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Master’s study in UK for international students - A complete guide

Master’s study in UK for international students – A complete guide

Master’s study in UK - A complete guide [Cost and Master's scholarship to study in UK]
Master’s study in UK – A complete guide [Cost and Master’s scholarship to study in UK]

The United Kingdom’s higher education system is world famous, with a long and proud history of academic excellence. This is the reason majority of students want to do their Master’s study in UK. This article explains all you need to know about Master’s study in UK for international student, Master’s scholarship to study in UK, cost of Master’s study in UK, study Master’s in UK without IELTS and how to study Master’s in UK for free.

Let’s get started!!!

Why should I do Master’s study in UK?

The United Kingdom is second only to the USA as the most popular study abroad destination in the world, welcoming over 430,000 international students each year. Many features and reasons make it a great option.

Here are the reasons doing your Master’s study in UK for international student is a splendid choice;

  • United Kingdom is a home to world-class universities. Several British universities are frequently ranked among the very best in the world.
  • UK has many cultural institutions such as outstanding museums, galleries and libraries.
  • You get the chance to apply and get postgraduate loans. Despite Brexit, the UK’s system of postgraduate loans is open to EU nationals for courses beginning in the 2020-21 academic year.
  • There’s access to funding opportunities such as Chevening Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships.
  • UK Master’s study degrees are internationally recognized even in USA.
  • Studying Master’s in UK improves your career prospects
  • Earn more over the course of your career because of the weight a UK Masters carries
  • You will shape study around your schedule

Master’s study in UK for international students is an amazing option. You will not only have the best study experience, but you will be equipped thoroughly.

Read on to discover some Master’s scholarship to study in UK!!!

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What are the requirements needed for Master’s study in UK?

To secure a Master’s study in UK for international students, you need to meet the requirements. This section seeks to enlighten you on the requirements needed to secure a Master’s study in UK for international students. The requirements include;

  • An undergraduate degree in a relevant subject–Depending on the programme and institution, you may need a 2.1 in your Bachelors, but this isn’t always stamped.
  • Language proficiency–If English isn’t your first language, you must display a certain ability level, usually through a language test (TOEFL or IELTS or GRE)
  • Professional experience–Some postgraduate programmes may require you to have some professional experience (this is usually the case for PGCEs and Masters in Social Work). This applies If you do not have the undergraduate degree required by a Masters course.
  • Entrance exams—These are only required in certain subject areas and qualifications, including some MBAs
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport, national identification card
  • Reference letters, if required
  • Copies of degree/diploma certificates
  • Academic transcripts
  • They may also require graduate applicants to submit a research proposal

To discover the cost of Master’s study in UK!!! Read on

How do I apply for Master’s degree in UK?

The application process for Master’s study in UK for international students requires time and effort. To help take away some stress and confusion, we’ve written a guide on how to apply to your chosen course while making sure you meet key university application dates and deadlines.

Here’s a process to follow to apply for Master’s degree in the UK for an international student;

Check if places are available and applications being accepted

Make sure you check that spaces are still available on the course, and that applications are still open. If you’re an international student, remember deadlines for application are typically earlier than for UK/EU/EEA (European Economic Area) students.

Start your university application as soon as possible

If your chosen course is still accepting applications, then great! It’s tempting to wait before making your university application, but the sooner you work on your application the better.

Postgraduate study in the UK is very different to undergraduate study in the UK. There is no centralized university application system for master’s degrees. This means you must apply to each university separately.

Include all the supporting documents requested

You’ll need to include a cover letter and CV/résumé. In addition, evidence of personal, professional and educational experience may be taken into account. At master’s degree level, each UK university application differs, but they should clearly state the requirements on the department website.

Check deadlines for funding and scholarship applications

Each university will also have its own funding deadlines, and this is where you may need to plan far ahead. They may require you to secure funding before they can offer you a place at university.

Write key deadlines in your calendar

Note: While putting all these together, it’s advised you also consider the cost of master’s study in UK. Also when applying, apply through the UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service (UKPASS) scheme

Do you know you can study master’s in UK without IELTS? Discover how below!!!

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What is the cost of Master’s degree in the UK for international students?

Postgraduate schools in the UK are far less expensive than graduate schools in the USA and studying in the UK can be 30 to 60 percent cheaper than American equivalents.

The average cost of Master’s degree in UK for an international student is £15,097. Tuition fees at postgraduate level vary on the Masters you wish to study, which part of the UK you wish to live, and what university you attend.

It’s important to note that this is an overall average cost of Master’s study in UK, Individual courses at individual universities may be cheaper than these figures suggested. Or more expensive.

There are available Master’s scholarships to study in UK, find out below!!!

List of top Universities in the UK for Master’s study

UK is a home of world class universities. Making a choice can be very difficult, so we took our time to list the top UK Universities for Master’s degree in 2021.

Top 10 UK Universities for Master’s study in 2021

  • The University of Oxford
  • The University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College, London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College, London
  • The University of Manchester
  • The University of Warwick
  • The University of Bristol ,
  • The University of Glasgow

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Are there Cheap Master’s degree in UK?

If you want to study in the UK at postgraduate level, it’s an unfortunate fact that fees are high–even more so for international students. We recently looked at the UK universities with the cheapest Master’s degree fees for international students

So, yes there are cheap universities for Master’s degree in UK, they include;

Liverpool Hope University

Current cost: £5,200–6,000

The University of Cumbria

Current cost: £5,040

The University of the Highlands and Islands

Current cost: £5,000–5,850

Newman University

Current cost: £5,000

Leeds Trinity University

Current cost: £4,500–6,500

Middlesex University

Current cost: £4,350–14,000

York St John University

Current cost: £4,333–18,400

Bangor University

Current cost: £4,084–9,500

Teesside University

Current cost: £3,850–9,250

ECC University College

Current cost: £2,520–9,250

You can study Master’s in UK for free, read on to know how!!!

List of Master’s scholarships to study in UK

The UK Government administers a series of scholarship schemes aimed at funding talented international postgraduates to study in the UK. Here are the list of some Master’s scholarship to study in UK;

With these Master’s scholarship to study in UK, the cost of Master’s study in UK is drastically reduced by 80%.

Discover how to study Master’s in UK without IELTS

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Can I study Master’s in UK without IELTS?

Well, yes, you can study Master’s in UK without IELTS. There are some universities in United Kingdom where IELTS unnecessary you can take admission if you meet the above criteria.

  • The University of Bristol.
  • Audencia Nantes School of Management.
  • Riga Technical University.
  • The University of Geneva.
  • London South-bank University.
  • Northumbria University.

So if you want to study Master’s in UK without IELTS check out these universities and more

Study Master’s in UK for free, know how below!!!

Frequently asked questions about Master’s study in the UK?

What are the British schools for a Master’s study in the UK?

Basically, there are;

  • Public Universities
  • Private Universities

Higher education institutions in the UK are public universities, so they receive a proportion of their funding from central government. Universities must show the quality of their research and teaching activities to receive public funds. However, public universities enjoy a great deal of institutional autonomy, being free to invest and generate income as they see fit.

Private institutions awarding postgraduate degrees exist in the UK. They tend to focus on specific areas such as Business, Management and Law. These institutions may not always have the power to award their own degrees, instead using an affiliated accredited university.

Are Fees for EU students same as Non-EU students?

Students from other EU countries don’t pay higher fees to study Masters in the UK. Instead, you will pay the same rate as a ‘domestic’ or ‘home’ student.

Can I study Master’s in UK for free?

Yes, you can study Master’s in in UK for free. You can achieve this by securing a financial aid. There are many forms of student financial aid in the UK. These include:

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Student loans
  • Rent subsidies.

Securing any of these financial aid will give you an opportunity to study Master’s in UK for free.

What are the types of Master’s degree offered in the UK?

There are four main types of taught programme, Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Engineering (MEng), with each lasting 1-2 years full-time.

Can an international student apply for UK postgraduate loans?

Yes, international students can apply for UK postgraduate loans. Postgraduate loans allow you to borrow against the cost of your Masters and pay the money back when you graduate. Lenders can be governments, private banks or other organizations.


Doing your Master’s study in UK for an international student is a brilliant choice. The cost of Master’s study in UK can be reduced when you explore and secure Master’s scholarship to study in UK. You can study in UK for free and also study Master’s in UK without IELTS.

We hope you found this article helpful. Do call us when you make it to UK as a Master’s student

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