Schools in California for Welding?

Generally, the only requirement to enter a vocational school in California for welding is to have a high school diploma or your GED. 

However, some schools require students to complete only the tenth grade.  In this case, high school students can attend professional classes at the same time as graduating from high school.

  • American River College
  • Bakersfield College Bookstore
  • Cabrillo Community College Welding School
  • Cal-Trade Welding School in Modesto, Northern California
  • College of the Siskiyous Welder Training
  • El Camino College Welder Program – Torrance, CA

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What are the Best Trade Schools in California for Electricians?

Choosing the best vocational schools in California for electricians is the perfect first step to your future career in a skilled profession.  Electricians play an important role in providing power to our homes and businesses.

Training in a skilled profession is a great way to secure a bright future. Get in touch by finding a great school of electricians in California and connect with the school of your choice today!

  • San Joaquin Valley College
  • ABC of Central California
  • California Electrical Training
  • Construction Craft Training Center of Hayward
  • California Community College System
  • Abram Friedman Occupational Center
  • Antelope Valley College
  • Barstow Community College

What are the Best Engineering Trade Schools in California?

The engineering school you choose to invest your time and money in business.  To help you make the right decision, we’ve developed a number of important rankings, including this list of California’s best engineering trade schools in California.  You can also filter this list by location to find schools closer to you.

  • Allan Hancock College
  • Hacienda La Puente Adult Education
  • Mt. San Antonio College
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • San Diego Miramar College

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Studying in trade schools in California can be one of the best kept secrets.  Not only can trade and professional programs prepare you for high-demand jobs in California.

But six of the state’s ten largest industries, including information technology, manufacturing, construction, and real estate, have direct links to trade and vocational training institutions.

Because leading industries may vary from region to region, VET graduates in certain areas may have access to additional employment opportunities. 

For example, Silicon Valley and its environs are home to a dense concentration of technology manufacturing jobs.  It will be easier for construction graduates to find permanent employment in Sacramento than in other cities, as the state capital is one of California’s fastest growing cities.

Trade Schools in California FAQs

Are Trade Schools in California Accredited?

Trade schools in California offer accredited programs that cover a wide range of liberal arts and performing arts to business, technology, and health care.  Whether you want to work in the tumultuous Golden State healthcare industry, the cutting-edge technology scene or any other field, you are likely to find a school nearby that will help make your dreams come true.

What Can You Study in the Trade Schools in California?

There are many trade schools in California.  Students can choose from a variety of concentrations, with options that include the automotive industry, piping, appliance repair and carpentry.  As most state-owned businesses show growth, employment is not a problem for most vocational school graduates in the state.

How Do Trade Schools in California Work?

Trade schools in California are adult-focused and offer a more personal experience.  As the population in most vocational schools is much lower than in most colleges and universities, students can count on individual attention and additional encouragement, as well as support from their teachers and even classmates.


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