15 Best Welding Schools in Virginia in 2023

Love, they say, makes the world go round. Well, welding makes everyone stick together. Funny, right?

Pursuing a career in welding is an excellent choice because you’ll enjoy the fun of building, joining, and repairing things. Also, as you progress in your career, you’ll become your boss, which is everybody’s ultimate career wish.

Welding is an exciting career, and training to weld isn’t dull, either. But to enjoy the training process, you need to get trained in a good welding school. And that brings us to welding schools in Virginia.

Virginia popularly referred to as the “birthplace of a nation,” is one of the best states in the United States. The state is famous for producing high-profile citizens, educational quality, and safe working environments. As such, becoming a welder in Virginia is a great investment.

In this article, we’ll provide credible information about the best welding schools in Virginia.

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Are there Welding Schools in Virginia?

Yes! There are welding schools in Virginia where students can go to gain robust knowledge as well as technical skills designed to help them as they pursue their welding careers. Through well-designed curricula, these schools offer students adequate blends of technical skills, practice, and, well, theory.

How Many Welding Schools are in Virginia?

There are about 35 schools where students can learn the art of welding. With very good equipment, learning spaces, and experienced instructors, the schools ensure that students get the best welding training possible. However, for the sake of this article, you’ll be reading about the best 15 welding schools in Virginia.

How Do I Get into Welding Schools in Virginia?

Before anything, you must be dedicated. Just like any other program, welding involves lots of hands-on training sessions. 

As such, dedication must be your first quality. 

After your determination is set, you’re expected to earn a high school diploma. If you don’t have that, you can take the GED as an alternative. That said, you’re good to join any Virginia welding school of your choice. 

How Long are Welding Schools in Virginia?

The maximum time required to complete a welding school in Virginia is two years. However, depending on the difference in curricula, some welding schools take less than two years to complete. During this time, students are exposed to different aspects of welding, thus, making them professionals.

Best Welding Schools in Virginia

Here, we’ll provide information about the best welding schools in Virginia. If you’re seeking to learn how to weld in Virginia, then you can check out the following schools:

#1. Advanced Technology Institute

The welding program at Advanced Technical Institute offers training in various areas relating to constructing and repairing structures made with steel. The school has stellar equipment with which learning is made more accessible. Also, emphasis is placed on work safety and ethics—the school’s located in Norfolk, VA.

In addition, students are taught pipe welding – in various positions. Additionally, the school has certified and experienced teachers who ensure students get the best training. And to ensure that they benefit from the detailed program, lessons are taken in both the classroom and laboratory.

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#2. Danville Community College (DCC)

Situated in Danville, VA, DCC develops students by providing them with the necessary skills to pull through a successful welding career. The school’s environment is accommodating, spacious, and conducive to learning. Its teachers are experienced and qualified, and students are sure to get quality welding training. Interestingly, the school accepts students worldwide as long as they’re ready to stay committed to the program.

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#3. Mountain Empire Community College

Learning is fun at Mountain Empire Community College, located in Big Stone Gap in Virginia. The school provides students with the necessary training and information for smooth welding careers. Also, on completion of the program, students are sure to get employed as apprentice welders. 

Similarly, the program includes welding safety practices, metal cutting using plasma arc and oxyfuel, welding positions, and blueprint reading. 

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#4. Southwest Virginia Community College

You can become certified as a welder at Southwest Virginia Community College. It enjoys the services of qualified instructors epitome of skill, knowledge, and experience. This makes the school one of the best welding schools in Virginia.

To ensure convenience, the school organizes its welding classes in different locations. This way, students can learn comfortably and at their own pace. In addition to its reputation, students are exposed to welding fundamentals.

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#5. Central Virginia Community College

Central Virginia Community College is a public college located in Lynchburg, VA, where students get to learn about welding and its entirety. Its convenient classes make it one of the best welding schools in Virginia. It organizes welding classes during the day and evening, allowing students to learn in their comfort. Also, the program can be completed in three academic years. 

Full-time students can complete it in one year, while part-time students can take up to three years. After completing the program, students can take up positions as beginning welders and metal fabricators.

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#6. New River Community College

New River Community College offers students comprehensive welding training. The school aims to prepare students for full-time employment in the welding industry. Through its well-structured curriculum, you will get lessons on welding inspection, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Technical Mathematics, and welding fundamentals.

Additionally, you will be assisted in developing soft skills like critical thinking, reading, and study skills. New River Community College is located in Dublin, VA.

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#7. Eastern Shore Community College

Here, students are exposed to various welding techniques such as gas, flux, filler, and wire utilization. The school aims to build students’ proficiencies by engaging them with different materials and equipment. This way, they’ll be ready to take up welding jobs as they proceed.

Also, the program allows students to gain from experienced teachers who’re more than happy to instruct. This way, they’ll get easy access to the welding workforce, where they can further develop their skills.

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#8. Reynolds Community College

While most welding schools have tightly-packed courses that eventually bore students, Reynolds Community College offers a simplified welding course. A comprehensive curriculum ensures that students are well-prepared for successful careers as welders. It’s also famous for its highly personalized instructors who take students to the promised “welding” land.

Want to learn to weld in a conducive learning environment? Reynolds’ for you! The school offers Welding Metallurgy, Drawing and Interpretation, and Pipe Welding. The school’s located in Richmond, VA.

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#9. Brightpoint Community College

Through a one-year program, students are prepared for employment as entry-level welders. Not only that, the school has stellar facilities where students get hands-on training to become professional welders. Brightpoint Community College is located in Chester, VA.

Also, the school’s instructors are experienced and certified. This way, you’re sure to get less than quality as you train to become a welder. Graduates from the school will be able to work in various industries, such as architecture, advanced manufacturing, and construction.

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#10. Patrick & Henry Community College

Located in Martinsville, VA, this school runs one of the best welding programs in Virginia. At the school, students are taken through welding right from the fundamentals. Also, experienced instructors can simplify the courses in layman’s terms.

At the end of the program, students will be able to maneuver different welding situations. Similarly, they’ll be proficient in other welding procedures, including MIG and oxyacetylene. 

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#11. Blue Ridge Community College

From aspects like Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) to Metal Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Blue Ridge Community College offers students comprehensive courses. Also, its instructors are certified and skilled with reasonable years of experience.

The school’s curriculum is designed for new welders and experienced ones who seek to polish their skills. Furthermore, the program is accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS).

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#12. Byers Technical Institute

If you want a certificate in pipe welding, you should consider attending Byers Technical Institute. It is located in Buena Vista, VA, where students receive personal instruction from experienced and certified welding inspectors. The school offers both day and evening classes. So you can learn at your convenience.

Interestingly, if you graduate as an exceptional student, the school is ready to assist you job-wise. As such, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by signing up at Byers.

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#13. Dennis Welding School

At Dennis Welding School, students are sure to get intensive welding training. The way the school handles the course and its students is very commendable. This is evident in its reviews, among which a student commented: “Neat place, good teacher. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to weld.”

Also, the school enjoys the services of knowledgeable teachers who provide students with necessary skills like welding inspection and work ethics. They take students through the experience lane and ensure that no student comes out as a half-baked welder. Not only that, but students are also taught applicable tricks to become experts while aiming to pass the welding test. Dennis Welding School is located in White Post, VA.

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#14. Virginia Western Community College

The comprehensive curriculum provides students with the skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions. Apart from that, the school has stellar instructional materials with which students can practicalize whatever they’re taught. Virginia Western Community College is located in Abingdon, VA.

Day and evening classes are available for interested students. Also, the program allows students to obtain their AWS certifications.

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#15. Paul D Camp Community College

Is your desire to become a professional welder? Then, you can consider enrolling in Paul D Camp Community College. The school’s welding program encompasses hands-on classes and interactive sessions. By signing up for the course, students are provided with the necessary information, including basic mathematics, welding principles, cutting techniques, machinery operation, and safety procedures—the school’s located in Franklin, VA.

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How Much Does a Welder Make in Virginia?

A welder’s earnings depend on how much he works. In Virginia, an average welder makes a total of $46,434 annually. While this value is an estimated average, you should note that your salary as a welder can be affected by several factors, including years of experience and type of employer.

Do You Need a Welding Certificate to Work in Virginia?

Of course, you need to be certified as a welder. The welding industry is full of opportunities in the form of connections and well-paying jobs. However, to get a well-paying job, you’re expected to increase your chances by earning your certification. The American Welding Society (AWS) certifies professional welders after they pass the required test.


How Long Is Welding School in Virginia?

Welding schools in Virginia take up to two years before completion. However, some schools, like Central Virginia Community College, take up to three years – for part-time students.

What Is the Hardest Welding Test?

The 6G Pipe Weld is the most advanced welding test ever. The test is a very technical one in which your proficiency is put to the test. The test requires you to weld while you move around the provided pipe – usually positioned at 45 degrees.

What Is the Hardest Metal to Weld?

So far, the most complex metal to weld is aluminum. This is due to its chemical and physical makeup, which must be fully understood before welding can be done on it. 


Welding schools in Virginia offer many resources, allowing students to decide for themselves. If you’re a resident of Virginia or its environs and want to be a welder in the state, kindly go through our list and choose your preferred school.


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