University of St Andrews Acceptance Rate 2024 | Requirements & How to Apply

The University of St Andrews Acceptance Rate is highly competitive and selective.

The University of St Andrews is a public university in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland (abbreviated as St And, from the Latin Sancti Andreae, in post-nominals). 

However, it is the third-oldest institution in the English-speaking world and the oldest of Scotland’s four ancient universities, behind Oxford and Cambridge. 

Furthermore, when the Avignon Antipope Benedict XIII issued a papal bull to a tiny founding group of Augustinian clerics, St Andrews was established in 1413. St Andrews participated in the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century along with the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.

In addition, three colleges make up St Andrews’ collection of institutions: St Mary’s College, St Leonard’s College, and United College, which was formed by joining St Leonard’s and St Salvator’s Colleges. 

The latter college is an unofficial revival of St. Leonard’s as a postgraduate society. There are four faculties made up of 18 academic institutions.

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Why Choose the University of St Andrews?

Ranking: For the first time in the 30-year history of the guide, the University of St. Andrews has surpassed Oxford and Cambridge to claim the top spot in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide.

Campus: The University of St. Andrews is among the top 100 universities in the world and is one of Scotland’s oldest universities. With its 160 student organizations, 50 sports teams, and close to 100 sports clubs, the University of St. Andrews offers an experience like no other.

Admission Deadlines: Students can apply through various application portals and adhere to two separate deadlines—30 June and 1 May—to be admitted to the University of St. Andrews.

Admission requirements: Indian students must have earned at least 90 percent in Class XII to be eligible for undergraduate and at least 60 percent for graduate programs. 

You must also submit a personal essay outlining your motivations for pursuing your chosen field of study at the University of St. Andrews.

Cost of Attendance: Out of the top 20 universities in the UK, the University of St Andrews offers the most affordable tuition.

Placement: 96% of University of St. Andrews alumni are employed or enrolled in post-secondary education six months after graduation.

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What is the University of St Andrews Acceptance Rate?

One important consideration for students hoping to get admission to the University of St. Andrew is the institution’s acceptance rate. More than 7,985 undergraduate and 2,133 graduate students attend the institution.

Therefore, admission requires an acceptance percentage of 8.35 percent. Since only 8 to 9 applications out of 100 are admitted, it is challenging to get accepted here. 

However, since there are more applications each year, you must perform academically and possess additional skills to stand out.

The university only accepted 4,595 of the 10,845 applicants in a given academic year.

How can I apply to St. Andrews? Interested parties may apply for admission to the university via Direct Application, UCAS, or Common Application.

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What is University of St Andrews Tuition?

A student’s estimated educational costs for their annual enrollment period are included in their cost of attendance.

The University of St. Andrews charges an average of 23,787 (24.22 lakhs) for undergraduate programs and 22,143 (22.54 lakhs) for graduate programs in tuition.

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What is the University of St Andrews Transfer Acceptance Rate?

9.0 percent of all students at SAU are transfer students.

SAU received 168 transfer applications in 2022 and accepted 72 pupils. 

Consequently, SAU’s transfer acceptance rate is 42.86 percent.

This demonstrates how challenging it is to enroll at SAU.

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What is the University of St Andrews Acceptance Rate By Major?

The University of St Andrews acceptance rate by major include:

Business administration and management- 29%

Elementary education and teaching- 16.8%

Psychology- 15%

Sport and fitness administration/management- 14%

Equestrian/equine studies- 8%

Biology/biological sciences- 10%

Game and interactive media design- 8%

Communication- 6%

Junior high/intermediate/middle school education and teaching- 7%

Multi-/interdisciplinary studies- 7%

Forensic psychology- 8%

Special education and teaching- 4%

Physical education teaching and coaching- 4%

Philosophy and religious studies- 5%

Forensic chemistry- 9%

Visual and performing arts- 7%

History- 8%

Creative writing- 4%

Biological and physical sciences- 9%

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What are the Necessary Requirements for the University of St Andrews?

For graduate applicants

Before choosing the qualified applicants, the admissions staff will carefully review all applications. A £50 application fee is required to apply for admission on the school website by international students. The prerequisites for entrance to it are as follows:

  • Resume/CV
  • Evidence of your qualification
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Academic/Work reference
  • Personal statement or sample of written work

The University of St. Andrews has the following admission requirements for international and undergraduate students:

Application Portal:   UCAS  | Direct Application | Common Application

Application Fee: GBP 20- GBP 75

Basic Admission Requirements: 

  • Academic records and transcripts
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • Test scores of different standardized exams in the UK
  • English language proficiency test scores

What are the Transfer Requirements for the University of St Andrews?

Each year, the University of St. Andrews accepts a limited number of applications from students wishing to transfer from another institution of higher learning.

Transfer applicants from the UK must apply through UCAS.

The transfer requirements include the following:

  • Completed Application
  • ALL colleges’ official academic transcripts. (Transfers MUST have a satisfactory academic status with their previous college.)
  • Official high school transcript that includes the date of graduation, the school seal, and your signature (Optional due to COVID-19) American College Testing Assessment Program and/or the official Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (ACT)
  • After receiving admission news, a $300 enrollment deposit is necessary to hold your spot in the incoming class. For fall applicants, deposits are refundable until May 1; for spring applicants, deposits are refundable until October 1.

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What is the GPA Needed to get into the University of St Andrews?

To have a good chance of being admitted to the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. 

However, the University of St. Andrews has substantially stricter GPA standards than most British universities. 

To increase their chances of admission, students must also engage in extracurricular activities such as sports, project leadership, and community service.

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What is the University of St Andrews Deadline?

An early application will give the university enough time to consider it and will give you time to schedule your travel, get visas, and submit scholarship applications.

The deadlines for submitting applications through the various undergraduate portals are shown below:

  • UCAS- 30 June
  • Common Application- 1 May
  • Direct Application- 30 June
  • Direct Application for Medicine- 15 October

Mentioned below are the application deadlines for postgraduate programs:

  • School of English (all Masters programs)- 31 May
  • School of International Relations- 29 April
  • Research Methods in Psychology- 7 January
  • Psychology Conversion MSc- 18 February
  • Classics MLitt- 8 July
  • Neuroscience MRes- 18 February

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What are the University of St. Andrews Decision Dates?

From the application opening date until the application deadline, completed applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. 

Therefore, after submitting a comprehensive application, you can typically anticipate hearing back within four weeks.


This article covers everything you need to know about the University of St Andrews acceptance rate, average GPA, and admission requirements.

We sincerely hope you will find it helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for accommodation at St. Andrews?

Please email at with any questions about the St. Andrews accommodation. 

What qualifications and grades do I need?

It varies according to degree programs and the intended student’s location.

How do I pay for my accommodation at St. Andrews?

Fees can be paid in installments using a credit or debit card.

Is St. Andrews an elite university?

Yes. It is a 600-year-old institution that is well-known worldwide and continuously performs better in national and international leagues.


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