What is the Job Description of a Virtual Assistant?

If you want to know the duties and responsibilities to expect, as well the monetary benefits of being a virtual assistant, then, you should read this job description to the end.

Just like Secretaries, virtual assistants assist their employers with administrative tasks.

But, unlike secretaries who have to go to the office every day, a virtual assistant does his or her job from home or any other location they prefer.

These individuals make use of internet services to communicate with their employers, schedule appointments, make travel appointments and respond to emails.

In order to do all of these, a good virtual assistant must be given to details, and possess good time management and communication skills.

An ideal candidate should be a good multitasker and always know how to stay self-motivated.

This is because they work from home, the tendency to overlook certain things is possible.


What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants do not work in offices, and may not have to work in the same state of the country as their clients.

In other words, a virtual assistant is his or her own boss and does not exactly work for anybody.

The companies they work for are more like clients.

Most of the duties and responsibilities a virtual assistant performs are usually very similar to those an assistant or secretary does.

The specific responsibilities of a virtual assistant vary from company to company.

Irrespective of the company, some of the general duties of a virtual assistant include organising e-files preparing and editing presentations documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Also, they schedule appointments, make travel arrangements and respond to phone calls on the behalf of their employer.

Virtual assistants typically work from home, therefore they must be careful to avoid scam.

Before signing any document with a client, it is important to carry out your own research and be sure the organisation is legit.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant?

In order to perform all the duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant, you must have good network services.

This is very relevant because they work from home, therefore practically all their duties are performed online.

Here are some of the typical duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant usually featured in the job description:

1. Convincing potential clients to work with you as their virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are saddled With the responsibility of convincing a client to work with them.

They do this by persuasion and present a good portfolio and/or recommendation.

2. Make travel appointments

Like I already said a V/A performs almost the same duties and responsibilities secretaries and assistants perform.

Making necessary travel arrangements and booking hotel reservations is also one of their duties.

3. Seek for potential clients

Virtual assistants responsibilities also includes seeking and identifying potential clients.

They do this by signing up to freelancing platforms and putting up a good virtual assistant portfolio on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

4. Handling company’s social media platforms

Some clients also put their virtual assistant in charge of handling their social media platforms.

The V/A creates original and engaging posts and also responds to messages.

5. Respond to phone calls

Although they are not in the same location as their employers, virtual assistants are also in charge of responding to phone calls on behalf of their employers.

In order to perform this duty, a good V/A should possess good customer service skills.

Other duties and responsibilities of a virtual assistant include:

  • Scheduling appointments and meetings for clients.
  • Carry out market research
  • Handle administrative queries.
  • Prepare reports and presentations.

In general, it is safe to say that a virtual assistant performs administrative duties for their clients.

What qualifications do I need to become a virtual assistant?

The minimum qualification for becoming a virtual assistant is a high school diploma.

Although some virtual assistants have an associate or bachelor’s degree, and this gives them an edge.

Individuals can take an online training program from online educators like Udemy, on what the job of a virtual assistant entails.

Some companies and online educators also issue certification for virtual assistants who complete their tutorials and pass an online or offline examination.

Knowledge of the use of technologies such as VolP, desktop sharing and cloud services is also required.

Just like with almost all jobs, employers also expect potential virtual assistants to have some year of experience in performing administrative tasks.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and the use of online calendars as well as scheduling software is both relevant and advantageous.

All of these requirements should not be surprising considering the fact that V/As work from home.

Keep reading this free guide on the job description of a virtual assistant to know the Essential skills and monetary benefits a V/A should possess and receive respectively.

What skills should a virtual assistant have?

This guide on the job description of a virtual assistant will never be complete without including the essential skills they should possess.

Although the duties and responsibilities section of any job description is one of the most important parts, no virtual assistant can properly carry out those duties without these skills.

As a result, employers lookout for potential virtual assistants who have some or all these skills or attributes.

1.Give attention to details

A good virtual assistant should be able to give attention to details at all times.

Even if you don’t have to go to the office, you should still carry out your duties with little or no errors.

2.Ability to multitask

In order to perform more than one task at a time, a good virtual assistant should possess multitasking skills.

This way, you can achieve so many things in a limited time.

Whenever multitasking is not possible, prioritising your tasks is important.

In as much as a preference should be given to the most important tasks, less important ones should not be totally left out.

3. Good time managerial skills

The importance of time management as a virtual assistant cannot be overemphasized.

You may not be in the same location as your boss, but you are responsible for helping him or her manage time 

4.Great communication skills

A virtual assistant should be eloquent in speech. 

You should be able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing as well. 

Also, a good virtual assistant should possess good listening skills.

This is relevant when communicating with their clients and also when responding to calls.

5.Good customer service skills

All virtual assistants who have succeeded or intend to succeed in this career path must possess good customer service skills.

This is because a virtual assistant is responsible for responding to calls and emails.

Speaking badly on behalf of your client is bad business for them.

Although, employers look out for virtual assistants who demonstrate a sense of professionalism when performing their duties.

Where do virtual assistants work?

virtual assistants work from home, and as I said, they are their own boss, they only work for clients.

Some of the potential clients of virtual assistants include:

  • Government workers
  • Banks
  • Transport agencies
  • Logistics companies
  • IT firms

Usually, clients search for virtual assistants online or through agencies that staff virtual assistants.

How much do virtual assistants make?

The United States Bureau of Labour Statistics does not compile separate salary data for virtual assistants.

Therefore, the figures below are for secretaries and administrative assistants.

On average, virtual assistants in the United States make up to $38,880 per year, which is $18.69 per hour.

Their salary ranges from $24,690 per year to $64,230 per year.

Which is $11.87 per hour and $30.88 per hour respectively.

These figures may not be the same for you depending on your geographical location.

Some of the factors that may determine the pay of a virtual assistant include:

  • Location: virtual assistants who work for clients in locations where the economy is poor may not be paid much.
  • Experience: Usually, more experienced virtual assistants are paid better than their less experienced colleagues
  • Qualification: Those who have less qualification are typically paid less.
  • Employer: V/As who work for rich and affluent employers are usually paid more.

Virtual assistant work environment and schedule

virtual assistants usually work from home, they may rent an office space if they want to.

Their working hours and days are determined by them. Sometimes they may have to work in the evening and on weekends.

The virtual assistant job outlook

Unfortunately, the number of job opportunities for secretaries is expected to drop by 5% from 2016 through 2026, according to the United States Bureau of labour statistics.

There is not available statistics for the estimated job opportunities for virtual assistants at the time of compiling this job description.

Conclusion: virtual assistant job description guide

Those who are interested in administrative tasks but also want to work from home always make good virtual assistants.

When creating a professional virtual assistant resume, potential virtual assistants should feel free to make optimum use of this job description.

It can also be used as a template by clients to create their worn unique job description.

On that note, clients are free to make adjustments to this job description to suit their needs.

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