What is the Job Description of an Uber Driver?

Are you intending to start an uber driving business or you are already in it but just want to have a better understanding of what the job entails, read this job description of an uber driver to the end.

The job description and resume of an uber driver usually contain duties and responsibilities such as picking passengers up and transporting them to various destinations.

They are also responsible for keeping their uber vehicle in good condition at all times.

An ideal uber driver should have a driver’s license and vehicle insurance.

He or she should possess good communication and customer service skills.

Uber driving is a very relaxed self-employed job for those who have a flair for driving.

Because Uber drivers are self-employed, they also have to pay taxes to the government.

A good job description should contain the duties and responsibilities to expect as well as the skills to possess.

This job description contains all of that and even more.


What Does an Uber Driver Do?

Uber drivers are self-employed individuals who pick up customers and drive them to their destination timely.

Uber drivers are booked by simply tapping buttons on a smartphone.

Typically, they arrive at your destination before you know and transport you to your destination timely.

An uber driver is his own boss, therefore before becoming one, you must have your own car and a driver’s license.

But, they may also work part-time for taxi app companies or full-time.

Aside from getting paid for transporting passengers, an uber driver may also be given tips once in a while.

If you are interested in starting up a career as an uber driver, keep reading.

Let’s see some of the duties and responsibilities of an Uber driver.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of an Uber Driver?

The duties and responsibilities part of any job description is usually one of the most important sections.

Even before hitting the road, an uber driver should know what his or her duties and responsibilities are.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities usually featured in the job description of an uber man.

#1. Picking up clients

Immediately a client books you, you are expected to get to their location as fast as possible.

You must get there fast in order not to keep them waiting.

When you get there, you should pick them up and transport them to their desired destination.

#2. Helping customers move their luggage’s into the vehicle

In a situation where passengers have luggage, it is the duty of the uber driver to assist them in putting the luggage into the trunk of the vehicle.

This way, you save time and also give your passengers a feeling of being cared for.

#3. Chooses the shortest and easiest route to a passenger’s destination

It is the duty of an uber driver to choose the safest and best route to get to their passenger’s location and destination.

This can be done using Google Maps and the Global positioning system (GPS).

#4. Developing a good relationship with clients

Uber drivers are also saddled with the responsibility of building good relationships with passengers.

Such relationships should be developed with a sense of safety, urgency, and charity.

#5. Keeping the vehicle in good condition

In order for passengers to feel comfortable in any vehicle, the vehicle must be in a good condition.

Since the vehicle of an uber driver belongs to him or her, it is, therefore, your duty to keep the vehicle clean and in good working condition

Other duties and responsibilities of an uber driver include;

  • Quickly and accurately calculate a passenger’s appropriate transport fare and returning the right change when necessary.
  • Must have a good knowledge of the different routes in his or her city.
  • Keeping track of all expenses and the total distance travelled.
  • Own your own vehicle for picking up clients who book using the uber app.
  • Receiving calls from clients.
  • Have a keen understanding of the use of uber software.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become an Uber Driver?

To become an uber driver, you must own a registered vehicle that can contain over 4 people and is not more than 5 years old.

The vehicle must also have insurance coverage and must be in good shape.

Have a driver’s license as well as a private hire vehicle license from your country or state.

The minimum age for becoming an uber driver is 21 years.

This may be more or less depending on your location.

Also, you must have 3 years of experience in driving with a clean driving record.

Those in the United States must have driven for one year in the country.

Potential Uber drivers must also pass a local map test in the location they want to work in.

You must have no criminal history and must be physically fit.

After uber accepts you, you are also expected to attend an uber training seminar.

What Skills Should an Uber Driver Have?

The job description of an uber driver also contains certain skills uber expects a driver to have.

These skills are relevant because they help drivers perform most of their duties well.

#1. Time management skills

A good uber driver should be able to manage time properly. That’s the only way you can attend to as many passengers as possible.

Delay can result in losing the trust of your customers, which is not good for business.

#2. Integrity

The importance of honesty cannot be overemphasized. You will be trusted with human lives.

You must never attempt to steal from your passengers.

Rather you should try to gain their trust.

Honesty is not just important because it is a good representation for the company, but also for the drivers’ good.

#3. Organizations skills

The job of a uber driver requires that he or she has to be organized.

This skill helps you keep a proper record as well as calculate the appropriate fare and change.

#4. Technical know-how

Good technical know-how is necessary to be able to operate a vehicle.

Vehicles in use are usually private cars.

A good driver should be able to perform simple maintenance such as change of tyres.

#5. Physical skills

A uber driver must be agile enough to lift heavy items and work for long hours.

Good eye vision is also important. In order to avoid accidents when driving.

#6. Customer service skills

Good communication and interpersonal skills usually rub off on customer service skills.

All the same, a good uber driver must always be kind to passengers.

#7. Communication skills

All drivers should be able to effectively communicate with their passengers.

They should also possess good listening skills. It is important to listen attentively when clients speak, even while driving.

#8. Interpersonal skills

It is the duty of an uber driver to develop good relationships with passengers.

Therefore all drivers must possess good interpersonal skills.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

The pay of an uber driver depends on the number of hours they work and the distance they drive.

In the United States, they make up to $9.21 to $21 per hour. Whereas in the UK, uber drivers make £16,636 per year.

Although Uber drivers work for Uber, they are also self-employed, therefore you must pay tax.

Uber Driver Work Environment and Schedule

Uber drivers are expected to take at least one trip and  a minimum of 60 hours a week

Whether you work in the morning, afternoon or evening is totally dependent on you.

For the safety of themselves and their passengers, Uber drivers are not supposed to over labor themselves.

Whenever they feel the need to take a break or rest, it is important that they do.

What Should I Include in my Uber Driver Resume?

When creating an uber driver resume, you should include all necessary information capable of convincing uber that you are suitable for the job.

Here are some of the information you should consider including:

  • License
  • Soft skills
  • Hard skills
  • Years of driving experience
  • Age
  • Condition of your vehicle

Feel free to make use of this free guide on the job description of an uber driver to create a professional resume that supports your goal.

How to Become an Uber Driver

According to career addict, here are the steps to become an uber driver:

  • Research about the professional: know the duties and responsibilities to expect and essential skills to have.
  • Get qualified: If you are of age, obtain all necessary license and insurance.
  • Hit your first job: Immediately a client books, you will get notified and you are expected to accept the job.
  • Develop your career: obtain advanced vehicle license and requirements, then you can move on to other options of uber.

Conclusion: Uber Driver Job Description Guide

It is also important to clearly state that Uber takes 25% of the pay you receive from passengers. Being an uber driver has so many pros and cons.

But, if you have a private vehicle and need a reliable source of income, obtaining the necessary requirements and registering as an uber driver is a good option. I believe you found this uber driver job description beneficial.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and you will be answered as fast as possible.

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