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Full Scholarships for International Students 2021

Academic Related is a scholarship portal, we are designed specifically to help stscholarships-for-international-studentsudents(Undergraduate, Masters and PhD) who are searching for scholarship opportunities to study abroad or study at any country of choice.

Scholarships for African Students to Study Abroad

We provide updates on scholarships to African students searching for fully funded scholarships to study abroad. The scholarship opportunities provided on this platform are available for African students who wish to study in any country of choice. Education in Africa is yet to get to a standard, many students are seeking different opportunities to leave their various countries to other developed countries of the world for education. Are you an African student, looking for free money to study abroad? is a better platform to search for. Fee-free, access all the opportunities we have for you on this category.

Full Scholarships for International Students

We don’t only update scholarships information for African students, we equally provide information for international students across the world. Your coming here is not by mistake, we promise to satisfy your quest on acquiring scholarships to study in any part of the world.

Category: Scholarships

Federal Aid For Students
Masters Scholarships

Federal Aid for Students 2021-2022

There is the need to acquire knowledge by going through the four walls of schools. In doing this, one of the major challenges faced by students, if not the most major, is the finance to take care of the needs that comes along as a result of studying which rises year after year because many students are unable to support themselves. To overcome this challenge, there are federally administered aids open to students to benefit from.

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