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WMF Scholarship 2020 for Undergraduates from Developing Countries

Wells Mountain Foundation Empowerment Scholarship 2020 for Developing Countries

The WMF Scholarship Program 2020

Wells Mountain Foundation is offering the Empowerment through Education Scholarship Program for undergraduates from developing countries. The WMF Scholarship program will be taken in the students home country or any developing countries across the world. Get full details about the WMF Scholarship 2020 program below.

What You Need to Know About Wells Mountain Foundation Empowerment Scholarship 2020


The Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) is a public charitable foundation based in Bristol, Vermont, USA, which has been approved under the United States Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3).

WMI works to create social change through education and community building by providing bright young people in the developing world with student scholarships and skills training, building a network of grassroots leaders who are catalyzing community transformation.

Each year WMI provides support to students as they pursue various educational objectives. Support is provided for post-secondary school (university, polytechnic, trade school).

Financial support is primarily to cover tuition and school fees and directly related expenses including books and supplies. The WMI scholarship does not always cover the full cost of tuition and associated educational expenses.

Scholarships are generally granted for the full period of study; however, recipients must maintain good grades, participate in community service and meet WMI deadlines for submitting an official copy of school/course grades, completing the semester report, and validation of community service hours.

The WMF scholarship can be discontinued at any time in the event of unsatisfactory performance and/or dishonesty.

The scholarship awards are determined by volunteer reviewers and the Scholarship Committee of the Board of Directors and are awarded once a year on August 1.

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Eligible Level/Fields of Study

The WMF Empowerment Scholarship is open for undergraduates in any institution. All fields are eligible although WMF intends to favour helping professions such as health care, social work, education, social justice, as well as, professions that help the economy and progress of the country such as computers, engineering, agriculture and business.

Host Country

The scholarship will be hosted in individual students home countries or any developing countries across the world.

However, if you wish to study in Canada, read this >> Canadian Scholarships for International Students 2020-2021.

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Eligible Countries

Students from developing countries are welcome to apply for the Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarship.

However, there are numerous international scholarships for international students to study in any country of choice.

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Scholarship Benefits

Wells Mountain Scholarship range from $300 USD to $3000 USD annually and are provided throughout the undergraduate education of the recipient. The average scholarship amount is $1500.

The WMF scholarship may be used for:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and materials
  • Room rent and meals

Please Note

WMI scholars program does not require the applicant to pay an admission or processing fee or to buy a number to have the application reviewed. If someone contacts you saying a fee is required, please forward that email to info@wellsmountaininitiative.org. We would very much like to prosecute this fraud.

WMI Scholarship 2020 Eligibility

Ideal Candidate – A student, male or female, from a country in the developing world who:

  • Successfully completed a secondary education, with good to excellent grades
  • Is 35 or under on March 1, 2020
  • Will be studying in his or her country or another country in the developing world*
  • Is pursuing his or her first bachelor’s degree or diploma
  • Will be enrolled in a program of study that will benefit the community and/or contribute to the continued growth and advancement of his or her home country 
  • Plans to live and work in his or her own country after graduation
  • Has demonstrated his or her commitment to giving back and has volunteered prior to applying
  • May have some other funds available for his or her education, but will not be able to go to pursue his or her tertiary degree without financial assistance

How to Apply for WMI Scholars Program 2020

To apply for the WMI Scholars Program, you must submit a completed application through the online scholarship application process via website (preferred method) or via postal mail to arrive at their office before 11:59 PM EST on March 1, 2020.

Before applying, we strongly encourage you to read the WMI Scholar Program Information Sheet and also the Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Scholars(check Below) document. These two documents will assist you in determining your eligibility and guide you in the application process. 

Required Documents

The following are the required elements for an application to be considered complete:

  • Clear personal photo
  • Essay (topic is stated on the application form)
  • 2020 application form
  • Personal essay statement
  • Two recommendation letters*
  • Official transcript of grades from secondary school
  • Official grading key to interpret secondary school grades**
  • Official transcript of grades from tertiary studies (if applicable)
  • Official grading key to interpret tertiary grades**
  • Official results from your national exam
  • Official grading key to interpret scores on your national exam**

*Recommendation letters vary throughout cultures. We have created Guidelines for Effective Application-Recommendation Letters to assist applicants in seeking letters that will be supportive of their application. Read this document and share it with the individuals who will be writing your letters of support.

File format types accepted are JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, PDF (version 10 or newer).

Important Dates

  • December 1, 2019 – The 2020 WMI Scholars Program application will be available on our website. Completed 2020 applications will start to be accepted on this date.
  • March 1, 2020 – The 2020 WMI Scholars Program application deadline.


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WMI Scholars Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I apply for the WMI Program?

A: You will be able to begin applying for the scholarship on December 1, 2019. Applications will be accepted for three months. All applications must be received until midnight EST on March 1, 2020

2. How do I apply for the WMI Scholarship?

A: Beginning December 1, you will be able to access our online scholarship application process via our website. We highly encourage applicants to apply this way. You will find easy instructions on how to use our online scholarship application management system.
You will also find an “Apply” button on our website. We will still accept printed applications with legible writing mailed through the post. However, we encourage applicants to apply online through our scholarship application process. Those who apply via post must send a complete application in one mailing.

We will not accept multiple letters/packages from an applicant who forgot to include a document. You will be able to access the current WMI application on December 1 on our website that you can download and print.
Be sure to use the most current form! Other websites may have old copies of our application. If you submit an application on an old form, your application will be discarded.

If your application is not complete, we will discard the entire application and you will not be notified. Applications received by email won’t be considered. Please apply through our online application website.

3. Can I just email all my application documents to WMI?

A: No. You must use our online scholarship application process or send everything by regular mail. Submit your application only once.

Our preference is for you to apply via the online application process. Any application duplication will result in the applicant being disqualified.

4. Does my application have to be in English?

A: Yes. If a recommendation letter is not in English, a verified translation must be provided along with the original recommendation in the foreign language. It doesn’t need to be a notarized or sworn translation.

5. Must I send in grades?

A: Yes. We require an official transcript from secondary school and from any tertiary classes you have already completed. Be sure the transcript contains a key to interpreting the grades, as different countries use different systems of assessing the quality of the student’s academic progress.

If there is no key included, your application will be disqualified. Do not include grades from primary level.

6. You ask for two recommendations. What do you mean by that?

A: We need two letters written by someone who knows you, but is not a family member, who can tell us why you deserve to receive a WMI scholarship. What qualities do you possess that will make you an excellent student, a successful graduate and a responsible citizen who will give back to your country? Letters of recommendation may come from a teacher, a religious leader, a volunteer service supervisor, or an employer, and should be printed or written on the recommender’s organization’s letterhead.

These must be submitted with your application; letters sent separately will be discarded. We suggest you print it out and provide your recommender our “Guidelines for Recommendation.”

7. What happens if I don’t send all the required documents?

Our online application management system will only accept completed applications. Be careful not to upload the same recommendation or grades twice.

The online software will think your application is complete, but you will be disqualified because you are required to submit two recommendation letters and two kinds of grades – from your national exam and from your secondary school.

Thus, once your application has been submitted through the online application process, you know that your application will be reviewed.

8. For what fields of study do you provide scholarships?

A: All fields, although we tend to favour helping professions such as health care, social work, education, social justice, as well as professions that help the economy and progress of the country, such as IT, engineering, agriculture and business.

9. What if I study in the UK, US, Europe or Australia, but promise to go back to my country after I graduate?

A: That is fine, but you will not be eligible for the WMI program. The reason we do not fund education in the UK, US, Europe or Australia is because our scholarships would provide only a fraction of the educational costs in those countries, but can cover almost all educational costs in developing nations. We feel it is a better use of our resources.

10. Do I need to be accepted to a school before I apply for the scholarship?

A: No, you can apply before you receive your official acceptance letter, but you will not be awarded a scholarship until you are accepted. If you do not have your acceptance letter at the time you are submitting your application, do NOT send it to us unless we contact you directly.

11. Will the scholarship cover all my expenses?

A: Probably not. Our scholarships range from $300 USD to $3000 USD a year, although we award very few at the $3000 USD level. Our average scholarship amount is $1500 USD a year.

If your costs exceed $3000 USD and you have absolutely no other way to make up the difference, we recommend you do not apply for one of our scholarships. Also, it is not wise to inflate your expenses, as you will cause us to think that our scholarship will not be enough to meet your needs.

12. If I receive a WMI scholarship, is it guaranteed for the length of my degree program?

A: Generally speaking, yes. But you must maintain good grades, volunteer, within your community 100 hours per year, and meet all reporting requirements as directed by WMI.

Reporting requirements include submitting specific WMI documents: academic reports, community service reports, grades each semester, and additional items.

13. How will I know if you received my application?

A: Applicants who apply through our online application management system will receive an automatic email once they have submitted their application. This email will serve as proof that we have received a complete application.

If mailing your application by post, you will get an email acknowledgement once it is received. This acknowledgement may take up to three weeks, especially if you submit close to the April 1 deadline. We will indicate that we received it, but will not inform you whether or not any required information or documents are missing. It is the applicant’s responsibility to be sure a complete application is submitted. Incomplete applications will not be considered for a scholarship! Be careful to send us everything in one mailing.

14. Will my application actually be read?

A: Yes, absolutely. Each application is read thoroughly and rated by a team of reviewers. During the first, second and third stage of review, applications receiving the highest scores from each reviewer move on to the next level.

The top scoring applications in stage three move on to the next and final round. In selecting our final candidates, we strive to balance gender, and try to have a variety of fields of study and countries represented.

If you mail your application to us, we first check it for completeness. If something is missing, it goes in the elimination pile and is not considered (we do not contact you if this occurs). If it is complete, it moves on to the next level of review.

15. What are my chances?

Each year, we receive a much greater number than the year before, but our scholarship funds are not growing at the same rate. Last year, we received over 1170 complete applications and were able to accept 75 new WMI Scholars. That represents an acceptance rate of 5%. The competition is keen, so be sure your application is complete and received before the deadline.

16. When is the deadline to apply for a scholarship?

A: There is only one deadline a year and that is March 1. We must receive mailed applications by that date. If you are mailing your application, allow at least two-three weeks for delivery via post. We review all completed applications and notify the new scholarship recipients via email on August 1.

We also post the names of the new WMI scholarship recipients on our website and on our Facebook page on August 1. Those not receiving a scholarship will also receive an email from us. If you receive no email from WMI on or shortly after August 1, check our website for the list of new WMI Scholars.

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