14 Best Trade Schools in Oregon in 2023 | How to Apply

Are you in search of the best trade schools in Oregon? Search no more; we’ve got you covered.

This article comprehensively reviews the best trade schools in Oregon, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

When it comes to trade schools and vocational education, Oregon is a great place to find a large number of dynamic courses that teach specialized skills.

Many trade schools in Oregon are doing their best to teach their students properly.

Many trade schools, like Engineering Trade Schools, Nursing Trade Schools, and Welding Trade Schools scattered across the country for students who would rather not attend university.  

As people in trade schools strive to master a particular skill, the courses’ educational side must be perfect.

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How Do Trade Schools in Oregon Work?

Vocational and trade schools in Oregon offer professional training in health care, vocational professions, and technology. Graduates with a professional certificate or degree can work as plumbers, paramedics, dental hygienists, and paralegals. 

Many professional professions offer high salaries and growth potential. During the professional program, students perform a combination of class requirements and experience. 

In addition to coursework, many professional programs include hands-on learning.  For example, electricians and HVAC technicians develop career-ready skills through internships.

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Benefits of Going to Trade Schools in Oregon

Trade schools offer training in various professional fields, including health care, professions, and technology. After graduating from trade school, you can get several employment opportunities, mostly private entrepreneurs in areas such as plumbing, medicine, and more.

Delicious offers of income usually accompany these job opportunities. Oregon Trade School is one of the places where you can develop and influence your career.

In Oregon trade schools, students are involved in classroom and practical activities. This means they know the course and can practice it independently.

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Are Trade Schools in Oregon Accredited?

Yes, the most important thing for a trade school student is to get a certificate from an accredited and licensed trade school.

The accreditation process for colleges and universities is usually quite tedious and rigorous.  However, this is good, as the strict nature often implies that only schools with high standards are accredited.

One of the main advantages of accredited schools is the ability to transfer loans. Therefore, the student must know the accreditation and licensing status of the school.

Best Trade Schools in Oregon in 2023

After a thorough review, rankings, and value offers, we have curated a list of the best trade schools in Oregon, including the requirements, cost, and how to apply to these schools.

Below are the best trade schools in Oregon in 2023.

#1 East West College of Healing Arts

East West College of the Healing Arts has been operating successfully since 1972. Here, prospective students will gain a deeper knowledge of the art and science underlying massage therapy.

In addition to being an educational institution, East West College of Healing Arts is a therapeutic massage clinic with years of continuous success.  Their facilities are huge, occupying more than 35,000 square feet,

The school is very attractive but remains professional and student-oriented.  East West College is dedicated to educating healing professionals who will know the proper professional behaviors and have the desired skills to succeed.


#2 Portland Community College

PCC offers students from academic and vocational schools several areas of study and types of certificates. Options for the professional program include accounting, environmental management technologies, and welding.

At least 90 credits are required to earn an associate’s degree in PCC.  Associate of Science (AAS) programs include drug counseling, aviation science, computer information systems, and paramedics.

AAS students can focus on diesel maintenance, dental hygiene, exercise science, and graphic design. PCC also offers two-year certificates, one-year certificates, shorter certificates, and career development programs. 

Options for two-year certificates include automotive, civil engineering, engineering, and sign language translation. Through annual certificates and career paths, students can receive training in car body painting, childcare assistance, computer technology, and culinary assistance.


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#3 Oregon Institute of Technology

The Oregon Institute of Technology is an amazing educational institution that offers 45 different specialized courses, making it one of the largest in the area.

This school offers extensive programs for anyone who wants to gain new skills and advance quickly in their future careers.

Their curriculum focuses on gaining real-world experience so that graduates are instantly ready to become part of the workforce.

Here’s an interesting fact about Oregon Tech: 97% of their graduates are either successfully employed or enter graduate school within six months of graduation.


#4 Oregon Culinary Institute

Culinary arts can be a very lucrative profession with many potential job opportunities. Culinary professionals can work in various industries, including catering, cruise liners, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.

This institute is locally owned and is the only local culinary institute in Portland. The Oregon Culinary Institute focuses on hands-on training. They believe the best way to learn effectively is to involve all students in each lesson actively.

Teachers also recognized the need for dynamic and fun learning, so their courses and lessons are not static, boring, and repetitive. Contact the school at the phone number below for more information on enrollment requirements.


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#5 Rogue Community College

On the Grant Pass, Medford, and White City campuses, the Oregon Vocational School offers dozens of degree and certificate programs suitable for career preparation or transfer to four-year programs.

The RCC confers the degrees of Associate Professor of Arts (AA), Associate Professor of General Sciences (AGS), Associate Professor of Sciences (AS), and Associate Professor of Applied Sciences (AAS). 

Students who transfer to Oregon universities need two years to obtain AA and AS RCC degrees. These degrees meet the general education requirements of many Oregon schools.

AAS degrees and certificates emphasize hands-on learning and typically provide training and certifications for students seeking immediate employment upon graduation. 

Career certification typically requires about 30 credits, while regular certificates often include 40 credits.  RCC entrants undergo an installation process to assess college readiness.


#6 Epicodus

Epicodus is an educational institution that offers computer science education, namely programming.  Their goal is to teach students all the skills they need to succeed and get a high-paying job.

In addition to studying computer science, students can look forward to recommendations on professional behavior, self-marketing, communication, and many other useful industry aspects.

Epicodus was founded in 2012, and the first classes began in 2013 with only eight students. Since then, the company has grown tremendously; today, it serves hundreds of students yearly.  An attractive aspect of this company is that all its teachers are former Epicodus graduates.

They know exactly what students need and have gained extensive experience in the field after graduation.  Contact the school via the email form on their website for more information on enrollment requirements.


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#7 Film Connection

This film school is one of the most modern schools in the area. They have the best equipment used in many famous film studios. Students can learn the craft’s tricks in a real production studio.

This gives them a chance to feel out about their future work. CFS offers a mentoring-style curriculum that makes it more personal and practical. Perhaps the best thing about this school is that after graduating, you won’t be left to fend for yourself.

They have a “Stay Connected” program that helps students find jobs after graduation. This option is available for one year after completion. Many of their star students are also hired by their mentors.


#8 Mount Hood Community College

MHCC is a large vocational school in Oregon that serves more than 30,000 students and conducts various academic and professional programs. 

Students can earn two-year junior specialist diplomas or two-semester certificates in most fields, including integrated metals, business management, children’s development, and theater technology.

MHCC also offers 12 associate diplomas in automotive, dental hygiene, engineering technology, and funeral education. Associate degrees typically require about 90 credits, while certificates range from 12-60 credits. 

Through collaboration with several training centers, MHCC offers apprenticeship programs for students pursuing a professional profession, such as masons, carpenters, electricians, and locksmiths.


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#9 NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center

The NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center was established to train future electricians seeking work in this financially helpful field.

They offer fast, dynamic courses that aim to teach students all the skills they need to succeed in this field of knowledge.

If prospective students are unsure whether they are suitable for this center, they can attend the free information guide, held annually on the third Tuesday of the month at 16:00.

Stellar students will have the opportunity to get a paid internship at the company, which will further help them consolidate their knowledge and teach them to apply in real conditions.


#10 National Personal Training Institute

With the advent of social media, the personal training industry has become larger and more popular than ever. 

At the National Institute of Personal Learning, instructors aim to teach students to be aware of their own bodies and their needs and then pass this knowledge on to potential clients.

Without proper education, people will not have the necessary basis to acquire and improve their knowledge. This school is also dedicated to changing other people’s lives, so they are committed to giving to society.

Overall, this school offers a complete program that will teach students everything they need to know to succeed in the fitness and health industry.


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Beauty Trade Schools in Oregon

#11 Bella Institute School of Cosmetology – Portland

Bella Institute offers excellent value for less-than-average tuition.  Their diverse programs are designed to engage students in the field ahead of the competition, and they are looking for candidates with the right desire and determination to succeed. 

Competence-based skills assessment means no one progresses until they have demonstrated the ability to use what they have been taught. 

Scholarships sometimes cover up to a third of the total cost of tuition.  With a stunning wood-paneled living room, this school blends in with the natural aesthetics of the Pacific Northwest.


#12 College of Hairdressing Careers – Salem

The ProDesign haircut system taught here requires students to show maximum creativity and determination. 

Instead, they leave the program with haircut skills that overshadow the competition and make them reliable candidates for any Oregon salon. More than half of the students complete the 17-month program on time. 


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#13 Imani Institute of Cosmetology – Ashland

Imani Institute is more than just a wonderful school – it is an elite spa that provides a quiet, beautiful, fashionable space for learning. 

Cool colors and bright spaces make the interior of Imani a pleasant place to visit and study every morning.  The school encourages students to apply for scholarships and benefits from the VA program.


#14 Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School – Salem

The school received an additional award for its unique technology training system, JM Geometric Hair Crafting, developed by school teachers after 25 years of experience in the field.  

The school even offers educational opportunities abroad, allowing students to study in London for a term.


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Electrician Trade Schools in Oregon

Blue Mountain Community College
Chemeketa Community College
Clackamas Community College
Lane Community College
Linn-Benton Community College
Mt Hood Community College


As for higher education, there are many options for trade school students.  Along with traditional schools that require personal attendance, you can attend one of the many reputable online schools.  Some programs even offer a hybrid experience.

Along with detailed school profiles and the programs they offer, Trade College Search has created the Most Popular Trade School Construction Works in Oregon to help you find the best school. 

Our analysis looked at the best trade schools in Oregon to see which programs were most popular with trade school students. To create this ranking, we checked how many students completed the construction professions program in each school on the list.

Trade Schools in Oregon FAQs

Are There Trade Schools In Oregon?

You can find Oregon trade schools and technical colleges with electrician certification classes, diplomas, and junior degree programs.  Take college electrical engineering courses and learn to read drawings, do electrical wiring, inspect and replace defective parts, and ensure electrical codes and specifications are followed.

Is There Financial Assistance Available To Go To Trade Schools In Oregon?

You don’t just have to spend less by attending trade schools in Oregon.  Financial assistance is also available, and financial aid consultants are ready to discuss the various financial options available to you.  Many programs even offer some scholarships.  Some schools also provide scholarships to help students graduate without as much student debt.

Does Going To A Trade School Guarantee Job After Graduation?

Trade schools prepare you for a real career right after graduation.  These jobs require special training and skills, which puts qualified specialists and related medical workers in high demand.

Even better, the earnings of many trade school graduates can be compared to their peers from four-year colleges.  For example, you can complete the HVAC certification program in less than a year and may be ready to work in less than a year. 

On the contrary, students attending a four-year college may have to wait until graduation to work in their field



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