Why Students Need Everand: A Digital Library for Ebooks and Audiobooks

But going beyond the confines of academic texts can refresh your brain in a new way – Today reported a study that found 30 minutes of leisure reading has the same ability to destress as 30 minutes of yoga. Reading also slows down cognitive decline, sharpens your critical thinking skills, and encourages heightened empathy for others – all skills that contribute to your success as a student and a person.

What is Everand?


Student life can be overwhelming when you’re bogged down by homework and extracurricular activities. Perhaps you haven’t picked up a book in a while for several reasons – it takes up space, it’s expensive, or you don’t have the time to read.

Given the many benefits of being a bookworm, it would be ideal to have easy access to an extensive selection of books to catch up on your reading list during your free time. Enter Everand, a subscription-based digital library of ebooks, audiobooks, and more, so you can read what you want, how you want.

Revisit young adult classics like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, or sink your teeth into soon-to-be cult favorites like A Court of Thorns and Roses. Original works, from genre-definers like Stephen King and Margaret Atwood to thought-provokers like Roxane Gay and Chuck Palahniuk, can be found exclusively on the platform. And with thousands of fresh titles every month, you’ll always have something new to explore, regardless of your budget, schedule, or reading preferences.

Everand for Ebooks

Our previous “10 Budget Apps For College Students” article talks about the importance of tracking expenses while minimizing spending. When bought individually, the price of ebooks can add up, especially for budget-conscious students. In a single subscription, Everand gives readers access to a wide variety of ebooks – and genre options are virtually endless, from romance to mysteries to historical fiction — all for roughly the price of a single paperback book each month.

Read A Man Called Ove and enjoy its feel-good nature before you stream its wildly popular movie adaptation, A Man Called Otto. Or, decide which version of The Handmaid’s Tale is better: the book or the series. Reading original source material provides interesting insights between an author’s and a screenwriter’s point of view, allowing you to exercise literary analysis muscles – finding common themes relatable to society or pinpointing key plot points for character development. Honing these skills could help you ace your writing or social studies classes.

Everand for Audiobook

Can’t make dedicated time for self-improvement? Audiobooks are great for working on your to-read list while cleaning your dorm room or grabbing groceries. Plus, it can be challenging to find a suitable reading position with your tablet or e-reader; audiobooks allow you to get as comfortable as you like. Listen to Eat that Frog! to combat procrastination or discover actionable tips from 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do so you can start next semester strong.

Have a book report due, but aren’t a visual learner? With an audiobook, you can learn based on your auditory strengths, all while being able to multitask. Plus, you can listen to audiobooks with your friends and classmates, allowing you to discuss learnings and fit quality reading time in a limited social schedule.

Whether your goal is to become a more focused learner, re-ignite your inner voracious reader, or relax after a long school week, Everand has everything you need to become a well-rounded student. And by cultivating reading habits now, you’re developing the building blocks for a lifetime of continuous learning and growth, even well beyond graduation day.

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