Ultimate Tips to Beat College Math Anxiety

If you’re taking a math class in college, you may be feeling anxious about it right now. You’re not alone; plenty of other students probably feel the same way. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce your stress and anxiety regarding your math class, and they can help you get better grades.

Here are the ultimate tips to beat college math anxiety, so you can have fun and enjoy your time in school again.

Tip 1: Practice

Math problems are just a bunch of letters and numbers, no matter how scary they seem. You’ve done them before. So, you can do them again. The most important thing is practice—the more problems you solve with your eyes closed in your bedroom, at work during your break, or on a tablet app during lunchtime, will help prepare you for test day.

Practice math problems in a way that suits you best:

·       Traditional paper-and-pencil

·       An online calculator

·       Other online tools such as Desmos or Khan Academy

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Tip 2: Understand the problem

Math problems are often written confusingly. While it may seem obvious what they mean, your task is to ensure you know exactly what’s being asked of you.

Make sure there aren’t any words that could be misinterpreted, and go over anything you’re unsure about before moving on. Math problems can seem intimidating at first, but remember that if someone else could write them down in English, so can you!

Tip 3: Use your time wisely

Since most people have a finite amount of time, it’s essential to use your time wisely. The more time you spend in class, doing homework and studying for exams, the less time you have left for extra-curricular activities.

If math feels like a burden or your skills are lacking, consider meeting with a tutor or a friend who’s good at math. Staying motivated and having fun is one of the keys to success in college math – so if you feel overwhelmed or anxious about learning math concepts on your own, don’t be afraid to get help.

There are also many free resources online where you can turn for additional support; search [your topic] tutoring online, and you should find plenty of options.

Tip 4: Don’t stress out

Math anxiety has been proven to be a self-fulfilling cycle—the more anxious you are about math, the harder it is for you. It’s easy to let your nerves get away from you and start worrying, which makes it even worse.

Try taking some deep breaths and remember that math is just another part of your course; there’s no reason to let yourself get worked up over an exam or homework assignment.

Tip 6: Ask for help when you need it

Everyone runs into a math problem that they can’t seem to solve on their own. Instead of staring at it for hours or giving up and turning in a blank assignment, reach out.

Talk to your professor during office hours or email them after class (make sure you write it in a clear and organized way). Sometimes professors have time during office hours for quick questions; other times, they’ll send back an answer by email before class. 

Math Applications and Tools

Math homework help is a great way to strengthen your math application knowledge. This can be by solving problems, answering questions, or just talking with others who have already gone through what you are going through.

Homework help will help build confidence and understand the material better. If you want to do well in college math, it’s worth investing time in applications and online resources.


From waking up early for extra study time to tackling assignments confidently, every student can use a little extra help with math. You’ll never see numbers in quite the same way again. Master basic math skills, from addition and subtraction to logarithms and other advanced concepts. With these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way.

Math Master is an online application that helps users master math basics through comprehensive step-by-step tutorials and practice problems. Whether you need help with pre-algebra or trigonometry, Math Master has the tools you need to succeed.

Don’t let math anxiety keep you down—find peace of mind and success with MathMaster.

  • Math Master delivers the knowledge and know-how needed to overcome challenges in math.
  • From mastering basic math operations like multiplication and division to studying linear equations, quaternions, and other complex subjects that challenge even the most confident of minds.
  • Math Master provides intuitive learning paths explicitly tailored to each user’s needs.
  • It’s an invaluable resource that can change how you view math forever.

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Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has videos on pretty much every subject you can think of, including math. Check out these free videos if you’re learning a new concept or trying to improve your understanding of something that has already been introduced in class. They’re organized by topic, so it’s easy to zero in on what you need help with. And once you get into a routine of watching them daily (or however often comfortable for you), you may feel less stressed about math and more confident when it comes time for those tests.

  • In addition to the videos, Khan Academy also offers self-paced math practice problems to test your knowledge in whatever area you choose.
  • You can work through all the questions in one sitting or come back whenever you want, as long as you have an internet connection.


Many teachers require their students to use online graphing calculators. If you struggle with math or aren’t so confident, it can be an intimidating experience. Desmos is free and offers a write-on function that lets you quickly correct mistakes (similar to Google Docs). 

  • In addition, the interface is much more user-friendly than most math programs. 
  • It has shortcuts for many math functions like sqrt() for square root, sin() for sine, and e^x for exponential.
  •  You can also find and share graphs on Desmos. 


We’ve all been there: No time left on an exam, multiple-choice questions staring you in the face, and no idea how to solve them. The SmartPix app is a nifty little tool that can help you out of those sticky situations by guessing what could be the correct answer. Plug in your algebra or calculus problem and let your phone do all the work. You’ll get an immediate estimate of what could be a good solution. If you’re taking pre-calculus, calculus I, II, or III (or any math course), get SmartPix for free at Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone.

  • The best way to not feel anxious about math is to know that many people feel this way too.
  • College Math isn’t easy, but with these steps, it will be much easier than before.
  • With these hacks and tips, you will learn how to excel in math without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Happy Numbers App

Happy Numbers is a tool that students can use to find solutions and check answers to math problems. For example, let’s say you have a problem where one side of an equation is longer than another.

  • You can plug each number into Happy Numbers, which will instantly show you if there are any happy numbers in your equation.
  • Happy numbers are also helpful for other types of equations—like solving simultaneous equations or simplifying complex fractions.
  • Downloading and using Happy Numbers could be just what you need to help with those pesky math problems.

Prodigy App

Instead of struggling with complicated formulas, create your system and get help from an online tutor. Taking notes by hand is also a great way to develop good study habits. If you prefer taking notes on your computer, ensure you’re not trying to cram too much onto one page and spend more time highlighting and taking detailed notes. Be confident in your abilities by working the material out yourself first before looking at the answer key or asking for help. Prodigy is an app that lets you work through math problems and find answers or ask an online tutor for help.

  • It’s a great tool if you don’t want to keep asking your friends and professors for help but still need some guidance and someone who can encourage you when necessary.
  • One thing that students might struggle with is math anxiety – the fear of failing a math class which can result in stress and less focus during the course itself.


College Math is tricky. There’s no doubt about it; it often makes people feel stupid or inadequate. In reality, math is one of those subjects that can be made more accessible by discovering a few simple tricks. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated, complex, or scary; the math you learn in high school will most likely translate into your first semester of college.

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