13 Best Trade Schools in Arizona 2023

Many of the best trade schools in Arizona offer vocational and professional programs.  Most vocational programs include coursework and practical training through internships, training, or practicums.

As a rule, obtaining a certificate or an associate’s degree in a trade school takes 1-2 years.  Some schools offer self-paced or accelerated learning options for students looking for a faster option.  Students looking for more flexibility can also explore professional online programs.

Why Go To Trade School?

By earning a degree from a trade school or vocational school (rather than a four-year college), you set yourself up for success in the real world by actively engaging in hands-on learning.  In addition, you may be able to learn some skills that also apply to future work. 

If you want to work in a job that involves working with your hands – not just typing – the skills you gain in vocational school allow you to deepen this education and experience over time.

When you attend a trade school, you will not find yourself in large audiences with hundreds of other students. In most cases, you will often find yourself in a place where you can communicate more face-to-face with your teachers and students. 

If you are one of those people who study best in such an environment, you will most likely thrive in a trade school, not a four-year college.

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How Much Does The Average Trade School Cost In Arizona?

According to the US Department of Education, the average cost of studying at a trade school can range from $3,674 to $15,923, depending on the type of trade school and the length of the program you want to enroll in. 

Before choosing your educational path, it is important to evaluate the full cost of attending a vocational school compared to other education options.

When researching trade schools, you can often find the cost of tuition associated with their specific programs on their websites or other materials. 

The list of accessibility and transparency of US Department of Education colleges also includes data on the cost of studying at various educational institutions. 

Trade schools can be public or private, and some private schools are commercial.  Students typically complete their program at a trade school in two years or less.

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What Is The Admission Process For The Best Trade Schools In Arizona?

Compared to the traditional college application process, entering a trade school can be much faster. 

Instead of applying and waiting for weeks or months to get an answer from a traditional four-year college, most vocational school applicants can talk to an admissions team member almost immediately. 

Applicants to trade schools will learn what qualifications are required for enrollment (such as GED or equivalent), arrange a campus tour, choose a program, and choose a start date.

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Is Trade School Better Than Traditional College Education?

Trade schools offer a shorter learning path than a traditional college education.  You can get a certificate or diploma in higher education in a few months. 

Some trade schools will offer the opportunity to obtain a two-year master’s degree in a particular field of study. 

Whichever path you choose, trade schools are designed to help you prepare for the workforce as quickly as possible.  They help educate students about popular professions (in turn, help alleviate the shortage of skilled labor in America) by offering fast, skills-based programs.

Best trade schools in Arizona 2023

#1 Eastern Arizona College

Eastern Arizona College is a public college with amazing trade programs in Thatcher.  Eastern Arizona College, known for its campus life, amenities, and security, is one of Arizona’s top public colleges.

The popular majors at the College of Eastern Arizona include technicians with HVAC and refrigerators, liberal arts and humanities, and business support services. 

The net cost of trading programs in Eastern Arizona is about $6,299 yearly.  Opportunities for financial assistance and scholarships are also presented.


#2 College America

The Accreditation Commission accredits College America for Schools and Career Colleges (ACCSC).

Students choose the Phoenix campus at CollegeAmerica because it should offer state-of-the-art equipment, successful instructors, a medical lab, a computer lab, large classrooms, and a library.

People who want to study at this college should know that the admission process involves scheduling a visit.

You can contact an experienced receptionist who will guide you through the process.  Then you will meet with your financial planner and plan your career one-on-one.


#3 Avalon School of Cosmetology

Avalon School of Cosmetology offers classes for future cosmetologists, cosmetologists and make-up artists.

The Avalon School of Cosmetology is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for the Arts and Career Sciences and is licensed by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology.

Full-time students can complete the Cosmetology program in 55 weeks, and part-time students in 86 weeks.  The program covers the basic concepts of cosmetology and the principles of government; students will learn about hair, nails, rules and regulations, hygiene, sterilization, first aid, chemistry, etc.

The cosmetology program can be completed in 32 weeks by part-time students and in 25 weeks by full-time students. Aesthetics students will learn about makeup, skin analysis, anatomy, physiology, hygiene, sterilization, first aid and more.


#4 Yavapai College

Yavapai College is well known for its diversity on campus and in student life.  The cost of its trading programs is about 6840 US dollars per year, and the duration of the programs is 2 years. 

Yavapai’s most popular specialties include liberal arts and humanities, nurse assistants, and paramedic EMTs.  Yavapai also offers online courses, and many students study entirely online.


#5 Northland Pioneer College

Northland Pioneer College is one of the best trade schools in Arizona.  Northland offers a fantastic life on campus with first-class security, as well as opportunities for online learning.

The net annual cost of programs in Northland is $ 9,470, and the duration of programs is usually 2 years.  The most popular specialties in Northland are welding and automotive mechanics.  Northland also offers an impressive 16: 1 student-teacher ratio.


#6 Vocational Training Institute

The Institute of Vocational Training conducts training programs for future HVAC / R technicians.  The school consists of two main classes, where students study theory and workshops, where students practice procedures for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The modern school workshop is equipped with the same tools found in the field.  There is also an open-air master class where students can practice maintenance and installation procedures.

The institute offers day and evening classes with available part-time and full-time schedules.  School teachers have many years of experience in their field.  The Vocational Training Institute offers lifelong employment assistance.


#7 Mohave Community College

Mojave Civic College is a public college located in Kingman.  Mohave’s effectiveness in teaching students online makes it one of the best shopping schools in Arizona. 

Mohave offers 20 programs online, the most popular specialties being nursing and fine arts.

Mohave offers a great team of professors who teach students very well.  The duration of the program under the programs offered in Mojave is 2 years and costs 8,826 US dollars per year.


#8 Carrington College

Carrington College is a private college that offers some of the best trade programs in Arizona.  Located in North Phoenix, Carrington has fewer than 300 students.  Carrington is renowned for its diversity on campus and student safety.

The most popular specialties in Carrington are health, trade and industry.  The cost of trade programs at Carrington College is about $23,902 per year with 2-year programs. 

About 78 percent of Carrington College graduates receive a starting salary of more than $25,000.


#9 Prima Medical Institute

Prima Medical Institute is a private college offering various health and commerce programs.  Located in Messi, Prima Medical Institute provides first-class student life and on-campus security

Prima programs cost about $20,043 per year for a 2-year program.  About 69% of Prima Medical Institute graduates continue to receive an initial salary of about 26,700.


#10 Universal Technical Institute

Located in Avondale, the Universal Technical Institute is one of the best trade schools in Arizona. 

The Universal Technical Institute is known for its student life on campus, safety and diversity.  Some of Universal’s popular specialties are automotive mechanics and diesel mechanics. 

The duration of the trading program is 2 years and costs about 19,677 US dollars per year.  In addition, Universal offers several opportunities for scholarships and financial aid.


#11 Rio Salado College

Rio Salado College is a community college known for its online learning tools.  Rio Salado College, located in Maricopa County, is probably the best online shopping school on this list, providing about 36 online programs.  Moreover, more than half of Rio Salado’s students study online.

The most popular majors at Rio Salado College are criminal justice and law enforcement, business support, police and criminal science.  The net annual value of trading programs in Rio Salado is 8897 dollars.  In addition, the duration of the programs is 2 years.


Scholarships For Trade Schools In Arizona

Best Automotive Trade Schools In Arizona

  • Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ
  • Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ
  • Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Phoenix, AZ
  • Northland Pioneer College, Show Low, AZ
  • Universal Technical Institute, Avondale, AZ
  • Arizona Automotive Institute, Glendale, AZ
  • Arizona Western College, Yuma, AZ
  • East Valley Institute of Technology, Mesa, AZ
  • Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, AZ

Best Computer Trade Schools In Arizona

  • Pima Public College
  • Scottsdale Community College
  • Pima Public College
  • Paradise Valley Community College
  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Cochise County Community College District

Best Art Trade Schools In Arizona

  • Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics
  • Arizona School for the Arts
  • Metropolitan Arts Institute
  • New School for the Arts
  • Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy

Best Trade Schools In Arizona For Nursing

When it comes to places where you can enjoy a long career as a nurse, it’s hard to beat Arizona.  With some of the hottest temperatures of the year and plenty of affordable housing, Arizona is a great state to take root.

  • Carrington College – Phoenix
  • Brookline College – Phoenix
  • Pima Medical Institute – Phoenix
  • UEI College – Phoenix
  • Fortis Institute – Phoenix
  • Arizona School of Integrative Studies – Mesa
  • Arizona College – Mesa, Glendale


Fortunately, many alternatives are available to anyone who continues to invest in their education but who may also prefer a different approach than the standard cookie-cutter model.

Among them, the trade school – sometimes known as vocational training – is a form of higher education that allows a person to focus on developing the practical technical skills needed for a wide range of decent and respectable work, working in a more active setting.

Best Trade Schools In Arizona FAQs

Is Trade School Better Than Traditional College Education?

Trade schools offer a shorter learning path than traditional college education.  You can get a certificate or diploma of higher education in a few months.  Some trade schools will offer the opportunity to obtain a two-year master’s degree in a particular field of study. 
Whichever path you choose, trade schools are designed to help you prepare for the workforce as quickly as possible.  They help educate students for popular professions (in turn, help alleviate the shortage of skilled labor in America) by offering fast, skills-based programs.

Are Trade Schools In Arizona Worth It?

When choosing to study at a trade school, you decide to pursue a career.  The trade school is designed to help prepare you for your chosen career and help you meet the specific requirements required to get a job in this field.  With this level of training, you will become a valuable candidate

How Long Is Welding Trade Schools In Arizona?

The duration of your training depends on the duration of the program. However, most programs take no more than 2 years. To begin, if you want to become a welder, you must obtain a certificate from the American Welding Society (AWS).
This means that you must study at a school that is AWS accredited. During your studies you will attend a variety of theoretical classes, as well as several practical courses.


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