15 Best Welding Schools in Oklahoma | 2024

Explore our detailed guide to the best welding schools in Oklahoma in 2023. Discover top-rated institutions offering comprehensive training programs and hands-on experience. Find the perfect welding school in Oklahoma to kickstart your career and master the art of welding at the best welding schools in Oklahoma. Gain the skills and knowledge you need for success in the welding industry.

When it comes to states in the United States, Oklahoma stands tall. Oklahoma is home to vast land space and cheap education and living costs. Not forgetting the ever-energizing four seasons, the state is famous for country music and college sports. Living, working, studying, and pursuing a career is peaceful.

Oklahoma’s institutions help ensure that job opportunities from various sectors are optimized for their residents. Among these institutions are the welding schools where you get top-notch experience using state-of-the-art facilities with real-life applications in the field or industry you want to specialize in.

A welding school allows you to further your career in whatever sector you choose. There, you’ll meet like-minded colleagues and instructors keen on your skillfulness as a welder. As such, you’re sure to get trained and certified in the long run. 

Should you attend a good welding school, Oklahoma is your best bet. This article will reveal the best 15 welding schools in Oklahoma and some other information.

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Are there Welding Schools in Oklahoma?

Many schools teach welding with or without certification in Oklahoma. These schools are known for the quality of services their students deliver to their clients, thus, ensuring that people trust their services with no iota of fear or doubt. Based on research, 80% of jobs done by welders in Oklahoma were given five-star ratings. These reviews prove that Oklahoma is the dream destination for any welding job.

How Do I Get into Welding Schools in Oklahoma?

Specific criteria must be met to get into any welding school in Oklahoma. Each welding school determines its admission criteria and the cost of tuition. However, most welding schools admit based on a student’s willingness to learn and their ability to cover tuition fees.

Courses like Fundamentals of Welding, Thermal Cutting Processes, Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (SMAW-I), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding II (SMAW-II), Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and Pipe Welding are offered in most welding schools in Oklahoma. The classes are flexible and usually adjustable to your schedule, with instructors assigned based on your schedule group.

How Long are Welding Schools in Oklahoma?

The time you spend in a welding school depends on certain factors. These factors include the program type, personal interest, your willingness to learn, and, sometimes, your instructor. Another reason for this is the variety of welding aspects. But on average, welding schools in Oklahoma take about two years before completion.

Best Welding Schools in Oklahoma

Due to the high quality of welding schools in Oklahoma, ranking might be difficult. However, we’ll provide you with a list of the best welding schools in Oklahoma. Here, the criteria used to compile this list include accessibility, cost of tuition, reviews, and reputation. They include:

#1. Tulsa Welding School

The professional welding program at Tulsa Welding School trains you in the skills you need to work as a welder worldwide in the following fields: aerospace and aviation, automotive shops, shipbuilding, construction, military manufacturing, and others fields. In addition, scholarship offers are available for exceptional students. Also, each course takes an average of 7 months to complete, and you can take as many as five courses in three years. 

When you finish their welding programs, you can get an accredited American Welding Society (AWS) certification. This will help you relay to potential clients and employers that you’re competent enough to take welding tasks—the school’s located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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#2. Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

If you’re willing to explore full-time options in welding, then EOC Tech Center is the place for you. Two welding courses are available in the school, including pipe and structural welding. With excellent instructors available, students are sure to get trained in aspects like blueprint reading, welding symbols, calculations, and high-quality welding. The school’s located in Choctaw, OK, and the program’s duration is about two years. 

The school’s tuition is also very affordable, and students can earn certifications like the American Welder Society (AWS) Certification, the Oklahoma Department of Labor Welding Certification, and a few others. Upon graduation, they’re fit to work in various construction and manufacturing jobs.

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#3. Meridian Technology Center

The quality of the welding training at this school is so good that a student had to comment: “Excellent school and instructors.” The school is famous for its modern-day facilities, with which students get to learn better. 

It offers a full-time welding course that teaches aspects like Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), and Oxy-fuel Cutting (OFC). Interestingly, the school’s open to local and international students, and application isn’t arduous.

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#4. Great Plains Technology Center

Here, interested students can enroll in a professional welding course where they’ll graduate as combination welders. The school is known for its serene environment and high-flying student profiles. Instructions cover welding theory and safety, fabrication, layout, print reading, symbols, math, welding codes, metal characteristics and properties, and oxyfuel cutting. 

Also, students develop soft skills at school, including critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, stamina, teamwork, confidence, and a positive work attitude. After the program, they take professional welding examinations and get certified if they pass. The Great Plains Technology Center is located in Lawton, OK.

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#5. Moore Norman Technology Center 

At Moore Norman Technology Center, adults and high school students can enroll in the welding program. The Norman-based center is known for its substantial financial aid for students’ projects. Also, it has functional facilities where students can learn and train better.

With a well-designed welding curriculum, students are taught different aspects like pipe welding, arc welding, gas welding, blueprint reading, and plasma arc cutting. In the long run, they can earn certifications from welding authorities like the American Welding Society (AWS).

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#6. Wes Watkins Technology Center

The Wes Watkins Technology Center is one of the best welding schools in Oklahoma. The famous tech center is located in Wetumka, OK, where students learn to study basic welding blueprints, layouts, and cutting techniques. The classes are well optimized through the excellence of the instructors. 

Applications to Wes Watkins are easy, and students are offered financial aid if they show a strong need. Students can also explore other courses apart from welding if they decide to switch careers at any time.

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#7. TRI County Technology Center

At TRI County Technology Center, you can ignite your passion and watch as it burns into a successful career in welding. The school offers an Applied Welding Technology program, where you learn various welding techniques and procedures, giving you a masterful touch in this highly-valued craft. The program focuses on techniques such as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), as well as Oxy-fuel Cutting. With this, students are prepared to take up welding jobs in the industry. 

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#8. Red River Technology Center

The Red River Technology Center is one of the choicest centers for welding and metal fabrication. Located in Duncan, OK, the school offers hands-on technological welding training to its students. Its experienced instructors start by taking students through theoretical aspects like safety measures and symbolism. Afterward, they undergo various practical sessions to apply new and existing knowledge under supervision.

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#9. Oklahoma Technical College

With a huge focus on earning certificates like the American Welding Society (AWS) certificate, this school provides detailed welding training for all students. It’s located in Tulsa, OK, where students get comprehensive technical and artistic training in both the classroom and the welding laboratory.

The welding program lasts for a short period of 8 months. Afterward, students will perform excellently in workplaces like construction sites, oil rigs, pipelines, refineries, and shipbuilding sites.

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#10. Mid-America Technology Center

At Mid-America Technology Center, combination welding is taught comprehensively by tutors who serve students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience. A well-structured curriculum ensures that students are well-equipped in the field of welding. In addition, the school takes its students’ safety seriously. As such, its facilities are modern and in good working condition. This way, students can learn how to weld without sustaining any injuries.

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#11. Metro Technology Center

Undoubtedly, Metro Technology Center is one of the best welding schools in Oklahoma. The school offers a major in structural welding, allowing students to gain professional knowledge in cutting techniques, design procedures, and repair skills. After learning at school, they’re free to work in various parts of the welding industry. Furthermore, classes are held both in the day and in the evening. The Metro Technology Center is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

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#12. Mid-Del Technology Center

Located in the Midwest City of Oklahoma, this school offers a structural welding program where students learn welding from its basics. While focusing on preparing them for employment, the school ensures that students are taken through various welding aspects, including blueprint reading, Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG), and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick). Furthermore, they can earn certifications like the American Welding Society (AWS) Certification. 

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#13. Oklahoma School of Welding

With the sole aim of producing competent, industry-standard welders, the Oklahoma School of Welding exposes students to several welding areas. From work ethics, positive attitude, and self-motivation to safety measures and building confidence, the school’s instructors do great jobs by paying good attention to the students. This way, they’re sure to get trained, tested, and certified—the school’s located in Del City, OK.

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#14. Pioneer Technology Center

The Pioneer Technology Center is located in Ponca City, OK. The school’s environment is spacious and conducive to learning. Also, there are functional facilities where students can practice whatever they’re taught. This way, comprehensive training is made available in addition to classroom support. Courses available at the school include Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Plate Welding, Pipe Welding, Plasma Arc Cutting, Air-Carbon Arc Cutting, and Oxy-fuel Cutting.

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#15. 4C Welding and Industrial Center

4C Welding and Industrial Center is a private welding school in Hugo, OK. The school seeks to develop students’ proficiency, allowing them to discover their strengths and weaknesses in welding. And to handle difficulties in welding, instructors are available to put them through. This way, they can prepare for the welding test organized by the American Welding Society (AWS). Upon passing the test, they can join the welding workforce as certified and competent welders.

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How Experienced Are Welding Instructors in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma welding school instructors are certainly among the best in the field. Most have certifications in construction education, engineering, and other related fields, and some have published research papers that are pivotal in these fields. Welding instructors in Oklahoma are among the highest paid, getting an average of $70 per hour of instruction.

How Much Do Welders Make in Oklahoma?

On average, Oklahoma-based welders make $45,934 per year. This is an estimated average, and your salary as a welder might differ. Also, factors like welding, employer type, location, and years of experience can influence your earnings as a welder.


Do Welders in Oklahoma Get Paid Regularly?

Oklahoma’s welders are among the highest paid in the United States, with an average of $60/hr. They usually receive huge benefits like health care, vacation, and educational allowances. The pay is usually bi-weekly or monthly with huge overpay bonuses.

What’s the Average Cost of Tuition for Welders in Oklahoma?

You should note that welding schools aren’t as expensive as universities. Most welding schools in Oklahoma charge an average of $1500 for 7-month programs and $10,000 for 2-3 years of full-time programs.


Realistically, welding schools aren’t as easy as they look, but they’re fun to attend. With the right set of instructors and equipment, you can gain as much knowledge and experience as necessary. You’ll be better positioned to handle welding tasks as desired. 


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