Top Electrician Schools in Florida 2024

Explore our detailed guide to the top 10 Electrician Schools in Florida in 2023. Find the best institutions offering comprehensive training programs and hands-on experience. Discover the perfect school to shape your future in electrical work at the Best Electrician Schools in Florida.

Do you want to know the odds of studying to become an electrician in Florida?

Are you searching for answers to how much electricians earn in Florida?

If you are interested in physics and Electricity, you must have a flair for working as an electrician, and Florida may be the proper city fit for you to start a career.

Due to the rapid increase in the use of electrically powered devices, systems, and machines in various business sectors, the need for electricians is growing daily, and Florida is no exception.

With estimated job growth of 12% by 2028, electricians in Florida are expected not to run out of jobs due to the availability of jobs in the coming years. 

However, you have to become a professional at what you do if you’re going to find a space in the electrical construction industry.

To become a professional, you must start by enrolling in any of the best schools, colleges, and universities in Florida that will train you in studies or apprenticeship to understand the trade rules. 

Most programs combine classroom training with hands-on laboratory or on-the-job experience to prepare students for real-world situations.

So here in this guide, we have put together the list of schools, colleges, and universities that will train you on your journey to becoming an electrician, along with the requirements you need to apply.

Also, we have provided details about the approximate costs, curriculum, learning format, and application requirements.

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What is the Job Outlook for Electricians in Florida?

Electrician jobs are on the rise everywhere, including in Florida. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.), electrician jobs in Florida will experience a growth of 12% between 2018 and 2028. 

How Do I Become an Electrician in Florida?

To become an electrician in Florida, here is a step-by-step guide to the requirements and processes you must undergo before obtaining your license;

  • You must work as an apprentice or electrician’s helper to gain on-the-job experience. 
  • To obtain your electrician in Florida, you must have 8,000 hours or about four years of work experience.
  • Also, you must attend an electrical training program in electrician schools, colleges, universities, or trade institutes in Florida.
  • Proceed to obtain your electrician license, which is a journeyman certificate. 
  • I worked as a certified journeyman electrician for two years and applied to become a master electrician in Florida. 
  • Work as a certified master electrician for a clue of years and apply to obtain an independent electrical contractor license.

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Top Electrician Schools in Florida

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best electrician schools, colleges, and universities in Florida and the requirements to apply to each of the schools.

Also, we have made available them into these schools for you to visit the website for more details on the requirements to apply and further information. 

#1. NUC University- Florida Technical College

  • Address: 4715 S. Florida Ave. Suite 4. Lakeland, Florida 33813
  • Program: Electrical- Diploma, and Electrical with P.L.C.- Diploma
  • Program Duration: Electrical- Diploma; 9 months (720 contact hours) and Electrical with P.L.C.- Diploma; 12 months (900 contact hours)

NUC University: Florida Technical College is passionate about training students in state-of-the-art facilities and modern technology in electrical engineering. 

On its Lakeland campus, the College offers two streams for students to earn an electrical degree. The Electrical program equips students with expert skills and practical know-how to complete installation tasks, services, and electrical repairs.

Classes focus on the introduction to electrical trades, A.C. & D.C. Motor Control, Circuit Breakers & Branch Circuits, Electrical System Calculations, Fundamentals of Emergency & Renewable Energy Systems, and lots more.

As an electrical student at NUC University- Florida Technical College, you automatically have access to the OSHA 10 Training Course, NCCER Core Curriculum, and NCCER Electrical Level 1, 2, and 3 certification programs.

NUC University: Florida Technical College is accredited by the United States Department of Education.


#2. South Florida Institute of Technology

  • Location: 720 NW 27 Ave 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33125
  • Program: Electrical- Diploma 
  • Program Duration: 42 Weeks

South Florida Institute of Technology is one of the best schools in our list of electrician colleges and universities in Florida that has programs to train you to become a professional electrician. 

One of the schools accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges is also licensed by the Commission for Independent Education.

The Electrician program at the South Florida Institute of Technology focuses on preparing students for entry-level jobs in the electrical construction field. Classes focus on hands-on training and the theory of carrying out residential and commercial installation projects.

Courses also cover the fundamentals of Electricity, Computer Applications, Electric Motors, Residential Wiring, Commercial Wiring, N.E.C. Study, Project Estimator, and lots more. 

Students pay $10,562 for tuition, which also covers registration fees, books, and supplies.


#3. Fred K. Marchman Technical College

  • Location: 7825 Campus Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34653
  • Program: Certificate, A.A.S., or A.S. degree
  • Program Duration: 1200 hours

Fred K. Marchman Technical College offers certificate programs to students who want to study and become electricians in Florida. 

Students who apply to the Fred K. Marchman Technical College electrical program teach the basics and professional skills in planning, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, repairing, and remodeling residential and commercial electrical systems.

Courses cut across an understanding of the National Electric Code, blueprint symbols, and notations, as well as basic electrical theory and field experience.

Upon graduation from Fred K. Marchman Technical College, students earn the OSHA 10 Hour, NCCER Core, and the Electrical 1, Electrical 2, and Electrical 3 certifications. 

Tuition costs $5,600, including tuition, fees, books, and supplies. The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education accredited the Fred K. Marchman Technical College electrician program.


#4. Orange Technical College

  • Location: 2900 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809
  • Program: Electronic Systems Integration and Automation and Apprenticeship
  • Program Duration: One Year for Electronic Systems Integration and Automation program and 4 years for an Apprenticeship program

Orange Technical College’s five technical college campuses are on the list of best electrician schools, universities, and colleges in Florida. The college program is unique due to its flexibility in incorporating adult education in its Adult Communication Education centers.

The electrical program allows students to earn the OSHA-10 certificates and the Heartsaver- C.P.R./First AED certification. 

In addition to the one-year program, Orange Technical College has a four-year apprenticeship program in Electricity. Enrolling in the apprenticeship program will allow you to combine the on-job training with classroom instruction.

Tuition for all electrician students is approximately $5,720, with books and supplies inclusive.


#5. Withlacoochee Technical College

  • Location: 1201 W. Main Street, Inverness, FL 34450
  • Program: Associate Degree
  • Program Duration: 1200 Hours 

Withlacoochee Technical College is one of the colleges in Florida that provides electrical training programs for professionals. Hence, it has gained accreditation from the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.

Students who enroll in the electrician program learn the skills and work ethics needed for entry-level jobs in the electrical field. The training cuts across a 300-hour program to train to become an electrician helper, a 450-hour program on residential electrician studies, and 450 hours for commercial electricians.

Courses cut across shop safety and orientation, drawings, box fill, electrical theory, ohm’s law, conduit and sizing, single phase transformers, motor circuit design, motor control review, and lots more.

Tuition for in-state students costs $2,341 for the first session and $2,132 for the second session. This covers all fees, books, supplies, and the National Center for Construction Education and Research Exams fee.


#6. Southern Technical College

  • Location: 1485 Florida Mall Ave. Orlando, FL 3280
  • Program: Associate Degree in Electrical Trades Technology
  • Program Duration: 18 Months

Next on our list of schools, colleges, and universities in Florida with the best electrician programs is the Southern Technical College. 

Southern Technical College offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree, a Diploma, or an Associate Degree to students who want to train to become an electrician in Florida. The Council accredited Southern Technical College for Independent Colleges and Schools. 

Courses are flexible, and you can enroll for day or evening classes. Classes take place in a laboratory setting where students learn different wiring methods and techniques as it is done in a real-world job condition.

The Electrical Trades Technology program tuition costs $32,130, including books and supplies.


#7. George Stone Technical College

  • Location: 2400 Longleaf Drive, Pensacola, FL 32526
  • Program: Electrical Apprenticeship Program
  • Program Duration: 2000 hours of on-the-job training and 144 hours of related classroom study per year.

One of Florida’s top colleges for electricians is George Stone Technical College. George Stone Technical College focuses more on educating adult students who fulfill the requirements.

Students who want to enroll in the George Stone Technical College electricity-related programs can apply for the electrical apprenticeship program. Only students who are up to 18 years of age can apply. 

The electrical program is subdivided into 3 divisions: the electrician helper training, which lasts for 300 hours; the residential electrician training, which lasts 450 hours and the commercial electrician training, which lasts 450 hours.

While training, students are also prepared for the National Center for Construction Education and Research certification exams.

Tuition for the electrical apprenticeship program at George Stone Technical College cost $4,350 for Florida residents. Books and supplies inclusive.


#8. Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc

  • Location: 3730 Coconut Creek Pkwy, Suite 190, Coconut Creek, FL 33066
  • Program: Associate Degree in Electrical Trades Technology
  • Program Duration: 1200 hours

Associated Builders and Contractors also has some of the best academic programs in Florida, including Electrician programs. The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc provides apprenticeships and continuing education programs.

The electrical program has a track record of preparing students to install lighting and control systems, handle pre-construction, crucial repair, troubleshooting, and more for the past 40 years. In addition to electrical-focused courses, teaching extends to safety, management, foremanship, and more.

As a course, you also get to train on craft training that lasts 170 hours, apprenticeships, safety training, journeyman exam preparation, master exam preparation, and lots more. 


#9. Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville

  • Location: 4951 Richard Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32207
  • Program: Electrical Apprenticeship Program
  • Program Duration: 5 Years

Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville focuses on providing registered electrical apprenticeships to students. Classes can be online combined with on-the-job training. 

In other words, students learn and earn while training. The salary structure starts at $15.58 and goes to $24.93 per hour for fifth-year apprentices. Tuition is $880 for first-year students and $590 to $745 for second to fifth-year students. 

Classes cut across Safety, Electrical Codes, Best Practices, Installation Skills, Theory, Tools, Materials, and Equipment.


#10. Northwest Lineman College

  • Location: 501 Pullman Rd, Edgewater, FL 32132
  • Program: Associate Degree
  • Program Duration: One Year

Northwest Lineman College is one of Florida’s best electrician schools, colleges, and universities. The electrical courses prepare students for electric power, telecommunications, and natural gas careers.

In addition to the Associate Degree, students also graduate with certification in First Aid, C.P.R., Climbing, Pole-top Rescue, Metering Certification, Aerial-lift Rescue, Smart Grid and Electrical Devices- an Optional Certification and Crane Operator Certification- Optional.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges accredits Northwest Lineman College. 

Tuition costs $18,825, which includes tuition, application, lab fee, tools, and Commercial Learner’s Permit.


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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become An Electrician In Florida

What Are The Requirements To Obtain an Electrician License in Florida?

To obtain a journeyman and master electrician license in Florida, you must apply through the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board and part of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

The requirement to obtain your license in Florida includes;

The entire 8,000 hours, or approximately 4 years, of work experience and 144 hours of education each year worked in most cities in Florida.
If you’re living in Miami-Dade County, only 3 years of work experience as an apprentice or helper is required to apply for the journeyman exam and 1½ years of education hours.
Write the journeyman exam and become licensed as a journeyman in Florida.
Renew your license biannually, and at least 14 continuing education hours must be taken during those two years.

What Type Of Licensing Can I Get As an Electrician In Florida?

There are four main types of license in Florida: 
Certified Electrician (EC)
Registered Electrician (ER) 
Certified Electrical Specialty Contractor (ES)
Registered Electrical Specialty Contractor (E.T.).

Certified contractors work anywhere in Florida, while registered contractors work in some counties or municipalities.

How Much Do Electricians Earn In Florida?

Following a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, electricians in Florida in 2019 made an average of $45,720 per year. 

Entry-level electricians earned about $29,060, and experienced professionals about $64,740.

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