Things to Note When searching for Job

Someone asked me this question
My Boss, I agree a 101% to what you said, but what about situations whereby one has a very good CV/resume, cover letter, but still gets ignored even though from all indication he/she is qualified for that particular job? 
And this was what i said…
Great question. 

1. You should know that before any vacancy is put out, the organization definitely needs people.
many people go for interviews thinking they are at the mercy of the organization,  No!. The organization needs you too
2. You should also know that before you are called for an interview,  the organization has looked at your C.V. They have seen something about you from your C.V. and Cover letter that they believe would be of benefit to their organization. 
so when you get called for an interview, it means you have shown yourself through your C.V and Cover letter that you have an ability to perform the job

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3. Buf from your question. When you say that the candidate is qualified from all indication… This is very relative.
What you or a prospective candidate feels the company needs is different from what the company really needs
For example.  
At an interview session for a very big multinational. 
Two candidates had been shortlisted from many candidates that applied for the Job.
At the final stage of the interview,  both candidates had the same score.
So the recruiter asked the two candidates of they could drive. They both said yes. Even though one of them could not.
They were both given keys to do a test drive. One of them happily jumped to the staring and did a whole lot of driving stunt, while the other one who could not really drive simply opened the bonnette to check the oil and water level and the recruiter stopped both of them at this point. 
Guess what?
The other guy who could not drive but checked the water and oil level got the Job.
Morale of the story is a perfect answer to your question, the first candidate who displayed his ability to drive would feel he was qualified from all indication but the company was not looking for someone who could drive, they wanted someone who can pay attention to details…
So, the solution is that rather than assume you have what the qualifications the company is asking for, carefully read through the Job descriptions,  learn as much as about the company as you can before going for the interview.  
It is even advisable to tailor your C.V and Cover letter to each application. 
Be that deligent in your search for job

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And i also like to add, don’t take rejection personal. 
When a company says no, it may not even be because of you. It might be a decision by the company to pause the recruitment process or some other things. 
So when they say no…Tell yourself that the company don’t know what they missed saying no to you
Smile and move on.

The pages of history is filled with stories of men who turned rejection into huge success stories.
Some of them got rejected only to go and start businesses that now compete or even do better than where they were rejected.

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