Villanova Acceptance Rate 2022 and Average GPA

It might interest you to know that although the Villanova acceptance rate is quite competitive, they still strive hard to enroll the best students who add great value to the society to pursue their various respective programs.

Villanova acceptance rate is quiet low and very competitive. To get admission into the school, it is required to qualify and meet up with their entire requirement exceptionally.

History Of Villanova University

Villanova University is a catholic school in eastern Pennsylvania. Inspired by the values of truth, unity, and love, creating an environment for study t to learn critically and succeed while serving others.

Villanova University is located at 800 E. Lancaster Ave, eastern Pennsylvania, United States.

Villanova acceptance rate 2022 is competitive and takes you to have their requirement before you can get a chance to get in. Below are the answers to all the questions you have, if you are planning to get admission to Villanova University.

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What Is Villanova University Acceptance Rate 2022?

Villanova university acceptance rate 2022 is 23%. This shows that Villanova University is very selective and competitive in the United States. We at Villanova, we accept student of all races, in all countries

What Is Villanova University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

The Villanova University transfer acceptance rateis 25%. The university acceptance rate is competitive for applicants.

To have a chance of being admitted to Villanova University, your GPA should be within the range of 4.2 to 4.37. Also, you will be required to submit standardized test scores (SAT/ACT).

To be able to get a chance in getting into Villanova University, your average SAT score should be around 1320 and for the ACT, your score should be the equivalent.

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What Is Villanova University GPA Requirements?

Villanova University GPA requirement is 3.21 to 3.5 Out of 4.0(82%). Your GPA, SAT/ACT scores and other requirements for application should meet Villanova university requirement admission requirements, so that you can have a good chance of you getting in.

But,if any of your GPA or SAT/ACT scores is low then there is a probability of you not being admitted even if you meet other requirements.

For International students preparing for Villanova university admissions, you should have a minimum score of TOEFL-IBT and GMAT score of 635, a GPA of 3.0/4.0(80%), and provisions of 2 recommendation letters.

The Villanova University GPA requirement is a bit high but it is worth entering if you have the required GPA and documents.

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Does Villanova Require Covid Vaccine?

Yes, Villanova requires that all students, faculty, and staff on campus must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccination requirement applies to all students enrolled in any full-time class, whether on-campus or elsewhere.

Villanova receives Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Villanova also receives vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) evaluation process.

Does Villanova Have A Good Business School?

Yes, Villanova University has a good business school. The Villanova School of business is highly ranked among business schools in the United State. Its online undergraduate program is ranked as the top number three while it’s online MBA is ranked as the top number 9.

Villanova’s intellectual climate, research and scholarship activity, and a combined approach to teaching and learning that encourage an academic experience that creates pathways for Villanova’s to ignite change wherever they go.

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How Competitive Is Villanova University?

The school is very selective. If you meet Villanova’s GPA, SAT / ACT, and other program requirements, you have a great chance of getting it. But if you lack a GPA or your SAT / ACT scores, you will have a very low chance of being admitted, even if you meet other entry requirements.

Is Villanova A Good College?

Villanova university is a good college, it promotes and builds world changers, by enabling them to approach the pursuit of knowledge as a means to serve our global society and encourage interactions, improve lives and encourage change.

No matter where you are in your academic journey, Villanova will build you to use your knowledge, skills, and understanding to better the world around you.

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What Is Villanova University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees?

The total Villanova University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees is $77,705: the first-yeartuition is $60,768, housing is $8,587, a meal plan is $7,500, and the general fee is $460, and health fee is $390.

The total cost Villanova University Tuition and fees can vary depending on the choice of the student residential hall(housing) and the student meal plan.

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Does Villanova Gives Full Scholarship?

Villanova University givescholarship and grants to student based merit and revealed financial aid consecutively.

If you want to apply for federal state scholarships and grants, the student can simply apply for financial assistance Villanova University on the school website and state why you need the scholarship.

If you have applied for the need based grant and scholarship and have been shortlisted by the Villanova University scholarship committee, you will be notified by that time- the time is usually during the time to pay tuition fee.

What are Villanova University Majors?

  1. Africana studies
  2. Arab and Islamic studies
  3. Asian studies
  4. Art history
  5. Astronomy and astrophysics
  6. Ball chemistry
  7. Biology
  8. Chemistry
  9. Classical studies
  10. Criminology
  11. Computer science
  12. Comprehensive science
  13. Communication
  14. Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience
  15. Dental medicine
  16. Education
  17. English
  18. Environmental
  19. Gender and women’s studies
  20. Geography
  21. Global interdisciplinary studies
  22. French and francophone studies
  23. Environmental science
  24. Economics
  25. Cultural studies
  26. History
  27. Humanity
  28. Irish studies
  29. Theology and religious studies
  30. Chemical and Biological Engineering
  31. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  32. Electric and Computer Engineering
  33. Mechanical Engineering
  34. Nursing
  35. What is Villanova Transfer Application Deadline
  36. Fall admission
  37. College of nursing – March 1
  38. College of liberal art, school of business, and college of engineering – June 1
  39. Spring admission
  40. College of liberal and arts and college of engineering –November 1

College of nursing and school of business does not receive transfer applications during the spring term.

What Are Villanova Decision Dates?

  • Early Decision I- November 1
  • Early Action- November 1
  • Early Decision II- January 15
  • Regular Decision -January 15
  • Notification Deadline
  • Early Decision I- January 20
  • Early Action- December 15
  • Early Decision II- March 1
  • Regular Decision -May 1
  • Enrollment Deadlines
  • Early Decision I- May 1
  • Early Action- January 7
  • Early Decision II- February 15
  • Regular Decision – April 1


Having a dream and pursuing it is two different thing. If you are one of those that want to move from just having a dream to pursuing the dream in University.Villanova University is your best shot to explore. The benefits are numerous, though the acceptance rate is competitive, but the university worth the try.

Villanova Acceptance Rate 2022 FAQs

Do I Need To Apply Separately For Villanova University Scholarship Consideration?

All students who applied for the scholarship are considered eligible for the merit-based scholarship. You are not required to apply separately for the scholarship. Your undergraduates and LSAC are the factors that will be considered when evaluating for scholarship.

How Do I Check My Status Of Admission For Villanova University?

To check your admission status, kindly visit website. An e-mail along with your user ID and password will be sent to you immediately receive your application.

Are Their Any Prerequisite High School Courses Needed To Select A Major at Villanova University?

Villanova School of Business: past successful applicants have had at least one year/one unit of high school Calculus (beyond Pre-Calculus), if Calculus is offered at their school. If given the choice, we advise students to take Calculus over Statistics if only one can be taken.

College of Engineering: a Physics course is required for all engineering applicants. Calculus is strongly encouraged (beyond Pre-Calculus), if Calculus is offered at your school.

College of Nursing: applicants are required to have successfully completed at least one year/one unit of Biology and Chemistry during high school. Advanced levels of Biology and Chemistry are strongly encouraged.

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