10 Best Welding Schools in Denver 2023 | A Detailed Guide

Have you been thinking about how you can get into a welding school and what you need to become a welder in Denver? This article explains how much welding schools cost, how to get certified without attending school, and how long welding school takes.

Welding is already a thriving industry that is only expanding. Companies across the country are looking for well-trained, hardworking welders. 

You can find classes that are appropriate for your ability level. Attending the classes listed below will help you become the greatest hobby welder you can be.

Getting the right welding schools in Denver might take some work. However, with this article, your selection would be made more accessible.

We’ve compiled detailed information on what welding schools in Denver are all about and how to get into welding. Also, this article explained how you can become a welder in Denver, how to get certified without going to school, and how long it takes to complete a welding school.

Let’s forge ahead!

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What is Welding?

Welding is the technique of uniting two materials, sometimes known as substrates, by fusing them with concentrated heat energy along the seams. 

In other words, a welding school provides a comprehensive education covering technical talents and other soft skills to help students succeed in this industry.

Thus, going to a welding school in Denver can teach you how to get into welding properly and become a well-paid welder.

Are Welders in Demand in Denver?

Welders are among the highest-paid workers in the industry. Because of the state’s extensive infrastructure, welders are always in great demand in Denver. 

Welders who work hard to improve their abilities and understanding of the craft are in high demand and can barter for better compensation and access to highly sought-after employment.

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How Long Does it Take to be Trained as a Welder?

You can acquire a welding certificate in as little as four months if you already have your high school diploma or GED or if you hunt for a school that allows you to attend courses while still in high school. 

Most schools include career centers that can assist you in finding a job in your industry. As a result, determining how long it takes to become a welder in Denver is based on your chosen welding school and curriculum. 

If you want to get your AAS in welding, it usually takes two years. The advantage is that you will study numerous welding techniques, making you more marketable once you have graduated and obtained your AWS or ASME certification.

How Much Do Welding Schools Cost in Denver?

Welding schools typically cost between $5,250 and $11,100. 

Most welding training institutes charge between $5,000 and $15,000 for tuition, with most students spending an average of $6,850.

Basic programs start at $3,600, whereas underwater welding institutes can cost up to $15,000.

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Is Now a Good Time to Become a Welder?

There are numerous reasons to become a welder, as it is a highly fulfilling career. If you opt to become a welder, you will have a rewarding job that pays well. 

Employers in the welding business have difficulty finding qualified candidates, so completing a training course is a wise move to put yourself ahead of the competition.

Therefore, you need to attend a welding school in Denver to become a highly-paid welder. Furthermore, knowing how long it takes to complete a welding school prepares you not only for the short term but also for the long term.

How Much Does a Welder Make Annually?

On average, a welder with one to two years of experience may expect to earn $21.01 per hour. That is $3,642 per month or $43,701 per year.

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How Do I Become a Welder in Denver?

It is a straightforward process to become a welder. To begin, you must have a high school diploma or a GED. Following that, you must enroll in one of the welding schools in Colorado, such as those listed above. 

After completing your education, you must seek certification from the American Welding Society or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Regarding certifying welders, AWS and ASME are the gold standards. Earning a certificate from one of these organizations means you’ll have additional opportunities. 

It’s also possible to get a certificate in welding without going to school. A more experienced welder should train you for this to happen.

The Top 10 Best Welding Schools in Denver

The welding schools listed here can teach you how to get into welding and become a qualified welder.

#1. Lincoln Tech Denver

This institution operates eight welding schools throughout the country. They provide three separate welding curricula, each with its own set of specific materials. Each includes the three most common welding processes: shielded metal arc welding, inert gas welding, gas metal arc welding, and others. 

The seminars begin with an in-depth examination of the characteristics of various metals and then progress to hands-on training. Students must complete a 10-hour OSHA-approved safety orientation. 

In addition, their tuition is $33,957.


#2. Emily Griffith Technical College

This school provides two distinct welding programs: Welding 1 and Welding 2. Welding 1 provides students with hands-on experience with the most critical welding procedures. 

The course emphasizes essential welding skills, equipment setup, safety, and fundamental welding metallurgy. Students will also learn about metal types, welding positions, and other topics. 

Welding 2 provides hands-on training in more advanced welding techniques, allowing students to improve their ability to weld in defined positions and effectively cut pipes. 

The institute provides full-time and part-time class schedules to accommodate its students’ busy schedules. Students can utilize the greatest tools and learn the best techniques for tough welds.


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#3. Northeastern Junior College 

They provide a welding technology program that teaches fundamental and advanced welding techniques. Students must be able to pass a Welder Performance Qualification, as well as read and comprehend welding designs. 

Students can select the classes and times that work best for them. They can also take the classes at their own pace.


#4. Pickens Technical College

 They provide a two-year program in which students learn how to operate equipment, read blueprints, set equipment controls to regulate gas flow, and other skills. 

The program involves classroom and hands-on training in the most recent welding techniques. The school employs the latest welding gear and equipment to ensure that its pupils receive up-to-date instruction. 

The American Welding Society Plate Certification Test is given to determine welding competency. The program has a total of 1,080 clock hours and 55 credit hours.


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#5. Kilroy’s Workshop 

This is an excellent place to begin your welding studies. This school can teach you how to become a welder in Denver in no time. They offer enjoyable sessions for those who want to learn a new activity but also have a professional training academy. 

Kilroy’s has small class sizes and tailors each visit to the ability levels of their pupils. They also have great classes like forging and manufacturing leather sheaths. 

The Workshop offers test prep for the American Welding Society D1.1 3G Test in GMAW and MIG for ages 16 and older. 

Their academy provides professional training, but they expect a lot from their students.


#6. Aims Community College 

They provide a wide range of study options. Welding certifications from the College allow students to learn about the subject and develop abilities in less time than it takes to finish a degree program. 

Aims provide five different welding certificates, each covering a different welding method, such as pipe welding, metal fabrication, and arc welding. 

The College also provides a more comprehensive certificate program that combines most of their credentials into a single program. Furthermore, the certificate programs can assist students in preparing for the welding technology degree program.


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#7. Trinidad State College 

They provide a welding technology program that prepares students for a professional career in welding construction and fabrication. 

The curriculum combines classroom training with project-based instruction from an NCCER Certified instructor. 

Workplace safety, applied mathematics, and hands-on instruction in oxyacetylene, tungsten, structural welding, pipe welding, and metal arc are all taught to students. 

Trinidad State College provides a Certificate in Welding Technology and an AAS degree in Welding Technology. In addition, their tuition is $ 21,000 each year.


#8. Front Range Community College

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited Front Range Community College. The college’s purpose is to enrich people’s lives through education. 

Individuals from various educational and professional backgrounds are accepted at the university. 

Front Range Community College provides a variety of classes, including online, evening, and traditional alternatives. Choose from over 60 academic programs and get a degree or completion certificate.

The Gas Metal Arc Welding course was created to help students improve their skills and knowledge in line with industry standards. The Welding and Metal Fabrication program will prepare you for entry-level industry careers.

They offer classes in;

  • AAS in Welding
  •  Certificates in Pipe Welding
  •  Metal Fabrication
  •  Comprehensive Welding
  •  Creative Metalworking
  •  Gas Metal Arc Welding
  •  Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  •  Oxyacetylene Welding
  •  Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  •  Welding Fundamentals

How long it takes to complete your welding courses at this school depends on the program you opt for.

However, their duration is roughly four months to two years. And the average tuition cost is $1,237 to $14,481, plus supplies.


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#9. Red Rocks Community College

It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Institutions of Higher Education and has campuses in Lakewood and Arvada. 

The college provides degrees and certificates in in-demand professions like speech-language pathology and audiology, law enforcement, fire science, and health careers. 

The Welding program was created to help students get the abilities required for jobs at the industry’s starting level.


#10. Community College Of Denver

Three welding simulators are available at CCD’s cutting-edge Advanced Manufacturing Center for you to hone your welding skills. 

You can obtain five AWS certificates as you complete your AAS in fabrication welding. After receiving your Basic Welding Certificate, you can begin working and earning while you learn. Each certificate will count toward your associate degree.

Programs available include;

  • AAS in Fabrication Welding
  •  Certificates in Basic Welding
  •  Intermediate Welding
  •  Arc Welder
  •  Fabrication Welder
  •  Creative Metalworking.

Knowing how long it takes to complete your welding courses in this school depends on the program you opt for.

However, their duration is roughly four months to two years. The average tuition cost is $2,607 to $9,968, plus $350 to $850 for supplies.


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Frequently Asked Questions On Welding Schools In Denver

Do I need a welding license?

In Colorado, there is no license required to be a welder. 
There are so many different types of welding that licensing would be difficult. Employers instead search for educational qualifications as well as AWS and ASME certifications.

Is welding a promising career?

Yes, welding is a fantastic career because of the work security, pay, variety of chances, and advantages. 
This employment is a top choice for you if you enjoy a challenge, are willing to work in all types of weather, are at ease with a small amount of risk, and can handle various work conditions.


There are drawbacks to any occupation. Knowing what makes a job challenging or even risky is essential to determining whether it is the correct one for you. 

Just as crucial as location and money when choosing a career path is taking into account the unpleasant realities of the position. 

So long as the person is qualified for the job, welding can be long, rewarding, and lucrative.

In this guide, we provide you with the essential information you need to know about welding. From what welding school is all about, how to get into welding and how to become a welder in Denver, to how much a welding school costs and how long it takes to complete it.


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