14 Best Trade Schools in Connecticut in 2024

Trade schools in Connecticut focus on careers and technical training related to specialized careers. Unlike other schools, trade schools do not offer generalized educational courses but instead offer coursework related to a specific job.

Programs typically offered at trade schools include automotive training, HVAC training, culinary arts, computer technology, and health care.

Trade schools offer only diplomas and certificates, and credits obtained under these programs may not be transferred to other academic programs.

About Trade Schools in Connecticut

Many Connecticut trade schools integrate vocational training into their curricula, but the state also offers many vocational and tertiary colleges. 

Connecticut’s technical high school system includes 17 technical high schools that provide commercial and vocational education to teens and offer vocational training, education, and training. 

Connecticut also has 19 agricultural science and technology education centers and offers career and technical education (CTE) training at 12 community colleges across the state.

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Why Choose a Trade School in Connecticut?

During the professional program, students undergo coursework, gaining practical experience through laboratories, internships, or internships. 

For example, dental hygienists meet clinical requirements to develop career-ready skills, and HVAC mechanics and technicians practice their skills in an experimental setting.

Trade schools in Connecticut offer students several benefits. Professional programs save students money on tuition and fees compared to four-year programs, and professional programs offer a faster path to professional training. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, professionals with a professional qualification also receive higher employment rates than those with an academic qualification.

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Are Trade Schools in Connecticut Accredited?

In Connecticut, several organizations accredit professional programs. Community colleges, liberal arts institutes and research universities are usually regionally accredited. 

The New England Higher Education Commission provides regional accreditation to Connecticut schools.

Connecticut trade and vocational schools are often accredited by a national accreditation agency, such as the School and Career Accreditation Commission, which provides national accreditation to more than 650 vocational schools nationwide. 

The Distance Education Accreditation Commission, another specialized accreditation agency, provides accreditation to online schools.

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What are the Best Trade Schools in Connecticut?

#1 Porter & Chester Institute – Stratford, CT

The Porter and Chester Institute is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Schools and Career Colleges (ACCSC), and medical care programs on Connecticut campuses are accredited by the School Accreditation Bureau of Health (ABHES).

At the Porter and Chester Institute in Stratford, students interested in technical career training will find an excellent education provided by excellent teachers and coaches.

The Porter and Chester Institute was founded in 1973, and since then the school has provided many students with diplomas that allow them to plan and pursue successful careers.

The Porter and Chester Institute (PCI) can be called technical, professional, professional, or professional. 

If you want to join the Porter and Chester Institute, you need to fill out an online form and plan a tour where you will be provided with all the necessary information.


#2 American Institute Innovative Career Education

The American Institute offers a uniquely American approach to training. The institute opened its doors to first-class business students in 1924. It was then known as the Hartford Secretarial School.

Since then, thousands of students have completed their careers and built careers in the worlds of business, law, healthcare, diagnostic medical sonography, and information technology.

The American Institute’s location in West Hartford is institutionally accredited by the School of Health Accreditation Bureau. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED.

For diagnostic medical sonography programs, students must also have an official transcript of a bachelor’s degree in any specialty or an associate’s degree from a related program related to patient care, including internships / outsources at the clinic.


#3 Branford Hall Career Institute (Branford, Connecticut)

The Branford Hall Career Institute gives its students the fastest and most effective ways to start a career. They offer career programs that provide students with quality education and easy entry into the workforce.

The Accreditation Board accredits the Branford Hall Career Institute (Branford, Connecticut) for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), approved by the US Department of Education.

This private vocational school offers unqualified programs and programs for graduate students, bachelors and masters. Branford Hall is an ideal place for people who want a meaningful career in healthcare.

The school needs to know that you are interested in their services, so you can contact them by phone or by filling out an online inquiry form.


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#4 A.I. Prince Technical High School

Prince Tech offers students thirteen different career and technical education programs. The duration of the programs is three and a half years.

At Prince Technical High School, whatever program students choose, they will be successful in gaining the knowledge and skills they need for a professional career.

The application process for AI Prince’s Technical High School usually starts in November, and you should follow the link on the school’s official website, which will take you to the application form you need to fill out.

Each program has its own entry requirements, so it is important to gather information for the program you are interested in when it comes to the necessary documentation.


#5 Eli Whitney Technical High School

Eli Whitney Technical High School offers students a full academic program that leads to a high school diploma in about three years.

Students will excel in every technology, and if you apply today, it will be a first step towards a unique technical education and a huge step for your future successful career.

If you want to apply to Eli Whitney Technical High School, you should know that your applications will not be considered without a statement from the previous and current year, as well as a report on attendance for the previous and current year and a record of discipline.

The full application is considered only if you provide the latest Smarter Balanced Report and the completed Student Interest Form

To be considered for enrollment, the application must be duly signed and returned to the school counselor, principal, or teacher.


#6 Bristol Technical Educ Center

At the Bristol Technical Education Center, you will receive career and technical education programs that will allow you to achieve a successful career in three and a half years of study.

The Bristol Technical Educ Center also belongs to the Connecticut Technical Education and Career Schools, and the application for this center also requires the applicant to provide a transcript of the previous and current year, as well as a record of past and current year visits and a record of discipline. 

All of these documents, along with the completed section of the school supplement, must be sent by your school counselor, principal, or teacher to your chosen school.


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#7 Bullard-Havens Technical High School

Bullard-Havens Technical High School provides a unique environment for world-class high school students and seniors who want to achieve their higher education goals and make their dreams come true.

Those wishing to apply to Bullard Havens Technical High School can find the application form on the official Connecticut Technical High School website.

Bullard-Havens Technical High School will not process your application without a statement from the previous and current year, as well as a report on visits for the previous and current year and a record of discipline.

The application is accepted only if you provide the latest Smarter Balanced Report and the completed Student Interest Form

To be considered for enrollment, you must have the appropriate signatures and your application must be returned to the school counselor, principal, or teacher.


#8 Oliver Walcott Technical High School

Oliver Wolcott Technical High School, located in Torrington, boasts a long list of successful business graduates who are doctors, lawyers, company presidents, academics, and teachers.

The unique educational experience you can gain in this high school will be very useful for your future career.  

Those wishing to apply to Oliver Walcott Technical High School can obtain an application form on the official Connecticut Technical High School website.

Your applications will not be processed if you do not provide a statement for the previous and current year, as well as a report on visits for the previous and current year and a record of discipline.

All of this, along with the latest Smarter Balanced report and completed student interest form, should be submitted by your principal, counselor, or teacher.


#9 Platt Technical High School

At Platt Technical High School, both teachers and students demonstrate strong work ethic, friendliness, and commitment to a positive school environment and this is the perfect path to success.

To apply to study at Platt Technical High School, you must provide certain documents. First, you need to provide a report for the previous and current year, as well as a report on visits for the previous and current year and a record of the discipline.

Then you need to add the latest Smarter Balanced Report and the completed Student Interest Form.

Appropriate signatures are required to be considered for enrollment, and you must return your application to the school counselor, principal, or teacher to collect them.

Your school will fill in the section for sending the program and send all the necessary files with the application form to the selected school.


#10 Windham Technical School

Windham Technical High School is the flagship of Connecticut’s technical education and career system, and this status is achieved by professional and highly qualified teachers who seek to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation.

If you wish to apply to Windham Technical School, please note that your applications will not be processed without a previous and current year statement, previous and current year attendance report, and discipline record, as well as the latest Smarter Balanced report and completed Student Percentage Form

To be considered for admission, you must have the appropriate signatures, which can be obtained when you return the application form to your school counselor, principal, or teacher, who must complete the section for sending to school and forward your application to the selected school. 


#11 Lincoln Technical Institute

At Lincoln, they emphasize the importance of education and want to be your partners in achieving your career goals. Lincoln has been around since 1946 and has helped many students find successful jobs that have changed their lives.

The process of accepting a Lincoln is simple. They will guide you through the entire application process and tell you everything you want to know about exciting programs and schools.

If you are not sure which program to choose, they will help you find a career that suits you. There is a step-by-step entry process and you must answer all the questions.

You can request additional information if you want to know more about the adoption process.


What are the Best Automotive Trade Schools in CT?

#12 Gateway Community College

The North Haven campus at Gateway offers several different automotive technology programs that culminate in associate specialist degrees. 

The comprehensive car repair and maintenance program teaches students the skills needed to work as an entry-level mechanic. 

Gateway also offers General Motors ASEP, a program developed by General Motors to prepare students to work in their cars. Students may also decide to complete the Honda PACT program.  Gateway programs prepare students for all eight ASE majors.


#13 Naugatuck Valley Community College

Naugatuck students can enroll in the ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician program to earn a junior degree. 

The program is accredited by NATEF and is offered jointly with the National Association of Car Dealers. Students have the opportunity to choose how to complete full-time or part-time courses and will be prepared for entry-level work.

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#14 Port and Chester Institute 

For a shorter Port and Chester program in Stratford, Anfield, Rocky Hill, Waterbury and Branford, it offers students a one-year certificate course. 

Upon completion of the program, students are ready to receive a job as a mechanic or entry-level service and continue their studies at work to obtain certification.


What are the Best Trade Schools in CT for Adults?

Technical programs are offered by public colleges and universities in Connecticut. Programs in this field are offered at all levels of education, from certificates to diplomas. 

Programs are available in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. 

Adult trade school students can take advantage of numerous scholarships to earn a bachelor’s degree and go to the University of Connecticut for a bachelor’s degree.

  • Three Rivers Community College
  • Central Connecticut State University
  • Manchester Community College

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What are the Best Carpentry Trade Schools in CT?

Find a trade school or technical college in Connecticut with carpentry training programs, such as a certificate, diploma, or junior degree. 

If you are planning to become a carpenter or other qualified professional, our partner vocational schools are accredited and offer financial assistance to eligible students.

  • Bridgeport CT Carpenter Schooling And Education
  • Carpentry Connecticut Technical Education And Career
  • Lisbon CT Carpenter Training and education


Attend a trade school in Connecticut to get one of the best educations you can buy with your money.  Stamford, Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven are great places to get inspired near some of the best colleges and universities.

Connecticut is surrounded by both New York and Massachusetts, which allows you to be close to excellent internships and employment opportunities in major cities in Boston or New York. 

There are many universities to choose from in Connecticut, and schools recognized around the world ensure that you get an exceptional start to your career.

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Trade Schools in Connecticut FAQs

What are the Available Skilled Trade Programs in Connecticut?

Available qualified professional programs include HVAC engineering, welding, truck driving and mechanics. Medical career programs include health care administration, medical assistant, and dental assistant. There are online programs available for some professions, such as medical billing, medical coding, and criminal justice.

Why Study in the Trade Schools in Connecticut?

By enrolling in a vocational school in Connecticut, you can get the education you need to benefit from the thriving health care, technology, and finance of the Constitutional State. With a certificate, diploma, or accredited professional program, you can qualify for an entry-level position in one of these fields – or one of many others – sooner than you might expect!


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