University of Hong Kong 2021 – Everything You Need to Know to Get In

University of Hong Kong 2021 – Everything You Need to Know to Get In

Desiring to study in Asia is a brilliant choice. You can achieve that by studying in one of Hong Kong’s most reckoned university; University of Hong Kong. This is a well-detailed article that provides all the information you need to study in this institution. In this guide, you will discover the University of Hong Kong (HKU) acceptance rate, tuition fees, scholarships and courses.

This article answers all the questions that plague your mind and more. It’s going to be an educative ride, let’s get started!


Location: Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

Year of Establishment: 30 March 1911

Research Output: Very High

Motto: “Sapientia et Virtus” (Latin) translated in English “Virtue and Wisdom”

Number of staff: Academic staff 7,622, Administrative staff 4,123

Number of Students: 29,791 (Undergraduates 17,106, Postgraduates 9,813)

School type: Public

Campus style: Urban

Land Mass: 53.5 hectares about 0.535 km2

Colours: Dark green

Academic Affiliations: ASAIHL, ACU, AACSB, APRU, EQUIS, JUPAS, UGC, Heads of Universities Committee, Joint Quality Review Committee, Washington University in St. Louis McDonnell International Scholars Academy, Universitas 21,


Also known as HKU, the University of Hong Kong is a public research University. We know HKU to be the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. Not just the oldest, it was also the first university established by the British Empire in East Asia.

Renowned for its high research output, HKU was the first team in the world to isolate the coronavirus SARS-CoV, the causative agent of SARS successfully.

HKU has consistently ranked in Asia University rankings and the world at large. Owing to its uniqueness I’m teaching style, the university uses English as the primary language of instruction. This makes it a welcoming place for international students.

So, yes! You’re not wrong to choose HKU, but you need to have the right information. Keep reading!!!


We can trace back the university’s origin back to the Hong Kong College of medicine for Chinese founded by Ho Kai in 1887. In 1907, they renamed Kong College of Medicine for Chinese Hong Kong College of medicine. In 1911, the college was again renamed to Hong Kong’s medical school.

Following the proposal made by Governor Sir Frederick Lord Lugard to establish a university in Hong Kong that will compete with other universities in China. Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody, an Indian Parsi business executive in Hong Kong pledged to donate HK$30,000 towards other costs and HK$150,000 towards the construction.

In alignment with this great opportunity, the Government of Hong Kong and the business sector in southern China, also gave their support. The Hong Kong Government contributed a site at West Point. With other donations from other groups, they established the University of Hong Kong on March 30th 1911.

They found the University of Hong Kong as a tertiary institution for the male gender, after ten years of its institution, they admitted women students. The university held its first convocation on December 1916. The university graduated 23 graduates and five honorary graduates.

Following the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in 1914 the university closed. This was because of destruction of the university buildings. The university reopened in 1945, after the second World War.

The University of Hong Kong celebrated its 100th anniversary from 2010 to 2012. It also celebrated the opening of the Centennial Campus at the western end of the university site in Pok Fu Lam.

In 2015, the university declared itself as the first university in the world to join HeForShe: a UN initiative urging men to achieve more female rights. This is to aid or serve as an avenue to promote female right and activism.

They established the University of Hong Kong with just 3 faculties, but today the university prides in ten faculties with divisions and credible online courses. Today, we regard the university as one of the most internationalized universities in the world and one of the most prestigious universities in Asia.

The level of research carried out in the University ranks it consistently in the world university rankings. Been one of the first universities whose team successfully isolated the coronavirus SARS-CoV. Its achievements and paradigm works speak for it.

Before sending in your application to the university, take out time to consider the University of Hong Kong’s tuition fees, acceptance rate, and scholarships. Find out about them below!!!

Why Should I Study in HKU?

  • You need not worry about other extracurricular activities. HKU encourages social engagement via volunteering.
  • HKU has a broad network of international employers who offer internships to its students and graduates. This is a huge plus!
  • There is a provision by the university to advance the bounds of scholarships. This means any student of HKU apply for its scholarships, building upon its proud traditions and strengths.
  • HKU provides comprehensive education, which is often referred to as the highest international standards.
  • The University is engaged in high-impact, innovative, and leading-edge research within and across disciplines.

The University of Hong Kong Admission Process

HKU logo
Logo of the University of Hong Kong

Admissions into HKU is competitive, but the process is very simple. The basic admission process for UG and PG programs are similar. To apply to the University of Hong Kong, follow the following steps;

  1. Create an application account
  2. Complete online application: Personal details, Academic profile, Academic qualifications, Choice of programs, Extracurricular achievement, References, Other certifications.
  3. Payment of application fee
  4. Upload documents
  5. Submit application

Having known the process, let’s consider the documents required to apply to HKU.

What are the Requirements to apply to HKU?

Documents to get ready

  • English language proficiency
  • Letters of recommendation
  • High school transcripts
  • Unofficial copies of translated transcripts/mark sheets.
  • Financial statement
  • Post-secondary grades, mark sheets and certificates.
  • Visa certification

Know that they require international applicants to submit specific-scores to be considered for admissions. They brief other additional requirements for international admissions on the school’s website.

What’s the Acceptance Rate for HKU?

The University of Hong Kong’s acceptance rate is 10%. This means that admissions into HKU is very competitive and highly selective. Many prospective students consider it a slim chance to gain admission because of the HKU acceptance rate. HKU acceptance rate shows she accepts students who are a little “extra” in academics.

We recommend you forget about the HKU acceptance rate but focus on getting the right requirements and entry documents. Many have been admitted with this HKU acceptance rate, why not YOU?

When is the Deadline for Application for HKU?

For HKU, application open from September. Undergraduates and postgraduate prospective students can send in their application, attaching the requirements documents.

For undergraduate applicants, the application deadline is on 23rd November every year. Program interviews for shortlisted applicants comes up from December to February. All applications must be received by 6:00pm (Hong Kong Time)

What’s the Tuition Cost at HKU?

In this section, we discuss HKU tuition fees. Aside from the application fee, other fees such as the caution fee are paid by HKU prospective students. Talking about HKU tuition fees itself, the fee varies based on program, mode, and course of study.

Below is an up-to-date information on HKU tuition fees for 2020/2021 academic session;

Full-time undergraduate programs costs HK$42,100 (Payable in 2 instalments) and postgraduate studies cost HK$171,000 (Payable in 2 instalments).

HKU tuition fees is relatively high compared to other schools such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Tokyo Denki University in Asia.

The University of Hong Kong Rankings in 2021

For an institution that has existed for 109 years in excellence, mastery in teaching and research, HKU consistently ranks in university rankings. Here’s a list of the University of Hong Kong ranking in 2021.

  • Ranks 151 in ARWU World ranking (2020)
  • Ranks 22nd in QS World ranking (2021)
  • Ranks 39th in The World University ranking (2021)
  • Ranks 83rd in USNWR Global ranking
  • Ranks 3rd in QS Asia University ranking (2020)
  • Ranks 4th in the Asia ranking (2020)
  • Ranks 41st in Impact Rankings 2020
  • Ranks 51st in World Reputation Rankings 2020

They identify 13 HKU academics as being among the top 1% in their field in Clarivate Analytics’ list of ‘Highly Cited Researchers 2019

Through internationalization, innovation and interdisciplinarity, HKU prides itself, attracts and nurtures global scholars through excellence in research, teaching and learning, and knowledge exchange. Hence it’s high rankings in this stead.

Note: We do not limit the rankings to the list above.

The University of Hong Kong Programs

We know the university of Hong Kong for research and innovation. The give students a chance to actualize that via the following programs;

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Master’s programs
  • Doctoral programs
  • Online courses. (they limit The University of Hong Kong online courses. Find out below!)

Do You Need Scholarship? Read Now!!!

The University of Hong Kong Courses

HKU offers over 150 courses at UG and PG levels. The University of Hong Kong courses can be stratified under the following university’s 10 faculties;

  1. Architecture
  2. Arts
  3. Business
  4. Dentistry
  5. Education
  6. Engineering
  7. Law
  8. Medicine
  9. Science
  10. Social Sciences

To narrow down your search for the course of your choice, visit the school’s website to know more about the university of Hong Kong courses. .

Does HKU offer Scholarships to Students?

Yes, the university offers scholarships to students. HKU scholarships are available to both international students and Chinese citizens. Many of her students have attested to the fact that the HKU scholarships are a great financial aid. To qualify for the HKU scholarships, meet up with the requirements as stated by the university. To apply click on the link

Securing any of the HKU scholarships is not 100% guaranteed. We recommend you look out for other scholarships such as;

  • Hani Zeini Scholarship
  • Jared J. Davis Grant
  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

The University of Hong Kong Notable Alumni

HKU Alumni
HKU Alumni

The University of Hong Kong each year since its inception produces over 5000 graduates each year. Among these, many have successfully ingrained themselves into the society. Many have become public figures, politicians and individuals of repute in Hong Kong and beyond.

Among them includes;

  • Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, Former Secretary for Security of Hong Kong (1998–2003) and Hong Kong Legislator (since 2008)
  • Elizabeth Wong, Former Director of Social Welfare and Hong Kong Legislator; now writer
  • Anson Chan Fang On-sang, former Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong
  • Mabel Cheung, Film director
  • Lee Cheuk-yan, member of the Legislative Council
  • Fu Bingchang, Nationalist and Chinese politician
  • Chung Sze-yuen, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE)
  • Zion Tse

These are many more are all products of the University of Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions About HKU

What’s the GPA Requirement to Get into HKU?

HKU accepts a minimum GPA of 4.3. This is a competitive score. For a prestigious university which has honours speaking for its competence, it’s a fair GPA.

Are Courses offered in English at HKU?

They teach many of the university programmes in English, as both the student bodies and faculties are extremely international.

What are the English Language Requirements to get into HKU?

Yes, international students must show English language proficiency to gain admission into HKU. They can determine the English language requirements via either TOEFL and IELTS for undergraduate studies. IELTS score is between 6.0 -7.0 depending on your program.,

They require GRE for masters and doctoral programs.

What’s the SAT Score required to get in HKU?

To get into the University of Hong Kong, the SAT score required is between 550 – 700. Although it differs based on faculties, the range is as stated above.

We recommend you aim higher as it gives you a better chance against the competition.

How much is HKU application fee?

HKU application fee solely depends on the program, course, and duration. It ranges between 300 – 450 HK dollars.

Undergraduates application fee for HKU is 450HKD whereas Postgraduate application fee is 300 HKD.

Are there International Students in HKU?

Yes, the University of Hong Kong is known for its internationalization both in staff and student. 43% out of the total number of students in HKU are international students, meaning that,7,885 students are international students. So yes, there is a place for international students in HKU.

How Long does it take to complete a course in HKU?

Course duration depends on your program, course, and mode of study. A part-time course takes longer time to finish compared to a full-time course. Below is a draft of how long it will take to complete a course in HKU;

  • MBA (2 Courses) takes 14 – 20 Months
  • MIM (1 Course) takes 1 Year
  • BBA (1 Course) takes 4 Years
  • BE/Btech (5 Courses) takes 4 Years
  • MS (1 Course) takes 12 – 24 Months
  • Other Courses (1 Course) takes 4 Years


Studying in the University of Hong Kong is a splendid choice. We recommend you consider the HKU acceptance rate, the HKU courses, the HKU tuition fees and other requirements that would aid you prepare well.

We also recommend you apply for the HKU scholarships to aid you financially. (Everyone needs an extra cash, even if you have plenty).. we hope you found this piece enlightening, do well to reach out to us once you make it to Hong Kong as a student of the University of Hong Kong!!!

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