UNN Post UTME Form 2021-2022, Past Questions and Answers

The University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) is one of the Federal Universities in Nigeria and one of the prestigious universities too. This being the case, there’s a lot of competition in getting admission into school, it’s as thin as you can imagine.

To be one of the fresh intakes that UNN will have in its new academic session, you have to be very much prepared in order to have an edge over candidates that register for the post UTME in their thousands.

In a bid to get yourself prepared for UNN Post UTME, academicrelated.com has brought this article your way. Here, we covered the following about the University of Nigeria Nsukka Post UTME: the nature of the post UTME, eligibility requirements, the cut-off mark, how to get the past questions and answers, etc. It is quite resourceful and you can’t afford to leave without going through it all!

What is the nature of the UNN Post UTME?

One of the very first things that a student awaiting an examination should do is to make findings about the nature of the examination. This is expedient in that it enables you to be precise and exact in your preparation.

With regards to UNN POST UTME screening exercise, the importance of using the post UTME past questions and answers cannot be overemphasized. Undergraduates and alumni of this prestigious institution have always attested to that.

You are to note the following:

  • The UNN post UTME screening exercise is a Computer Based Test (CBT)
  • Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements are to sit for the four subjects they wrote in the 2020 UTME.
  • Candidates will answer a total of 60 questions in 60 minutes

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Eligibility Requirements For UNN 2020/2021 Post UTME

To be eligible to write the 15th University of Nigeria Nsukka Post UTME, you must:

  • Have chosen UNN in the 2020 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examination.
  • Have scored a minimum of 180 in JAMB exam.
  • Have five (5) O’ Level credits at one or two sittings (including English Language and Mathematics) or, are awaiting results that shall be released before the completion of the admission exercise.

UNN Post UTME Cut-off Mark

The UNN does not actually have a specific cut-off mark for courses.  Be that as it may, applicants who have scored at least 180 in their UTME are eligible to apply for admission into any of their choice courses at UNN. While some departments pegged their cut-off mark at 180, some others can go as high 270.

When Will UNN Start the Sale of 2020 Post UTME Form?

The online registration commences on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, and ends on Friday, August 28, 2020. Candidates are advised to ensure they get the Official UNN Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers. This will help them prepare adequately for the screening exercise. Check below to get yours.

Guidelines on How to Apply for UNN Post UTME 2020/2021 and the things you need to know

To apply for UNN post UTME, follow the following process:

  1. Process Flow for Post-UTME Registration
  2. Log on to the University Website: unn.edu.ng
  3. Click on UNN portal (Top right corner of the Website)
  • Click Prospective Students
  1. Select Online Application Form for 2020/2021 Admission Screening Exercise
  2. Enter JAMB Registration Number
  3. Generate Invoice
  • Proceed to bank for Payment or pay using your ATM Card
  • Return to Portal
  1. Re-enter JAMB Registration Number
  2. Complete Date of Birth and all other blank fields
  3. Enter O/Level Subjects and Grades (also provide your Centre and Examination Number. Note: Awaiting Results candidates should list their SSCE subjects)
  • Re-enter your grades correctly
  • Upload Certificates (Ensure that their sizes are not above 100KB)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Local Government Identification
  • Testimonial
  • First School Leaving Certificate
  • JAMB Result Slip
  • O/Level 1
  • O/Level 2 (For double sitting candidates) and click the NEXT button
  • Review Summary Page and check that all details entered are correct
  1. Check the CONFIRMATION BOX below
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Print Acknowledgement Slip.



UNN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers and Why You Need to Get it

The objective of UNN Post UTME screening exercise is specific. It seeks to test candidates for a specific set of skills and level of knowledge. So, pending same objective, this institution receives different sets of students yearly. Hence, a random repetition of questions from the previous year is usually the case.

Research likewise personal experience has proved that the right material for you ahead of the screening exercise is UNN Post UTME past questions and answers. In using it, you will get acquainted with the question pattern and possible answers which will enable you scale through the exam and have an edge over others as in an 80,000 Post UTME applications UNN receive; only about 5,000 make it in. It is needful that you get a copy of the UNN post UTME past questions and answers because a good number of the questions you will see on the exam day is a replica of what you in there. Be hesitant in getting it!

Purchasing a copy of this past question helps you practice on having speed and accuracy to finish in 60 minutes and gives you access to direct access to our team of professionals. They will proffer educational counsel, like undergraduate scholarships you could apply to once you gain admission at UNN. You can’t afford to miss it!

How to get UNN Post UTME Past Questions?

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

You will write the same subjects that you wrote in UTME for the UNN Post-UTME screening exercise. So, we have all the subject combinations you wrote in UTME according to the course you applied for.

So, what is required is to show the course you applied for in the description of your payment.

STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method

We have two methods of purchasing our UNN Post UTME past questions and answers. They include; Bank transfer and direct bank deposit

The account details are as follows:

Account Name: Nwadioha Gospel Chinonso

Account Number: 0238325253

Bank Name: GT BANK

Amount: N2000 N1500

STEP 3: Confirmation of Payment

If you choose Bank transfer, type in the description of payment: “The Type of UNN Post UTME Past Question and Answers you’re purchasing.” For example, “UNN Engineering Past Question.” Then contact the number below or email address with evidence of payment and you will get your past question without hesitation.

Also, if you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, and then send the following information to the phone number or email below:

1. Depositors Name

2. Teller number

3. Amount paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 08166475060

EMAIL: academicrelated1@gmail.com

Sample UNN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers – Engineering

Choose the right answer from the list of options below.

1.            An air bubble rises from the bottom to the top of a water dam which is 40 m deep. The volume of the bubble just below the surface is 2.5 cm3. Find its volume at the bottom of the dam, if the atmospheric pressure is equivalent to 10 m of water.

(A) 2.0 cm3 (B) 1.6 cm3 (C) 0.625 cm3 (D) 0.5 cm3

2.            Radio waves have a velocity of 3 x 108 m/s. A radio station sends out a broadcast on a frequency of 800 KHz. The wavelength of the broadcast is_____.

(A) 240.0 m (B) 267.0m (C) 375.0 m (D) 37.5 m (E) 26.7 m

3.            2H2S(g) +SO2(g)→3S(g) +2H2O(l).

The above reaction is______.

A.            a redox reaction in which H2S is the oxidant and SO2 is the reductant
B.            a redox reaction in which SO2 is the oxidant and H2S is the reductant
C.            not a redox reaction because there is no oxidant in the reaction equation
D.            not a redox reaction because there is no reductant in the reaction equation

4.            How many unpaired electrons are in the p- orbitals of a fluorine atom?

A.           1
B.            2
C.            3
D.            0

5.            A metal M displaces zinc from ZnCl2 solution. This shows that_____.

A.            electrons flow from zinc to M
B.            M is more electropositive than zinc
C.            M is more electronegative than zinc
D.            zinc is more electropositive than M

6.            Increasing the pressure of a gas,______.

A.            lowers the average kinetic energy of the molecules
B.            decreases the density of the gas
C.            decreases the temperature of the gas
D.           increases the density of the gas
E.            increases the volume of the gas

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