15 Best Welding Schools in Tennessee | 2024

Discover the top-ranked best welding schools in Tennessee in 2023. Explore comprehensive programs and hands-on training at the finest institutions for welding education at the best welding schools in Tennessee. Kickstart your welding career with quality education!

The welding career is so beautiful and is one that most folks have been unable to understand, especially the many opportunities that come with it.

Welding is a creative work done using metals of different kinds. A welder makes imagination in his mind what he desires to craft; then, he considers all the factors needed to bring his dream into reality. 

Afterward, he gathers his tools and uses his expertise by crafting. In due time, depending on the craft, the welder creates a spectacular piece that will benefit all. 

If you’re interested in learning the art of welding, welding schools in Tennessee are more than happy to help. In this article, you’ll read about the best 15 welding schools in Tennessee and some extra information.

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What Does it Take to Learn Welding?

Welding is a creative career; like other jobs, it all starts with an interest. Anyone who hopes to become a skilled welder will always want to know the nitty-gritty of the profession. As such, you’ve got to be ready to face the challenges of welding school. 

Next, you’ve got to enroll in a standard school that teaches welding. Fortunately, Tennessee State is one of the many states with the best welding schools in the U.S.

Are there Welding Schools in Tennessee?

Yes, there are! Tennessee State offers one of the best welding education to registered students. The welding schools in Tennessee aim to provide an excellent understanding of welding through many practical lessons. Also, they ensure that conducive environments for learning are made available and certified experts tutor students.

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How Do I Get into Welding School in Tennessee?

The steps for enrollment are pretty simple!

It majorly depends on the school you wish to enroll in. If you can meet all their terms of application, you can easily gain admission and start your welding classes.

Here are some welding schools in Tennessee:

  • Bradley Central High School
  • Grundy County High School
  • Oak Ridge High School
  • Rutledge High School

You can enroll in any of the welding schools mentioned above. Register, get familiar with their application procedures, and carry out all the necessary steps.

How Many Welding Schools are in Tennessee?

There are about ten welding trade schools in Tennessee State, with four high schools. Nevertheless, ensure proper comparison and research before enrolling in any welding school. This will help you know their difference in standards and guide you to pick out the best option that suits you. Look for the one that offers quality training with practical classes, expert tutors, and a good learning environment.

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How Long are Welding Schools in Tennessee?

As said earlier, every welding school in Tennessee has its terms and policies; therefore, the time needed to complete a welding course will indeed differ from one school to another. While the time frame of one welding school program may be as little as 4-6 months, another may span about 12 months or more to complete the program.

Best Welding Schools in Tennessee

One thing you should know about welding schools in Tennessee is that they’re unique in terms of their overall standard, both socially and educationally. Also, they’re well known for their expert tutors and the great learning environments they provide. Let’s get into it!

#1. Bradley Central High School

Founded in 1916, Bradley Central High School offers one of the best welding programs in Tennessee. It is located in Cleveland, TN, where students participate in on-site and online classes. The training time for their welding program ranges from 2 to 9 months. 

Completing a welding course at Bradley Central High School will give you a greater chance of getting immediate employment after graduation with the AWS Certificate issued to you, as the high school is well recognized in Tennessee State. 

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#2. Grundy County High School

Grundy County High School aims to turn its students into professional welders. It is located in Coalmont, TN. Courses offered at the school include Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW). More attention is given to on-site classes, and the welding training program spans about a year. Upon completion, you will be issued certification by the American Welding Society.

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#3. Oak Ridge High School

This school is located in Oak Ridge, TN, aiming to provide students with an adaptive welding education. The school’s environment is conducive to preparing students for excellence in their welding careers. Also, its welding training program spans about 12 months. And upon completion, you’ll get a certificate of completion from AWS. 

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#4. Rutledge High School

While focusing on detailed training, Rutledge High School offers a top-notch welding program. It’s located in Rutledge, TN. The school’s instructors are certified and more than ready to help. They’re qualified and able to put students through difficulties. The training program runs for about a year or more, and an AWS certification is issued to the graduating students. 

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#5. Moore Tech School of Welding

At Moore Tech, students are taught various welding aspects to prepare them for tasks as they move on in their careers. The welding program also offers them the chance to earn an Associate of Applied Technology Degree. They’re firstly taken through introductory classes, after which they move into advanced welding—the school’s situated in Memphis, TN.

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#6. Tennessee College of Applied Technology

The welding course at TCAT is designed to prepare students for basic and advanced welding jobs, especially those that choose welding as a trade. Materials are available for students to gain knowledge and experience. Aspects taught at the school include MIG, Stick Welding, TIG, Inner Shield Welding, and Oxyacetylene fusion. TCAT is located in Jackson, TN.

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#7. Chattanooga State Community College

The welding program at this school is top-notch, as instructors guide students on their paths to becoming competent welders. The program runs with a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the necessities, equipping students with the right set of skills. At the end of the program, students are fit to handle welding tasks efficiently. Chattanooga State Community College is located in Chattanooga, TN.

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#8. Pellissippi State Community College

At Pellissippi State Community College, students are exposed to welding aspects such as Pipe Welding, Welding Symbology, and Welding Principles. Also, they get to learn how to read measurements, layouts, and blueprints. The instructors are qualified and experienced, giving students detailed training—the school’s located in Knoxville, TN.

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#9. Northeast State Community College

Located in Blountville, TN, this school offers students comprehensive welding training to prepare them for future jobs. They gain hands-on training experience from both classroom and laboratory sessions. Also, the school accepts foreign and domestic students as long as they’re ready to learn. 

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#10. Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln College of Technology is one of the best welding schools in Tennessee. The school has modern equipment to facilitate students’ learning. This way, students don’t only gain theoretical experience but also practical knowledge. In turn, they’re prepared to take up tasks in the welding industry—the school’s situated in Nashville, TN.

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How Much Does a Welder Make in Tennessee?

The salary earned by a welder in Tennessee depends on certain conditions, the major ones being their years of experience and education level. Below is a run-down of the details:

  • Less than one year – $21.94 per hour
  • 1 to 2 years – $18.88 per hour
  • Over ten years – $23.64 per hour

But on average, a welder working in Tennessee earns a sum of $3119 every month.

How Can I Become a Certified Welder in Tennessee?

A popular certification platform available in Tennessee is one offered by the American Welding Society (AWS). It is the most preferable and recognized certification in Tennessee State.

Also, you should know that certification is not compulsory in Tennessee, but you are advised to undergo a training program and obtain a certificate as employers consider it. It is different if you want to start your own welding business.

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What are the Advantages of Welding School?

Firstly, it expands your creativity and ability to think and bring new ideas into existence. Welding schools also help grow your knowledge base and develop your skills so that you can work almost anywhere in the world. Other advantages include the following:

  • It is a basic cycle that brings about extraordinary achievements.
  • You can earn a decent income for a lifetime.
  • You become trained to be self-dependent.
  • It is an efficient and reasonable way of interaction.
  • It is utilized in different areas like construction, automobile, etc.


What Do I Need to Work as A Welder in Tennessee?

Here are highlights of the basic requirements you need to gain employment as a welder in Tennessee. You must:
– Be at least 18 years old.
– Have a school diploma.
– Have a valid driver’s license.
– Have a reliable means of transportation.
– Have an AWS certification.

Which Welding Certification Is Best?

For a newbie who seeks excellence in welding, welding certification is best obtained from the American Welding Society. It’s the most reputable and recognized organization for welders’ certification in Tennessee. Certification from AWS gives you a greater chance of employment in a welding company.

What Are the Best Paying Welding Companies in Tennessee?


Welding as a career gives you countless opportunities, both in earnings and service. It is an attractive career option available to anyone interested in creativity and making designs with his hands. With time, your knowledge base and expertise start to grow, making you evolve into a Pro Welder.


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