Why Should We Hire You? Best Interview Answer in 2024


Why should we hire you? What would you say in an interview if you were asked this question? I’ve had the privilege of researching with students over the years to help them refine and perfect their interview skills. One of the interview questions we always prepare for is “why should we hire you?”

The reason we tackle this question is that it’s popular and interviewers love to ask it. This common interview question helps interviewers determine what sets you apart from all the other candidates. 


To answer this question well, you need to know how to properly sell yourself to the interviewer.  In this article, you’ll learn four simple interview tips to answer this popular interview question. Please read this article to learn, and don’t forget to share this post.

Why should we hire you? Best interview answer.

Here are just a few ways this question might be asked:


• What makes you a good fit for this role?

• Why are you the best candidate for this position?

• Why should we hire you over other candidates?


• Why should we hire you over others waiting to be interviewed?

• Why should we hire you for this position?

These are the various ways this question may be presented to you, but in whatever way it comes, this is what to do.

#1. Do your research. 

Find out everything you can about the company and the role you are applying for, research on the company’s website, visit their LinkedIn page, follow their activities on social media. These activities will help you understand what problems the company is facing and what you can do to solve these problems.

Find out what the company values the most and use that to create your response that will make you stand out from the other candidates.

#2. Make a direct correlation. 

Now having understood what the company’s core values are, you now need to demonstrate how your skills and expertise are the best match for that position. Go to the job description and highlight at least three key areas you know you can fit in perfectly.

Most job descriptions are broken down into 3 separate parts, major key responsibility, specific job functions, and qualifications.  Pinpoint one key area you can match with your career accomplishment. For students who do not have enough job experience, you can match it with your volunteer work.

#3. Build your story.

To best sell yourself, build your story around the items you have highlighted in step 2. For example, if the job requires someone with analytical skills, just think back to the situation where you used this skill to solve a problem and remember to share the results you got in that particular situation.

#4. Show your uniqueness.

Remember that the interviewer is asking these questions because they are interested in what separates you from the other candidates. So, you need to let them know what makes you unique. 

Make sure that your unique talent or skills can relate directly to the position you’re applying for. 

Don’t just rush and tell them “you should hire me because I am hardworking”, interviewers want to know the exact thing you are good at, don’t just answer on the surface. 

Here is an example of what to say.

“From my understanding, one of your requirements for this position is XYZ. You should hire me because I have a unique understanding and awareness of how {XYZ} affects our industry. In my previous position, I had the privilege {ensuring programs success by motivating and driving my team to execute strategic planning so that we could reach client sales objectives}.

I also learned from research that your company values {XYZ}, this is one of my greatest passions and I know without a doubt, that my experience in this area will sustain the company standards and lead the team to greater success”

When you answer this question make sure it is not rehearsed. You should practice it over and over again but make sure that you don’t make it sound like a script. 

While answering these questions, there are basic job interview tips you should know 

TIP #1 – This is your opportunity to SELL YOURSELF at the interview! Be positive in your answer and talk about how you will BENEFIT their company!

TIP #2 – All the other candidates will give just one reason why the company should hire them.

By giving 3 REASONS, it allows you to stand out!

TIP #3 – 3 great reasons are:

  • You have the skills, qualities, and experience to match the job description.
  • You will get up and running in the role quickly.
  • You will be a positive role model for their company.

Why should we hire you with no experience?

TIP #1: Use the fact that you have no experience to your advantage. If this is your first job, you are effectively a blank canvas and they can train you up and develop you into the perfect employee.

TIP #2: Tell them you understand how important it is that you work hard, you contribute to the team goals and that you focus on their business goals in all work you undertake for them.

TIP #3: Explain how you have ambitious plans for the future, and the only way you will achieve your goals is to get a good employment history behind you.

If you utilize all these skills you are good to go in your interview. If you got value from this article, please share with someone.

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