Best Tablets for College Students on a Budget in 2024

The best student tablets for college students on a budget should do more than entertainment. Your tablet should easily take care of the requirements of your schoolwork, assignments, and projects.

In college, you’ll take many notes; hence your tablet has to stay in and work fast.

Since there are many brands, choosing the best tablets for college students can become confusing.

We’ve narrowed all the thoughts you may have into this brief article. We’ve provided an up-to-date list of the best tablets for college students.

Furthermore, we went in to answer some critical questions that may be in your mind. You probably already use a smartphone and might wonder how different a tablet can be. Simply put, tablets are a whole new experience.

The tablets are a more efficient device, starting from broader screen size to better processor performance.

We’ve gathered the best tablets for college students to replace bulky and expensive laptops.

Let’s get started, and you’ll be glad you followed through.

Best Tablets for College Students on a Budget | Things to Consider

Before getting a tablet for yourself, remember certain things to get the best.

Below we’ve captioned some of the most critical aspects for selecting the best tablets for college students:

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Form / Design

Students expect a tablet that is both portable and user-friendly.

Form and design not only increase tablet user comfort.

However, it also connects several benefits like travel capability, compatibility, flexibility, etc.

Battery Life

It would help if you considered a tablet with long battery life to fit more work into your day.

Batteries may be smaller and stronger than ever before, thanks to advances in technology.

As a result, they may last an unusually long period on a single charge, which is excellent for any student.

Tablets with a battery life of up to 10 hours are a good start.


If you don’t plan on purchasing an external keyboard, double-checking that the on-screen keyboard is sized correctly and optimized for typing will save you a lot of time.

Typically, students who take a lot of notes during lectures require an excellent keyboard to take care of their work on the go.

Hence, you should invest in a tablet with a great keyboard.

The best tablets for note-taking offer 2-in-1 keyboards that may be connected or disconnected from the tablet.

Consider getting one of such or purchase an external keyboard.


In college, you will very definitely connect your tablet to other devices from time to time.

For this, looking for very versatile tablets is paramount.

They should have either a universal connecting connection or a range of ports compatible with other devices.

Also, the wireless connectivity of the device should not be in doubt.


Tablets, like laptops, are built for performance but are also much more portable.

Performance in a tablet should be evaluated the same way as performance on other devices.

Nowadays, some tablets can outperform most laptops due to cutting-edge technology.

This provides students with more adaptive yet even more powerful tools to assist them in completing their work swiftly and efficiently.

As a result, all students need is a high-end tablet that can handle whatever they throw at it.

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Best Tablets for College Students on a Budget

Below, we’ll give you some of our recommendations for the best tablets for college students.

Here they are:

  • Apple IPad Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 
  • Lenovo Flex 14 – 2in1 Convertible Tablet
  • Google Pixel Slate 12.3″
  • iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  • Huawei MatePad Pro
  • Lenovo Tab M10 HD  
  • iPad Air 4 (2020)

#1. Apple IPad Pro


Screen: 12.9-Inch Liquid Retina Display 

Storage: 64GB SSD

Processor: A12X Bionic CPU

Battery: up to 10 hours

The iPad Pro has cutting-edge technology that provides consumers with a clean, clear, and vibrant image.

It is easily one of the best tablets for college students.

The screen extends from edge to edge.

Thus, you’ll enjoy every second of it, providing breathtaking views whether you’re reading or watching your favorite show.

It is built with technologies such as a Retina Liquid Display and has the fastest CPU with a Neural Engine.

It’s one of the fastest tablets on the market, and it’s usually utilized by medical students who need dependability.

Everything on this tablet looks stunning and feels snappy, thanks to ProMotion technology.

It can also be seen as the best tablet with a keyboard for college students.

Since you can attach the detachable keyboard, you’ll be able to follow the lectures without being slowed down.

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#2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 

Battery Life: 9.5 hours

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+


Storage :128 GB

Screen: 11 inches

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has an elegant design and is comfortable to grasp.

The screen is 11 inches in size, which is plenty for writing and sketching.

It may also be used as a drawing pad.

It’s only 6.3mm thick with a robust body composed of aluminum and has lovely metal sides.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is available in three different colors: mystic bronze, mystic black, and mystic silver.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset will power the device.

With a top-tier chipset, an Octa-core (Kryo 585) CPU, and an Adreno 650 GPU.

It has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space.

All around, this device gives a top-notch performance.

 It is also regarded as one of the most excellent large-screen tablets.

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#3. Microsoft Surface Go 2 

Processor: 1.6 GHz 8032 Intel Pentium Gold


Storage: 128 GB

Display: 10-inch Retina display

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 Is a sure way to take notes in class

It is one of the best tablets with a keyboard for college students.

It has a high-resolution display that allows you to watch, text, or even draw.

 Moreover, it packs an all-day battery life to keep you going while others charge.

The Windows 10 Home works flawlessly on the Surface Go 2, and it even has an S mode that gives users additional security and protection.

Furthermore, it provides improved tablet performance.

This ensures that the Surface Go 2 operates smoothly and never slows you down.

The USB-C port on the Microsoft Surface Go 2 allows for adaptability and multitasking.

You may use it to connect any external devices without worrying about charging.

The Surface Go 2 is not only one of the lightest tablets on the market but also one of the thinnest.

#4. Lenovo Flex 14 – 2in1 Convertible Tablet

Lenovo Flex 14


Screen: 14-Inch 1920x1080p display 

Storage: 256GB

Battery Life: up to 10 hours

If you want the power of a laptop in a tablet, the Lenovo Flex 14 can meet practically all of a college student’s computing demands.

This two-in-one convertible tablet is ideal for students or first-year university students studying social sciences.

For students who want a larger screen size for note reading and taking, the 14-inch screen is just enough.

You get an ideal space for learning, working, or even entertainment.

It is also one of the best tablets for students with a Pen.

The digital Pen allows you to write or draw straight on the 14-inch full HD display.

The typical user’s battery can last up to 10 hours, so running out of charge is no problem.

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#5. Google Pixel Slate 12.3″

Processor: Intel i5/i7, 3.69 GHz

RAM: 8/16 GB

Storage: 64/128 GB

Display: 12.3″ Inch Retina 

The Google Pixel Slate undoubtedly has the best display of any slate.

Google primarily touts this slate for its ‘Molecular Display.

Its excellent pixel density and brightness intensity of up to 337 nits deserve credit.

Another advantage is the Pixel Slate’s convertibility.

It almost naturally adjusts and changes from angle to angle.

The slate is also one of the best tablets with a keyboard for college students.

Google excelled in the removable keyboard for the slate.

However, the tablet is pretty pricey for the value it offers.

Furthermore, the battery life has been increased to 10 hours.

#6. iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021)

Screen: 8.3-inch IPS LCD

Storage: 64GB/256GB

The iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021) performs exceptionally following a revamp in September 2021.

The current iteration provides enough processing power improvement so the tablet can now perform any work or study duties you need it for.

This edition employs a redesigned version of the A15 Bionic CPU for solid processing.

While some users may be disappointed by having 4GB of RAM, practically, this should be sufficient for any task you’d want to perform on a screen this small.

The design is brilliant, and the small size makes it easy to transport to lessons.

Furthermore, the brightness is well distributed, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.

While you’ll still be paying a very high Apple pricing, we believe the iPad Mini 2021 provides good value for money.

#7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 


Screen: 10.5-Inch

Battery Life: up to 10 hours

Storage: up to 256 GB

In college, taking notes is constantly present.

Do you require a table that allows you to take notes and prepare essays easily?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is ideal for you since it has a pen that will enable you to take notes more quickly.

This makes this tab one of the best tablets for college note-taking.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with AMOLED technology, which provides vibrant colors and true-to-life visual quality.

It has a keyboard and Pen, making it ideal for taking notes and composing essays.

It is unquestionably an excellent tablet for students who write a lot.

Also, the stylus enables you to use both gesture-based controls and handwritten notes.

Depending on your storage demands and preferences, you may pick between 128GB and 256GB of internal storage.

SD cards with capacities of up to 512GB are allowed as well.

Furthermore, it is also LTE-enabled, so you will not always require a Wi-Fi connection.

#8. Microsoft Surface Pro 7


Screen: 12.3-Inch

Battery Life: up to 10.5 hours 

If you’re searching for the best Windows tablet for college students, go no further than the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

It has one of Intel’s fastest CPUs, the most adaptable design, and the lightest body ever.

When combined with all-day battery life, college life will be a breeze.

Because of its adaptability, the Surface Pro 7 is one of the tablets that can easily replace a laptop and increase your productivity in college.

This tablet may be used as a tablet, laptop, or even a studio, enhancing multitasking and allowing you to get the most out of the tablet itself.

Despite being ultra-slim and weighing only 1.70 pounds, this tablet has one of the most excellent setups available for Windows tablets.

The Surface Pro 7 is powered by an Intel i5 CPU, 128 GB SSD storage, and 8 GB of RAM, making it significantly superior to even some of today’s laptops.

You’ll be able to handle even the most difficult college assignments.

An ultra-slim yet long-lasting battery that can keep the tablet operating all day is recommended to get the most out of such a powerful and stylish tablet.

It may last up to 10.5 hours on a single charge.

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#9. Huawei MatePad Pro

Screen: 10.8-inch

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB

Huawei is becoming an increasingly formidable force in the tablet market, and the MatePad Pro is maybe its most excellent tablet yet.

It’s powerful and fashionable, with a 10.8-inch screen and battery life that rivals a more costly tablet.

In fact, despite being nearly half the price, the MatePad Pro gives the powerful iPad Pro a run for its money.

However, while it runs Android, it does not have access to the Google Play app store or other Google apps.

Instead, it offers Huawei alternatives, and while many of them are excellent, some users may be upset to discover that their favorite applications aren’t available.

So if you’re tempted, it’s worth doing some research beforehand.

There’s no questioning this tablet’s performance.

And when combined with a pen and keyboard, you’ve got an excellent 2-in-1 tablet to aid you with your studies.

#10. Lenovo Tab M10 HD  


Screen: 10.1-Inch 1280x800p 

Storage: 32GB

Battery Life: up to 9 hours

The Lenovo Tab M10 HD is a good fit. If you already have a laptop and want something smaller and more portable.

This tablet offers more flexibility to take notes during classes on its 10.1-inch display.

The Lenovo Tab M10 HD has 32GB of built-in memory and can accept microSD cards up to 2TB in size.

Owing to its mobility, it is ideal for college students who do not want to lug a bulky laptop into class.

Furthermore, the 2GB RAM is sufficient to run the modest programs students often utilize.

Dolby Audio-tuned speakers provide very crisp audio, making it ideal for recording lectures if you get weary of scribbling everything down.

Though Lenovo chose to go with MicroUSB on this tablet, the charging period is not that long.

Moreover, the battery lasts for up to 13 hours of active usage.

I am making it one of the best tablets for college students.

#11. iPad Air 4 (2020)

Screen size: 10.9-inch

Storage: 64GB/256GB

The iPad Air 4 (2020) is, as the name implies, a fragile and light tablet.

This makes it an excellent choice for students.

As with other Apple product iPads, it has a beautiful design and a stunning screen.

Power-wise, it has the same chip as the iPhone 12, so it’s no slouch.

While it can’t compete with the iPad Pro, it doesn’t need to.

To begin with, it’s considerably cheaper, and it provides more than enough power for practically every iPad app out there.

Plus, if you connect a Smart Keyboard, you’ll have a great tablet that can also be used as a laptop, ideal for writing long essays.

This ability makes it one of the best tablets with a keyboard for college students.

One thing to keep in mind is that the lowest model only has 64GB of capacity.

And unlike some Android tablets, there is no memory card port for expanding storage.

You’re likely to find that storage soon runs out of space.

Best Tablets for College Students | FAQs

What is the Best Tablet for College?

Although this largely depends on your needs and requirements.

Some of the best tablets for college students are listed here:

  • Apple IPad Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 
  • Lenovo Flex 14 – 2in1 Convertible Tablet
  • Google Pixel Slate 12.3″
  • iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  • Huawei MatePad Pro
  • Lenovo Tab M10 HD  
  • iPad Air 4 (2020)

Can I Use a Tablet for Online Classes?

Sure, you can use a table for online classes.

Tablets are designed for more portable use, and taking up an online class needs a portable machine.

You can quickly set up anywhere and freely move around while still engaging in class.

Can I Take Notes on a Tablet?

Yes, and we’ve listed some of the best tablets for college note-taking.

Notably, the tablet that allows you to take notes more efficiently is what to look out for.

A tablet with a virtual keyboard might not be the best option.

This is because virtual keyboards aren’t very good at speed typing.

Some tablets allow external keyboards and styluses.

Now, these are faster and more accurate than virtual keyboards.

While a stylus will enable you to take notes as if you were writing on paper.

What is the Best IPad for a College Student?

The Apple iPad Pro is the most excellent iPad for a college student.

This is because it is swift and has a crisp, clear, and vivid display.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro also can be used as a laptop.

For this, attach the removable keyboard and its set. 

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Is a Tablet or Laptop Better for College Students?

A laptop can perform all of the functions of a tablet, but not the other way around.

The only significant advantage of a tablet is its lightness and portability.

Long essays and elaborate software applications may be required of you as a college student.

As a result, if you want to get things done quickly, you may want to stick to laptop computers.

While it may be tempting to use a tablet, a laptop can provide you with additional benefits as a student.

Nevertheless, a tablet allows you to perform your everyday tasks on the move.

Are there Free Tablets for College Students?


After filling out an application form, the government provides free government tablets to low-income families and students under rigorous guidelines.

Moreover, some colleges offer free tablets to their students.

Are Galaxy Tablets Good for College?

Galaxy tablets are among the best tablets for college students.

They are specially optimized to carry out the different tastes you might throw at them.

Also, they have incredible speeds, ample storage space, elegant designs, and a unique user interface.

Is the Fire Tablet Good for College Students?

The Amazon Fire tablets are more than just e-readers; they’re also a cost-effective alternative to more expensive pills.

They are an excellent alternative for college students and can also satisfy your tasks.


The best tablets for college students prove to impact the quality of work and study they do significantly.

Beyond this, remote jobs and hybrid work are now the day’s talks.

A powerful and highly portable device will make a real difference in your productivity and time management.


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