15 Best Welding Schools in Michigan 2024 | Requirements & Cost


Are you in search of the best welding schools in Michigan? Search no more, I got you covered.

Those who enjoy working with metal and fire will be interested in becoming welders.


Michigan is a rapidly growing location for industrial jobs and opportunities. There are numerous openings in the state for welders. 

If you’ve ever considered becoming a welder in Michigan, you may find it difficult to know where to begin.


This is an extremely rewarding career with numerous job opportunities.

You must complete your training to become a welder, and we have compiled a list of welding schools for you.

Learn some other interesting facts about this job.


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Are there Welding Schools in Michigan?

There are several welding schools in Michigan. Some of these welding schools include:

  • Washtenaw Community College
  • Siena Heights University
  • Monroe County Community College
  • Wayne County Community College
  • Schoolcraft College
  • Jackson College
  • Henry Ford Community College
  • Macomb Community College
  • Oakland Community College
  • Baker College
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Michigan Career and Technical Institute
  • Kellogg Community College
  • Ferris State University
  • Muskegon Community College

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How Does One Become a Welder in Michigan?

Becoming a certified welder is an excellent way to advance your career and learn new skills. 

In addition to the state’s certification program, two professional organizations offer certification: the American Welding Society (AWS) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 

The AWS certification is intended for welding professionals, and you can obtain it by passing the SENSE Level I Entry Welders examination.

The Michigan Department of Transportation certifies welders in the state of Michigan. The Structural Fabrication Unit oversees the certification program, and welders must complete private testing to meet the criteria. 

However, welders are restricted to the work their certification level allows them to do.

What are the Best Welding Schools in Michigan?

Below are the best welding schools in Michigan offering training for future welders.

The American Welder Society’s SENSE Accreditation Program approved all of these schools.

All of these schools teach the most commonly used welding techniques.

1. Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College offers one of the most diverse and well-designed curriculums and program offerings. 

The main benefit of studying here is that you will have the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in each field while also practicing your skills and knowledge in labs and practice facilities that are unique in this area.

The welding program will prepare you for an exciting career and a high-paying job. The classes and labs cover all the skills and theoretical knowledge required to become one of the best in this industry.

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2. Siena Heights University

With one of the best teaching methods and strategies in the area, Siena Heights University is an excellent place to begin your new career. 

The college has continuously developed its curriculum and materials to provide the best education possible to its students. 

The classes, labs, and dorms have been recently renovated and are ready to make your stay unforgettable.

The technical and engineering programs are excellent, and the welding program provides an ideal career path. 

The primary certificate level is completed in months, and the school will assist you with job placement.

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3. Monroe County Community College

Monroe County Community College is among the friendliest and most welcoming places to begin your studies. 

The college constantly fights to provide its students with the best educators, materials, dorms, and opportunities. 

The programs are designed with the assistance of the best educational experts and with the feedback of alums and current students in mind.

The welding program provides a wide range of specialties and opportunities and can be completed at the certificate or degree level. All courses and classes cover the most recent welding trends and methods.

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4. Wayne County Community College

The Wayne County Community College District is a modern institution with some of the region’s most exciting and popular programs. 

The college is well-known throughout the country for its outstanding educators and teachers, who are constantly trained to provide students with the best education and college experience possible.

The welding certificate program is excellent and leads to numerous job opportunities. 

Because the class is small, you will have plenty of time to ask questions and learn everything you need.

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5. Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College is the ideal place to take your hands-on hobbies and passions to the next level. 

It is modern, dynamic, and ready to give everyone a new career. The college has some of the most current resources and labs, allowing you to learn all the necessary skills in the shortest amount of time. The college can also assist you with financial planning.

Given the high demand in the industry for welding experts, the welding program is excellent. 

The program is brief and well-structured, and it will provide you with the career of your dreams in a matter of months.

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6. Jackson College

Jackson College is one of the best places to start a new career because of its extensive expertise and numerous educational awards. 

All the facilities are very modern and have been designed to meet the needs of both students and educators. 

You will achieve your full potential in a brief period with very little assistance. You can also get financial advice from the school.

The welding certificate program is brief, future-oriented, and well-structured, and it will prepare you for a high-paying career in just a few months. This skill is in high demand, and you will quickly find the ideal job.

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7. Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College is among the most well-known and prestigious in vocational and trade education. 

The college has a long history and extensive experience, and it is eager to share its knowledge, skills, and expertise with anyone who seeks it. 

The facilities and resources use cutting-edge technology and will assist you throughout your education.

Also, the welding program is an excellent choice for a dynamic and well-paid skilled craft career because it is short and integrative. You will quickly learn the skills required to begin a new chapter in your life.

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8. Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College has been in operation since 1954. Today, the institution ranks in the top 2% nationally for the number of associate degrees awarded, and it educates approximately 38.000 students each year. 

Furthermore, the Higher Learning Commission has accredited the college.

Macomb Community College has a wide range of degree and certificate programs. 

The Basic Welding Certificate Program is designed to introduce individuals to welding skills and techniques. 

The Advanced Welding Certificate Program builds on the Basic Program and is intended to help you improve your skills.

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9. Oakland Community College

Oakland Community College was founded in 1965. The college now has five campuses and has served over a million students. 

It has the lowest tuition rate in the greater Detroit area. Over 290 transfer agreements exist between the college and 4-year colleges and institutions across the country. The Higher Learning Commission has accredited Oakland Community College.

The university offers over 100 programs in high-demand fields (healthcare, IT, advanced manufacturing). 

Select the Welding Technology Certificate Program to prepare for entry-level jobs in various industries.

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10. Baker College

Baker College was established in the 1960s. It is now a college that serves thousands of students each year and works to cultivate and encourage critical thinking, positive action, and knowledge. The Higher Learning Commission has accredited Baker College.

The primary goal of the college is to prepare students for careers in Health, Business, Technical Careers, and Human Services in today’s global economy. 

Gain hands-on experience in fully-equipped labs by enrolling in the Welding Certificate Program. After graduation, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in welding.

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11. Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College, which has some of the best trainers and teachers in the state, is an excellent educational option for anyone looking to start a new career. 

The programs and classes are extremely well-designed and designed to allow you to begin working as soon as possible.

The welding program is fantastic and will allow you to work in dynamic and enjoyable teams while earning a high salary. The program is only a few months long and includes everything you need.

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12. Michigan Career and Technical Institute

Michigan Career and Technical Institute is a well-known name in technological education, offering some of the best educational programs in the state. 

If you want to start a technical career, this is the place to be. It has the best equipment in our labs and practice areas, and they will make you an outstanding professional.

The welding program is among the best in the trade skill list, and the certificate level can be completed in months. The skills and theory delivered range from the fundamentals to cutting-edge technology.

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13. Kellogg Community College

Kellogg Community College offers some of the best educational programs in the state of Michigan, and it will assist you in achieving your dreams and goals. 

Their educators and teachers are among the best in the field, chosen from the best professionals in each area. The campus will make your stay here enjoyable and relaxing.

The welding program is excellent, and you will have a wide range of certificate and degree options. 

Additionally, the certificate program is 43 credit hours long and includes all the skills and knowledge needed to begin a career in this industry.

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14. Ferris State University

Ferris State University is an excellent choice for your future; you will have the time of your life there. 

The curriculum is very modern and will provide you with one of the widest ranges of programs and classes to help you start a new career or advance in your current one. 

The professional and friendly teaching staff also contributes to the high quality of education.

The technical programs are excellent, and one of the most popular is the welding program, which is popular because it is quick to complete and in high demand in the welding industry.

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15. Muskegon Community College

Muskegon Community College is the ideal place to pursue your passion for technology and hands-on skills. 

The programs here begin in high school and continue through the university level. The facilities and resources are modern and professional, and they will assist you in honing your skills and achieving your goals.

The college provides an excellent welding certificate program with exciting lectures and dynamic labs. The college will also assist you with job hunting and placement at the end of your studies.

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How Long Are Welding Schools In Michigan?

The time it takes to become a welder in Michigan is determined by your career path. 

If you apply for a school training program, you might be able to finish it and start working in as little as six months. 

However, it takes one to two years to establish a welding career.

How Much Are Welding Schools In Michigan?

Welding training courses at community colleges or technical schools usually range between $5,000 and $15,000.

Programs typically last two years and end with a certificate of completion.

The length of tuition and training may vary depending on location and specialization.

Non-residents pay significantly more for associate’s and bachelor’s degrees than residents.

Attending a nearby school will save you a significant amount of money.

Associate’s degrees are available in two years and range in price from $2,000 to $31,000.

A four-year bachelor’s degree costs between $40,000 and $100,000.

Welders with bachelor’s degrees are likelier to advance to positions such as welding supervisors, inspectors, instructors, or engineers.

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How Much Do Welders Make In Michigan?

Welders in Michigan earn an average annual salary of $38,400 ($18.46 per hour).

It is slightly less than the national median salary of $39 390 per year ($18.94 per hour).

In Michigan, the top 10% of welders earn around $55,290 annually.

At the same time, the top 10% of welders in the United States earn $62,100 per year.

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Welding is a career path that many young people are taking for a variety of reasons. It is a career that does not necessitate extensive schooling and offers interesting, skilled work, job security, and a steady income.

Welders in Michigan use welding equipment to join metal pieces in various industries. 

They are in charge of reading plans and calculating measurements, inspecting materials, and repairing and manufacturing metal parts with torches and other equipment.

If this career sounds interesting to you, why not try it out?

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How do I become an underwater welder?

To begin, you must have a high school diploma or GED.
The next step is to gain topside welding experience and certification.
You can begin earning additional certifications, including diving certification, after 2 to 5 years of topside welding.
After that, you can start looking for an underwater welding job.

Does a welder need insurance in Michigan?

If they work as an employee, welders in Michigan do not need to purchase insurance. To start a business as an employer, you must research Michigan’s requirements for workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

What welding is the strongest in Michigan?

TIG welding is frequently regarded as the strongest weld because it generates extreme heat and has a slow cooling rate, resulting in high tensile strength and ductility.


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