12 Best Trade Schools In Indiana In 2023

When choosing one of the trade schools to study in Indiana, it is important to find one that is accredited by a regionally or nationally recognized organization.  Accreditation is important for several reasons.

First, by attending an accredited school, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality education that meets certain standards. 

Accreditation is also required to be eligible for federal financial assistance.  Finally, you will not be able to pass the licensure exams in some professions if you do not attend an accredited program.

Why Choose A Trade School In Indiana?

Trade schools in Indiana teach students how to pursue a profession.  These schools usually use practical teaching methods, such as apprenticeships. Be sure to check out these Best Trade Schools For Electricians In The USA

Graduates of trade schools usually start work quickly after completing their education within two years.  Prospective students who want to start earning even earlier can take an accelerated trade program or receive a certificate.

Traditional programs do not meet everyone’s needs.  Students who prefer to work with their hands rather than at a desk usually benefit from attending a trade school.

However, vocational school students need to have a clear understanding of the career they want to pursue.  If they later decide to change professions, they may need to receive additional education.

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Are Trade Schools In Indiana Accredited?

Trade schools in Indiana can receive regional, national and program accreditation.  The US Department of Education (ED) works with the Higher Education Accreditation Board to oversee accreditation. 

These two organizations allow third parties to provide certain types of accreditation.  Prospective students can easily check the accreditation status of an educational institution using the ED database.

Accredited schools are regularly evaluated by third-party organizations.  Most employers, scholarship providers and admissions departments prefer junior diplomas from accredited schools.

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Do Trade Schools in Indiana Accept Scholarships?

Although trade schools offer a more affordable way to get an education, many students will need financial aid to cover their costs.  To apply for financial aid, vocational school students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine eligibility.

Along with federal financial aid, students can apply for scholarships and grants from one of the following: A.J.  The Grizanti Memorial Fellowship, the American Welding Society District Fellowship, the Imagine America School of Commerce Fellowship, the Indiana Homeland Security Fellowship, and the Workforce Readiness Grant.

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What Are The Best Trade Schools In Indiana?

#1 Aveda Fredric’s Institute Indianapolis

The Aveda Fredrik Institute focuses on beauty and cosmetology.  So far, the trade school has has trained some of the most successful professionals in hair, skin and nails.

Their curriculum is very flexible and they follow all the latest industry trends. They support creativity and strive to motivate their students to embrace the art of beauty.  As for their staff, each of them is an expert in their field.

They all have many years of experience in the field, so they have a lot of important and deep knowledge to share.  All applicants must provide proof of education. 

They can bring a high school diploma, high school diploma or GED.  If high school information cannot be verified, the applicant will be required to take a GED exam prior to enrollment.


#2 Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College is the only public community college that offers both academic degrees and professional technical education.  It has more than 40 places on campus that offer CTE diplomas, diplomas and certificates. 

Indiana students have access to low-cost tuition and can choose to study on campus or online in many programs.  Although the school is the largest public college in Indiana, the school provides individual attention, and the class has an average of 22 students.

Ivy Tech offers four types of training and education programs: degrees, certificates, technical certificates and workforce certificates. 

They cover more than 75 fields of study, including popular fields such as business administration, pipe installation and health care.  Some programs, such as a certificate in entrepreneurship and a diploma in paralegal studies, are available online.


#3 My Computer Career

My Computer Career is another amazing institution that teaches various IT courses. The IT industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, so it’s no surprise that the MCC is so popular with students who want a great professional education.

They have a great Career Solutions program where they help students prepare for work in the industry and help them find work.

They have a wide network of connections with a large number of employers who are actively looking for IT professionals.

The Council for the Accreditation of Continuing Education and Training has accredited the MCC program.  The only condition for admission is a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.


#4 Fortis College-Indianapolis

With 40 campuses nationwide, Fortis College is a privately held institution focused on healthcare and skills training.  It provides flexible learning opportunities, including evening classes and online diplomas. 

At Fortis in Indianapolis, students are trained by qualified staff and can receive a degree or diploma.  The school has been a part of Fortis since 2016.

Professional programs at Fortis College in Indianapolis cover the fields of nursing, dental care, medical care and HVACR.  The Senior Nursing Diploma is a blended program that combines on-campus and online courses. 

Meanwhile, the HVACR training program focuses on practical instruction that provides graduates with the skills they need to work with the latest technology and equipment.


#5 Ross Medical Education Center

Ross Education is an amazing institution that specializes in health care and medical management.  They strive to provide the best education at reasonable prices.

The courses have been specifically designed to offer a fast but still high-quality program that will allow students to look for work immediately upon graduation.

All of their facilities are accredited by the Health School Accreditation Bureau. Upon graduation, students will also be able to obtain a CMA or RMA certificate. All applicants must provide proof of education (high school diploma, GED or equivalent)


#6 Midwest Bartenders School

Midwest Bartending School actively teaches the art of bartending. They offer some of the best courses in the country, the courses are very accessible and informative, and their staff is highly qualified and very professional.

They are proud to offer a real practical experience. Students will constantly mix drinks, practice serving and learn proper speaking skills.

But in addition to a practical approach, students will also have the opportunity to learn about the history and production of wine, beer and spirits. They will teach you to mix over 200 different cocktails in just two weeks.

Their courses were fully accredited by the Commission on Proprietary Education, a member of the Better Business Bureau.  All in all, this is a great opportunity to get a great professional education at incredible prices.


#7 Central Nine Career Center

Central Nine Career Center is a great institution that offers amazing education at ridiculous prices.  Their goal is to motivate and inspire students to pursue lucrative careers in many different fields of knowledge.

They will not only teach students the technical skills needed to perform a particular job, but also teach them professional behavior.

There are no special requirements.  All applicants must have a state-issued identity card.  Enrollment is made through the school district of each student.


#8 Kokomo Beauty School

Kokomo Beauty School is an amazing educational institution that specializes in beauty. Their premises are very large, comfortable and have the latest equipment.

They are proud to offer amazing, comprehensive courses that are very accessible and suitable for everyone.  Kokomo Beauty School aims to educate and educate highly qualified people who seek to conquer the world of beauty.

Many of their students have become very successful in the industry thanks to excellent staff and informative courses. They also work with many local salons to find suitable jobs for many of their students.

All applicants must provide proof of education – high school diploma, high school diploma or GED.


#9 Indiana Wellness College

Indiana Wellness College is an institution that specializes in therapeutic massage. Their reputation is impressive thanks to their experienced teachers, industry professionals and excellent curriculum.

The curriculum includes classes in anatomy, pathology and basic business practices.  After graduating from this college, individuals will be able to work in the field of sports massage, therapeutic massage and general massage.

Indiana Health College is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) and staffed by the Careers and Technical Schools Department.

What sets IWC apart is that it is the only accredited massage program in Indianapolis.  All applicants must provide proof of education – high school diploma, high school diploma or GED.


What Are The Best Construction Trade Schools In Indiana?

#10 Indianapolis Electrical JATC

Indianapolis Electrical JATC is recognized as one of the nation’s leading training centers for the construction trade union.

Here, students will receive both training and on-the-job training for five years from some of the leading experts in the electrical engineering industry, thus gaining the skills to become experts themselves.

The only way to get into this school is to meet the required qualifications.  You must be at least 17 years old.  In addition, you must have one year of high school algebra and pass an aptitude test.


#11 Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center

EVSC provides career and technical education to students from the southern half of Spencer, the northern and southern districts of Gibson, Posey, Vanderburg and Warrick.

Student applications will be considered by the Career and Technical Selection Committee at the end of January, and they will determine who will be accepted.


#12 Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln Tech – Indianapolis is a commercial college located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It is a small institution with 999 students.  The acceptance rate of Lincoln Tech – Indianapolis is 100%. 

Popular specialties include automotive mechanics, electrician and welding.  Lincoln Tech – Indianapolis graduates, who graduate 53% of students, continue to receive a starting salary of $29,200.


What Are The Best Barber Trade Schools In Indiana?

According to the US Department of Labor, Indiana is home to more than 350 hairdressers who serve as state experts in men’s culture, sophistication and style – and this does not even include shop owners and other independent hairdressers and stylists. 

The Indiana Department of Labor Development expects the number of licensed hairdressers in the state to grow by more than 6% by 2020 as demand for male care services continues to grow.

  • Empire Beauty Schools 
  • Tricoci University of Beauty Culture 
  • ABC Barber & Beauty School
  • Aveda Fredric’s Institute 
  • Denmark College 
  • Don Roberts School of Hair Design 
  • Fuqua Institute 
  • Ideal Beauty Academy 
  • Kenny’s Academy of Barbering 
  • Lil Lou’s Beauty and Barber College 

What Are The Best HVAC Trade Schools In Indiana?

In Indiana, there is one school with several campuses that has received HVAC Excellence accreditation.  Ivy Tech Community College has campuses in Kokomo, South Bend, Evansville, Bloomington, Lafayette, Terre Hot and Muncie. 

Ivy Tech provides a 21-hour credit certificate, a technical certificate for 31-32 credit hours, and the Association of Applied Sciences (AAS) program for 60 credits in HVAC.

  • Ivy Techncial State College-Kokomo
  • Ivy Techncial State College-Lafayette
  • Ivy Techncial State College-Richmond
  • Ivy Technical State College-Bloomington
  • Ivy Technical State College-Columbus
  • Ivy Technical State College-East Chicago
  • Ivy Technical State College-Evansville
  • Ivy Technical State College-Fort Wayne
  • Ivy Technical State College-Gary
  • Ivy Technical State College-Indianapolis
  • Ivy Technical State College-Marion
  • Ivy Technical State College-Muncie


Many trade schools in Indiana are among the best in the country and offer a variety of programs in many popular fields.  The state’s labor market is particularly strong in health care, so it’s no surprise that the largest segment of programs in the region consists of Allied Health and other health care courses.

Choosing a vocational school over a four-year college or university will speed up your entry into the workforce; most graduates of vocational schools start working in the specialty only after two years of study and training.

The cost of tuition at trade schools is usually between $ 5,000 and $ 15,000, depending on the course and location chosen.  Traditionally skilled occupations, such as carpentry, welding and construction, are the focus of trade schools.  But in recent years, the number of admissions to technical schools in computer science in Indiana is growing – from Evansville to Lafayette and the gap.

Trade Schools In Indiana FAQs

What Trade School Programs Are Available In Indiana?

Many trade schools help students get a degree.  Ivy Tech Community College has apprenticeship programs for a number of professions, including boilermakers, electricians, ironworkers and plumbers.

What Does It Take To Get Into A Trade School In Indiana?

To enter a trade school in Indiana, prospective students typically must have a high school diploma or GED.  Each vocational school will have its own admission process, usually requiring an application and a non-refundable fee.

What Types Of Trade Schools Are There In The Indianapolis Area?

Trade schools in Indianapolis offer professional training in a number of industries.  One such vocational school is Ivy Tech Community College, which includes curricula in health care, carpentry, home care, culinary arts and legal studies.


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