Masters Study in the USA in 2022 – A complete guide

If you want to obtain your Master’s degree and your study destination is USA, then this article is for you. This post is a complete guide on how to go about your Master’s study in USA for international students. It X-rays the cost of master’s study in USA, master degree scholarships in USA, one-year master program in USA, cheapest Master’s degree in USA and how to study masters for free in USA.

Masters Study in USA in 2022 - A complete guide
Masters Study in USA in 2022 – A complete guide

Also, it explains the requirements for a master’s degree in USA, Cheap master’s degree program and universities and more.

Without further ado, Let’s get started!!!

As the world’s most popular study abroad destination, the USA has plenty to offer you as an international postgraduate. You’ll be one of over 900,000 overseas students, many of whom study on the country’s renowned graduate programmes.

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What you should know about Master’s study in USA

America isn’t just the most popular choice for international study. It’s also one of the biggest. With 50 states, 9.8 million square miles, and over 4,300 higher education providers, there’s a lot to take in when considering a Master’s study in the USA. Here’s some info you should know.

  • There are over 4,300 universities and other higher education providers in the USA. Only around 1,700 of them offer Masters-level degrees
  • USA is the home of World-class universities
  • Masters in USA is not cheap, but there are many funding opportunities for postgraduate students
  • USA is the most popular study destination for international students
  • Masters course duration is 2 Years.
  • We know USA for its research centric teaching. So if you love research, then USA is your best bet.
  • Students pursuing Master’s study in USA take several technical courses and thesis writing courses, depending on their degree goal.

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What are the requirements needed to do my Master’s study program in USA?

If you’re wondering what the requirements for master’s study program in USA are, this section answers that.

Know that requirements differ from University to university. Every university has different criteria for admission to MS in the USA. But the basic requirements for master’s study program are:

  • 16 years of previous education (So qualification of 10+2+ four year degree programs; 10+3 year diploma + 3 year degree; 10+2+ 3 year degree (Indian B.Sc) + 2 year masters (M.Sc) are eligible)
  • Standardized tests score (like GRE)
  • English Language Proficiency Score (like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)
  • Official transcripts for all colleges/universities attended
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resumé for MBA programs
  • Relevant work experience shown on a strong CV
  • A personal statement or Essay
  • Plus specific requirements for individual courses

These are the requirements for master’s study program in USA. It’s advised you get these requirements ready on time.

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Top Best schools for Master’s program in USA

Master’s study in USA is a great option. It becomes more splendid if you offer it in one of the best schools. Some of the best schools for master’s program in USA include the following;

  • Princeton University
  • The University of Tampa
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University ,
  • Yale University ,
  • Columbia University
  • California State University Los Angeles Campus
  • New York University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of California – Berkeley Campus
  • Northeastern university
  • Stanford University
  • The University of Chicago
  • Duke University ,
  • California Institute of Technology

Based on research and study, these are considered the best schools for master’s program in USA.

Read on to discover the cost of Master’s study in USA. Also Master’s degree scholarships in USA for international students

Cheap master’s degree in USA

Studying master’s in USA can be expensive but its cost can be reduced if you study in cheap universities. Provisions have been made for cheap Master’s degrees in the USA. Here’s a list of schools that offer cheap master’s degrees in the USA;

Note that these cheap Master’s degree in USA programs are of quality.

Read on to discover a one-year Master’s degree program in USA

Is there a one-year master’s degree program in USA?

As more and more students look forward to earning a master’s degree at an international university, many students among them are now looking to earn their degree in a short period. Fortunately, universities of USA have a one-year master’s programs.

If you’re wondering what a one year master’s program is, here it is. One-year Master’s program in USA are accelerated programs which are a fast-paced and in-depth program, allows international students to earn their degree in less than regular time.

Here is a list of schools that offer a one-year master’s program in USA

  • The New school
  • American University Washington DC
  • The University of Minnesota
  • University of San Francisco
  • CSU-Global Campus
  • University of North Texas–Online.
  • The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
  • The University of Miami
  • California State University East Bay.
  • Benedictine University Online
  • University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley
  • Campbell University ,
  • California Baptist University
  • Concordia University-Portland
  • Lamar University
  • Southern New Hampshire University

Check out these schools and find out if they offer a one-year master’s program for your course and apply. Not to forget, one-year Master’s program is faster and widely recognised.

See the cost of a master’s study in USA below!!!

How do I apply for Master’s degree in USA?

If you have earned your bachelor’s degree, you can apply to a university or an online master’s program. Whether you have just graduated from college and want to continue your education in a certain field or you have a job but want to boost your career and pay grade, a master’s degree might help. To apply for Master’s study in USA, you should:

Select your program

Determine whether you want to apply to a physical university or if an online program better suits your time and budget (particularly if you plan to maintain your current job while pursuing your degree).

Review your previous courses.

Find out if your chosen graduate program has prerequisites such as prior science courses or language skills. You might take classes as a non-degree seeking student to make up for missing credits before applying to graduate programs.

Complete any necessary tests

Determine whether you need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for admittance. You might not need the GRE for online graduate programs, whereas top universities typically require a minimum score.

Get letters of recommendation.

If possible, get recommendations from the respected faculty at your alma mater. However, if you have been out of school for a while, you can ask managers at your current or previous jobs.

Prepare your written materials.

Put together a strong writing sample (if needed) and a personal statement on what you would like to pursue and accomplish in graduate school.

Meet the deadlines.

Graduate school application deadlines are often in December for students applying to the following year’s fall program. To complete all testing and writing samples, and collect the recommendations and transcripts you need, it is best to begin beginning the process a year before the application deadline.

Know these

  • Applying for a master’s degree or ‘graduate’ degree in the US involves applying to the grad school directly. It is a matter of checking the grad school’s website for the application procedure or contacting the grad school directly.
  • Before leaving to study in the US to study, a non-immigrant visa is required. The F-1 visa is the most common visa for students; it entitles the holder to study at any accredited university or grad school in the US.
  • Applying for a student visa is fairly straightforward. They can download an application form from the US embassy website. An acceptance letter, proof of academic qualifications and financial standing are also required. It may also be necessary to attend an interview at a nearby US embassy. Proof of having study-abroad travel and health insurance is another requirement.

Following these carefully, your application for Master’s study in USA is 80% successful.

Check out the cost of master’s study in USA!!!

Cost of Master’s degree for international students in USA

Doing your Master’s study in USA is expensive owing to quality education in practical and theory. This section seeks to enlighten you on the cost of master’s study in USA.

It’s expedient you know that how much a master’s degree costs depends on several factors such as;

  • The University
  • Program of study
  • Length of the program
  • Mode of study; online or offline
  • Tuition payment structure, whether in-state or out-state

According to research, the average cost of a master’s degree for students in USA is between $30,000 and $120,000 depending on the factors stated above. Tuition fees in the US are often higher than in Europe. The average tuition fee for an international student for master’s degrees is around $20,000 a year at public universities, and $28,000 to $40,000 a year at private universities.

What’s the average cost of living in USA as a Masters student?

The average cost of living in USA solely depends on location, lifestyle, choice and personality. Below you can see some basic cost-of-living indicators in USA.

Basic monthly living cost in USD

  • Rent in a shared flat $727
  • Utilities. $54
  • Internet subscription $65
  • Local transportation $72

Sample lifestyle cost in USD

  • Fast-Food combo $8
  • Cinema ticket $12
  • Pint of local beer $5

It will make the cost of living in USA cheaper if you choose a moderate lifestyle. You came for studies, so first things first.

Consider the cheap online master’s degree below!!!

What’s the cheapest US master’s degree online?

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Fort Hays State University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Strayer University
  • Campbells ville University
  • The University of Arkansas
  • Graceland University
  • University of the Cumberlands
  • Missouri State University

We consider these cheap master’s degree universities in USA. The cheapest is Georgia Institute of Technology, with a tuition of $2,550. Check out the school’s website for clarity and directness for a cheap Master’s degree in USA.

Master’s degree scholarships in USA

The University of Alabama

Harvard University


Go clean scholarship

Hani Zeini scholarship

Global study award

Inlaks scholarships

Frequently asked questions about master’s study in USA

How do I study in USA for free?

Basically, there are three ways

  • Tuition Free Universities and Colleges
  • Get Fully Funded Scholarships from Universities
  • Get General Scholarships

What is USA Masters GPA requirement?

Most master’s programs require minimum GPAs of 3.0 or 3.3 and USA is no exception. Usually, this minimum is necessary, but not sufficient, for admission. Your GPA can keep the door from shutting in your face, but many other factors come to play in getting accepted to graduate school and your GPA usually won’t guarantee admission, no matter how good it is.

Is Master’s study in USA difficult?

Pursuing MS degree from US is not at all difficult, however to pursue MS degree from universities in US you need to have a good academic record. You need to have relevant undergraduate degree from recognized university with good academic record preferably 60%-70% plus in graduation. You also need to take GRE, TOEFL or IELTS.

What are the language requirements for master’s study in USA?

If English is not for your first language, most grad schools require that you complete a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test to prove your English proficiency. Find an English language program in the UK.


Master’s study in USA for international students is a great option. It’s advised to get into the best schools for the master’s program in USA. For accelerated programs check out one-year master’s programs in USA, considering the cost of master’s study in USA, look out for Master’s degree scholarships in USA for international students. Don’t let cost kill your dreams, look out for cheap Master’s degree in USA.

We hope you found this article helpful and enlightening.

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