7 Best Culinary Schools in Rhode Island 2024 | How to Apply

Here, we will discuss the best culinary schools In Rhode Island

Known as the “Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution,”

Rhode Island is a place of innovation and progress, and one reason for its innovations is that have been able to step up as one of the best locations for culinary arts.

In contrast, Rhode Island is home to a strong economy, of which the second largest industry is tourism.

Also, culinary schools in Rhode Island offer diverse culinary skills that will help push culinary students or students willing to study to the peak of their careers.

If any of Rhode Island’s culinary schools interest you, you’ll want to look at the schools below. We’ve selected some great Rhode Island culinary and hospitality management programs for your review.

Most culinary schools in Rhode Island give lectures on seafood because of the island’s location.

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What is the Average Tuition fee for Culinary Schools in Rhode Island?

The average cost of tuition at culinary schools in Rhode Island is $15,031, and there is an average scholarship award of $6,208.

What are the Culinary Schools in Rhode Island?

Multiple culinary schools in Rhode Island offer admission to students 

They include:

    ●Community College of Rhode Island.

    ●Johnson and Wales University.

    ●Chef Walter’s Cooking School.

    ●Davies Career and Technical High School

    ●Made By Me Cooking School.


What are the Best Culinary Schools in Rhode Island?

1) Johnson & Wales University

The Johnson & Wales University is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that offers multiple degree programs in culinary arts, baking & pastry arts, food & beverage, hotel & lodging, and restaurant management.

Additionally, JWU is a globally renowned culinary education leader. You’ll learn advanced techniques in classical/international cuisines, Garde manger, patisserie/dessert, and various international dining room services.

They are experts at developing professionalism and proficiency in financial management and food safety.

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2) Chef Walters Cooking School

The Chef Walters Cooking School is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that offers a total Immersion program teaching method offering intensive, hands-on instruction and puts you in the kitchen from the very first day.

Each student gets 50 + hours of class time, generous kitchen space at our premium facility, and individual support not found at other schools.

Their low 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio is also a factor in ensuring that you get the attention needed to flourish.

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3) Community College of Rhode Island

CCRI is a public college located in Warwick and is one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island. with a mid-size institution with an enrollment of 5,821 undergraduate students.

The CCRI acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include liberal arts and humanities, nursing, and business. After graduating 34% of students, CCRI alumni earn a starting salary of $26,000. It is also recognized as one of the top culinary schools in Rhode Island.

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4) Made By Me Cooking School

On the list of culinary schools in Rhode Island is a cooking school located at 691 Main St, Warren, RI 02885, United States.

“Made By Me” cooking school is a kid cooking school. It hosts both children’s cooking classes and birthday parties. 

They are also one of the culinary schools in Rhode Island that aims to impart lifelong skills to children and promote creativity.


Four weeks session

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5) Davies Career and Technical High School

Davies Career and Technical High School can’t be left out when discussing culinary schools in Rhode island. It was established in 1971 with the sole aim of serving students in the Black stone area.

Also, The institute is located at 50 Jenckes Hill Road, Lincoln, RI 02865.

It offers nine programs that give students the opportunities to gain required skills in today’s workplace, such as critical thinking, collaboration, professionalism, and communication.

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6) Providence Career & Technical Academy

Providence Career and Technical High School are located at 41 Fricker Street, Providence, RI, United States, Rhode Island.

It is a culinary school that has a different culinary syllabus.

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7) Snapchef

Snapchef was established in 2001 to train skilled and professional personnel. It is located at 930 Narragansett Blvd, Providence, RI 02905, United States. 

They also prefer premier staffing solutions for food service and hospitality, staffing commercial kitchens with qualified and trained workers.

Furthermore, the mission of Snap Chef Institute, as one of the pacesetting schools in Rhode Island, is to create career opportunities and guide community members in a transformative process to unlock their potential and find meaningful and sustained work in the food service and hospitality industry.

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Worry no more about where to enroll to pursue a career in the culinary field, as the schools mentioned above, like Johnson & Wales University (JWU), Chef Walters Cooking School, Snapchef, Providence Career & Technical Academy, Davies Career and Technical High School, and Cook By Me cooking school got you covered.

However, the problem of choice sets in when there are various options to choose from. But be assured that whichever you choose has excellent potential to provide lifelong skills in a fun and exciting manner.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Culinary Schools In Rhode Island

How Do You Get Into a Culinary School?

The prerequisites for culinary school vary by program, but students typically need a high school diploma or the equivalent for admission.

Many culinary colleges also set a minimum age for admission, often 17. Some programs may feature additional requirements; however, applicants must not demonstrate cooking skills before entering the program.

How Long Is Culinary School?

The length of a culinary program varies by the type of program and a student’s enrollment status.

A culinary bachelor’s degree generally takes four years of full-time study, while an associate degree takes two years. Students can also pursue a culinary certificate or diploma, which typically takes less than one year to complete.


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