Exploring the “Grand Canyon State”: The Benefits of Studying and Living in Arizona


“Travel is still the most intense mode of learning.” – Kevin Kelly. If you’re thinking of relocating for higher education and job prospects, Arizona is an exemplary choice. It’s home to some of the nation’s best universities, like Arizona State University (ASU), The University of Arizona (UA) and Northern Arizona University (NAU). 

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Top Reasons to Choose Arizona for Your Educational Journey

First off, there’s increasing demand for university graduates in The Grand Canyon State—which is commensurate with rising enrollment numbers on all campuses. 7,000 students alone moved into ASU dorms ahead of Fall 2022. On top of that, opportunity comes with more bang for your buck: Axios (a news outlet based in Arizona) states that people who own associate degrees in AZ earn almost $287K more over their lifetime compared to those without any post secondary qualifications.

Furthermore, in 2016, Arizona initiated Achieve 60AZ with the purpose of having 60% of adults within the age range of 25-64 years possess a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2030. From 42% in 2016 to this year, Arizona has made an immense stride by reaching 48%.


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Care Tips for a Safe Journey on Arizona’s Roads

Whether you’re moving to Arizona for studies or are a student going home on Spring break, there are some important things to remember if you want your travels to go off without a hitch. ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) highlights that first and foremost — make sure you’ve got water on board. Whether it’s bottled water or an insulated jug, when the sun is beating down on Arizona’s roads, hydration is absolutely essential for drivers.

Bring along some snacks too, if you don’t plan to stop for food right away. Good phone battery life matters everywhere, but all the more so when navigating through uncharted territory. Put together an emergency kit that contains safety flares and reflective vests – in case your car breaks down suddenly – these will help ensure assistance gets alerted by passing traffic vehicles within reachable sight distances.


Plus, it is also important to have emergency phone numbers while traveling, for example, having the number of an Arizona car accident attorney, just in case you get into an accident and also the number of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Traveler Information Center at 511, just in case, you want to check on the road conditions before your trip.

As you can see, Arizona is the perfect place for educational attainment. With quality institutions, increasingly higher enrollment numbers backed by long-term job opportunities and excellent syllabus rankings, it’s easy to understand why more students are choosing this unique state as their first major move for attaining a degree. AZ has everything you need – so if you want your career path to flourish remember The Grand Canyon State isn’t an option but a must.

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