Best Welding Schools in Rhode Island 2024 | A Detailed Guide


Here is a guide to the best welding schools in Rhode Island, the cost of tuition, and how long it will take you to become a certified welder.

The time it takes to complete welding school in Rhode Island and become certified and the cost of attending welding schools in the state will be discussed here.


This article will explain welding school and how you can become a welder in Rhode Island, as it is among the Top 10 Highest Paying Education Jobs.

Rhode Island is one of the best states to live in as it’s known for its natural beauty, low crime rate, great tasty foods, events such as carnivals, affordable housing, and quality education.


Definition of Welding 

Welding is a fantastic career that can be found in engineering, construction, and technical fields.

It’s simply a process of joining two parts of a material to form a stronger joint. The welding process is usually carried out by applying pressure and heat.

The materials that form a joint between two parts are called filler or consumable; we will use these two interchangeably in this article.


The result formed after the fabrication technique is called Weldment, whereas the materials joined or to be joined are called ‘Parent Material.’ 

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Kinds of Welding Materials

Several materials are used for welding or can undergo a welding process. Each type of welding uses a suitable metal for fabrication with unique energy sources, melting points, and cell structures.

These materials are:

#1. Stainless Steel:

This iron-based metal is suitable for welding processes like MIG, resistance, TIG, FCAW, and SMAW.

Low-carbon mild steel is the best weldable material due to its low element composition, which can decrease the level of the failed weld. Stainless steel works with multiple techniques. 

#2. Copper and Brass 

This material has great corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for TIG welding. Although welders are usually on the watch out for cracks while using this material.

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#3. Aluminum 

Aluminum can be applied in SMAW, MIG, and TIG welding processes.

There are two types of aluminum used in Welding, and they are:

  • 1XXX Aluminum: this Series doesn’t require extra effort during welding.
  • 6XXX SERIES: proper welding operation and consumables are advised here.

#4. Cast Iron 

The high carbon content of cast iron makes welding difficult compared to other metals like stainless steel and aluminum.

The preheating process is employed to provide a stable temperature. Cast iron is the major material in the shielded Metal Arc welding process (SMAW).

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What Are The Types Of Welding?

There are four main types of welding processes, they are; 

#1. Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG)

If you want to understand the rudiments of welding and how to become a welder in Rhode Island, I suggest you first master or play with Metal Inert Gas welding.

 This type of welding uses the operation of aluminum and stainless steel. 

It’s considered easier to comprehend and understand than other welding processes.

A shielding gas and wire electrode heats up the parent material; formally, this welding technique was referred to as “gas metal arc welding” (GMAW). It’s a universal technique suitable for multiple positions.

#2. Flux Cored Arc Welding 

This is another type of welding that uses multiple variables. It allows the weldment to cool faster compared to other types of welding.

Although care should be taken if you want to know how to become a welder in Rhode Island and get certified with or without school while using this technique.

FCAW produces smoke and fumes, making it more efficient in industrial ventilation or outdoor setting.

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#3. TIG Arc Welding 

This process uses a fixed electrode filler called tungsten to join two or more parent materials. TIG is one of the best welding techniques with a prolonged cooling time, increasing its durability, among other methods.

Also, TIG is ideal for people who want to know what welding is and how to become a welder in Rhode Island.

 TIG uses non-ferrous metals and stainless steel for operation. It’s also one of the cheapest welding techniques for those who want to know how much welding schools cost in Rhode Island and get certified without school.

#4. Shielded Metal Arc Welding 

This technique is called “stick welding” since it uses a stick manually. It was first established in Russia in 1888.

It uses a filler electrode for operation and can tolerate materials such as cast iron, alloyed steel, and non-ferrous metals.

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Are Welders In Demand In Rhode Island?

Yes, of course! Welders are in demand in Rhode Island and all over the world. Getting certified in welding, with or without a school in Rhode Island, is your first assignment as an upcoming welder.

Also, to scale through the process of forming an arc to merge two metals, you have to make up your mind to take it up.

The hourly stipend of a welder is usually far above average compared to other careers.

The employability status of this career is excellent as there is little or no competition in this career path.

How much welding schools cost and how long it takes to go to a welding school in Rhode Island are discussed in this article as we proceed.

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List of the Required Welding Skills for Rhode Island Welders

Below are some skills you need to become an excellent welder in Rhodes, they are;

#1. Expert Mathematics Knowledge

Most schools within and outside the state check for math skills, as it’s one of the requirements to apply to welding schools in Rhode Island.

#2. Steady Hands And Endurance

You need to hold on for a while, whether during the preheating of materials, joining, or while subjecting the materials to pressure.

A steady hand is an advantage in this career path.

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#3. Physical Strength And Stamina 

To learn how to become a welder in Rhode Island, you must first develop excellent stamina because this job requires physical exertion and muscular activities.

#4. Apt Coordination

This is similar to having a steady hand. You will need absolute coordination and a focus on excelling as a welder. You should have good and steady eyesight and feet.

How Long Does it Take to Go to a Welding School In Rhode Island?

The training process for freshmen depends significantly on individual schedules, choice of school, program, and work hours.

 Usually, welding schools take about seven months to 2 years to complete.

It should be looked into how long it takes to go to a welding school in Rhode Island, as it determines your career path.

The time it takes to go to a welding school in Rhode Island depends on the course of study and certification.

Some vocational training centers don’t award a welding license. Hence, those wanting to get welding certified without attending school should inquire. Although it takes about three months to 1year to be certified in welding without a school in Rhode Island.

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Factors to be Considered When Choosing a Welding School In Rhode Island 

There are several factors to consider when choosing a welding school. You don’t just hop into any school and expect to be accepted. More also, not all schools will give you the proper training needed for your choice of career 

Those who want to become welders in Rhode Island should know that the school standard differs alongside certification.

These factors include but are not restricted to the following;

#1. What type of Welding Certification would you like to have 

Different welding certifications are available: pipe, combo, and plate welding. Deciding on the type of welding will give you a hint when choosing a suitable school that awards such a certificate.

#2. Requirements Of School

There are different requirements by school needed for you to be enrolled as a student in that school.

Your ability to know these requirements of the school will save you a lot of stress.

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#3. Instructors Experience 

Having a school with a track record of experienced instructors is a bonus, and the quality of your degree will show for it.

There are good schools that teach students accelerated programs and ensure they have a practical guide toward achieving their goals.

Most instructors start by teaching MIG courses, which makes the student more interested in learning since it’s easy to comprehend.

#4. Tuition Fee

Before you apply to any school or get certified in welding without going to school, you should know how much tuition is required.

Fees vary just as much as courses do. Some accelerated programs require higher tuition fees when compared to other programs.

In addition, knowing how many welding schools in Rhode Island is paramount if you want to become a welder.

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#5. Duration Of Program 

There are numerous courses one can go for in pursuing welding.

These courses have different completion times, so you should know what you’re going into.

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List of the Best Welding Schools in Rhode Island 

Three (3) welding schools in Rhode Island train students to become professional welders.

To become a welder in Rhode Island, you need to study at any of these schools but ensure you know how much these welding schools cost to make a pick based on your financial ability.

Below is a list of the best welding schools in Rhode Island. 

#1. New England Institute of Technology

This is one of the best welding schools in Rhode Island. It has been accredited and this been in operation for over a decade. 

Welding as a course is among the 50 programs this school offers.

NEIT offers an associate’s degree in welding technology and a bachelor’s degree in welding. Upon completing this school, one can apply for jobs as an aluminum welder or subarc operator. The school is located in East Greenwich, RI.

Visit School 

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#2. Fab Tek Technology    

This is one of the welding certification centers in Rhode Island.

Also, this school offers advanced-level training and entry-level training, which are among the SENSE three levels from the American Welding Association 

Fab Tek Technology is located in Hope Valley, Rhode Island (RI).

Visit School 

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#3. Nationwide Diesel Technology( NDT)

Nationwide Diesel Technology offers a welding training course that provides knowledge of all the necessary methods and basics.

This school is among the best welding schools in Rhode Island.

To know how long this welding school takes to complete and its cost, visit this school website.

Visit School 

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How Long Does It Take To Be Trained As A Welder?

For accredited, recognized schools, it takes about seven months and a maximum of 2 years to get certified in welding and be awarded a certificate.

This might not be so for those who want to get certified in welding without school, as training centers take three months to 1 year for on-the-job training.

How Much Does Welding School Cost?

Usually, a Welding school’s tuition fee ranges from $5,500 to $16,000 to acquire a certificate In Welding. 
In choosing the school to attend, Knowing how much welding schools cost individually in Rhode Island is awesome. 
Moreover, if you want to get certified in welding without school, the cost differs as tuition fee depends upon instructors and vocational training centers.

How Much Does A Welder Make Annually?

The median salary of a welder in RI is approximately $42 410 annually or $20.39 per hour.
A median average salary throughout the country for other careers is about $39,390 annually and  $18.94 per hour. One can tell that welding pays better than other careers in Rhode Island.

How Do I Become  A Welder In Rhode Island?

Generally, To become a welder in Rhode Island, you must meet the state’s requirements. 

Ranging from having a diploma and basic blueprint understanding to passing the welding examination and enrolling in a welding school for intending welders.

With these, you can become a welder in Rhode Island.

Do I Need A Welding License? 

Rhode Island doesn’t have any laws that require specific welding licenses.

However, businesses and industries in Rhode Island will highly prefer those who have completed the Certified Welding Educator Program; the only nationally recognized certification and license.

The American Welding Society (AWS) provides intending welders with essential knowledge and preparation for this career.
I guess this answers how to get certified in welding without school.


To know how long welding school takes and how to become a welder in Rhode Island, one needs to identify with any of the above-listed schools. Rhode Island indeed has only three welding schools, but the standard of these schools, recognition of degrees, and instructors’ experience speaks volume.

The four main types of welding techniques are taught in these schools.


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